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 John 13:17 Trouble 05.23.04 We should thank God when He has enough faith in us to give us trouble.  
1Chr 15:3 Worship 07.13.04 We should be prayed up before we walk into the sanctuary to worship.  
1Chr 21:1 Enemy 07.15.04 If teams are chosen, Jesus and Satan are opposing team captains.  
1Chr 29:28 Opportunity 07.19.04 Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday.  
1Chr 4:43 Mission 07.07.04 If you don't have a mission statement, you can use mine: Listen - Learn and Live.  
1Chro 10:13 Deception 07.10.04 Lying to the Holy Spirit is not only hazardous to your health, it is a deadly "game" to play.  
1Cor 1:28b-29 Sight 08.05.04 If you're limited to seeing only what you see with your physical eyes, you're missing some good stuff.  
1Cor 11:19 Value 08.16.04 The value of something is best judged when it's in use.  
1Cor 12:27 Gifts 08.20.04 Your failure to use your Spirit giftedness renders it worthless.  
1Cor 14:29b Neglect 08.22.04 Careless words are responsible for more offense, dejection, sorrow and disappointment among Christians than we can imagine.  
1Cor 15:10a Grace 08.23.04 Grace is like manna, we need it daily to survive.  
1Cor 3:10 Weakness 08.07.04 Your life is no stronger than your weakest member uness the Spirit is in control.  
1Cor 4:16 Witness 08.08.04 The best witness is to live like Jesus and invite others to follow your example.  
1Cor 8:9 Deference 08.13.04 The primary reason husbands and wives divorce and their children rebel is a failure to lovingly show deference.  
1Cor 9:14 Ministry 08.14.04 Some may get paid for doing it, but no Christian should minister part-time.  
1John 1:9 Forgiveness 11.30.04 Foriveness is on the other side of "if we confess our sin."  
1John 2:19 Antichrist 12.02.04 To be an antichrist, all we have to do is be lost and work against Christ.  
1John 3:9a Witness 12.03.04 A person who knows Jesus should not only act like it, but also stop acting like they're immune from the consequences of sin.  
1John 5:16b Sin 12.05.04 Have you committed the unpardonable sin and didn't know it?  
1Ki 1:6 Children 06.06.04 If we don't lead our kids to live righteously, someone else will lead them unrighteousnessly.  
1Ki 3:9 Discernment 06.08.04 Discernment is knowing right and wrong. Can we order some for our judicial system?  
1Ki 8:52 Bondage 06.11.04 Prayer is the key to deliverance from sin that has us bound and gagged.  
1Ki 13:33 Legacy 06.14.04 The only legacy that matters is what God thinks of us after we're done here on earth.  
1Ki 14:27 Problems 06.15.04 We'll know what our faith is made of when the heat gets turned up.  
1Ki 17:24 Service 06.16.04 There's no such thing as a normal day when you're serving God.  
1Ki 19:12b Repentance 06.18.04 God forgive us for thinking repentance is necessary for only those who don't know you.  
1Ki 22:7 Teachable 06.20.04 Are you seeking a word from God or simply looking for confirmation for your own plans?  
1Pet 1:2 Foreknowledge 11.22.04 God only chooses those who choose Him.  
1Pet 2:10a Blessings 11.23.04 U.S. citizens that are not believers should thank God for blessings they don't deserve.  
1Sa 21:12 Conflicts 05.17.04 Sometimes we allow God to choose our battles, but too often we make war on our own.  
1Sa 1:28b Death 05.07.04 Everyone will die, but having a rebellious attitude speeds up the process.  
1Sa 10:7 Salvation 05.11.04 If you're saved but unchanged, you're the first person to have ever lived with that distinction.  
1Sa 13:14b Contentment 05.12.04 Have you become satisfied with the best you can do and stopped praying for what God can do?  
1Sa 17:37 Confidence 05.15.04 Confidence comes from spending time in the ministry of the word and prayer.  
1Sa 3:21 Ignorance 05.08.04 You can ignore God if you wish, but that doesn't mean He'll ignore you.  
1Th 2:4 Devotion 10.09.04 Men-pleasers do not please God.  
1Th 4:11 Witness 10.11.04 The best way to win souls is to live a holy life in full view of the lost.  
1Th 5:2b Loss 10.12.04 Nothing prepares a person for loss like losing something.  
1Ti 1:7 Deceit 10.16.04 Lies are peculiar in that the more you tell them, the more you're inclined to believe the manure you're spreading.  
1Ti 4:4b Intercession 10.19.04 Should someone ask you to pray specifically about their condition, you must have the proper premise, promise and position.  
1Ti 5:22 Devotion 10.20.04 If you hear a quiet knock at your heart's door, don't expect to hear it tomorrow.  
1Ti 6:7 Stewardship 10.21.04 We shouldn't worry about what we don't have, but use what we do have with godly discretion.  
2Chr 12:14 Desire 07.24.04 The root problem of those who have no desire for the Lord is they have no desire for the Lord.  
2Chr 18:4 Knowledge 07.26.04 Knowing the right answer doesn't justify a wrong decision on my part.  
2Chr 2:2 Joyful 07.20.04 Our service to the Lord Jesus should be voluntary and joyful rather then conscripted.  
