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1 Peter 4:11 Authority 03.21.02 When we speak, are we saying what Jesus would?  
1Ch 4:10 Prayer 07.26.02 The formula for prayer: spend time in God's word , listen to the Holy Spirit and keep your eyes on Jesus.  
1Chr 11:4-5 Victory 10.09.02 How many times in your life have you regained the same ground you lost.  
1Chr 15:29 Attitude 04.25.02 A person can only hide a sinful attitude for so long.  
1Chr 21:13 Sin 04.09.02 Sin cycle = Forgetfulness, pride, loss, fear, regret, confession, trust, repentance and forgetfulness....  
1Chr 29:17 Giving 10.16.02 Giving is the purest form of worship when done God's way and is the highest form of hypocrisy when done man's way.  
1Chr 29:19a Prayer 04.14.02 Before you die, will you have prayed for your children?  
1Co 16:8 Opportunity 08.04.02 Opportunities get colder with each passing day  
1Co 4:15-16 Testimony 06.28.02 Just because you don't see someone looking at you doesn't mean they're not watching.  
1Cor 2:14 Grace 05.11.02 God's grace that makes the seemingly impossible possible.  
1Cor 10:13 Change 08.09.02 God loves us just the way we are, but he loves us too much to leave us the way we are.  
1Cor 11:30 Sickness 05.06.02 Many of our physical ailments may be the result of unconfessed sin in our life.  
1Cor 3:16 Obedience 10.19.02 God views total obedience far more pleasing than a promise of allegiance.  
1Cor 3:19 Wisdom 04.26.02 If you're waiting for worldly thinking to influence God, have a seat.  
1Cor 6:19 Slave 01.21.02 Everyone is a slave to something or someone.  
1Jo 3:1 Love 01.30.02 We should love each other with the same kind of love God shows us.  
1Jo 5:4 Salvation 02.14.02 Some believers feel they're free but are actually still a slave to depravity.  
1Ki 11:4 Race 07.28.02 It's important how you start a race, but it's far more important how you finish it.  
1Ki 16:33 Evil 05.05.02 King Ahab was bad, but unlike people today, at least he didn't pretend to be something he wasn't.  
1Ki 18:21 Judgment 10.06.02 100% of those who deny Jesus will die and be judged by Him.  
1Ki 21:25 Idols 07.22.02 You know an idol doesn't have to be in the shape of a golden calf, right?  
1Ki 22:53 Heritage, Godly 02.27.02 Parents reflect the training of our fathers, the or lack of it, as we raise our sons and daughters.  
1Pe 2:11 Sin 08.26.02 The moral standard which media once had has been replaced by no standard and no morals.  
1Pe 4:11 Testimony 06.20.02 Are the words out of your mouth like the very words of God?  
1Pet 3:12 Answers 09.13.02 The next time you pray, you may want to see if God is listening before you open your mouth.  
1Sa 3:21 Revelation 02.17.02 God called Samuel three times and Samuel responded with three words, "Here I am!"  
1Sa 11:6 Power 10.08.02 No one is going to do right for you.  
1Sa 12:23 Intercession 01.09.02 Samuel believed it was a sin against God not to pray for other people.  
1Sa 12:23 Neglect 04.16.02 Failing to pray for others is not an offense against them.  
1Sa 14:6 Appropriation 04.23.02 A warrior in God's army better learn to pray or they should stay home.  
1Sa 2:16 Distraction 01.07.02 This may shock you, but serving God can be one of the greatest distraction to prayer there is.  
1Sa 23:8 Promises 07.15.02 Few doubt God's promises, but most question his timing.  
1Sa 25:17 Listen 02.12.02 Listening is better than hearing and heeding better than listening.  
1Sa 7:12 Faithfulness 06.05.02 Do you have something to remind your of God's faithfulness?  
1Sa 7:12-13 Word 11.20.02 When we remember God's Word, we honor Him, but when you ignore it, we dishonor Him.  
