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1 Chr 22:11-13 Children 10.29.00 Before we criticize our children, we need to admit our own failures and start praying for them.  
1 Kings 19:11-12 Listening 12.13.00 Prayer is 99% waiting, looking and listening and 1% talking.
1 Cor 15:58 Priorities 07.24.00 What takes up the top slot on your list of daily priorities?
1 Cor 2:14 Discernment 08.11.00 Only God can reveal the true source of surface issues.
1 John 1:9 Consequences 12.18.00 When consequences for our failures are handed out, other people pay a price as well.
1 John 2:15-17 Separation 09.07.00 When the world is gone, will it take part of us with it?
1 John 4:4 Revival 12.05.00 If a season of God's moving is shortly replaced by a prevailing attitude of complacency and stagnation, revival didn't come.
1 John 4:4 Nation, Godly 11.26.00 We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about. President Woodrow Wilson
1 Kings 11:14 Enemies 09.11.00 Sometimes enemies are raised up by God to remind us compliance is not optional.
1 Kings 11:6 Obedience 08.15.00 Obedience is demonstrated daily
1 Kings 19:12 Confidence 07.26.00 A lack of focus can turn the most confident man into a fretful doubter.
1 Kings 22:14 Character 10.12.00 You can tell a lot about a man's character by watching him under pressure.
1 Kings 4:29,34 Wisdom 11.05.00 Wisdom gives someone an understanding of life from God's perspective, so they can act in a way that pleases God.
1 Kings22:53 Cycle, Sin 09.03.00 A father's sin will adversely affect his children and will be adopted and affect their children unless someone breaks the cycle.
1 Pet 1:22 Love 10.17.00 Whoever said "Love shouldn't hurt," doesn't know Scripture.
1 Peter 3:15 Preparation 07.27.00 Live for today, but plan for tomorrow.
1 Peter 1:23-25 Christianity 08.14.00 Our faith is the only one that welcomes uncovering older documents without fear of exposing revisionism.
1 Peter 2:13-17 Elections 11.09.00 What is the responsibility of citizens in voting?
1 Peter 3:12 Prayer, Righteous 10.06.00 The opposite of Righteous is evil, and God answers the prayer of one and resists the other.
1 Peter 5:8-9 Complacency 07.02.00 Are you complacent or Compraycent?
1 Sam 28:16 Knowledge 10.22.00 Knowledge without discernment can prove counter productive.
1 Sam 12:3 Conflicts 12.24.00 People don't care if you release your side of an conflict, they can still hold onto their side.
1 Sam 16:7 Calling, God's 12.29.00 Are you in the right place and in the right position for God to interrupt you?
1 Sam 18:3 Offense 10.25.00 Sometimes it's hard to love one person without offending someone else.
1 Sam 7:3 Revival 12.06.00 To say our churches represent the best God can do, reveals a perception of a very small God.
1 Thes 4:9 Witness 08.23.00 We don't need to tell people we love them when we can show them.
1 Thes 5:16-18 Will, God's 08.26.00 God's will for us is to stand up and serve, not sit and soak.
1 Tim 5:24 Memorial 06.17.00 Is your life a testament to God's sustaining grace?
1 Tim 5:24,25 Giving 09.26.00 What did the early Christians do with their possessions?
1Co 10:2 Boldness 06.01.00 It's a contradiction in terms for a Christian to be worldly.
1Ki 18:38 Enemies 06.21.00 When God is on your side, the size of the enemy doesn't matter.
1Sam 2:30 Nation, Christian 05.20.00 If the U.S. is a Christian nation, I'd hate to live in one that's not!
1Th 1:6 Witness 05.30.00 Whether good or bad, every Believer is a witness.
1Th 4:11-12 Prayerlife 05.26.00 Don't become so earthly minded that you're of no heavenly good.
1Ti 4:7 Race, The 06.07.00 Are you playing the "game" or cheering for others?
