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1Ch 22:11-13 Excuses 11.02.01 The only excuse for not praying in advance for our family is ignorance, laziness or unbelief.  
1Co 10:13 Persecution 03.07.01 How many people falsely believe they're being persecuted?  
1Co 1:10 Church 01.19.01 Brooklyn Tabernacle is a model of the praying church in the 21st Century.  
1Co 10:11,12 Bible 03.02.01 The Bible is as much a warning as for personal edification.  
1Co 10:2 Worldliness 07.11.01 A Christian living by worldly standards is a contradiction in terms.  
1Co 4:2 Witnessing 03.27.01 When was the last time witnessing included the words, "difficult," "trying" or "hard?"  
1Cor 3:18,19 Grace 01.06.01 There are only two types of people in the world; those who know God's grace and those who don't.  
1Jo 1:6,7 Deception 01.07.01 Will we allow the deceit of a few people to pull down what our forefathers gave their lives to purchase?  
1Jo 1:9 Grace 06.03.01 God's grace can replace sin as the common denominator of our lives.  
1Jo 2:15 Conviction 07.07.01 Most people are willing to drop their Christian conviction before dropping their worldly preference.  
1Jo 2:15,16 Prayer 08.09.01 What you DO is what you believe - everything else is just religious talk!  
1Jo 2:15-17 Enemy 09.06.01 Pogo would say of the the Israelites, "We has met the enemy and he is us."  
1Jo 3:2,3 Love 01.26.01 We need to start loving people now and not wait till we get to heaven where it doesn't matter.  
1Ki 3:3 Obedience 08.15.01 Obedience never carries over, but must be demonstrated daily.  
1Ki 11:1,2 Decision 04.23.01 Knowing what's right is no substitute foe doing what's right.  
1Ki 11:14 Enemy 07.12.01 More than good things come from God.  
1Ki 11:14 Obedience 09.01.01 Our partial obedience can create some interesting enemies.  
1Ki 12:28 Advice 04.05.01 It's not just advice that we should seek, but the right advice  
1Ki 18:38,39 Disappointment 12.20.01 Are you under a broom tree whining, or are you working for God?  
1Ki 19:12,13 Faith 07.26.01 Faith comes and goes but God's power never vacillates.  
1Ki 22:14 Revelation 10.08.01 If the Spirit doesn't talk to you, you better find a man of God who will!  
1Ki 4:29,34 Wisdom 11.09.01 The ability to see from God's viewpoint is a privlege granted to His children.  
1Pe 5:8-9 Resistance 08.11.01 Don't expect God to answer your prayers if Satan is not resisting you.  
1Pe 5:8-9 Position 05.17.01 Don't do a stare-down with the devil unless you are in the right place.  
1Pe 1:22 Completion 10.21.01 Peter may have had his ups and downs, but he finished up, even though the world turned him upside down.  
1Pe 1:23-25 Word 08.14.01 Unlike re-thinkers of the U.S. Constitution, the Bible doesn't require it.  
1Pe 3:12 Prayer 10.03.01 Before you fold your hands and bow your head, better check to see if anyone's home.  
1Pe 4:8 Love 01.15.01 True love has no strings.  
1Pe 5:8 Resistance 08.18.01 The harder Satan pushes us, the closer to God we should get.  
1Pet 2:1 Malice 01.04.01 Fill your heart with love and peace and there will be no room for malice.  
1Sa 1:12-13a Prayer 12.10.01 Most of us pray at the point of desperation, but other than that see no need.  
1Sa 12:3 Confession 07.01.01 If we started church meetings with public confession, there would be fewer problems fand fewer sermons.  
1Sa 16:7 Focus 06.02.01 It's impossible to follow Jesus if you're watching something or someone else.  
1Sa 17:10,11 Blessed 10.20.01 If more men were "With God," God would be with more men.  
1Sa 18:3 Friends 10.29.01 Friends are made in the fire, not sitting by the campfire.  
1Sa 28:16 Evil 10.26.01 Few people resort to evil who don't know the right thing to do.  
1Sa 3:8b,9 Happiness 10.31.01 Without a teachable spirit and a godly teacher, there's not much hope for happiness  
1Sa 7 :3 Revival 12.12.01 Revival is spoken with reverence, but few if any, people have actually seen it and know what it is.  