2Chr 20:21 Enemy 07.27.04 When we praise the Name of Jesus, our enemy becomes powerless.  
2Chr 22:3 Counsel 07.28.04 Know the word of God and speak it and you'll find yourself giving sound advice.  
2Chr 26:15 Pride 07.30.04 The day is yours, and yours also the night.  
2Chr 32:26a Pride 08.02.04 If you think you don't have any pride in you rlife, you just admitted your guilt.  
2Chr 6:18 Prayer 07.22.04 Is you life filled with intimate time with God, or do you just listen while others pray?  
2Cor 1:9 Dependence 08.26.04 When we rely on ourselves, we limit God.  
2Cor 11:14 Deception 09.09.04 In these days, Satan works under the guise of doing good things for a godly reason and worthy cause.  
2Cor 12:9 Power 09.11.04 God's power is best demonstrated through the weaknesses of believers.  
2Cor 13:5 Gospel 09.13.04 Is someone saved by what they say or do, or are they saved by what Jesus did?  
2Cor 2:17 Giving 08.28.04 Is it love for God or money that leads someone to give a large sum of money to a not-for-profit church in late December?  
2Cor 4:4 Gospel 08.30.04 How many preach Jesus without His power energizing them?  
2Cor 6:16 America 09.03.04 The reversal of conservative Christian values in America is nothing more than fruit of wrong choices.  
2Cor 7:10 Repentance 09.04.04 James refutes anyone who elevates personal choice over the power of God to save and change a person.  
2Cor 9:6a Giving 09.07.04 Our reward will come as grace for living but not always as grease in our palm.  
2John 11 Fellowship 12.06.04 Fellowship is the time we spend with people who share our active faith, not our passive label.  
2Ki 1:12a Listening 06.21.04 Listening to authority is a good thing unless in doing so you close your ears to God.  
2Ki 13:4 Prayer 06.28.04 Sadly, prayer is often the first thing mentioned in church, but the last thing done.  
2Ki 18:4b Action 07.01.04 God judges the value of something on its use or misuse, not its intended use.  
2Ki 22:1 Obedience 07.02.04 When we disregard God's word, we're vulnerable to whatever else tries to get our attention.  
2Ki 23:25 Leaders 07.04.04 We need leaders who'll do what God expects and not what it takes to stay in office.  
2Ki 6:17 Faith 06.24.04 May our faith not become three-dimentional, but God-dimensional.  
2Pet 1:10 Promise 11.27.04 To promise a person something not in your power to deliver is irresponsible.  
2Pet 3:18 Grace 11.29.04 If you want to see God's grace, take your eyes off your problems and focus on Jesus.  
2Sa 11:11 Testimony 05.26.04 Regardless of your apologetics , one unconfessed sin can make your adversary's point.  
2Sa 15:19b-20 Desire 05.29.04 God won't change your desires on your way to heaven which raises the question whether you need to worry about it..  
2Sa 19:1 Children 06.01.04 David showed us that parents can either handle their children or be handled by them.  
2Sa 2:1 Fellowship 05.22.04 When you love someone, you'll find a way to spend time with them and as much as you can!  
2Sa 24:24 Answers 06.05.04 Answered prayer may start with holy desire, but it takes personal sacrifice to seal the deal.  
2Sa 5:19 Preparation 05.24.00 Preparation is taking action now so we can spend time enjoying something later.  
2Th 2:11a Truth 10.14.04 The day after Jesus comes back, those left on earth will not know the truth from a lie.  
2Th 3:2 Terrorism 10.15.04 Terrorists find that a threat can accomplish what a negotiation may not.  
2Ti 1:13 Specificity 10.22.04 A person who aims at nothing will hit it every time.  
2Ti 3:12b Deception 10.24.04 It's difficult, if not impossible, to convince a deceived person that he's been deceived.  
2Ti 4:3 World 10.25.04 Today we have naysayers who doubt everything God says, debaters who argue with everything He says and spinners who twist everything he says in order to give them reason to start over.  
3John 5 Giving 12.07.04 Something tells me the first century disciples would have avoided such a public display of giving as a 501c3 and tax credit. Remember Pearl Harbor
Acts 1:14 Prayer 06.03.04 Acts shows us that corporate prayer should be precursor to both preaching and witnessing.  
Acts 2:42 Preaching 06.04.04 The only purpose for preaching is to tell the Good News and call for a personal decision.  
Acts 5:38a Church 06.07.04 You may enjoy the approval of the church membership, but that doesn't mean you have God's approval.  
Acts 8:14 Salvation 06.12.04 Salvation begins when you hear the word of God under conviction of the Holy Spirit.  
Acts 9:15b Dependence 06.13.04 God looks beyond our frail tendencies to see if we have potential for God-dependency  
Acts 11:24 Calling 06.17.04 Call God what you will, but I don't think you should call His calling optional.  
Acts 12:24 Conviction 06.19.04 Religious persecution will reveal a person's conviction or lack of it.  
Acts 14:9b Slander 06.22.04 Slander begins with too much information; it ends with not enough information.  
Acts 18:6b Revelation 06.27.04 God has a way of revealing his character to us even when our actions contradict it.  