2 Cor 10:12b Comparisons 07.10.00 Our only spiritual tape measure is, or should be, Jesus.
2 Chr 15:15b Revival 11.29.00 The benefit of revival far outweighs any cost, so why don't we have it?
2 Chr 7:14 Election, Praying for 09.28.00 Prayer will make the difference in this year's elections.
2 Chr 7:21,22 Constitution, The US 11.10.00 The Constitution was created to defend its citizens from threat, tyranny and oppression, the greatest being from within.
2 Cor 12:9,10 Credit 12.27.00 When God gives a victory to a weakling, there's no question where the power originated or who should get the credit.
2 Cor 5:5 Heaven 09.15.00 It's amazing to me that some people expect to enjoy in heaven things they don't enjoy down here.
2 Cor 7:10 Repentance 12.23.00 Our sin was wiped away at conversion, but our sinful nature was left screaming and kicking.
2 Cor 8:11 Race, The 10.02.00 Finishing strong should be the goal of anyone who begins a race.
2 Cor 8:11 Completion 08.22.00 Starting something may be commisioned, but finishing it is validation.
2 Cor 9:8 Awakening, The Great 12.08.00 The Great Awakening of 1857 was a result of one man (Jeremiah Lamphier) praying to turn America back to God.
2 Kings 17:40,41 Surrender 10.03.00 Do you roll over and play dead for your enemies?
2 Kings 5:10 Obedience 10.15.00 When God wants seven - six won't do!
2 Peter 1:8 Blindness 07.18.00 Marolyn Ford: Spiritual blindness is far worse than physical blindness.
2 Peter 2:19 Actions 06.30.00 Peter Lord: What you DO is what you believe - everything else is just religious talk!"
2 Sam 8:6b Kindness 11.02.00 What does a man of God do when everything is going good?
2 Sam 24:24 Salvation 09.08.00 Just because salvation is free, it doesn't mean it didn't cost anything.
2 Thes 1:3 Persecution 09.14.00 Strong faith might just require a hotter furnace.

2 Tim 1:7

Desparation 12.11.00 People don't get desparate until they run out of options and become weary of their situation.
2 Tim 3:16 Application 12.15.00 Most of us get an education but few learn anything because we fail to apply what we learned.
2Chr 7:14 IDOP 11.12.00 In America the church is blessed with prosperity and knows little to no persecution.
2Cor 10:3 Obedience 05.29.00 World missions depend on missionaries and prayer warriors.
2Ki 6:17 Wisdom 06.05.00 Only God can make a man wise, i.e., able to see what He sees.
2Peter 3:9 Rejection 07.19.00 How much neglect should God endure in view of the price He paid to redeem you?
Acts 1:14 Church, Prayer in 12.07.00 You can have prayer without church but you can't have church without prayer.
Acts 11:26 Christian 08.28.00 The word, "Christian" is a noun, not an adjective.
Acts 16:25 Fear 09.04.00 You've heard of a weed whacker, loud praise music can be a fear whacker.
Acts 17:11 Unity 07.31.00 Unity in the church is Spirit-filled attitudess, not the absence of disagreement.
Acts 19 Confession 12.22.00 if you want to become everything God desires you to be, confession will be the foundation upon which your service is built.
Acts 2 Will, God's 12.21.00 Christians must learn to listen to God before they can expect to know His leading.
Acts 28:31 Trustworthy 10.13.00 Trustworthy is what we say of people who have proven they can face failure and not give up.
Acts 3:1 Day, Lord's 09.21.00 Its time to take the church to those who will likely never come on their own.
Acts 6:3b,4 Care 09.02.00 It's impossible for a Christian to pray without caring and unlikely that we care without praying.
Amos 3:3 Unity 09.12.00 Do we exhibit love for one another within the church?
Amos 7:7,8 Scripture 08.16.00 Remaining out-of-plumb to God's Word is plum dangerous.