1Th 2:9 Calling 05.11.01 When was the last time God called a preacher to go where he would be paid less?  
1Th 3:1, 5 Evangelism 04.09.01 True evangelism is 10% talk and 90% prayer, most after a profession.  
1Th 5:16 Rejoice 02.15.01 Every circumstance is an opportunity to rejoice and pray.  
1Ti 4:7,8 Race 09.04.01 Running the race is well worth any pain that comes from the training.  
1Ti 5:24,25 Retirement 09.19.01 Retirement is a nice idea unless you plan to stop serving God. too  
2Chr 15:15b Revival 12.07.01 Praying for revival brings tough choices most Christians are not prepared to make.  
2Chr 7:14 Revival 12.17.01 Every revival in the past began with an intense period of prayer.  
2Co 10:12b Comparison 07.17.01 We will become like those with whom we compare ourselves.  
2Co 3:17,18 Glory 01.25.01 Clouds are a backdrop against which God reveals His glory.  
2Co 4:3,4 Vision 03.08.01 What you see just might not be what you think.  
2Co 4:8-12 Riches 02.13.01 A lot of people pray for riches when what they need is help getting out of their ditches.  
2Cor 7:10 Repentance 06.24.01 If profession and repentance are the same, every profession will include a radical change.  
2Cor 10:12 Association 06.04.01 You can tell a lot about the character of a person by judging the character of those with whom he laughs.  
2Cor 13:5 Word 06.07.01 God will never contradict his word.  
2Cor 5:5 Death 09.12.01 Have you considered our homecoming is also a homecoming for the Holy Spirit?  
2Ki 16:18 Compromise 05.21.01 Christians are prone to leave a little negotiation room when it comes to sin.  
2Ki 17:40,41 Consistency 10.01.01 Consistency is good only if we're doing the right thing.  
2Ki 5:10 Short-cut 10.19.01 Doing an "end-around" God seems to be the first thing a man does when he doesnt know God.  
2Pe 2:17-19 Foolishness 06.11.01 Those who think they are master of their fate and captain of their soul are stowaways without a ticket.  
2Sa 8 Grateful 11.06.01 A grateful person looks for a way to bless someone who doesn't expect it.  
2Sa 21:17 Ministry 06.12.01 At what point does a minister shift into heritage stage of life?  
2Th 1:3 Suffer 09.11.01 It's interesting to note most believers who suffer don't consider it suffering.  
2Ti 1:7 Revival 12.19.01 Desperation is the common denominator in heart of those who pray and see revival.  
2Ti 3:12 Imposters 01.22.01 Wouldn't it be great if a polygraph test would confirm salvation?  
2Ti 3:12 Return 04.06.01 If Jesus' first coming had no impact on you, His second will!  
2Ti 4:7 Discipleship 04.11.01 Having a pastor doesn't relieve you of being a minister.  
Acts 1:14a Disbelief 04.16.01 Believing a lie doesn't take evidence, just laziness.  
Acts 11:26 Testimony 08.25.01 "Christian" is not adjective, but a noun.  
Acts 2:41 Church 12.16.01 You can have prayer without church but you can't have church without prayer?  
Acts 3:1 Evangelism 09.16.01 If people won't come to church, we need to take the church to them.  
Acts 16:5 Deference 04.25.01 If you never surrender your will, you will never know God's.  
Acts 17:26,27 Time, Redeem 01.23.01 We should reach out for God while we can.  
Acts 20:22-24 Mission 04.20.01 When it comes to missions, there is little difference between foreign and home.  
Acts 3:1 Evangelism 06.28.01 When the world won't come to church, we need to take church to the world.  
Acts 6:3b,4 Obligation 09.02.01 God never turned the responsibility to pray over to anyone else.  
Acts 8:6 Attention 05.24.01 Men will listen to most anything, but supporting evidence is required to convince them.  
Am 7:7,8 Word 08.16.01 Have you checked your plumb to God's Word today?  
Amos 3:3 Unity 09.09.01 Unity is having one heart, one mind, putting aside differences for the sake of moving forward.  
Amos 3:14-15 Ignorance 05.31.01 When we ignore the truth of Scripture, we earn the consequences that follow.  