Acts 19:15 Revival 06.29.04 Preaching and teaching are nice, but the first step in revival is destruction, not instruction.  
Acts 22:9 Word 07.03.04 The next time God speaks to your heart, remember that He will never contradict His word.  
Acts 24:16 Excuses 07.06.04 Don't defend yourself; your enemies don't deserve it and your friends don't require it.  
Acts 26:20b Repentance 07.08.04 Scripture never says God's grace is a substitute for our repentance.  
Acts 27:11 Devotion 07.09.04 How much prayer time is enough? Daniel thought it was just a little bit more.  
Acts 28:31 Education 07.11.04 How much education is needed before a person acts on what God expects them to do?  
Amos 3:7 Gifts 12.10.04 Prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit to those who boldly proclaim the truth of God's word without compromise or reservation.  
Amos 4:6 Revival 12.11.04

Revival - Few, if any, have experienced it, most pray for it, but would stop doin so if they knew what was required of them.

Amos 7:8 Perception 12.12.04 It's amazing that what some people see as restriction, others view as freedom within liberal boundaries.  
Col 1:21 Heaven 10.05.04 Some call it heaven, I call it the only intelligent choice! Break-in and robbery at PT offices
Col 3:2 Heaven 10.07.04 Prayer is the only way to look to heaven while walking on earth.  
Dan 12:1b Excuses 12.04.04 I wonder how many lost people will stand before God and say, "I intended to do it," or "I thought I did!"  
Dan 2:23 Bible 11.25.04 Praise and thanksgiving can be found in every page turn of Scripture.  
Dt 1:28 Desparate 03.23.04 We seldom ask God to help us unless we've lost all other options.  
Dt 11:26 Obedience 03.29.04 Determine to honor and obey God's word, not so much to be blessed, but just to please Him.  
Dt 4:2 Religion 03.25.04 Religion is built on guessing God's intention rather than obeying His instruction.  
Dt 7:6 Pride 03.27.04 Are you so busy acting like something that you've forgotten what it feels like to be a nothing?  
Dt 17:17 Expectation 03.31.04 To know what God requires, go to the Word; to know Him, you've got to go to your knees  
Dt 21:21b Sin 04.02.04 We condone stubbornness in our kids because we erroneously think God winks at our own.  
Dt 25:4 Service 04.03.04 Make us like the Good Samaritan who helps those who others ignore.  
Dt 28:2 Blessing 04.05.04 Gods' blessing is most often conditional meaning there's something we're expected to do first  
Ecc 1:18 Wisdom 09.02.04 Solomon found that much wisdom leads to much sorrow and more knowledge to more grief.  
Ecc 10:10 Preparation 09.05.04 Don't let others chop wood while you're sharpening your ax.  
Eph 2:5b Inspiration 09.22.04 God will reveal Himself in us any way we let Him.  
Eph 3:12 Prayer 09.24.04 Prayer is often ignored for the sake of exercising things conceived in the heart of men.  
Eph 3:12 Mistake 09.23.04 There's never been anything man created that he didn't eventually mess up.  
Eph 5:6 Repentance 09.27.04 How can someone speak to another person about something they see no need for doing?  
Est 2:2 Blessing 08.18.04 We need to peel the wrapper off our blessings and see who really gave it to us.  
Est 4:14 Forgiveness 08.19.04 Jehovah is the God of the second-chance  
Ex 12:32 Evidence 01.31.04 God's blessing may not be a true indicator of your salvation.  
Ex 21:6 Servant 02.04.04 The ultimate freedom is to be a willing slave of Jesus Christ.  
Ex 23:13


02.05.04 Sin can not only be a cycle, but can run over you if you let it.  
Ex 25:40 Pattern 02.06.04 God's method of delivery may have changed but it's always been about Jesus.  
Ex 28:3 Holy 02.08.04 Are you clean according to the world's standard or are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?  
Ex 28:41 Intercession 02.09.04 Before you pray for someone else, you need to be in the right position.  
Ex 3:17 Suffering 01.26.04 Believe it or not, not everyone wants to be freed from their misery.  
Ex 32:24 Blind 02.11.04 Veiled sin makes a person say and do the most incredibly stupid things.  
Ex 34:10 Justice 02.12.04 I'm afraid Sodom and Gomorrah are deserving of an apology if America is not punished for her sin.  
Ex 35:10-11 Salvation 02.13.04 The death of God's Son wasn't the saddest part of the story. Rather, it's the fact that some people still don't get it and it can't be explained any clearer.  
Ex 40:37 Discipleship 02.15.04 Those who follow Jesus don't need to ask where he's going, but just get up and follow expectantly.  
Ex 5:22 Service 01.28.04 Are you so busy recalling your failures that you've taken yourself out of God's service?  
Ex 8:10 Possessions 01.29.04 Since you won't take it with you, why not learn to live without it now?  
Eze 11:17a Convictions 11.04.04 Convictions aren't changed by the outcome of a vote. Geo W Bush elected to second term as U.S. President.
Eze 3:14 Calling 11.01.04 It's sad that a pastor would view any church that offers an increase in salary, God's calling.  