Co 2:16 Feasts 06.08.00 Two thousand years ago the Feast of Tabernacles marked sunset and the Resurrection marked the Son's rise.
Col 3:22-24 Servant 12.31.00 Body piercing finds fruition in serving Christ.
Col 4:17 Secularism 12.28.00 When we're doing it right, there's no balancing of a secular and spiritual life, because they're both one in the same.
Dan 3:16-18 Judgment 10.08.00 Even if you can't create godly character in anyone else God, create it in me.
Dan 3:17 Prayer, School 09.19.00 Prayer in school isn't dead, just ask a student just before taking a pop quiz.
Dan 3:17-18 Standing Alone 10.31.00 Standing alone is a person's determination to stand on the truth regardless of the consequences.
Dan 6:10b Greatness 08.17.00 Daniel showed us that great men think on their knees, not "alike."
Dan 9:23 Pray-ers 07.13.00 While education and experience are good, they do not make us better pray-ers
Daniel 12 End Time 11.30.00 Things will become increasingly more uncertain as we approach the beginning of the end.
Daniel 6:3;10b,11 Dependability 10.24.00 A man is no more dependable than the one on whom he depends.
Deut 34:10 Relationship 07.05.00 Do you know Jesus or just know about Him?
Dt 7:16 Obedience 05.24.00 Partial obedience is a contradiction in terms.
Ecc 7:9 Conflicts 12.20.00 Holding in anger is the opposite of resolving a conflict.
Eph 1:13,14 Profession, False 09.22.00 If the Holy Spirit has sealed us, I think some Christians have sprung a leak.
Eph 1:13,14 Salvation 08.09.00 Without holy love, desire or conviction you should have no assurance.
Eph 1:17 Attitude 11.28.00 It is not your confidence that impresses God, but your attitude
Eph 3:20 Revival, Prayer in 12.10.00 Any period of revival is the result of men and women who first inwardly groan, longing to see the status quo changed - in themselves and in their churches, followed by prayer which begets revival, which in turn begets more prayer. Jim Cymbala
Eph 5:6,7 Word, Inerrant 09.30.00 The Bible never contradicts itself regardless of the claims of some who say it does.
Eph 6:12 Opposition 08.02.00 Satan will oppose that done to advance the cause of Christ.
Esther 4:16 Boldness, Holy 10.11.00 "If I perish, I perish," should be the motto of every believer in every generation.
Ex 28:29 God, Will of 10.07.00 Our urim is the Word of God and our and thummin the Holy Spirit.
Ex 31:13 Holiness 12.12.00 Holiness is a position, not a presumption.
Ex 33:15 Trust 08.04.00 With every morning comes the choice to live by God's power or our own.
Ez 11:19,20 Restoration 08.10.00 I am never so "broken" that God can't be put back together again.
Eze 22:30,31 Pray-ers 11.04.00 God is still looking for gap-standers.
Ezek 22:30 Pray-ers 11.27.00 God is more interested in one person listening to Him than a large number of people just talking to Him.
Gen 13:8 Testimony 10.05.00 What good is salt in the cupboard?
Gen 39:6b,7;10 God, Man of 10.23.00 A man of God doesn't seek revenge nor does he blame others for his problems.
Heb 12:1 Prayer, Time in 05.18.00 The amount of time we spend in prayer is indicative of our spiritual life as a whole.
Heb 4:16 Blessing 05.19.00 Through prayer God confirms his blessing.
Heb 5:7 Tears 07.25.00 Big boys may not cry, but real men do!
Heb 13:15 Prayer, Heavenly 09.16.00 How much prayer is in your heavenly prayer bowl?
Heb 7:25 Intercession 08.18.00 While prayer may be what an intercessor does, it does not define all he does.
Is 55:6 Prayer 05.31.00 If prayer is so important to you, why do you do so little of it?