Col 1:26,27 Witness 02.07.01 There is one secret we should share with everyone.  
Da 6:10b Prayer 08.17.01 Great men think on their knees.  
Dan 3:17 Service 09.15.01 Service without sacrifice is like a car without gas.  
Dan 3:17-18 Courage 11.04.01 Courage comes by applying God's promises to your circumstances.  
Dan 6:3;10b,11 Defeat 10.28.01 When we fail to pray, we fall prey to a defeated enemy.  
Dan 9:23a Timing 07.30.01 Education, motivation and experience are good, but they do not make us better pray-ers.  
Dan 9:24 Grace 08.30.01 God's GRACE is amazing, but it has an expiration date.  
Dt 7:1, 2 Sin 05.01.01 Before we can serve God, we must take out the trash.  
Dt 8:2 Neglect 07.19.01 How much neglect should God endure in view of the price He paid to redeem you?  
Eph 2:22 Assurance 08.02.01 Active resistance by Satan is evidence whose side we're on.  
Eph 3:20 Revival 12.18.01 Our negligence proving the truth of Scripture that says, "You do not have, because you do not ask God.  
Eph 4:26 Sin 05.12.01 Sin can't be suppressed or ignored without consequences  
Eph 5:15-17 Opportunities 02.28.01 Are opportunities passing you by?  
Est 4:16 Testimony 10.07.01 The book of Esther doesn't mention God or prayer, but her actions validate them both.  
Ex 33:15 Trust 08.04.01 Daily bread" teaches us to depend on God's grace for our immediate needs.  
Ex 19:23 Limits 01.08.01 Outside the boundary of His grace, we can't apply Scripture and be certain of the outcome.  
Ex 20:5 Sin 09.21.01 Every generation must determine if it will live victoriously over sin, or be a victim.  
Ex 20:5 Sin 09.03.01 The consequences of a sinful father will affect the children, but that doesn't mean they can avoid them.  
Ex 21:6 Servants 12.15.01 We've made servant a nasty word when that's exactly what Jesus expects us to be.  
Ex 28:29 Decision 10.04.01 Our decision stones are the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.  
Ex 34:10 Presence 05.03.01 God's work stands out by contrast against Satan's work  
Ez 11:17-20 America 11.11.01 America is like Israel in many respects except there is no direct promise of God that He will preserve and protect the U.S.  
Ez 22:30,31 Seeking 11.08.01 God is looking for men, sadly men aren't normally looking for anyone, much less God.  
Ez 11: 19-20 Conflict 07.16.01 Few churches are started that aren't part of a church division.  
Ez 33:30b,31 Captivity 02.27.01 Unlike most Christians, the Israelites knew they were in captivity.  
Ez 33:6 Witness 01.30.01 I don't think we fully consider the importance of being honest with people.  
Eze 33:31 Talk 05.16.01 Many believers talk a good game, but don't walk like they believe it.  
Ge 22:13-14 Passover 04.14.01 Jesus is the Passover Lamb  
Gen 13:8 Choice 10.02.01 God's left-overs are better than the world's best.  
Gen 3:16 Sin 06.20.01 When we face the Enemy on our own, we make his influence in our life stronger.  
Gen 39:6-10   Success 10.27.01 Success seldom comes without leaving a trail of failure behind.  
Heb 13:1 Encounter 12.31.01 Would we treat someone differently if we knew God directed them to us?  
Heb 13:15 Prayer 09.13.01 Heaven has a bowl to hold your prayer or air.  
Heb 1:1 Revelation 08.31.01 God speaks to us through his Spirit and his Word.  
Heb 11:6 Evidence 01.16.01 Everyone's life produces some sort of fruit.  
Heb 12:1 Sin 05.13.01 Too many are slaves to sin and won't admit it.  
Heb 12:1 Sin 06.18.01 When our sin nature prevails, we render the Enemy more powerful than God.  
Heb 12:15 Sin 01.12.01 The only way to produce a beautiful garden is to minimize the appearance and the affect of weeds.  
Heb 12:15 Sin 06.17.01 Sin grows stronger and more difficult to resolve the longer we allow it to hang around.  