Eze 34:26b Listen 11.16.04 We need to hear things through the filter of the Holy Spirit.  
Eze 48:35 Heaven 11.24.04 We don't know where heaven is or when we'll get there, but we know wherever Jesus is, that's where we'll be.  
Ezel 38:15 Revelation 11.18.04 I'll take the word of one angel over the host of talking heads on television. Network down for 3 days
Ezra 10:11 Evangelism 08.10.04 Evangelical dating/marriage seldom works.  
Ezra 3:11 Building 08.06.04 Did you check the credentials of the builder who laid your foundation?  
Ezra 9:6 Prayer 08.09.04 The way we pray demonstrates how well we know Him.  
Gal 1:11 Revelation 09.14.04 God's word is not subject to man's experience or interpretation, but will always be revealed to those who seek Him.  
Gal 2:12b Obedience 09.15.04 We can save a lot of time and frustration by making the decision to obey God's word.  
Gal 5:22-23a Salvation 09.20.04 The best evidence of salvation is idenifying the fruit of the Spirit.  
Gal 5:6b Religion 09.19.04 God's not impressed with religion or man's attempt to make Christianity one.  
Gal 6:15b New 09.21.04 It's impossible to remain the same after God takes over your life.  
Ge 45:13 Responsibility 01.22.04 We should never abuse God's grace.  
Ge 50:3 Disciple 01.25.04 Being a good follower of Jesus is not so much based on intention as much as it is devotion.  
Gen 22:18 Obedience 01.09.04 Seeking God is the determination to stand fast on God's Word. It turns to prayer when I ask to get in on what He's doing.  
Gen 26:18 Legacy 01.12.04 Don't allow God's work to be buried with you.  
Gen 30:27 Blessing 01.14.04 Many people think they're blessed when in fact God is showering it on people close to them.  
Gen 32:26 Prayer 01.16.04 The wrestling match between Jacob and the Angel of the Lord was fixed.  
Gen 4:7 Temptation 01.02.04 You may not realize sin is crouched at your door until it's pounced on you with both feet.  
Hag 1:6b Church 12.18.04 A fancy new church built in a growing affluent part of town is in many ways like a purse with a hole in it.  
Heb 10:36 Perseverance 11.11.04 Perseverance is the refusal to quit, a desire to finish that's greater than the desire to give up.  
Heb 11:1 Faith 11.12.04 Faith is not necessarily what we do, but instead in who we trust.  
Heb 12:15 Attitude 11.15.04 Time is like water to a seed of bitterness.  
Heb 4:7b Confession 11.02.04 If confidence is the door through which we approach God, then honest confession must be the knob that opens it.  
Heb 5:7 Prayer 11.03.04 Have you learned to approach God in such a way He's interested in what you have to say?  
Heb 7:21b Results 11.06.04 It's impossible to know in advance the results of action we take, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't act.  
Heb 9:12 Redemption 11.08.04 Jesus' work in achieving forgiveness for our sin is a perfect paradigm.  
Heb 9:22b Sin 11.09.04 If you're lost and clean on the outside, you're still filthy on the inside.  
Hos 14:9b Discernment 12.08.04 Discernment is the ability to notice something and instantly relate it to the truth of God's Word.  
Isa 62:6 Prayer 09.30.04 Have you taken up a position on the wall of prayer, O watchman?  
Isa 11:2a Perception 09.12.04 It's difficult for some people to see Jesus anyway but as a baby in a manger.  
Isa 2:22 Trust 09.08.04 Jesus is the only One who can make sense of the world's nonsense.  
Isa 23:9 Sovereignty 09.16.04 It's amazing to me we can discuss God's sovereignty and man's choice and some will vote in favor of man.  
Isa 28:10 Patience 09.17.04 God is patient with sinners, but has little for His people who are ignorant.  
Isa 29:16b Pride 09.18.04 Arrogance is a process that begins by denying or ignoring God.  
Isa 49:4b Favor 09.26.04 I don't know about you, but it's high time we stop pandering to the devil.  
Isa 55:6 Specificity 09.28.04 Are we praying with the specificity of a laser guided missle?  
Isa 59:16 Intercession 09.29.04 Intercession in the act of something coming between two things in conflict.  
Isa 6:8 Sacrifice 09.10.04 You can tell a lot about someone's professed love of God by judging what they're willing to give up to follow Him.  
Isa 64:8 Negative 10.01.04 No matter how much light you shine on someone's darkness, some will find shadows.  
Isa 66:4b Prayer 10.02.04 Prayer has become a knee-jerk reaction for most people.  
Jas 1:5 Perseverance 11.17.04 While testing develops perseverance, its primary purpose is to point us to God.  
Jdg 1:28 Discipline 04.23.04 Ignoring God exposes us to the painful side of his love called discipline.  
Jdg 10:13 Repentance 04.29.04 Without repentance, confession is an apology for doing something you'll do again.  
Jdg 16:20 Holy 05.02.04 Are you sanctified by the mark of the Holy Spirit or stigmatized with the mark of the world?  
Jdg 17:6 Idols 05.03.04 Be careful not to attach more importance to your religious icons than you do to God.  