Is 65:22 Redemption 06.02.00 Don't allow a tree to groan more for redemption than you.
Isa 9:2 Ministry, Prayer 05.17.00 Prayer may be the greatest of all service.
Isa 43:18,19 Things, New 11.14.00 Everything is new at some point, just to become old when something newer comes along.
Isa 1:15-17 Spirit, Teachable 09.01.00 The more time I spend with God, the more I learn.
Isa 29:13a Answers 08.25.00 How far is our heart from our faith?
Isa 40:31 Intercession 08.24.00 Praying for someone is comprised of three simple steps over and over: look at the Word, apply it and watch for changes.
Isa 43:1 Significance 07.28.00 Remembering a name confirms to them their importance and the opposite is also true.
Isa 44:20 Worldiness 12.01.00 Nature lovers are most often misdirected in their "good" deeds.
Isa 48:10 Refiner's Fire 06.13.00 Can people around you see the image of Jesus in the molten liquid of your life?
Isa 53:7 Confession 12.19.00 Failure to confess sin reveals we're willing to carry weight on our back when we don't have to do so
Isa 55:10,11 Creation 11.15.00 Nothing man creates begins with something he didn't borrow from God.
Isa 57:10 Service 07.11.00 we need to spread grace (as opposed to grease) on our axle
Isa 59:1,2 Rejection 06.23.00 There are things that result in a "No," even before you ask God.
Isa 59:14,15 Revival 07.14.00 Revival comes by unconditional obedience to what we already know we should be doing.
James 4:2b,3 Revival, The Welsh 12.09.00 The Welsh Revival - Evan Roberts prayed with passion for the lost and concern for those who sat idly in the church pews and one hundred thousand souls were saved.
James 3:15-18 Thanksgiving Day 11.23.00 Why limit our gratefulness to one day?
James 4:13-17 Revival 12.03.00 Jim Cymbala - The first step in any spiritual awakening is demolition.
James 4:2 Neglect 06.27.00 Failure to pray is neglect regardless of the excuse.
James 4:7-10 Satan 12.16.00 If Satan harasses Christians and he's not bothering you, what does that say?
James 5:16a Accountability 10.21.00 Some people will never be held accountable until they stand before God in Judgment.
James 5:17,18 Prayer, Time in 11.18.00 Much time spent with God is the secret of all successful praying. E.M. Bounds
Jer 8:7 Repentance 09.27.00 Repentance, if it was easy everyone would be saved.
Jer 1:7,8 Isolation 09.23.00 Like Jeremiah, God may be calling us to experience isolation.
Jer 32:8b God, Word of 08.31.00 God speaks to us many ways, not the least of which Scripture and the Holy Spirit, but are we listening?
Jer 33:3 Cymbala, Jim 09.18.00 Are we desperate for God's help?
Jer 33:3 Eyesight, Spiritual 06.22.00 Are you so immersed in the things of the world, you have no desire to see what God is doing?
Job 1:8 God, Fear of 10.09.00 A nation who doesn't fear God should.
Job 1:8 Character 10.19.00 A man's character is revealed in no better way than through the fire.
John 13:35 Testimony 07.15.00 Bill Gothard: the world will want to check our credentials before they listen to what we have to say.
John 3:16 Memorial Day 05.28.00 One life given so others may live - no greater love than that!
John 5:22,23 Worthy 10.14.00 God doesn't exist for man to honor Him and Jesus doesn't need to be called Lord in order to be Lord.
John 8:31 Spirit, Teachable 10.27.00 The only person God can use is one with a teachable spirit.
Jon 2:10 Repentance 06.15.00 You can't repent until you stop running from God.
Josh 14:7-8 Problems 11.21.00 Most of our bad situations are actually the result of our failure to believe and trust God.
Joshua 1:16 Motivation 12.14.00 You can't finish something you never start.
Judges 6:14 Procrastination 08.01.00 Like Gideon, we don't need anything else in order to be obedient.
