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1 Cor 3:19 Gospel 08.06.03 If no one is calling you a fool, you're probably not sharing the Gospel with anyone  
1 John 2:16 World 05.30.03 The church and the world should be recognizably different.  
1 Pe 3:14-15 Respect 10.31.03 Does your respect for Halloween please God?  
1 Th 2:4b Purpose 12.12.03 Some people have problems with a Purpose-Driven Life when they're living a Strife-Driven Circus.  
1Chr 16:14-15 Expectation 03.07.03 We should honor the Lord by doing what He expects us to do.  
1Chr 19:19b Government 10.16.03 I'll take one nation under God over the sum of those who don't.  
1Chr 28:9 Ignorance 08.18.03 If ducks get stupid, what do you call it when men jump in the pig pen and wallow in the mud?  
1Cor 11:1 Discipleship 12.29.03 We know our shortcomings, but we don't want everyone else to know them.  
1Cor 15:33 Influence 12.09.03 There a reason why someone supposedly good hangs around the wrong crowd.  
1Cor 1:23 Wisdom 09.13.03 There are three possible responses to the Gospel of Christ, but only one smart one..  
1Cor 1:27 Ability 05.19.03 Too often, having ability tends to make us rely on it rather than ask God for help.  
1Cor 13:12 Knowledge 04.09.03 While we don't fully understand why things happen, someday we will.  
1Cor 3:13 Devotion 08.26.03 Everyone builds on a foundation, whether good or bad.  
1Cor 3:16 Unity 04.24.03 Since we are all part of the church, perhaps we should work on synchronization rather than singularity of opinion.  
1Cor 3:16 Holy Spirit 08.08.03 It's just like men to not give the Holy Spirit the respect He deserves as a member of the Holy Trinity.  
1Cor 4:13 Value 12.20.03 We may be a treasure to God, but to the world we're trash in need of compacting.  
1Cor 4:2 Neglect 07.03.03 We shouldn't expect our children to fight an enemy made stronger by our neglect.  
1Cor 4:5 Neglect 10.03.03 Confession that's easy to neglect today, may not be so readily available tomorrow.  
1Jo 4:4 Victory 12.10.03 Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact.  
1Jo 4:8 Love 09.14.03 Can hate slip through the cracks of your love?  
1Jo 5:16 Ignorant 02.18.03 Being a Christian doesn't grant immunity from being ignorant.  
1Jo 5:17a Obedience 03.31.03 After hearing God's Word, there is only one thing that's not sin, and that's to obey it.  
1Ki 8:11 Service 04.23.03 I wonder how many times we've been satisfied with our service to God, but He wasn't?  
1Pet 5:2 Shepherd 10.19.03 Just because we have a Shepherd, doesn't mean we don't need a shepherd.  
1Pet 3:7b Truth 01.23.03 If the truth will set us free, does that mean those who refuse to embrace it are prisoners?  
1Pet 4:7 Perspective 04.15.03 How can we be clear-minded when we see through rose-colored lenses?  
1Sa 17:45;47 Power 06.06.03 Power is a product of preparation and appropriation.  
1Sa 21:10 Desperation 06.25.03 God answers when we are in desperate need  
1Sam 12:24 Will 09.04.03 Sometimes our life runs parallel to God's purpose, sometimes skewed and other times in the opposing direction, intersecting it from the wrong direction.  
1Th 1:1b Scripture 02.19.03 We can be certain the Holy Spirit is the Writer of Hebrews.  
1Th 5:18 Gratitude 11.25.03 Someone practicing Thanksliving will find a way to love people and doesn't seek the spotlight after having done so.  
1Ti 2:8 Reconcile 12.07.03 Failing to reconcile differences with a brother will disappoint God and frustrate you.  
1Ti 4:7b Future 02.10.03 Godliness is a byproduct of prayer  
1Tim 4:7 Exercise 10.05.03 Prayer and Bible reading are more than spiritual exercise.  
2Chr 13:15 Conflict 05.06.03 Will you be remembered as one who sought God, or someone who fought God.  
2Chr 20:32 Action 09.02.03 It's important what we don't do, but equally important what we DO!  