1Sam 8:3 Excuses 09.22.02 Why not thank God for the way things are and stop thinking your desires are better than his will.  
1Sam 13:12 Name 10.14.02 It's better to do nothing than something in God's Name without His blessing.  
1Th 3:5 Answers 08.05.02 Real praying consists of caring for people and expecting an answer.  
1Ti 6:10 Money 05.23.02 Money is not evil, but loving it is.  
2 John 1:11 Religion 05.10.02 A religion with a wrong teaching about Jesus is no different than one without Jesus.  
2Ch 34:1-2 Testimony 07.17.02 Is your testimony such that those who come behind you will see God or you?  
2Chr 12:9 Symbol 01.20.02 Is your faith like a gold or a bronze shield?  
2Chr 15:15b Devotion 10.23.02 God is not likely WITH those who aren't WITH Him.  
2Chr 15:2 Promise, Provisional 01.23.02 Unless you fear God, angels can't help you.  
2Chr 16:12 Illness 11.26.02 It seems strange to me that the society that sent men to the moon and brought them back to talk about it, can't find a cure for the common cold.  
2Chr 16:12b Healing 05.04.02 Some people would rather carry their burden than ask God for help.  
2Chr 17:3 Deception 10.31.02 It's not smart to play Trick or Treat with God.  
2Chr 18:33 Hiding 05.29.02 If you want to hide from God, well, you can't!  
2Chr 25:2 Obedience 06.04.02 Will you be the first person in history to prove God wrong?  
2Chr 26:16 Pride 06.18.02 Power is temporary, but pride is not.  
2Chr 7:14 Revival 01.01.02 If revival was easy, everybody would be doing it.  
2Cor 3:12 Fear 10.07.02 Fear is a vicious cycle that can only be overcome through the power of Jesus' Name  
2Cor 6:17 Separation 01.15.02 Will God bless us if He can't bless our business?  
2Cor10:7 Change 08.08.02 If we expect to become like Christ, we need to look beyond our superficial problems.  
2Ki 1:13 Word 09.16.02 God has never changed His word to accomodate anyone.  
2Ki 10:18 Will 06.23.02 God uses the most unlikely things in your life to do his work.  
2Ki 17:41 Salvation 07.24.02 Going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than parking in a garage makes you a car.  
2Ki 7:4 Prayer 07.23.02 If you're not praying, could it be that you're too comfortable in your state of spiritual starvation?  
2Pe 2:19 Lord 05.17.02 Jesus is Lord whether we believe it or not.  
2Pe 2:19 Purpose 02.21.02 Are we working for a purpose or is work our purpose?  
2Pe 3:10 Fear 06.01.02 Forget a natural disaster, fear meeting Jesus if you're lost.  
2Pe 3:11-12 Time 05.24.02 When we fail to redeem our time, it's because we think have a lot remaining.  
2Sa 12:14 Consequences 06.06.02 Sadly, the sin we commit usually affects those we love.  
2Sa 7:3 Prayer 01.17.02 It's absolutely impossible to know God's heart without knowing Him intimately which comes from spending time with Him.  
2Sam 6:11b Blessing 08.20.02 When we set our minds on doing things God's way, everyone around us will receive a second-hand blessing.  
2Sam 19:30 Slander 06.14.02 Slander is so malicious, it hurts more than the people against whom it is targeted.  
2Sam 21:17b Enemies 06.13.02 Don't you wish bad guys still wore a black cowboy hat?  
2Ti 1:5 Parents 10.27.02 Regardless of what our parents did or didn't do, we have responsibility to live godly and thereby influence our children to do the same.  
2Ti 2:19 Religion 03.13.02 Are you prepared to discuss the difference between Christianity and religion?  
2Ti 2:23 Argument 11.11.02 Before you question a teacher, make sure you have God's answer.  
