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1 Chr 11:9 Strength 07.01.05 Reputation is often how we judge someone's ability, when we should be looking at how they reflect God's ability through their weakness.  
1 Chr 17:2 Power 02.12.05 "God with you" implies power, i.e., your life is no longer your own, your plans are secondary to God's, your timing subject to His and His desire is so dominant in your life, you can't see your own.  
1 Cor 15:10 Grace 06.08.05 Grace comes through suffering.  
1 Ki 4:25 Blessing 09.26.05 If you fail to thank God for what He's given you, what right do you have to expect more?  
1 Pet 1:9 Salvation 02.03.05 I'm glad God didn't base His promises on the probability I'll keep mine.  
1 Sa 1:28a Dedication 01.21.05 If David was praying for his kids, either God wasn't listening or David failed to pray for the right thing.  
1 Sam17:37 Appropriation 01.28.05 Courage is based on matching God's ability and His promises.  
1 Th 3:5b Answers 06.29.05 We should seek information about the things for which we've prayed, revising our prayers accordingly.  
1Chr 16:11 Worship 06.21.05 Worship is giving thanks, singing, praising God and corporate prayer. With the vast number of anemic churches around today, is it any wonder most leave out the last part?  
1Co 10:24 Race 11.20.05 Churches today promote the Chirstian race as a spectator sport.  
1Co 12:26 Church 10.19.05 What part of the body are you if another part hurts and you feel no pain?  
1Co 15:33 Character 11.01.05 Peer pressure may lure someone into a group, but only a lack of spiritual conviction and desire to be accepted will lead them to emulate bad character.  
1Co 16:18 Giving 11.10.05 Giving should never be about the size of the gift or the reputation of the giver.  
1Cor 12:13 Salvation 09.30.05 Denominations have led millions of people astray by creating either a salvation "plus" or salvation "minus" doctrine.  
1Cor 2:16 Holy Spirit 05.30.05 For those who are saved, the tendencies of the Holy Spirit should be replacing our tendencies.  
1Cor 4:20 Prayer, Faithful to 03.02.05 If you are not convicted of your lack of prayer, like the Corinthians you need to erect a monument to the God you don't know and can't name.  
1Cor 6:11 Sin 11.04.05 Deep and wide, deep and wide; sin can take you down deep and wide.  
1Cor 6:17 Relationship 12.03.05 Other relationswhips will be straightened out when we have the right one with God.  
1Cor 8:13 Deference 06.15.05 Giving up something for the sake of someone else is Christianity 101.  
1Jo 2:13b Prayer, Privilege of 02.18.05 Prayer is a privilege granted the child of God, but is probably the most overlooked privilege we have.  
1Ki 10:16-17 Blessing 05.26.05 We can lose our blessing if we focus on it and take our eyes off the Blesser.  
1Ki 14:22 Compromise 07.21.05 Like Rehoboam, do we settle for trinkets when God wants to bless us with treasure?  
1Ki 17:24 Waiting 06.20.05 Waiting on God implies dynamic faith, not static reasoning.  
1Ki 20:1b Death 04.13.05 Until you're prepared to die, you're not prepared to live  
1Pe 5:10 Trouble 12.21.05 Difficulties are nothing more than a pop quiz to see is we've been spending time with God in prayer.  
1Pet 1:15 Holy 02.10.05 Holiness is not what we do or don't do, but where we stand and what we truly believe.  
1Sa 10:6 Power 01.13.05 On the outside, not everything that looks good is good, nor everything looking bad on the outside, necessarily bad.  
1Sa 15:22b Sin, Concealing 02.20.05 Lying has a long shelf life. Before long, not only will it be revealed to us and everyone around us.  
1Sa 16b Persistence 01.10.05 I wonder if God waits for me to pray for something two or more times to see if I really mean business?  
1Sa 18:2 Enemy 12.05.05 Keep your friends close and pray for your enemies.  
1Sa 2:30 Honor 01.24.05 God doesn't honor someone who fails to honor Him.  