2Chr 27:6 Parents 07.08.03 Jotham was a good king/bad father had a son who was a bad king/good father who had a son who was a good king...  
2Co 10:12 Experience 06.04.03 Personal experience is not equal to the Word of God.  
2Co 10:12 Comparison 06.18.03 I will become like that which I compare myself.  
2Co 13:8 Truth 06.03.03 If something is true, the opposite is also true.  
2Cor 4:16 Faith 03.26.03 Faith is acting on the revealed Word of God.  
2Cor 13:8 Interpretation 03.27.03 If something is true, the opposite is also true.  
2Cor 3:17 Lordship 07.06.03 Lordship is the flagship of the salvation fleet.  
2Cor 6:14 Deceit 11.01.03 When it comes to lying, can a person be a Christian, a politician or a lawyer?  
2Cor 7:10 Repentance 06.02.03 Repentance precedes salvation rather than trail it.  
2Cor 8:11 Money 04.22.03 We should scratch out "God" from the phrase "In God We Trust," on our money and replace it with "Credit."  
2Ki 5:15 Obedience 01.03.03 The next time God gives you a command anything short won't do!  
2Pe 1: 20-21 Will 05.23.03 God's will is never contrary to His Word.  
2Pe 3:18 Salvation 04.30.03 Some people will think they're a tree planted by the Living Water until God reaches down and pulls them up from their shallow roots.  
2Pet 2:19b Master 11.15.03 We can identify our master by identifying where we spend most of our time and energy.  
2Th 2:5 Truth 03.03.03 We must be faithful to listen to the whole truth before taking action.  
2Th 2:6 Expectantcy 10.17.03 Be careful blinking so you don't miss the rapture.  
2Th 3:15 Enemy 04.16.03 Our job is to watch out for the enemy, preach the truth, uncover sin and leave the results to the Holy Spirit.  
2Ti 4:5 Minister 09.17.03 Don't let anyone convince you don't have a calling.  
Acts 14:22b Testing 09.21.03 Is there any way to test your faith unless the heat is turned up a little?  
Acts 15:11 Bigotry 11.10.03 Bigotry is like Baskin-Robbins; it comes in many flavors and growing daily.  
Acts 16:14 Salvation 05.08.03 Is your life a contradiction with your profession?  
Acts 17:11 Confirmation 06.05.03 Confidence comes by questioning what you hear against Scripture.  
Acts 2:42 Intercession 09.15.03 Being devoted to prayer means interceding for someone else.  
Acts 2:44-46 Toleration 03.24.03 Toleration is another word for acceptance.  
Acts 4:17 Responsibility 08.25.03 Responsibility is too often considered license by someone to make wrong decisions for those they serve.  
Acts 6:4 Minister 11.21.03 Everyone who is saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus is a minister - good or bad.  
Col 1:9b Prayer 12.17.03 Most people spend more time talking about prayer than actually doing it.  
Col 2:8 Truth 03.20.03 Truth has not diminished because some refuse to acknowledge or receive it.  
Col 3:23 Recognition 01.21.03 Recognition is not sought by the missionary, but that's exactly what they get when they get to heaven.  
Dan 12:4 Education 12.22.03 A person can have more degrees than a thermometer and never know God, making a rock smarter than them.  
Dt 1:31 Dependence 07.18.03 Tribute to my father; When we can't walk, our Heavenly Father will carry us.  
Dt 32:47 Bible 10.01.03 It's amazing that most Christians claim to love the Bible but never pick it up after Sunday.  
Dt 6:6 Expectantcy 05.05.03 When Jesus returns, He's not looking for profession, but possession.  
Dt 12:2 Holy 02.13.03 Destruction is the very first step toward holiness.  
Dt 21:21 Consequences 07.17.03 In our society, we place more importance on a person's perceived potential than his action.  
Dt 32:47 Failure 11.03.03 In the same way God wants to see you succeed. your adversary wants to see you fail.  
Ecc 2:21 Children 11.19.03 It's not always good to train your kids to be just like you.  
Ecc 1:9 New 10.24.03 The only thing "new under the sun," may be you doing it!  