2Ti 3:6-7 Compromise 08.29.02 It's hard to tell which is worse, wiggly worms or weak-willed women.  
2Ti 4:2 Influence, Bad 01.08.02 We're all susceptible to SNIOPS, the negative influence of other people.  
Ac 16:14 Worship 07.10.02 Worship is a lifestyle, not an element of a church service.  
Ac 14:21 Discipleship 07.02.02 The first church never considered a person a believer who wasn't someone's disciple.  
Ac 15:19 Salvation 02.01.02 The plan of salvation should be made simple, but not easy.  
Ac 20:28 Church 08.07.02 Would you join a church where everyone acted like you?  
Ac 3:1 Prayer 06.21.02 Daniel prayed three times a day, while most of us go for three days and don't pray once.  
Ac 4:13 Answers 07.19.02 Sadly, most people don't want to spend time with Jesus, they just want miracles.  
Ac 6:4b Holy Spirit 01.31.02 The same Holy Spirit lives in us who lived in the apostles.  
Ac 8:3 Persecution 08.16.02 Americans should enjoy the free exercise of religious expression without persecution while it lasts.  
Acts 4:31 Pastor 01.10.02 Just because your pastor doesn't follow Scriptural principles doesn't give you a pass.  
Acts 12:4-5 Trouble 05.25.02 When the going gets tough, we ought to pray harder.  
Acts 17:21 Word 09.17.02 Don't be caught listening to the Word when you should be living it.  
Acts 17:27 Salvation 02.16.02 Why do we prefer to remain dirty when we can be squeeky clean?  
Acts 29:31 Christians 08.30.02 Home sweet catacomb.  
Am 8:12 Bible 01.16.02 Who is more pitiful, A) those who don't have a Bible and can't pick it up, or B) those who have many Bibles and won't pick one up?  
Chr 26:16 Potential 03.19.02 If you are nothing and have nothing, God can use you to do something.  
Col 4:6 Witness 04.04.02 Every person you encounter today is a divine appointment.  
Da 6:4 Expectation 07.31.02 Do you know what God expects of you?  
Dan 2:17-23 Intercession 01.04.02 Why should you expect someone to pray for you when you won't pray for anyone else?  
Dan 2:17-23 Intercession 02.24.02 Are we sharing our deep personal concerns with godly friends who also have a heart for God and prayer?    
Dan 6:11 United States 11.06.02 We can pledge allegiance but we should never allow any governement to keep us from serving God.  
Dan 7:13 Bible 10.30.02 If the Bible is so important to you, why do you read it so little?  
Dan 8:23 Answers 01.24.02 How many times have we stopped praying just before the answer was to be laid at our feet?  
Dan 9:26 Prophecy 03.29.02 Are we in the right position to hear what God plans to do?  
Dt 10:12a Expectation 08.11.02 If you don't know what God demands of you, how do you plan on achieving it?  
Dt 25:17,19 Obedience 06.26.02 We can't see God's blessing if we're concentrating on something else.  
Dt 1:28 Fear 11.12.02 Fighting fear in our own strength is like shadow boxing.  
Dt 12:2 Sin 02.13.02 Why throw something out if we stil have need of it?  
Dt 20:5 Possessions 04.21.02 Since we won't take stuff with us, we should learn to hold things lightly.  
Dt 9:24 Rebellion 04.28.02 Rebels never change!  
Ec 1:5 Gifts 08.02.02 Every believer has a gift, but not everyone properly uses the gift he has received  
Ec 4:12 Service 08.03.02 Partnering can accomplish what might seem otherwise impossible.  
Ecc 1:9 Service 05.31.02 If we're not serving God, we're serving sin.  
Ecc 11:5 Understanding 08.28.02 The main reason people can't understand God is they have difficulty admitting they aren't God.  
Ecc 2:18 Possessions 03.10.02 Why do parents believe it's their job to leave material possessions for their children after they die?  