Heb 13:15 Cross 05.14.01 The cross is a perfect picture of proper relationships  
Heb 4:12,13 Scripture 01.02.01 The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it. D.L. Moody  
Heb 4:13 Judgment 01.27.01 Don't let anyone convince you there will be no crying in heaven.  
Heb 4:16 Confidence 12.06.01 It is confidence that impresses God, but the attitude.  
Heb 7:24b,25 Intercession 04.03.01 Intercession is position more than prayer  
Heb 7:25 Intercession 08.19.01 Intercession is action more so than words!  
Heb 9:14 Guilt 01.17.01 Too many people try to bury guilt and live with the consequences.  
Hos 10:12 Sowing 03.28.01 Is the seed of salvation planted in good or bad soil?  
Is 43:1b Appreciation 07.29.01 We demonstrate the value of someone when we memorize their name and use it when we speak to them.  
Is 55:10,11 Promises 11.14.01 What good are the promises of God if you don't believe and receive them?  
Isa 29:13 Compromise 10.10.01 A man of God will not change in order to appease an ungodly crowd.  
Isa 40:31 Hope 08.24.01 Pleasing God should be every believer's goal  
Isa 54:3-4, 12b Lord 04.13.01 He might have been a suffering Savior, but now He is risen Lord.  
Isa 59:1,2 Trouble 12.21.01 I wonder how many people pray for someone when their own sin brings down trouble on those for whom they pray?  
Isa 65:1-3 Word 09.07.01 The further we, as a nation, drift from the principles of God's word, the more civil disobedience, strife, bigotry and anarchy we get.  
Isa 42:8, 9 New 04.10.01 We must allow God to do the work, and not do it ourselves, acting like He did it.  
Isa 43:18-19 Witness 05.29.01 It's impossible to be the salt of the earth when our shaker is empty.  
Isa 43:2 Failure 06.30.01 Are you suffering from terminal tunnel vision?  
Isa 54:16-18 Process, Work in 01.29.01 Every Christian is an artwork in process to God.  
Isa 57:10,12 Brokenness 01.09.01 Brokenness is the place we stop, turn from our sin and allow God to continue His work in us.  
Isa 59:1, 2 Separation 05.06.01 If someone moved, it wasn't God.  
Isa 59:14-16 Righteousness 05.22.01 Righteousness is absent from the human gene pool.  
Isaiah 48:10,11 Salvation 07.18.01 The Refiner has never failed those who trust his work.  
ITh 4:11,12 Devotion 07.31.01 Don't become so earthly minded that you are of no spiritual good.  
Jas 1 Failure 08.27.01 Resoultions based on a preference are doomed to fail  
Jdg 6:17 Caution 11.07.01 It's curious that those with caution are most often criticized by those who don't exercise it.  
Jdg 1-3 Sin 06.21.01 When we are reluctant to purge sin from our life, we admit we are slaves to it.  
Jdg 2:13-14 Obedience 06.19.01 When we fail to obey God completely, we breathe life into our sin nature.  
Jdg 2:19 Stubbornness 05.20.01 Self-assurance is the launching pad for pride, a spiritual rocket of sin with stubbornness as the fuel and trouble as the target.  
Jdg 6:14 Calling 08.01.01 Are you waiting for clarification and using that as an excuse for your continued refusal to go where He leads?  
Jer 8:7 Discipleship 09.20.01 If following God was easy, everybody would be doing it!  
Jer 1:12 Devotion 09.17.01 Forget who reads my devotionals; all I need is an audience of One.  
Jer 20:9 Influence 02.12.01 If God is in us, he wants to affect everything around us.  
Jer 33:3 Disaster 09.14.01 911 proves that wherever there is disaster, God has people ready to pray and serve.  
Jer 44:16 Teachable 06.06.01 It's unlikely a person can be saved and not have a teachable spirit.  
Jer 5:31 Discernment 06.13.01 God expects us to discern if a message is from God or the speaker.  
Jer 8:7 Ignorance 04.30.01 If you don't know what God requires of you, how can you expect to do it?  
Jo 10:14-15 WWJD 08.12.01 The answer to "What would Jesus Do" is pray.  
Jo 14:23,24 Love 06.16.01 Love is the epitome of God's character, the glue that holds us together, the proof of our redemption and the singular mission of the Church.  