Ecc 3:22 Money 09.01.03 The love of money may be the root of all evil, but the lack of it can be down right evil; just ask the person without any. First devotional with navigation
Ecc 7:14 Service 10.13.03 Things come and go, but it's only what we do for the Lord that remains and prospers. LifeGate new host for Tower
Eph 2:1,2 Way 01.02.03 The fastest way to know God's way is to look at the world's way and do the opposite.  
Eph 1:9 Desire 05.29.03 Our heart's desire should be to know God's heart desire  
Eph 2:18 Bible 04.10.03 It's curious that not everyone with hope in the Bible never pick up one.  
Eph 5:19 Belief 09.27.03 Do you believe the Bible literally or figuratively?  
Eph 6:14;17 Intercession 08.05.03 Apostle Paul: Do you have battle scars from your times of prayerful intercession?  
Ex 12:35 Prayer 08.19.03 We get much more than we ask when we pray with specificity, but usually get less when we don't.  
Ex 13:17-18 Will 03.11.03 When God tells you to move, don't ask, "Why," but rather "Which way?"  
Ex 3:10 Service 08.28.03 David Ring: "I have cerebral palsy, what's your problem?"  
Ex 33:13 Way 05.22.03 If you know God's way, knowing His will is a no-brainer.  
Exodus 12:24 Instruction 04.17.03 It's interesting how instruction and destruction sound related  
Ez 1:28b Heaven 04.03.03 What will be your reaction to arriving in heaven?  
Eze 34:31 Shepherd 10.30.03 Most of us calling God our Shepherd spend too much time grazing in someone else's pasture.  
Gal 5:25 Spirit 02.11.03 If you're living by the Spirit, spiritual fruit will be evident to others who see you.  
Gal 6:6 Teacher 09.28.03 Too often the only thing shared with one's teacher is criticism.  
Gen 29:18 Goals 07.02.03 Goal setting is good as long as they are consistent with our life purpose.  
Gen 45:8 Purpose 12.11.03 Joseph taught us to trust God's purpose even when we can't see where we're going.  
Hab 2:18 Idols 11.05.03 God knows you, do you know Him? Backgnd Search Panel
Hag 1:6b Money 12.19.03 Are we wasting money that God wants in circulation.  
Heb 12:1 Race 10.14.03 Don't wait so long getting in the race that you find all the racers have gone home.  
Heb 11:30 Leadership 11.06.03 Good leadership begins with total dependence on God.  
Heb 12:1 Race 10.25.03 What hinders in our race is the things we possess or do that won't make the trip to heaven with us.  
Heb 2:1 Desire 12.05.03 A person's desire can be changed if he asks God to do it.  
Heb 6:12 Pretending 11.18.03 Why do we act differently when someone's watching us?  
Heb 6:9b Salvation 09.22.03 Is there external evidence in your life to prove you're saved?  
Heb 8:5 Discipleship 05.20.03 Cloning v Discipleship: When we emulate anyone but Jesus, we introduce flaws that when emulated by someone else, introduce even worse flaws.  
Hos 11:2 Marriage 09.10.03 It takes two people to make a marriage but only one to break it.  
Isa 43:18 Reputation 07.11.03 Depending on past victories for quick a win lasts as long as people are impressed.  
Isa 29:13 Profession 06.30.03 What I do is what I believe; everything else is just religious talk.  
Isa 40:26 Creation 04.29.03 It's amazing to me that even with the Hubble, astronomers can't reach the end of God's creation.  
Isa 43:18 Perspective 10.26.03 Be careful you don't look so far into the future you step in manure.  
Isa 43:1b-2a Name 02.03.03 God knows our name and uses it so why not use his when we prays?  
Isa 43:24b Confession 02.27.03 Just how long should God wait for us to confess our sin?  
Isa 45:18b Respect 10.18.03 Here's a novel idea: God doesn't need the respect of anyone who doesn't want Him.  
Isa 45:23-24 Examination 10.15.03 If someone looks closely at you, will they find you to be terminally stupid?  
Isa 54:10a Trouble 09.24.03 No matter how large, wide, high and deep our problems, God is larger, wider, higher and deeper.  
Isa 66:4b Prayer 12.21.03 How do we know God is on the line if we're doing all the talking?  