Ecc 2:26 Provision 04.24.02 Jesus not only owns the cattle on a thousand hills but he also owns the hills.  
Ep 2:10 Salvation 08.12.02 Salvation is an on-going process.  
Ep 4:11 Answers 01.26.02 Confession of sin is a prerequisite to answered prayer.  
Eph 1:17 Wisdom 10.21.02 Wisdom comes as we allow the influence of the Holy Spirit to increase within our life and we begin to see things from God's vantage point.  
Eph 4:4-6 Denominations 02.10.02 Why do we spend time justifying something God doesn't ordain?  
Eph 5:17 Will 06.07.02 When we understand God's way, we can discern his will.  
Eph 6:18 Blessing 01.06.02 It's not our worthiness that God blesses but our obedience.  
Ex 23:20 Holy Spirit 02.08.02 Forget signs and wonders when you have the Originator living in you.  
Ex 30:5-6 Prayer 11.15.02 Meeting with God is as close as starting to pray.  
Ex 33:16 Dependence 01.11.02 Have you ever, by faith, placed yourself in a situation where the only way out was for God to rescue you?  
Ex 4:2 Excuses 11.08.02 Will you be excusable or usable when God calls?  
Ez 13:15 Revival 02.28.02 Revival begins with confession which is total honesty, first with God, then with men.  
Ez 17:19-20 Expectation 05.18.02 We shouldn't think God expects less of us than someone else.  
Ez 33:6 Guilt 03.26.02 Would we be so neglectful if everyone knew what we know and how long ago we knew it?  
Ez 34:10 Excuses 07.27.02 We have no defense when we act contrary to God's Word and then claim stupidity as a defense.  
Ez 34:12 Shepherd 10.26.02 We sheep have the assurance from God that even though pastors may, He will never fail us.  
Ez 38:8 Prophecy 05.14.02 The title of Revelation should be, "Jesus wins."  
Ez 39:21 Prophecy 04.10.02 If you want to know which way the prophetical wind is blowing, just open your Bible and look watch Jerusalem  
Ezra 2:63 Will, God's 03.15.02 One Holy Spirit is better than two rocks.  
Gal 6:3 Testimony 03.01.02 We are what we are when alone, not in public.  
Gen 13:12 Sin 04.30.02 Sin will boil us to death the longer we're exposed to it.  
Gen 4:26 Listen 02.19.02 How can you listen to God if you don't spend time with him in His word?  
Gen 48:22 Children 04.17.02 We can give nothing to our children more valuable than a godly legacy.  
Gen 50:19 Disappointment 10.29.02 We should not allow past disappointments to steal the joy we have in the present.  
Gen 8:22 Creation 08.22.02 How could anyone seeming reasonbly intelligent believe the world came into being by a random act of nature?  
Hab 2:14 Lord 04.12.02 Don't just call Him Lord, but make Him Lord of your life.  
Hab 3:19 Refuge 09.24.02 God is our strength, but He won't pick us up if we have feet to walk.  
Hag 1:5 Serving 10.05.02 How are we doing compared to how the work of the Lord is doing?  
Hag 2:17 Neglect 11.22.02 What kind of calmanity will it take for you to pray again?  
Hag 2:27 Attention 03.25.02 What will it take for God to get your attention?  
He 10:24 Victory 07.09.02 Victory is ours in Jesus' name, not the number of battles we've fought.  
He 12:15 Sin 07.08.02 Of what lasting good is a tree with a shallow weak root system?  
Heb 11:6 Revelation 10.22.02 The only difference between men and boys is the games they play and the price of the toys.  
Heb 12:15 Forgiveness 05.21.02 Forgiveness is prerequisite to love.  
Heb 13:2 Angel 05.27.02 Who knows how many times an angel has saved our life.  
Heb 2:18 Trinity 08.19.02 The Word of God is our standard, Jesus gives us power to do what it says and the Holy Spirit reminds us when we forget.  