Jo 13:15-17 Needs 02.05.01 It's much easier to meet someone else's need then to receive it from someone else.  
Jo 15:7-8 Love 05.10.01 Demonstrating love is more important than preaching it.  
Jo 17:26 Love 08.23.01 Love is a product of knowing the Father through Jesus' relationship with Him.  
Jo 3:16 Giving 12.25.01 God's gift grows stronger when it is given away.  
Job 1:20-22 Conflict 10.23.01 A godly man won't defend his action, blame someone else or hold in anger.  
Job 1:8 Fear 10.05.01 It's just like this generation to respect God and not fear Him.  
Job 1:21 Possessions 03.12.01 Does you stuff possess you?  
Joel 2:25 Restoration 01.18.01 Why would God fix a broken vessel just to see it sit on a shelf and gather dust?  
Joel 2:32 Obedience 02.14.01 An athetist's ignorance is no worse than a believer's partial obedience.  
John 12:25 Forgetfulness 05.28.01 Anyone forgetting the past is doomed to repeat it.  
Jos 14:7-8 Understanding 12.01.01 How many times in our lives have we accumulated a mass of information and come to the wrong conclusion?  
Jos 14:7b Return 12.13.01 Forget the fat lady, it ain't over till God says it's over!  
Jos 4:7 Journal 04.24.01 Without a journal, will anyone know you've seen here?  
Js 1:22-24 Knowledge 03.01.01 What good is knowledge if you never put into practice.  
Js 3:16 Memory 01.11.01 Forgetting is easier for some than others, but erasing a visual image from your mind is difficult for anyone.  
Js 3:17,18 Forgiveness 01.14.01 Family life is God's workshop of learning forgiveness  
Js 4:6 Repentance 05.19.01 Salvation was never intended to be the destination as much as the journey.  
Js 5:16 Confession 06.23.01 Prayer shouldn't begin before proper confession is made.  
Js 5:17,18 Pray-ers 11.23.01 Earnest praying then, is a matter of personal choice, not divine calling.  
Ju 16 Confirmation 01.05.01 Are you a FaultFinder or a ScriptureSearcher?  
La 3:22,23 Grateful 11.13.01 An ungrateful spirit views blessings as too little - too late.  
Lam 3:55, 56 Distress 04.19.01 No pit is so low, God can't hear your cry.  
Lam 3:8 Prayer 08.20.01 Hope is the center of our faith and prayer is the delivery mechanism to renew it.  
Lam 3:17-18 Obedience 12.11.01 Here's a novel idea; obey God's Word and leave the results to Him.  
Lu 9:62 Obedience 08.03.01 Obedience is not delayed for any reason.  
Lu 12:22-26 Worry 05.09.01 Worry is assuming a responsibility God hasn't given you.  
Lu 15:17 Repentance 03.05.01 Have you come to your senses yet?  
Lu 17:14 Grateful 10.30.01 Few will truly be grateful for something they didn't think they needed.  
Lu 18:1 Prayer 07.20.01 PT is a systematic plan of flooding heaven with prayerful petition on behalf of those God called us to serve - until the answer or Jesus comes.  
Lu 22:46 Church 12.04.01 The Church has power to accomplish many things on earth that are not being addressed, much less done.  
Lu 22:46 Prayer 08.08.01 Prayer is practicing the presence of God,  
Lu 5:16 Prayer 07.13.01 Is the grass bent on the path to your place of prayer?  
Lu 5:16 Prayer 12.24.01 We shouldn't make God talk over a lot of noise.  
Mk 1:17-18 Evangelism 09.05.01 Sometime, evangelism resembles a drive-by shooting.  
Mk 1:35 Prayer 07.22.01 How long has it been since you prayed?  
Mk 9:22b-24 Problems 08.10.01 Some of the problems we experience are overcome only through prayer.  
Mt 22:29 Return 09.08.01 Don't know about you, but I'd rather be praying when Jesus returns and not playing.  
Mt 5:6 Prayer 07.06.01 Prayer is best defined as spending time with God.  
Mt 11:25 Understanding 10.24.01 Earning all the degrees a university can give you won't give you understanding.  
Mt 12:26 Mission 02.02.01 Every Christian is a missionary to the lost, declared or not.  