Jdg 14:3b Parents 12.28.03 Samson was overpowered by Commandment Five.  
Jdg 3:1;4a Trials 06.24.03 The devil never helps God but God often helps the devil.  
Jdg 5:31b Ability 05.01.03 Whoever expresses availability, God will make them able.  
Jer 38:15 Obedience 08.22.03 Will we listen to God's word and do what it says even if it means we might suffer discomfort and/or physical loss?  
Jer 1:12 Expectation 02.20.03 Do you know what God expects of you?  
Jer 1:12b Promise 12.01.03 God keeps everything on track making certain that when we reach our destination, we're at the right place - at the right time.  
Jer 1:8 Fear 11.22.03 Everything that might scare us is afraid of God.  
Jer 17:5;7 Trust 07.10.03 How can we know when we're doing something and when God doing it through us?  
Jer 29:13 Revelation 06.27.03 God will manifest himself in direct proportion to my passion for him.  
Jer 32:8 Salvation 04.25.03 While it's not a sin to doubt one's salvation, some never get confirmation, but are content to remain that way.  
Jer 35:19b Obedience 11.11.03 I'd rather be a Recabite than a mosquito bite.  
Jer 38:15 Listen 04.14.03 Judging our lack of conviction, it's no wonder we never listen to God.  
Jer 38:15 Attitude 10.28.03 I don't want an answer, I just want people to think I'm interested.  
Jer 44:2b Consequences 08.07.03 When a person follows God and then turns away, whatever trash comes into their life is not God's doing.  
Jer 7:8 Compromise 01.17.03 When we're influenced by anyone other than God, we're one moment from compromise.  
Jo 6:68 Fellowship 07.30.03 The longer we spend with Jesus, the harder it is to walk away.  
Jo 11:45 Shepherd 04.28.03 If it walks like a sheep and it sounds like a sheep, better ask the Shepherd what He thinks.  
Jo 13:34 Word 04.21.03 It's just like a man to try to fix something without reading and following the instructions.  
Jo 14:1 Trust 01.10.03 Trust means to let go and lean on someone else who has proven faithful and trustworthy to help us.  
Jo 14:1 Death 01.13.03 A Christian is immortal until God says its time to go home, and then who wants to stay here?  
Jo 14:10 Service 05.02.03 Unless you're prepared, you're not ready to serve  
Jo 21:4 Influence 01.01.03 Just because someone didn't recognize Jesus for who he was, didn't mean they weren't influenced by him,  
Jo 9:33 Discernment 07.09.03 It goes without saying that someone who spends a lot of time with God will see things like He does.  
Job 1:10 Protection 02.24.03 If there's a hedge on your life, it wasn't put there to keep sin inside its boundary.  
Job 1:21 Prayertower 07.25.03 Hurricane Elvis strikes Prayertower Office  
Job 19:27 Death 11.09.03 When your body is buried and you meet God, will it be a joyful experience?  
Job 3:16 Possessions 05.16.03 It's amazing how we take our eyes off Jesus and focus on things we're going to lose.  
Job 38:1 Trouble 01.08.03 If you never had a crisis in your life, how would you know that God could deliver you?  
Job 42:10 Attitude 10.22.03 It was Job's attitude and submissive spirit that made the difference, not his words.  
Joel 1:3 Parents 01.27.03 If we want our children to remember the things God has done in our lives, maybe we should tell them.  
John 5:6 Healing 10.27.03 Some people enjoy their pity party too much to give up their party hat.  
John 1:6-7 Ministry 12.08.03 Looking at John the Baptist's life, we can conclude God had work for him to do before he was born.  
John 2:22 Gratitude 10.02.03 Dead noses smell no roses.  
John 4:50 Faith 05.09.03 If something or someone prevents you going to Jesus, you have more faith in them than God  
John 5:46 Death 11.14.03 God brought you in and He can take you out!  
John 7:39b Spirit 10.08.03 Sometime the Holy Spirit gets a bad rap because we attribute everything supernatural to Him.  
Jonah 3:5 Consequences 10.04.03 We can learn from Jonah that running away from God results in personal consequences.  