Heb 2:18 Temptation 10.11.02 Have we got one foot in the devil's trap?  
Heb 3:13 Encourage 05.28.02 The secret to maintaining a soft and pliable heart is to encourage others.  
Hos 7:7b Prayer, Time in 02.09.02 How much time did you spent in prayer yesterday?  
Is 26:3 Trust 07.16.02 How can you learn to trust in someone you don't know?  
Isa 43:1b-2a Trouble 02.03.02 Trouble is not a possibility in the life of a believer, it's a certainty.  
Isa 5:5-6 Bible 01.03.02 The Bible is true from Genesis 1:1 to Relevation none:none.  
Isa 24:18 Fear 11.29.02 Fear is always bigger than the evil it represents  
Isa 29:13 Pretending 06.03.02 Most pretenders don't know they're pretending.  
Isa 5:20 Preachers 06.08.02 Optimism has no place in the pulpit, when confession and repentance is demanded.  
Isa 54:10 Will 08.18.02 God's will never contradicts His word.  
Isa 60:11 Witness 11.25.02 We should never be so insulated from the world that they can't find us when they need to talk with someone who knows God.  
Isa 64:5 WWJD 10.25.02 If we can't know God's way, how are we supposed to know what Jesus would do?  
Isa 8:14b Tolerance 02.04.02 God is long-suffering and loving toward sinners, but has never been and will never be tolerant of sin.  
James 1:21 Holy Spirit 05.09.02 The Holy Spirit is a Truth Detector.  
Jas 3:1 Instruction 10.02.02 Not many teachers are teachable.  
Jdg 16:5 Dedication 04.01.02 Does sin have more appeal to you than your conviction to serve the Lord?  
Jdg 2:10 Sin 04.20.02 Sin may run over you, but you don't have to run with it.  
Jdg 5:31b Faith 05.01.02 Deborah proved devout faith is bolder than any amount of testosterone.  
Jdg 6:38-39 Promises 05.03.02 Before you ask God for confirmation of a promise, shouldn't you act on what he has already done?  
Jdges 6:14b Power 04.11.02 God uses our weakness to demonstrate His strength.  
Je 32:26 Service 07.11.02 It's hard being patient with an obstinate, hard-hearted person.  
Jer 1:12 Omipresence 02.20.02 To live the way they do, most people must think God is not watching.  
Jer 1:6 Blessing 03.04.02 God is willing to chase us down to keep us from missing our blessing.  
Jer 10:5 Idolatry 09.23.02 Anything less than doing only those things that are profitable in God's kingdom, is idolatry.  
Jer 17:9 Enemies 02.18.02 It's curious that enemies will most often rise up from among those you once considered a friend.  
Jer 2:13 Traps 03.06.02 The same old two traps of denial and self-reliance are laying in wait when you get off the narrow road..  
Jer 23:6 Righteousness 01.05.02 Righteousness can't be earned, but it can be spurned.  
Jer 29:11 Weakness 10.28.02 The remedy for our weakness is total dependence on God's faithfulness.  
Jer 35:14b Integrity 03.20.02 Can God trust you to do the right thing even you think no one is watching?  
Jer 44:16 Ignorance 05.16.02 Knowledge can prepare us for action, while ignorance promotes apathy.  
Jer 7:11 Prayer, House of 01.14.02 If Jesus visited his House of Prayer this Sunday, would he clean house again?  
Jo 14:12a Faith 07.14.02 Faith is evidence of a someone's trust in him.  
Jo 2:9 Holy 09.19.02 Knowing what Jesus knows will set you apart regardless of what others know.  
Jo 3:30 Importance 01.18.02 God will not increase in you untill you decrease.  
Jo 4:42 Witness 10.15.02 Do people know you've been with Jesus?  
Jo 5:5,6 Illness 09.27.02 Not everyone who is sick wants to get better.  
Jo 6:6 Testing 06.22.02 We might be embarassed how many times God has tested us and we failed to pass he test.  