1Sa 4:22 Glory 07.27.05 I doubt there's a church house in the world where someone won't claim the glory of God is in the place even though there's no evidence to prove it.  
1Sa 5:7b Choice 08.28.05 Failure to face the truth doesn't negate it or make it go away.  
1Sa 7:3 Repentance 11.23.05 Only God can give a man desire to repent that is stronger than desire to sin.  
1Sam 27:12b Judgment 06.05.05 If you think God doesn't care how you live, you've obviously forgotten about Sodom.  
1Sam 30:6b Strength 06.22.05 Like David, we need to pray before we go to battle to make certain what God wants. Only then can we go in his power and not our own.  
1Ti 1:11 Prayer 11.14.05 Have you only ask God what He thinks when your other options have run out?  
1Ti 2:8 Difference 12.01.05 Where different opinions exist, they all can't be right.  
1Tim 5:5 Prayer, Timely 09.22.05 When you put off praying, you fail to receive what God wants to give you right now.  
2 Chr 1:7 Ask 01.26.05 We believe Scripture until it comes to asking for something we don't think He wants to give us.  
2 Cor 13:5 Testing 01.29.05

If the world never sees God's grace in our life, how will they ever see it in their's.

2 Cor 3:17 Freedom 07.04.05 The last thing to happen before a great nation gets buried under dust is to place its integrity and sovereignty on the auction block, for sale to the highest bidder.  
2 Ki 17:41 God 05.27.05 The Great "I Am" is Singular and Undeniable.  
2 Ki 18:3a Worship, True 05.28.05 Articles of worship are less important than the way they're used and who uses them.  
2 Ki 19:27 Sin, Concealing 05.29.05 God not only watches me but He's watching those who watch me.  
2 Ki 3:18 Repentance 05.19.05 Repentance shows God we're honest in our confession and not just telling Him what we think He wants to hear.  
2 Kings 4:2 Possessions 06.28.05 God is bigger than our problems, but we'll nevr know it unless we pray and ask for help.  
2 Peter 3:15 Wisdom 09.25.05 Intercessors are given wisdom in order to know how to pray and rightly use God's word.  
2Chr 10:8 Desire 05.15.05 I wonder how many times I pray and am looking for confirmation for what I plan to do regardless of what God says?  
2Chr 14:7b Prayer & Blessing 04.14.05 If God was choosing up sides for a prayer meeting, would he choose you?  
2Chr 15:2 Fellowship 04.22.05 How can we expect God to be with us when we're never with Him in prayer?  
2Chr 19:6b Pretense 08.01.05 Pretense seems like no big deal, but it is to God and when you die, it will quickly become a big deal to you.  
2Chr 2:6b Sacrifice 08.18.05 Sacrifice is giving up something in order to please God, prayer is spending time with Him to learn what to sacrifice and our action proves we're paying attention.  
2Chr 25:8b Victory 05.12.05 Every army thinks God is on their side, but ultimate victory goes to the one who is right.  
2Chr 26:5b Exposure 07.22.05 Maybe like Uzziah, our sin needs public exposure to help us admit what everyone probably already knows.  
2Chr 5:13-14 Religion 01.30.05 I'm afraid we've become so blinded by worldly new age thinking and our worldly associations, we can't see the futility of our religious rituals.  
2Jo 8 Salvation 04.18.05 It's amazing that most people recall something that happened in the past to prove their present condition when their present condition indicates something never happened.  
2Ki 1:3 Idols 07.25.05 If you've offended God and refuse to humble yourself and ask forgiveness, you don't have to ask if trouble is coming. The only question you have to ask is "when" and "where."  
2Ki 13:4 Prayer 02.11.05 It's almost funny how we'll avoid talking to God even when we know God is there waiting for us to do it.  
2Ki 6:17 Vision, Spiritual 07.18.05 If God played a game it would have to be "Ridama, Ridima, Ree." You know, "I see something you don't see and its me!"  