Jdg 3:9a Sin 04.24.04 It's sad the way we, as God's people have perfected the sin cycle  
Jdg 6:27 Appropriation 04.26.04 God is able. But if we never go, we'll never know.  
Jer 11:1a Obedience 10.08.04 Obedience is not optional, but an obligation.  
Jer 14:11 Imitation 10.10.04 When someone says they speak for God, duck!  
Jer 23:6 Righteousness 10.13.04 The good news is you're made righteous in Jesus Christ, the bad news is you had nothing to do with it.  
Jer 32:39 Parents 10.18.04 If you won't submit to God for your own good, will you at least consider it for your children so they don't inherit your consequences. Tornado warnings
Jer 42:3 Access 10.23.04 There is no access to the One true God except through Jesus Christ who makes a way.  
Jer 7:5 Accountability 10.06.04 In the first century church, accountability was a mandate, not an option.  
Job 14:14 Choice 08.24.04 If you die lost, you'll have to deal with that choice for the rest of your death.  
Job 2:10b Problems 08.21.04 Sometimes problems are blessings in disguise.  
Job 31:1 Lust 08.29.04 We men should avoid looking below the chin at any woman but our wife and never behind them.  
Job 38:1 Trouble 08.31.04 Just because Jesus is Master of the storm doesn't mean it will end prematurely.  
Job 42:8 Service 09.01.04 To be an ambassador for Christ, we must bear the needs of others in His Name.  
John 10:18 Prayer 05.18.04 It's amazing how many giants of the faith are out there that never put on God's armor.  
John 11:54 Impression 05.21.04 God is not nearly as impressed with our accomplishments as He is in our attitude.  
John 16:13 Ignorance 05.27.04 Only a person running from God will try to put out the fire of conviction by fanning it.  
John 17:1a Position 05.28.04 It's not your physical position of prayer that gets God's attention but your spiritual position.  
John 19:30 Liberty 05.31.04 Thank You God for sending Your Son whose blood purchased my liberty.  
John 21:11b Witness 06.02.04 When evidence is gone, the only thing that counts is the testimony of a credible witness  
John 8:51 Hell 05.16.04 The only thing worse than dying once is doing it twice.  
John 1:1 Jesus 04.30.04 You'll never know God until you meet Jesus and when you meet Him, you've met God.  
John 1:33 Salvation 05.01.04 We're saved by possession, not a hopeful profession.  
John 3:30 Control 05.04.04 If we're going the same way as God, why are we wrestling for control of the steering wheel?  
John 4:53 Belief 05.06.04 A person of prayer believes what Jesus said, even if his emotion causes him to question it.  
John 6:29 Faith 05.10.04 Believing God's word is not a substitute for doing it.  
John 7:34 Repentance 05.13.04 The only thing a pretender and an backslidder have in common is the need to repent.  
John 8:11b Repentance 05.14.04 Repentance proves we're sorry for disappointing God and not that we got caught.  
Jonah 1:3 Grace 12.14.04 Jonah experience teaches us there is no sin so grievous that God's grace won't cover it.  
Jos 2:1 Defeat 04.10.04 Will you trust God in a face off with your enemy or die defeated never having tried?  
Josh 10:14 Prayer 04.14.04 Prayer is where faith begins.  
Josh 14:12 Devotion 04.16.04 Don't allow your spiritual muscles to be in atrophy from lack of use.  
Josh 21:43 Blessing 04.20.04 Don't be a sponge soaking up all God's blessing and fail to bless Him in return  
Josh 24:15 Salvation 04.22.04 If you come in through a wide gate, you can go out the same way.  
Lev 10:10


02.20.04 If you want to be a good pray-er, then practice, practice, practice!  
Lev 15:31 Name 02.24.04 Through prayer, we have access in the Name of Jesus into God's presence.  
Lev 20:8 Holy 02.26.04 God expects us to holy, separate and distinct from the world.  
Lev 24:3b Knowledge 03.01.04 How sad it is when Christians are willing to sit in the dark when illumination is available for the asking. New devotional format - Iti 4:2 and writing hand for Just Thinkin'...
Lev 8:8 Will 02.19.04 You don't need to depend on anyone but the Holy Spirit to know God's will.  
Lu 2:10 Risk 03.16.04 You'll never be a winner until you're in the place you stand to lose something.  
Lu 2:37 Actions 03.17.04 A person honors God when he acts responsibly.  
Lu 3:21b Authority 03.19.04 Pray like Jesus: To the Father, through His Spirit power in the authority of His Name.  
Lu 3:3 Discipleship 03.18.04 Discipleship begins when prayer and Bible study become dominant daily activities in your life and not before.  
Lu 5:28 Actions 03.22.04 If you're a disciple, then you'll be a friend to sinners and thereby demonstrate God's love.  
Lu 5:5 Expectantcy 03.21.04 If you want to be a big pray-er, don't plan for failure and don't bring a small net.  
Lu 6:38 Investment 03.24.04 For every investment in His work, God does a similar work in the life of the one who did it.  
Lu 7:35 Obedience 03.26.04 I'm glad they don't stone kids anymore, or most of us would be dead right now.  
Lu 8:21 Examination 03.28.04 If you think you're living for God, it's a good idea to take your pulse every now and again and see what God thinks.  