Mt 18:12 Shepherd 01.20.01 Sometimes I think we just need to lie down in the pasture and watch the Shepherd.  
Mt 20:26-28 Servants 02.08.01 We are servants of God, known by our attitude, not A label.  
Mt 21:13 Prayer 03.30.01 Is our church a place where people stay or pray?  
Mt 21:13 Pray-ers 12.05.01 God is far more interested in one person listening to Him than a whole bunch of people talking to Him.  
Mt 22:37-39 Evangelism 12.09.01 Too many preachers dwell on production numbers when they should concerned in quality control.  
Mt 24:42     Education 11.01.01 We can learn more from looking at people than reading every book in the library, unless one of them is the Bible.  
Mt 28:19-20a Mission 06.27.01 All missionaries don't need passports.  
Mt 7:20 Experience 02.06.01 Everyone of us will experience God someday, sooner is much better than later.  
Mt  24:44 Return 03.29.01 If you wait till you see Jesus, you're oneday too late.  
Neh 4:9 Resistance 08.13.01 Withour resistance, it's hard to know how to pray  
Neh 7:1,2 Integrity 11.10.01 Integrity is not acquired but earned through godly perseverance.  
Neh 4:17,18 Oppression 03.23.01 When God uses a hammer, the devil grabs a spear.  
Nu 24:17 Followers 11.05.01 Wise men still follow Jesus  
Phil 2:1,2 Condition 01.31.01 How is it that most of us read God's promises never noticing the condition.  
Php 1:9,10 Righteousness 09.30.01 Wisdom and discernment are indispensable resources for the righteous.  
Php 4:19 Supply 06.26.01 Needs and wants will forever be confused by worldly people.  
Php 2:20-21 Deference 12.14.01 You can't serve God and not learn deference.  
Php 3:13,14 Prayer 07.28.01 We demonstrate our love for God by the amount of time we spend alone with him.  
Php 3:7 Confession 04.17.01 Confession that offends somone uncovers their concealed sin.  
Pr 24:10 Strength 04.07.01 Resisting God's has got to be like chinese finger trap.  
Pro 11:1 Judgment 11.22.01 It's not a contaminated earth that New Agers need worry about.  
Pro 14:34 Freedom 10.06.01 Our failure to protect freedom renders the sacrifice someone else paid for it, worthless.  
Pro 18:17 Conviction 05.18.01 Are your convictions for sale?  
Pro 24:27 Completion 08.22.01 Anything worth starting is worth finishing.  
Pro 28:9 Answer 08.28.01 Beside a sinner's prayer, nothing else they pray gets above the ceiling.  
Pro 28:9 Expectations 12.08.01 If you don't know what God expects, how can you expect to do it?  
Pro 6:12-15 Listen 08.29.01 Listening may hurt for a moment, but failing to listen, as to God, will hurt for a lifetime.  
Pro 16:9 Plans 03.06.01 We plan, but God directs.  
Pro 26:24,25 Obedience 06.09.01 How can God bless a person who displays a disobedient spirit?  
Pro 3:21-26 Discernment 05.25.01 Discernment comes when we spend time in God's presence.  
Pro 4:18,19 Application 01.28.01 If we have all knowledge of Scripture and never apply it, what does it avail?  
Pro 4:18,19 Trust 10.09.01 A man is trustworthy who will not give up when he fails.  
Ps 101:5, 7 Slander 06.10.01 Slander is murder without sheding blood  
Ps 11:3 Repentance 05.30.01 The first step in repentance is destruction.  
Ps 138:7 Appropriation 05.26.01 When God uses a weakling to gain victory of the enemy, there's no question who gets credit for it.  
Ps 139:23, 24 Sin 04.18.01 Only an idiot asks God to search for sin where they've hidden it.  
Ps 139:5 Security 06.08.01 When God is on our side, not much else matters.  
Ps 145:18 Covenant 08.07.01 Our relationship with God is a two way deal.  
Ps 2:1 Preparation 12.02.01 How will we prevail if we are not prepared?  
Ps 24:7-10 Peace 04.15.01 Resurrection turned grief into glee and weeping into laughter.  
Ps 33:10-12 Veterans 11.12.01 Veterans are the only evidence we have that liberty requires personal sacrifice.  