2Pet 2:19 Sin 10.31.05 Blood Covenant: sin is in us but it doesn't have to rule us.  
2Sa 16:23a Counsel 04.27.05 Just because we sound godly doesn't mean we are godly.  
2Sa 21:17a Surrender 07.19.05 More times than not, giving in to God requires as the first step giving up we think we need.  
2Saml 12:23 Fasting 03.01.05 Are you fasting about something for which God has already given you an answer?  
2Ti 4:5 Minister 04.24.05 Regardless of the gift we possess, we all share responsibility to be evangelists and witness to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.  
Act 8:35 Prayer 12.13.05 It's not only possible to pray all the time, in many ways with all kinds of prayer, but it's expected of us.  
Acts 1:24 Will 10.21.05 Knowing God's will is as simple as ruling out what's not.  
Acts 11:1 Love 12.08.05 Do we demonstrate Chrtist's love that has no strings attached?  
Acts 12:23 Attention 12.17.05 For some of us to really pay attention to what God has to say, we may need another 9/11 disaster.  
Acts 12:5 Answers 10.24.05 The best place to look for answers is where God is working.  
Acts 13:35 Preaching 11.26.05 Listening to preaching is good, but it's designed to reach the lost, not the saved.  
Acts 16:5 Church 05.31.05 God expects the church to be obedient and let Him handle the growth.  
Acts 19:10 Deliverance 02.27.05 Deliverance comes on your knees when you ask God for help.  
Acts 2:21 Salvation 02.24.05 True profession is the result of salvation and not the sign of it.  
Acts 22:21 Heaven 12.30.05 We should consider Christ-like living as on the job training to get ready for eternity.  
Acts 23:11 Obedience 10.10.05 Obeience requires we get out of our comfort zone.  
Acts 23:12 Desperation 09.15.05 Desperation may be the best glue between preparation and accomplishment.  
Acts 24:14 Church 10.30.05 As followers of the Way, first Century believers not only professed faith in Christ, but acted the way he did.  
Acts 25:7b Allegations 09.27.05 Our's is not the first generation to assign guilt to a person without evidence.  
Acts 26:29 Witnessing 09.18.05 Gospel tracts promoting Christianity can be like a "drive-by" witness. Anything worth while takes an investment of time and attention.  
Acts 28:24 Rejection 09.24.05 Rejection of the truth doesn't require rhyme or reason; it only needs a person willing to give ignorance a place to call home.  
Acts 3:19 Salvation 10.28.05 Why waste a perfectly good life by rejecting salvation's plan?  
Acts 6:7 Religion 11.06.05 Do you realize without the zealous religionists, Jesus would have never been crucified?  
Acts 7:25 Devotion 10.17.05 Intention is good, but it's only sacrificial devotion that keeps friends together.  
Acts 7:59 Preparation 11.19.05 Seems to me that today is the best time to get prepared and do what you should have done yesterday.  
Acts 8:15 Joy 12.24.05 For the believer, everyday is Christmas.  
Acts 8:31 Answers 11.28.05 "Jesus" is more than likely the answer to your question.  
Acts 9:31 Discipleship 11.15.05 Church grows only when one person is discipled by another to become over time a devout follower of our Lord.  
Acts 21:14 Will, God's 06.03.05 More important than knowing God's will is the fact He goes with me.  
Amos 3:3 Relationships 03.29.05 When we walk with God, don't you think we should be excited about reaching our destination?  
Col 1:9a Intercession 09.13.05 The simplest way to learn intercessory prayer is to take the prayers of the Bible and direct them toward someone you know with a similar need.  
Dan 3:17 Agape 09.03.05 If we never pray, we'll never know how much our God truly loves us.  
Dt 11:13 Relationship 04.19.05 The best way to evaluate our love for God is to evaluate the amount of time we spend in prayer.  
Dt 20:4 Prayer 02.15.05 Prayer is the only thing that can stop some enemies that keep on going and going like an evil energizer bunny.  