Jonah 4:1 Witness 12.27.03 If you claim to know Jesus but are not living for him, it might be better if people don't know.  
Jos 10:13b Prayer 08.27.03 Unlike Joshua, more times than not we fight our own battles and then ask God to bless our effort.  
Jos 11:20 Obedience 06.20.03 The first step in obedience is destruction.  
Jos 24:13 Legacy 07.16.03 What motivates one generation has little to no effect on the next.  
Josh 24:27 Witness 01.22.03 Just because you don't see someone (or something) watching you, it doesn't mean they're not!  
Josh 14:7 Faith 11.17.03 My faith will be no deeper than my willingness to trust God.  
Josh 7:12b Destruction 04.08.03 Destruction and not construction is the first step in salvation.  
Lev 19:1-2 Holy 07.07.03 Holiness is learning to live like Jesus through the power of His Spirit.  
Lu 17:5 Faith 10.06.03 James must have been from Missouri when he said, "Show me your faith?"  
Lu 2:27 Spirit 01.09.03 It's normal for someone filled with the Holy Spirit and walking by faith in God's Word, to be led by the Spirit of God.  
Lu 10:39-40 Service 04.02.03 Don't be so consumed in your service that you fail to listen to God reveal how and when to do it.  
Lu 2:49,50 Expectantcy 01.07.03 I hope Jesus doesn't come back during Christmas season and find a sign on the church door that reads, "Celebrating the Christmas, back January 4th."  
Lu 21:36 Life 02.07.03 If the longevity of your life were relative to the amount of time you spend watching and praying, would you be confident of seeing another day?  
Lu 21:36 Prayer 07.05.03 Before we stand before Him, we should spend a lot of time on our knees.  
Luk 5:16 Ministry 10.21.03 Before ministry, during ministry and ministry, Jesus was praying.  
Luk 6:17 Cross 10.20.03 The ground is level at the foot of the cross.  
Luke 1:3b-4 Devotion 12.24.03 Luke was a nobody until Jesus made him a somebody.  
Luke 5:16 Devotion 09.09.03 How would you rate the quality of your relationship with God?  
Luke 8:39 Evangelism 11.13.03 Evangelism begins with telling someone about Jesus, proven by being like Him and taught by leading someone else to do it.  
Luke 9:215 Prayer 12.13.03 You don't have to be alone when you pray privately.  
Mal 3:18 Profession 04.01.03 Being a man or woman after God's heart requires more than lip service.  
Mic 4:3b Hate 11.30.03 The best irony in the world might be the inscription above the door leading to the U.N., where ungodly nations gather to spew hate for Israel.  
Mk 3:12 Prayer 11.24.03 Every day presents a fresh opportunity to meet Jesus at the altar of prayer and worship.  
Mk 6:38 Blessing 09.05.03 Regardless of how little you think you have, a little faith can prime the heavenly pump and yield far more blessings than you can imagine.  
Mk 6:45 Prayer 03.18.03 Most every miracle in Jesus' ministry involved prayer, before, during and after.  
Mk 6:52 Gratitude 08.21.03 When we get so confident of future provision, we tend to become presumptuous and ungrateful.  
Mk 6:52 Expectation 05.07.03 Has your heart grown cold out of failed expectation?  
Mk 8:21 Understanding 05.15.03 We shouldn't be ashamed if we don't understand everything; the Disciples understood nothing and yet they changed the world.  
Mk 8:35 Salvation 11.08.03 A paradox is not two doxes , but a true statement that seems contradictory, like "losing Your life in Christ."  
Mt 1:16 Family 12.30.03 I'm comforted by the fact there's a murderer, prostitute, thief, seducer and adulteress in Mary's family line.  
Mt 10:16 Preachers 09.29.03 Wolves on the outside of church are not nearly as bad as those on the inside.  
Mt 10:20 Trust 11.20.03 When was the last time you asked God for a word and He gave it?  
Mt 11:20 Judgment 02.05.03 You can't escape judgment, but for the Christian, who'd want to?  
Mt 12:30 Discernment 06.23.03 The ability to discern between God and Satan's work is a result of having an active relationship with Jesus  
Mt 19:23 Steward 02.21.03 Are you doing God's work or is God doing his work through you?  