Job 1:10 Blessing 02.23.02 Sometimes blessings are wrapped in black paper.  
Job 1:8 Blessing 06.10.02 What else matters if God is pleased with us?  
Job 9:33 Intercession 02.22.02 There's only one person who intercedes for the intercessor and his name is Jesus.  
Joel 2:11 Conflict 05.30.02 We demonstrate our character by allowing other people to see us in conflict.  
Joel 2:32 Prophecy 03.14.02 I wonder if the Old Testament writers imagined God included non-Jewish people in their prophecies?  
Jon 2:1 Reluctant 03.02.02 Why do we wait until we're in the belly of a stinky fish before we call on God?  
Jon 3:10 Repentance 03.23.02 When it comes to repentance, the Ninevites were a better example than Jonah.  
Jos 8:34 Word 09.21.02 Are you preaching ALL the Word or offering a limited version in order to get an positive emotional response?  
Jos 3:3b Follow 04.13.02 If we follow the precepts of God's word, we will know the way He wants us to go.  
Jos 4:24 Holy Spirit 03.07.02 The Holy Spirit confirms God's ownership to us and to the world.  
Jos 9:14 Prayer 11.07.02 How much pain should we bear before we go to the Lord in prayer?  
Ju 5 Salvation 07.18.02 Salvation is about God's being able to hold on to us and not our ability to hold on to him.  
Jude 3 Preparation 10.24.02 Without proper preparation, a person is unable to stand against scoffers and trouble makers.  
Judges 21:25 Comfort 04.22.02 About the time you think you've got it made in the shade, the leaves fall off your tree.  
Lam 3:55 Trouble 11.05.02 God sends us rain so others will see us sing in it.  
Lev 11:44 Holy 04.29.02 Holiness is not a dirty word.  
Lev 26:40 Sin 08.10.02 God doesn't pass out Get Out of Jail card for past transgressions.  
Lk 10:30 Mercy 05.02.02 The Good Samaritan was a Gentile showing mercy to a Jew.  
Lu 11:16 Sign 08.06.02 When we ask for and get a sign, we should not presume it was God who gave it.  
Lu 10:21 Revelation 02.26.02 If you're saved, it's because God revealed himself to you.  
Lu 12:48 Expectation 11.14.02 The more truth we know, the more we should apply and the more blessing we receive, the more we should give away.  
Lu 12-13 Salvation 08.17.02 If some were chosen to go and bear fruit, others must have been chosen to go and bear weeds.  
Lu 14:34 Salvation 01.27.02 Once saved, always saved can't be challenged without challenging God.  
Lu 15:27 Prodigal 11.18.02 If we're looking down the road for the return of a prodigal child, are we forsaking the children still living under our roof?  
Lu 18:16 Trust 10.13.02 Children depend on someone bigger than themselves and trust anyone who will help them.  
Lu 18:28 Faith 09.28.02 When you follow Jesus, there shouldn't be a limit placed on your faith.  
Lu 19:44b Gospel 02.07.02 People shouldn't have to hear the gospel when they can see it in action on our lives.  
Lu 21:3-4 Giving 06.29.02 Do you give out of obligation, as a means to receive blessing or out of a heart of love?  
Lu 6:19 Witness 07.13.02 Today, you may be the only Jesus someone sees.  
Mal 4:2 Judgment 05.08.02 Judgment is not so bad if directed at someone else.  
Mark 9:29 Call 06.09.02 God equips us to do what he calls us to do, and expects us to do what we're equipped to do.  
Mk 12:40 Hypocrite 02.05.02 Hypocrite is someone who acts differently at church than they do at home.  
Mk 12:43-44 Generosity 04.02.02 Little is much when God is in it.  
Mk 16:17-18 Calling 05.13.02 God has equipped every believer with the means to do what he called them to do  
Mk 6:31 Provision 03.05.02 God will take care of your needs when trust Him and serve Him with all your heart, mind and soul.  