Lu 12:22 Worry 04.07.04 Worry is most often inversely proportional to the degree we've been blessed.  
Lu 12:35 Preparation 04.08.04 Proper prayer requires preparation and the cornerstone of preparation is persistence.  
Lu 13:22 Repentance 04.09.04 Repentance requires stopping, turning around and going in the direction God is going.  
Lu 14:33 Passion 04.11.04 Before the resurrection the disciples lacked passion; after it, their passion ignited the world.  
Lu 16:13 Money 04.13.04 God is deadly serious when he says you can't serve both God and money.  
Lu 17:21 Provision 04.15.04 Prayer is the key that unlocks the door of God's provision.  
Lu 19:10 Victory 04.18.04 Joshua marched in a city and seldom lost; Jesus rode in and went to the Cross.  
Lu 19:43 Praise 04.19.04 We're no better than the palm wavers in Jerusalem that day. We're also conditional praisers  
Lu 22:54b Follow 04.25.04 Don't follow so far behind the Lord you lose track of him.  
Lu 23:12 Sin 04.27.04 If you've seen the Passion Play and want to know who is guilty of Jesus' death, get a mirror.  
Lu 9:1 Will 03.30.04 God's purpose is being fulfilled regardless of our willingness to obey and participate in it.  
Lu 9:41 Patience 04.01.04 Patience is coming, if we will just hold our horses.  
Mal 1:10 Repentance 12.30.04 Malachi: Forgiveness = Confession + Repentance.  
Micah 5:2 Prophecy 12.16.04 There are thirty-eight predictions in Scripture about the Messiah that Jesus has alreaqdy fulfilled, but thirty-eight million wouldn't convince some people.  
Mk 10:51 Answers 03.02.04 You get what you pray for everytime you fail to pray.  
Mk 11:17 Morality 03.03.04 It says something about our generation when the world's morality is more righteous than the church's. Move image of hand to btm of devotional
Mk 12:25 Law 03.05.04 The law was disarmed at the foot of the Cross.  
Mk 12:44 Devotion 03.06.04 God is not impressed with the flourish of public worship, but rather the spirit by which we approach him when no one is around.  
Mk 16:11 Prayer 03.12.04 Your actions may indicate your love for Jesus, but your prayer life proves it. New "Pray For" format with navigation to prayer primer
Mk 2:5 Intercession 02.16.04 Intercessory prayer is not even on your list of priorities if you don't spend substantive time doing it!  
Mk 3:13 Serve 02.18.04 You've been chosen to serve, not sit.  
Mk 3:4 Freedom 02.17.04 Jesus has liberated all those who through his blood find forgiveness of sin.  
Mk 5:26 Needs 02.21.04 God delights in confounding men by meeting their needs through Jesus.  
Mk 6:3 Excuses 02.22.04 God will not tolerate excuses from someone who after walking with Jesus should know better.  
Mk 6:37 Evidence 02.23.04 The Apsotles usually came to the wrong conclusion after considering the evidence.  
Mk 9:10 Teachable 02.27.04 A teachable person is willing to surrender his plans to God's without qualification.  
Mk 9:46 Hell 02.29.04 No one chooses to go to hell, rather they fail to choose Jesus.  
Mt 10:26 Word 01.15.04 God can use anyone to speak his Word.  
Mt 12:35 Failures 01.18.04 I wonder how many times I've failed to do something for God that he used someone else to take care of it?  
Mt 13:57 Witness 01.21.04 Jesus didn't spend much time with people blinded by prejudice.  
Mt 15:8 Pretender 01.23.04 Much of religion today is 90% trash and 10% Jesus.  
Mt 20:28 Attention 01.30.04 It's sad that it may take someone else losing their life for God to get your attention.  
Mt 23:3 Responsible 02.03.04 We're responsible to not only know what to do, but to do it, even when our authority doesn't.  
Mt 5:41 Obligation 01.06.04 God loves us all the same, but we demonstrate how much we love and respect Him by the way we serve others.  
Mt 7:6 Obedience 01.08.04 We wouldn't need angels if we would just listen to God's Word and obey.  
Mt 8:10 Faith 01.10.04 Faith is prayer with feet.  
Mt 8:19 Conviction 01.11.04 Conviction is my decision to act on what I believe regardless of how I feel and what it might cost me.  
Mt 22:29 Reluctance 04.12.04 Why don't you get up and do what God says instead of asking, "Is that your final answer?"  
Neh 1:11b Respect 08.11.04 Don't allow the world to use your timidity as a license to mock God.  
Neh 10:39 Race 08.15.04 "Winning the race" is doing whatever it takes to be the best and out performing every other believer in the competition.  
Neh 4:14 Service 08.12.04 The wall-builders worked, were well-armed, watched, prayed and remembered God's awesome ability to give them victory.  
Nu 11:14 Confession 03.08.04 There is no sin more egregious than the sin of failing to confess sin.  
Nu 12:9 Revelation 03.09.04 When God's Spirit leaves, you don't want to hang around.  