Dt 21:21b Sin, Innocent 07.09.05 Haven't we taught our rebellious by example that obedience to God's word is optional and personal sin exempt from judgment because of God's grace?  
Dt 28:2 Obedience 06.06.05 This generation more than any other, should be concerned about falling into the hands of an angry God.  
Dt 30:14 Grace 09.09.05 May we learn to avoid cursing the storm when Grace is riding on the waves?  
Dt 6:18a Time, Spending 07.13.05 When we spend time in God's word, we want to spend more time in his presence which can only be satisfied by spending more time in prayer.  
Dt 9:14 Intercession 05.11.05 Intercession is not action, but a position.  
Ecc 4:10b Conviction 07.15.05 A person who stands alone is willing to sacrifice himself for what he believes.  
Ecc 5:4 Confession 04.15.05 Confession is necessary if we will pray, even when forgetfulness seemingly covers the tracks of our sin.  
Ecc 6:2a Blessings 08.30.05 When it comes to blessings, we should appreciate the past, be grateful for the present and thank God for the future, whatever that may yield.  
Ecc 7:13 Sin 06.13.05 Sin is sin regardless of the innocent names we give it. It's time to give up and look up.  
Ecc 3:22 Ministry 01.02.05 If you have a job, treat it like your pulpit and the people with whom you work as your congregation.  
Eph 1:1-14 Holiness 02.07.05 It took a burning bush to make Moses be still, listen and obey. What does God have to burn to get your attention?  
Eph 6:11 Conflicts 01.05.05 Too often we demonstrate the tendency to swing our hands instead of folding them.  
Eph 6:19 Doubt 01.06.05 I wonder if Moses' speech impediment began when he said, "I can't..."  
Es 4:14b Influence 01.19.05 Like Esther, each of us has a sphere of influence that affects other people regardless of whether we accept it or not.  
Est 2:17 Calling 10.20.05 We have a irrevocable calling, whether we admit it or not.  
Esther 4:14 Preparation 05.09.05 I hope today doesn't become one of those yesterdays that haunts us tomorrow  
Ex 2:25 Spirit 01.20.05 Sometimes praying is letting the Spirit groan through you.  
Ex 20:20 Love 05.21.05 To be loved by God means we're kept by Jesus.  
Ex 23:30 Prayer, Maintenance 02.19.05 When it comes to prayer, I'm afraid we consider what the Bible has to say and then come to the wrong conclusion.  
Ex 8:19b Listening 04.16.05 Sin and stupidity have more in common than just the first letter of each word.  
Ez 48:35b Name 09.08.05 Because the Lord's Name is Jehovah- shammah, meaning "The Lord is There," doesn't mean He isn't here.  
Eze 39:24 Fellowship 07.06.05 We tend to sin as if there's no price to pay, believing God will wink at our transgression and give us a pass on judgment.  
Ezra 3:11b Failure 02.02.05 Failure doesn't mean I have to do it again.  
Ezra 4:4 Resistance 06.30.05 We should pray for our enemies but rebuke our friends who act like our enemy.  
Gal 1:12 Revelation 09.01.05 It is through the revelation of Jesus that a person understands the Gospel and by the Spirit's power that he is enabled to preach with conviction.  
Gen 12:2 Name 12.02.05 There was a vast difference in the usage of Jesus' Name before and after his ressurrection.  
Gen 16:2b Waiting 10.01.05 We must trust God to do what He wants to do - when He wants to do it and how He wants to do it.  
Gen 18:23 Intercession 01.09.05 When you pray for someone else, use the power of Christ's position in your life to translate into power to help others.  
Gen 22:14 Trust 08.21.05 Trust requires action on my part to prove its real.  
Gen 22:14a Provision 06.12.05 Abraham had confidence God would keep his word regardless of what he did.  
Gen 23:20 Legacy 12.15.05 Will people remember us without thinking of God?  
Gen 33:4 Fear 11.17.05 Things are seldom as bad as fear makes it look.  