Judges 6:17 Caution 11.03.00 We should all be cautious, but not to the point of becoming a procrastinator.
Lam 1:19 Judgment 05.21.00 There should be no victory celebration when judgment falls.
Lam 3:22,23 Spirit, Grateful 11.13.00 We should not be like the world which receives blessings viewed as too little, too late.
Lam 3:8 Hope 08.20.00 Hope is the essence of Christianity and prayer the delivery mechanism.
Luke 9:62 Retreat 08.03.00 "When a man, after starting to be a Christian, looks back, it is only a question of time until he goes back." Billy Sunday
Luke 11:13 Power 08.05.00 Are we a short in the power connection of God?
Luke 11:9,10 Belief 08.07.00 Belief is proven in the persistency of our prayers.
Luke 15:11-32 Prodigal 12.26.00 Does our life represent the best God can do through us?
Luke 17:14 Gratefulness 10.26.00 Not everyone who owes a debt of gratitude is even grateful.
Luke 18:1 Answers 07.20.00 When you don't look for answers to your prayer, why pray at all?
Luke 2:46 Questions 07.23.00 Do you know the name of the song about prayer that makes no statements, but only ask questions?.
Luke 22:46 Priorities 06.29.00 We tend to concentrate on the things we consider most important.
Luke 5:16 Backsliding 06.26.00 Missionary Beaty: Is grass growing on your prayer path?
Mark 9:24 Belief 07.01.00 For some things, prayer is the only tool you need in your bag.
Mat 18:19,20 Appropriation 11.25.00 Don't tell me all giving is sacrifice. For breakfast, the chicken gave and the pig sacrificed.
Mat 22:29 Church, Praying 09.10.00 We're either a praying church or a playing church.
Mat 22:37-39 Revival 12.04.00 Vance Havner - evival means God's people repenting of their sins and getting right with Him, as well as getting right with each other.
Mat 24:32,33 Coming, The Lord's 09.06.00 When it's summertime in the Holy Land, it's time to strike up the holy band.
Mat 24:42     Time, Redeeming 10.28.00 If you don't redeem it, time is gone forever.
Mk 1:35 Intimacy 05.27.00 Spending intimate time with the Father demands getting away from people and distractions.
Mt 13:58 Word, God's 05.25.00 The Bible needs a disclaimer on the inside cover warning of the danger of reading it without compliance.
Mt 15:14 Sin, Buried 05.22.00 The longer sin is concealed, the harder it is to find, much less disarm.
Mt 18 Born Again 12.25.00 The new birth in Christ did not stop our propensity to sin.
Mt 24 Election, 2000 US 11.08.00 The 2000 U.S. elections is the first time a President will be elected by a few hundred absentee votes yet to be counted.
Mt 5:16 Display 07.06.00 The praise of the believer should be like fireworks against the backdrop of life.
Neh 1:3 Grace 08.30.00 If grace were bottled, it would have a "Use By," date on it.
Neh 4:9 Defense 08.12.00 Under attack two things will prevail, prayer and more prayer.
Neh 7:1,2 Integrity 11.06.00 America was built on the testimony of men and women of integrity who were deeply devoted to God.
Num 24:17 Seekers 11.01.00 Wise men still seek Jesus
Phil 1:9,10 Wisdom 10.01.00 Looking back, would you choose wisdom over riches?
Phil 2:13 Failures 12.30.00 Does your life look like a war zone?
Phil 3:13 Prayer life 07.29.00 Does your prayer life reflect the love you have for God?
Php 2:3-4 Service 05.16.00 Serving others requires selflessness
Pro 6:12 Death, Premature 06.09.00 A continual failure to listen to God will likely end in premature death.
Prov 1:6-8 Invincible 10.04.00 George Washington was bulletproof to the Indians, but he wouldn't stand a chance with today's media.