Nu 16:23 Judgment 03.11.04 We should be aware of where we're standing or we risk judgment by association. Reduced for clarity
Nu 21:2 Anger 03.14.04 When God says to speak with authority to a rock, don't try to beat a response out of it with a stick.  
Nu 30:2 Desire 03.20.04 Ask God to give you desire to do what you already know you ought to do.  
Nu 9:12 Attention 03.07.04 We should be alert to things around us because we might be leaving at a moment's notice.  
Philemon 6 Evangelism 10.29.04 Everything we do is a means through which we can preach Jesus  
Php 4:6 Prayer 10.03.04 Not only was Paul a man of prayer, but he did so with power and inspired others to do the same.  
Pr 12:16 Persistence 04.04.04 Prayer isn't just about attitude and words, it's equally about persistence.  
Pro 10:19 Deceit 02.28.04 How far outside the line can embellishment go before becoming misleading?  
Pro 11:2 Perspective 03.15.04 If you have tunnel-vision, just make sure God is in the tunnel with you.  
Pro 12:16 Forgiveness 03.04.04 Maybe the reason we have such a hard time dealing with God's forgiveness is the fact we've never forgiven any body.  
Pro 15:21 Testimony 05.19.04 You can tell a lot about somebody by the way they pray and how much time they spend doing it.  
Pro 15:22 Prayer 05.20.04 Prayer is spending time in God's presence with conversation as an optional activity.  
Pro 3:23 Peace 01.17.04 We can't have peace when we're at war with God  
Pro 3:33 Blessing 01.19.04 If you claim to know Jesus but you're living like the devil, it's not blessing you need but God's mercy.  
Pro 4:1 Attention 01.20.04 If you're not paying attention, then how can you expect to gain understanding?  
Pro 4:20 Attention 01.24.04 Are you listening to what God is saying through his Word and the Holy Spirit?  
Pro 5:21 Reluctant 01.27.04 God found in Moses someone who, even though he was reluctant at first, would be faithful.  
Pro 8:11 Value 02.07.04 Failure to fully utilize what God has placed in our care renders it worthless.  
Pro 8:32 Disciple 02.10.04 Have you promised to follow Jesus but never showed up to see where he was going?  
Pro 9:10 Jesus 02.14.04 We call Jesus, Savior, but if you don't know him that way before you die, then you'll only know him as your Judge.  
Pro 13:17 Witness 04.21.04 Silence is golden unless you fail to tell someone what God told you.  
Pro 20:21 Decision 08.04.04 What comes in without due consideration usually goes out without explanation.  
Pro 27:12 Refuge 11.10.04 No reasonable person endures being in the rain for very long without seeking shelter.  
Pro 27:17 Enemy 11.14.04 We should not allow ourselves to be used as a weapon for the enemy.  
Pro 27:3 Victory 11.05.04 A fight is won by standing on God's side of an issue and not swapping licks with the other side.  
Pro 28:19 Wisdom 11.28.04 The difference between work and fantasy is in your ability to see things from God's point of view.  
Pro 29:18 Ignorance 12.09.04 Ignorance breeds discontent except in church.  
Pro 29:25 Trust 12.13.04 Most of us are afraid to trust God even though He has never failed us.  
Ps 1:3 Meditation 01.01.04 Why do we make simple things so complicated?  
Ps 11:1 Glory 01.13.04 Too many times we give credit to the wrong person  
Ps 119:130 Apathy 05.30.04 There's not much going on in churches these days because there's not much praying going on.  
Ps 119:50 HolySpirit 05.25.04 Peace has another name and it's Holy Spirit.  
Ps 127:1a Apathy 06.09.04 Are you proving that God's work was not in vain or are you just waiting on the wrecking ball?  
Ps 128:6 Truth 06.10.04 Solomon proved that knowing the truth doesn't always mean you have regard for it.  
Ps 26:2 Examination 02.01.04 It's not real smart to ask God to search your heart when you think he'll miss something.  
Ps 27:11 Grateful 02.02.04 A joyful person has an grateful spirit even when uncomfortable.  
Ps 3:1 Repent 01.03.04 The message of John the Baptist was only three words long: "Turn or burn!"  
Ps 4:3 Witness 01.04.04 You may have to travel in the same boat with the world, but you don't wait till you reach shore to show them that you're different.  
Ps 41:2 Blessing 02.25.04 There is direct correlation between the way you bless other people and the way God blesses you.  
Ps 5:3 Prayer 01.05.04 When God speaks to your heart, you've got your Bethel.  
Ps 54:3 Righteousness 03.10.04 God doesn't see our righteousness but rather the Righteousness of the Lord Jesus in us. Add new left panel navigation bar
Ps 56:3 Obedience 03.13.04 When God tells you what to do, do it right away, in the right way and then get out of the way.  
Ps 7:15 Excuses 01.07.04 Why is it we always suspect someone else is responsible for digging the hole we're in?  
Ps 106:13 Wait 11.07.04 Failing to wait of God is the wrong thing at the wrong time for the wrong reason.  
Ps 106:23 Intercession 05.09.04 You can be a pray-er and not an intercessor, but you can't be an intercessor and not a pray-er.  
Ps 111:10 Pride 11.13.04 Having pride is an invitation for God to look at our heart and reveal to us just how bad we really are.  