Mt 19:26 Prayer 09.20.03 Jesus will do the impossible through us, which begs he question, why don't we ask Him to do it more often?  
Mt 22:16 Discipleship 11.07.03 Even though discipleship is often discussed in religious conversation, it's seldom practiced.  
Mt 22:34 Repentance 08.20.03 Too many Christians feel repentance on a Sunday for what they did on Saturday and will probably do again on Monday.  
Mt 23:5 Reputation 09.19.03 Are you riding the tail wind of your spiritual reputation?  
Mt 26:39 Value 09.08.03 Failing to use something renders it worthless.  
Mt 28:19 Calling 10.23.03 Our calling is as simple as 1,2,3. Disciple, baptize and teach people to obey God's word.  
Mt 4:19 Evangelism 11.23.03 If we catch sinners and take them to Jesus, he'll clean them.  
Mt 5:37 Comparison 05.27.03 God doesn't see shades of gray.  
Mt 6:5 Prayer 12.03.03 Praying for show will never be admitted by those who do it.  
Mt 7:8 Intercession 07.29.03 "I'm up in the middle of the night with a great burden and need someone to pray with me."  
Mt 9:13 Gospel 03.25.03 We should go into the world, to not only preach the gospel, but to demonstrate how to live it.  
Nah 1:7 Trouble 04.07.03 When it gets dark, people look for someone with light.  
Neh 4:18b Prayer 12.23.03 It's easy to spend more time talking about prayer than actually doing it.  
Neh 4:7-9 Validation 06.17.03 The right kind of opposition validates God's work.  
Neh 4:8-9 Evil 04.04.03 When good makes a move, bad makes a counter-move.  
Oba 1:3 Pride 07.28.03 I've never met a proud person who thought they were proud.  
Php 1:18 Church 05.12.03 Every one of us who call ourselves a Christian is a preacher and the world is our congregation  
Pr 14:12 Justification 05.28.03 The end never justifies the means.  
Pr 17:19 Possessions 09.06.03 The more measures you take to secure your property only serves to tell thieves you have something worth stealing. Earl stage of devotional brevity.
Pr 2:4 Hope 09.12.03 Hope is believing God will do what He promised  
Pr 22:24 Testimony 09.07.03 If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at your close friends and you'll know.  
Pr 6:9 Sleep 11.02.03 Sleep is designed for rest, not as a battery charger.  
Pro 1:17 Ignorant 12.18.03 Calling some people a bird-brain demeans the bird!  
Pro 1:19 Belief 09.18.03 Have you never taken any action on what you claim to believe?  
Pro 20:7 Parents 01.06.03 Parental neglect exposes children to their parent's sin.  
Pro 22:15 Discipline 02.06.03 Scripture warns of the consequences of a man never rebuked, a hard unrepentant heart that results in stiffer judgment and consequences.  
Pro 22:6 Children 05.14.03 Trying to control a child torments us and frustrates them.  
Pro 23:10 Word 06.26.03 Boundaries define the area where we can freely test God's Word.  
Pro 30:18-19 Marriage 11.16.03 Sadly, the best word to define the role of most men in a marriage is "absent."  
Pro 30:8 Contentment 03.28.03 Some people view blessings on hand as reason to avoid prayer tomorrow.  
Ps 106:25 Attitude 11.04.03 Grumbling is a silent expression of discontent that avoids dialog.  
Ps 147:3 Faith 06.16.03 Our faith in God will be no greater than our need for God.  
Ps 10:4 Salvation 12.26.03 We're no better than the inn-keeper because we know who Jesus is and still have no room for him.  
Ps 10:5-6 Love 11.29.03 To learn to love, we should spend substantive time with the lover of our soul.  
Ps 102:17 Desperation 05.13.03 Desperation comes when we feel vulnerable and helpless, a perfect time to call on God.  
Ps 106:13 Conviction 09.11.03 When we fail to remember our resolve, it starts to dissolve. 3-year anniversary of World Trade Center destruction.
Ps 11:3 Law 08.29.03 A monument to the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse doesn't affect ungodly rulings inside.  