Mk 6:8a Wealth 04.08.02 I've never seen a hurse pulling a U-haul trailer behind it, but I wouldn't be surprised either  
Mk 8:1-2 Faith 04.19.02 Apparently the disciples learned very little from feeding five thousand.  
Mt 13:21 Revelation 03.08.02 It's always dark before God breaks through to reveal himself'  
Mt 17:8 Focus 06.25.02 The more we focus on Jesus, everything else gets dimmer.  
Mt 15:14 Hearing 10.04.02 We need to be more careful about what we hear.  
Mt 18:20 Lord 07.12.02 If you're not dependent on God, then you're running your own life and competing with Jesus for Lordship.  
Mt 18:20 Discipline 03.11.02 It's almost funny how church discipline is absent in most churches because leaders don't want to held accountable for their own indiscretion.  
Mt 25:23 Decisions 11.01.02 Have you learned to surrender what you cannot keep in order to gain what you can never lose?  
Mt 26:44 Obedience 09.30.02 How many chances will God give you to get it right.  
Mt 27:63 Judgment 03.03.02 I wonder who will dare call Jesus deceiver at the Judgment?  
Mt 28:12,13 Truth 09.29.02 Disregarding the truth has always been the basic right of every individual.  
Mt 4:17 Repentance 10.10.02 I've yet to understand how the gospel is preached without repentance, Jesus didn't.  
Mt 5:10 Hypocrite 01.02.02 If the world calls you a hypocrite and they're not lying, then it must be you who's lying - to yourself.  
Mt 5:3 Trust 06.30.02 Are you trusting God to the point if he doesn't come through, you're finished?  
Mt 5:48 Sacrifice 01.19.02 Go one mile and feel pretty good about yourself, go two and feel pretty good about the other guy.  
Mt 6:33 Seeking 07.01.02 If we seek God first, everything else will work out.  
Mt 7:15 Profession 05.07.02 By a person's fruit you can distinguish mere professors from real possessors  
Mt 7:21 Salvation 08.15.02 A simple proclamation of Jesus' position is not enough to secure God's favor, because demons do that!  
Mt 9:12-13 Holy 07.29.02 Are you like the Pharisee who felt holy but wasn't, or like the sinner who felt unholy but through Jesus was holy?  
Nah 1:7 Trust 02.02.02 If we are trusting God, then we will rely on God.  
Neh 1:11b Blessing 04.05.02 When we fail to ask for God's blessing, we're acting like we don't need Him.  
Neh 2:10 Trouble 02.15.02 Some people must feel as if making trouble is their calling.  
Nu 11:23 Faith 03.18.02 Don't allow a lack of faith to trap you in a snare of shortsightedness.  
Nu 32:23 Problems 01.28.02 Even the smallest sin can result in large problems.  
Ob 1:3-4 Judgment 04.15.02 God is able to exact judgment anywhere, anytime and on anyone He chooses and you can't resist Him.  
Oba 1:3-4 Liberty 06.19.02 We should not assume that liberty is free.  
Php 2:13 Responsibility 06.12.02 Why is it that we receive praise for good things but reject responsibility for bad things?  
Php 4:13 Trust 01.29.02 Prayer is the means through which trust is built.  
Php 4:9 Peace 02.11.02 Forget peace if you don't know Peace.  
Pr 4:20-22 Bible 05.19.02 It's good to hide God's word in your heart, but it's better to live it.  
Pr 20:10 Comparison 04.18.02 Continually comparing ourselves to Jesus, we will gradually become like Him.  
Pr 29:1 Repent 07.30.02 God won't wait forever for you to repent.  
Pr 31:30 Women 05.12.02 If you want to see a mother smile, tell them what great children they have.  