Prov 11:1 God, Jealous 11.17.00 NewAgers shouldn't be concerned with revenge of "mother" nature, but a jealous God
Prov 14:34 Liberty 10.10.00 Liberty is a gift, but it must be earned in every generation.
Prov 15:1 Anger 12.17.00 Anger is an alarm that lets you know you are not responding the way Jesus would.
Prov 16:25 Way, The 07.17.00 There is no way we take that will separate us from God unless we choose to go it on our own - without Him.
Prov 28:9 Misconception 12.02.00 Being a Christian does not entitle me to a free "Make a wish" member's card.
Prov 4:20-22 Blessing 08.19.00 Living according to the principles of God's word can bring health and long life.
Ps 119:129,130 Understanding 10.20.00 You can obtain all the knowledge in the world, but understanding only comes from God.
Ps 145:3 Creation 11.19.00 Everyday is a good day to praise the Lord for His handiwork!
Ps 150 Praise 09.05.00 If you don't like instrumental praise, you'd better avoid reading David's Psalms.
Ps 18:6 Attitude 07.12.00 Two annointed to be king at the same time, but only one felt unworthy.
Ps 2:1 Preparation 11.22.00 Most people think about preparation when its too late.
Ps 20:6 Flag, U.S. 06.14.00 Does our flag wave over the home of the free and the land of the brave?
Ps 40:8-10 Conviction 08.29.00 The Christian walk should be based on conviction, not preference.
Ps 42:8 Fruit, Spirit 06.06.00 What came out of you the last time you were squeezed?
Ps 46:1-3 Sin, Overcoming 09.29.00 The sons of Korah overcame their father's horrible trangression.
Ps 62:5 Psalms 07.07.00 David's prayer journal should be an example for us to do the same.
Ps 66:18 Praying, Futile 09.24.00 Unconfessed sin will block getting an answer to prayer.
Psalm 19:14 America, God Bless 11.07.00 Rev Joe Wright gave the invocation before a session of the Kansas Senate and public prayer has not been the same since.
Psalm 11:3 Destruction 11.20.00 When our nation's foundation is being pick-axed into unrecognizable pieces, prayer is still the thing to do!
Psalm 139 Investment 07.22.00 Composers leave songs for future generations and pray-ers leave journals.
Psalm 145:18 Fellowship 06.28.00 A prayerwalk is being close enough to Jesus to hear HIm and follow Him.
Psalm 33:10-12 American Creed, The 11.11.00 I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.
Psalm 88:13 Pray, When to 07.21.00 Jesus viewed a busy day as one to pray more than usual.
Psalm 89:15 Walk 09.13.00 When our relationship with God is good, we enjoy walking with Him.
Psalm 89:40 Worldliness 09.25.00 Why should God pry us loose from the things that tend to separate us from Him.
Ro 9:23 Death 06.03.00 Just because our natural bodies may shut down doesn't mean we should die before we're dead!
Rom 1:16 SYATP 09.20.00 Most of our perceived dangers are Fig Newtons of our imagination.
Rom 11:33 Plagiarism 11.24.00 Everything God does is subject to highjack by some religion that seeks to elevate themselves to the position of their Creator.
Rom 16:3 Discipleship 10.18.00 When done right, discipleship is not a quick scheme, but costly, both in time and money.
Rom 5:6-8 Value 08.08.00 Value is the product of desire not the price paid.
Rom 8:1,2 Liberty 07.04.00 The cross is my Statue of Liberty.
Rom12:16 Lowly 05.23.00 Association with the lowly is most often the sign of someone with high moral conviction.
Ruth 3:11b Loyalty 10.30.00 Loyalty comes from loving people and trusting God.
Sam 17:10,11 Strength 10.16.00 Not by sword will victory come, but in the Name of God's mighty Son.
Titus 1:16 Imposters 08.21.00 Ten things imposters believe save them.
Titus 1:16 Example 07.03.00 WWJD - Walk the way Jesus did!