Ps 119:112 Determination 12.16.03 Determination is staying on track when life tries to knock you off.  
Ps 119:71 Problems 11.28.03 If we never had a problem, how would we ever learn that God can solve it?  
Ps 119:89 Prayer 12.15.03 Block praying is a modern way of building an acrostic psalm.  
Ps 124:8 Lord 02.12.03 Every argument in the world couldn't prove Jesus is God, but in heaven, no argument is needed.  
Ps 143:10 Purposes 03.10.03 You're alive today because God is not finished with you.  
Ps 150 Praise 11.27.03 If you're still breathing, then You should praise the Lord.  
Ps 26:4a Christian 11.12.03 In the Bible, the word hypocrite and believer are not used in the same sentence.  
Ps 28:3 Pretenders 09.30.03 Not everyone who seems holy is.  
Ps 3:4 Opportunity 02.25.03 If there's something God wants us to do, it would be a shame to die, never having done it.  
Ps 33:10 Fear 08.15.03 Forget terrorists, fear the One who can take your body and soul.  
Ps 51:3 Repentance 07.31.03 Repentance is how someone like David, could kill so brutally, sin so frequently and lie so convincingly and still be called a man after God's heart.  
Ps 73:23-24 Counsel 12.31.03 Why not focus on what God has done this past year and what He can do in the coming year? Mount Soledad Pres Church in La Jolla, CA uses Yearly Bible Reading Plan
Ps 77:19 Leaders 03.04.03 God makes a way when there doesn't seem to be a way.  
Ps 81:13 Hear 01.24.03 Is there so much noise in your life you can't hear God?  
Ps 81:13 Persuasion 12.02.03 According to Einstein, most churches have insane leadership.  
Ps 84:11 Confession 03.17.03 The key to a blameless life is continual confession of sin and receiving God's forgiveness.  
Ps 85:6 Revival 08.04.03 It's strange that we speak of revival so often while few have actually experienced it.  
Ps 85:7 Legacy 08.01.03 The sons of Korah were not pulled down by the weight of their ancestors' sin.  
Ps 9:9 Refuge 07.21.03 When things are so bad, we fear our life is in danger, we can run to the Lord, our Strong Tower.  
Psa 18:33 Preparation 09.25.03 Why do we use God's word to reflect on what's happened rather than dealing with what's ahead?  
Psa 32:19 Faith 02.04.03 Why not apply the principles of Scripture that you already know and take action on it before it's too late?  
Psa 66:18 Sin 10.29.03 If you plan to pray, better get that "cherish" thing right or you're not only wasting your time, but God's too.  
Rev 17:8 Revelation 03.19.03 Babylon may not be "great" yet, but its leaders are an abomination.  
Rev 2:19,20 Holy Spirit 09.23.03 The Holy Spirit is our Truth Detector.  
Rev 21:25a Refuge 12.06.03 We know heaven's gates will never be closed, but try getting into the church between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  
Rev 22:11 Sin 11.26.03 Don't be like Tar Baby and get your hands caught in the cookie jar of sin.  
Ro 1:17 Faith 12.14.03 Faith is action, not an intention.  
Ro 12:3 Faith 06.19.03 Faith rises to the level it's practiced.  
Ro 13:1 USA 02.17.03 No nation deserves to use God's name if they abuse the privilege.  
Ro 5:8 Love 12.25.03 One might say the Cross was the first Christmas tree and Jesus the first present.  
Ro 6:11-12 Justification 05.21.03 It's never right to do wrong.  
Ro 8:27 Will 09.16.03 With Scripture and the Holy Spirit, we can know the will of God and live confidently.  
Ro 9:23 Trouble 01.16.03 The darkest hour is just before dawn.  
Rom 6:17a-18 USA 03.21.03 Is your patriotism a preference or a conviction?  
SS 8:13 Marriage 02.14.03 If we don't express love for our wife, someone else will.  
Tit 1:16 Holy Spirit 12.04.03 The reason some people have no fruit in their life is the fact the Holy Spirit isn't in them.  
Zec 10:1 Revelation 09.03.03 John's words, "Let him who has an ear, hear" could be interpreted, "Anyone who's smart will pay attention."