Pr 7:2-3 Devotion 06.27.02 The amount of time you spend doing something is directly proportional to its importance in your life  
Pro 12:5 Motive 01.25.02 If you do wrong, if even for a good reason, God won't honor it because it's never right to do wrong.  
Pro 2:10-11 Wisdom 08.13.02 Understanding comes when we've learned to live according to wisdom and not knowledge.  
Pro 22:6 Training 08.24.02 Every person is either a trainer or someone's trainee.  
Pro 3:6 Blessing 11.21.02 I wonder how many people are working their own plan and then looking to God to bless it?  
Ps 109:4 Prayer 04.06.02 A man of prayer stands-alone when everyone else abandons him.  
Ps 116:17 Prayer 02.06.02 Have you prayed the TACS method?  
Ps 119:11 Memorization 04.27.02 What treasure stored away can be used 24/7 and in the process of doing it, make you rich?  
Ps 119:71 Problems 01.22.02 If we don't learn from our problems, we get to experience them over and over until we do.  
Ps 119:9 Memorization 10.18.02 Memorizing Scripture was the means by which David lived according to God's principles.  
Ps 18:2,16 Appropriation 07.25.02 A wise man learns where to stop so God can begin.  
Ps 26:2 Examine 06.24.02 When we walk with God, we desire an openness with God.  
Ps 3:4 Purpose 02.25.02 Have you cnsidered you're alive today because God has something for you to do  
Ps 32:5 Confession 03.22.02 The failure to confess sin is worse than the offense itself.  
Ps 34:15-16 Answers 05.20.02 God is not attentive to everyone who prays.  
Ps 34:22 Belief 11.04.02 Be careful what you believe and especially who you believe.  
Ps 69:5 Sin 10.03.02 Folly is the action of a fool for only a fool would believe sin can be hidden from God  
Ps 71:18 Future 10.12.02 Today is a good time to prepare for the future - while there's still time to do something about it.  
Ps 8:3,4 Scripture 08.25.02 Why is so hard to understand Scripture is intended for God's people and not critics?  
Ps 89:32-33 Inheritance 09.26.02 Being heir with Christ to everything on earth, isn't bad for a nobody from nowhere.  
Ps 91:2 United States 03.09.02 It's interesting that the decline of the US monetary system seems to be relational to the removal of the motto, "In God We Trust" from the currency.  
Ps 95:10 Repentance 05.15.02 Shortcuts never worked in the Bible and won't work for you either.  
Psa 34:15-16 Favor 06.17.02 If God is for us, is he against everyone else?  
Psa 69:5 Forgiveness 06.15.02 Our forgetfulness will never substitute for God's forgiveness.  
Rev 17:13 Agreement 08.21.02 Unity can be horribly fickle when it is based on sinful premise.  
Rev 2:4 Worship 10.01.02 Worship begins with extended times of adoration and confession at His feet in prayer.  
Rev. 5:8 Heaven 04.03.02 Heaven is where Jesus is  
Ro 12:9 Perspective 05.22.02 God sees in black and white, not in shades of gray.  
Ro 14:19 Peace 07.20.02 Peace, what men say they want while they're building weapons.  
Ro 2:16 Judgment 07.21.02 Judgment can be good or bad based on who judges you and for what.  
Rom 9:23 Mercy 10.17.02 Only you can decide whether Jesus will be a stumbling block or a bridge.  
Rom 1:32 Sin 06.11.02 Sin cannot be ranked because the smallest one can lead to the largest consequence.  
Rom 6:23 Trouble 08.23.02 Funny how the holes we dig for one purpose wind up serving another purpose entirely.  
Tit 1:16 Service 01.12.02 Sadly, few Christians are thinking about how to serve God today.  
Zec 12:10 Trust 08.14.02 Trusting Jesus is a matter of faith, which comes from seeing things from God's perpective.  
Zec 12:10b Decision 03.12.02 If people were dumb for not knowing who Jesus was, wouldn't anyone rejecting His atonement have to be dumber?