Ps 37:23-24 Destruction 06.01.01 The death of our own plan must precede birth of God's.  
Ps 40:8-10 Wait 08.26.01 When waiting on God, we should not be dormant.  
Ps 51:10-12 Restoration 05.23.01 If separation defines man's condition without God, then restoration defines God's redeeming work with God.  
Ps 8 Handiwork 11.28.01 Curious, the more men learn about the universe (something they pretend to understand), the less they know about the Creator.  
Ps 89:40 Sin 09.18.01 If you're a believer and holding onto your sin, God won't rip it out of your hand  
Ps 119:89,90 Change 02.09.01 Without desire, there is no power on earth or in heaven to change you.  
Ps 127:1 Warfare 06.25.01 If the battle is the Lord's, then the Word of God contains our marching orders and prayer is our weapon.    
Ps 133:1 Contention 01.10.01 Too many Christians believe church aisles are designed to separate contentious factions rather than provide a bridge of reconciliation.  
Ps 141:8-10 Psalm 02.01.01 I'm not certain a person outside of God's grace can understand the Psalms  
Ps 143:10 Will 04.21.01 Knowing God's will is as simple as Knowing God.  
Ps 16:7 Counsel 05.02.01 The Spirit counsels us when He has our complete and undivided attention.  
Ps 26:2,3 Testing 03.26.01 When it comes to testing, it's not a question of if, but how.  
Ps 27:13,14 Goodness 02.16.01 The goodness of the Lord is brighter in the shade.  
Ps 32:8 Problems 01.21.01 Finding a problem is as easy as eliminating what's not one.  
Ps 4:3 Resistance 06.29.01 If you are not experiencing the enemy's resistance, why do you think that is?  
Ps 40:12 Trouble 04.26.01 Problems are usually a result of someone trying to get your attention.  
Ps 40:8-10 Conviction 07.27.01 Conviction is the determination by God's power to stand fast on God's word regardless of what anyone else does.  
Ps 42:1,2 Presence, God's 01.24.01 Are you constantly seeking God's presence?  
Ps 42:8 Testimony 08.05.01 What came out of you the last time you were squeezed?  
Ps 5:1-3 Journal 07.05.01 The Psalms are best described as David's personal prayer journal.  
Ps 55:23 Profession 09.29.01 The greatest lie perpetrated by some professing Christians is the one they tell themselves when they call themselves a Christian.  
Ps 62:5 Intercession 07.02.01 The three steps of intercession are reading the Word, knowing the Word and praying the Word.  
Ps 73:25 Finish 05.08.01 Don't die before you're dead!  
Ps 73:25 Invincible 05.07.01 We're immune from dying until God says it's time, and when it's time, who wants to stay?  
Ps 88:13 Prayer 07.21.01 Will you stop and pray today or just go it alone like everyday?  
Ps 89:15 Relationship 09.10.01 Our relationship with Jesus should affect our talk and walk.  
Ps 89:8 Faithful 05.04.01 We are as safe as God's ability to keep us.  
Rev 21:5 Conflict 12.27.01 We shouldn't wait until it's too late to take care of unfinished business.  
Rev 3:20 Repentance 01.01.01 The person kncking on your door may not be who you think.  
Rev 7:9-10 Church 06.05.01 Will bias and prejudice be purged in the air between earth and heaven?  
Ro 11:33 Attention 12.03.01 How can anyone learn anything if they fail to pay attention?  
Ro 8:26-27 Neglect 08.06.01 Looking to God is a natural response of someone who depends on Him.  
Ro 1:32 Slander 01.13.01 The moment we hear slander and do not correct it, we become a conspirator in the crime.  
Ro 14:12 Accountability 10.25.01 Were that conviction was a product of accountability.  
Ro 16:3 Possessions 10.22.01 Would that more people would consider their property as God's to be used as He sees fit.  
Ru 3:11 Loyalty 11.03.01 To be loyal we must each be loyal.  
Tit 1:16 Salvation 08.21.01 There ten ways to tell who's saved and who's not.  
Tit 1:16 Hypocrisy 01.03.01 If we don't cherish God's word, read it or obey it, we have no right to criticize others who don't.  
Zec 9:9 Prophecy 04.04.01 Have you considered even the Palm Sunday donkey was prophecied?