Ps 119:81b Testimony 11.26.04 People may not be able to see Jesus, but they can see you.  
Ps 13:1 Prayer 07.17.04 We shouldn't expect God to answer a question we never pose.  
Ps 138:8 Trouble 12.19.04 The most brilliant diamond is the one with the sharpest cut in it and displayed to reflect focused bright light.  
Ps 141:4a Messenger 06.23.04 When you attack the messenger, you show contempt for the One who sent the message  
Ps 143:10 Fame 06.25.04 If you're rich and famous, you can call the shots. But if not, you may be the one that's shot.  
Ps 143:6b Fellowship 12.24.04 Fellowship is found in a private time with the Lord in the prayer closet, not a mass gathering of public worshipers who sing and listen to preaching.  
Ps 144:3 Opportunity 06.26.04 If you're going to make a difference, today might be the last opportunity you have to do it.  
Ps 146:7b Sin 12.27.04 The real prisoners are those in a spiritual jail of their own making.  
Ps 148:14 Sin 06.30.04 The fact we consider our sin "small" doesn't mean God does  
Ps 17:3b Confession 07.21.04 Failing to confess sin is the first step in loosening the grip the Holy Spirit has on our desire.  
Ps 25:4 Devotion 08.01.04 Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice.  
Ps 3:8a Witness 07.05.04 God planted us where we live in order to bloom and spread the fragrance of His love.  
Ps 40 :1 Hope 08.25.04 Hope has a Name and it's Jesus.  
Ps 41:1 Intercession 08.27.04 Are your problems plural or singular?  
Ps 50:10b Work 09.06.04 God alone provides opportunity to be both boss and worker.  
Ps 68:19 Burden 09.25.04 If we let God bear or burdens, we won't spend as much time on the ground and He won't have to spend as much time picking us up.  
Ps 78:25 Blessing 04.06.04 God wants us to reach out to Him because He wants to bless us and watch our reaction.  
Ps 86:17a Miracle 04.17.04 A miracle is what man can't explain or replicate  
Ps 99:8 Discipline 04.28.04 Disicpline builds character under fire; judgment builds a fire under an individual.  
Psa120:7 Peace 12.01.04 A truce is nothing more than time to reload.  
Rev 11:15b Return 12.20.04 The last time Jesus came, we mocked and crowned Him with thorns. One can only imagine what this generation will try to do.  
Rev 12:11a Victory 12.21.04 It isn't just blood that makes us victorious, it's Jesus' blood AND our testimony.  
Rev 22:13 Prayertower 12.31.04 My heart's desire is to see other prayer-warriors grow out of this ministry with a similar and even greater passion as mine. Announce Pray Thru the Word in 2005
Rev 6:17 Authority 12.15.04 If I'm master of my fate and captain of my soul, then add idiot to my list of credentials.  
Rev 8:3b Prayer 12.17.04 I wonder how some will answer God with an empty bowl of prayer in their hands?  
Ro 1:10a Fellowship 07.12.04 You spend time with someone you love, so why aren't you spending more time in prayer?  
Ro 12:1b Enemy 07.29.04 I call to the Lord who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies.  
Ro 14:7 Unity 07.31.04 The word denomination is an antonym for division.  
Ro 16:19b Truth 08.03.04 It's funny how we've come to believe that tradition trumps truth.  
Ro 2:6 Judgment 07.14.04 If judgment begins with the House of God, maybe it should end with us as well.  
Ro 3:22 Righteousness 07.16.04 We approach God through the righteousness of Jesus Christ alone and not our own.  
Ro 4:21b Listen 07.18.04 If God is in the woods and no one is there to hear him, how long should he stay there?  
Ro 8:15 Security 07.23.04 The person who knows Abba, knows the love of a Daddy who will never leave or forsake him.  
Ro 9:24 Heaven 07.25.04 If you're going to heaven, then you'll enjoy the things here that you'll be doing there  
Ruth 1:18 Determination 05.05.04 A Christian's determination is proportional to the amount of time he spends in God's word.  
Tit 1:6 Accountability 10.26.04 Everyone in the church must be accountable to someone else or trouble is on the way.  
Tit 2:1 Teaching 10.27.04 Everyone teaches without opening their mouth.  
Tit 3:1a Authority 10.28.04 Whichever candidate prevails in an election may not be God's man but he is God-ordained.  
Zech 12:10b Judge 12.28.04 Ignorance will remain a popular way for a person to reject Jesus as Savior until he stands in front of Jesus the Judge of the Living and the Dead.  
Zech 14:5 Salvation 12.29.04 Saints are needed - the job is rewarding and the benefits eternal.  
Zech 2:5 Return 12.22.04 Before Irsael and the Palestinians split the property called "Temple Mount," they need to consult the coming King of Kings, who owns the title.  
Zech 4:6 Appropriation 12.23.04 God delights in using weak people with little ability who allow Him to be great through their availability.  
Zech 8:2 Lord 12.25.04 It's not nearly as important to respect Christmas as Jesus' birthday as it is to recognize Him as Lord.  
Zech 9:9 Followers 12.26.04 Fair-weather followers of Jesus have for over 2,000 years been making their own rules of engagement.