About Us

The domain name of Prayertower.org was acquired by James R. Green, the founder of Prayertower Ministry, on June 22, 1998. As a minister with a deep passion for prayer, Jim spent years praying for other people and as a teacher of intercession and discipleship has many taught people how to do those things more effectively. Today he utilizes every available tool at his disposal, including social-media, to accomplish this goal.

The Internet was just introduced when TOWER came on the scene. Domain names were being reserved by people around the world until web designers could build sites and get them hosted. E-mail, the only means to electronically communicate with someone at that time, was employed when Jim created the role of "router" and has since forwarded over a million prayer requests/updates to prayer warriors. In the early days TOWER utilized multiple prayer rooms and tracking of updates and then on May 16, 2000 Jim started writing daily devotionals called Just Thinkin' under the pen name of WebServant."