Gen 4:9b Accountability 07.29.05 Cain couldn't hide behind ignorance and neither can we.  
Gen 7:1 Righteousness 10.02.05 Noah found favor with God because he was obedient, willing to do everything God told him to do, when he was told to do it and the way he was told to do it.  
Heb 12:15 Trouble 12.14.05 The only way to grow a healthy garden is to find and remove the weeds.  
Heb 13:18 Intercession 10.05.05 Effective intercession for others requires intercession on us.  
Heb 13:8 Change 01.07.05 Our failure to pray produces fruit that dies on the vine and sickens whoever eats it.  
Heb 3:1 Sight, Spiritual 06.27.05 Even though we can see physical things, few can see what God sees.  
Heb 5:7 Tears 06.16.05 Tears not only reveal a need, but can be in themselves an unspoken prayer.  
Heb 8:5b Pattern 07.23.05 From Genesis to Revelation, we're given a pattern to follow and he's called Jesus.  
Is 1:18a Choice 06.02.05 Who'll make decisions for you when you lose ability to make decisions for yourself?  
Is 24:3 Judgment 09.02.05 When it comes to disaster, our generation has yet to see it the way God can do it.  
Is 32:18 Security 08.24.05 True security comes only by the grace of God and obedience to his word.  
Is 41:10b Service 04.25.05 Everyone prays to get up when we've fallen. But if we never do anything for God while we're on our feet, why not just stay where we are and not embarass ourselves?  
Is 48:10 Complaint 04.21.05 I trust you're not complaining while God is doing what you agreed He could do.  
Is 55:11 Profession 03.28.05 Most "know-it-alls" don't include the one true God in their claim.  
Isa 2:17b Confession 01.22.05 If Pharaoh teaches us anything, it's that God sometimes has to take something from us before he can get our full attention.  
Isa 22:22-23a Influence 08.04.05 God's people left home to live in a godless country because of their sin and forgetfulness. Such it is when we fail to remember and honor God's word.  
Isa 30:21 Will, God's 06.26.05 When you come to a fork in the road, stop and ask God what to do.  
Isa 32:3 Blindness 02.04.05 When we allow sin in our lives, we're as blind as those God says are blinded by the god of this world.  
Isa 40:8 Word, God's 01.31.05 God's word changed me, but it will never change!  
Isa 42:16a Blindness 02.28.05 Without darkness how would we have ever know that God is Light?  
Isa 43:25 Forgiveness 01.27.05 I want nothing on the table that you remember and I can't or what I remember and you've forgotten.  
Isa 44:21b Scripture, Memorizing 02.23.05 A word to young believers. Hide God's word in your heart before you lose both the ability and the desire.  
Isa 45:9b Salvation 02.17.05 Salvation begins when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in me, but it's finished when I resemble Jesus so much, no one can remember what I looked like.  
Isa 46:4 Maturity 03.30.05 Being young is a temporary condition that life will fix in time.  
Isa 55:1 Desire 01.12.05 The longer a Christian goes without being in God's presence, the more he loses desire to be there or around other Christians.  
Isa 57:15 Humility 06.10.05 True humilty is an quiet attitude of sacrifice directed toward someone who doesn't deserve it.  
Isa 6:7b Guilt 07.05.05 Forgiveness is everything unless you keep the guilt. It's then you show your need for forgetfulness.  
Isa 62:6-7b Persistence 04.30.05 Perseverance and persistence are the most neglected practices of those who pray.  
Isa 7:12 Asking 08.08.05 If we will not pray, doesn't it reveal a lack of need for God?  
James 4:2b Asking 01.03.05 Standing up as a responsible Christian begins on our knees.  
Jdg 13:1b Parenting 08.02.05 As parents, we are to honor God's calling on our children before and after they're born. We should pray and seek God's word regarding how to do it correctly and live it as our heavenly calling.  
Jdg 6:17 Evil 06.04.05 I don't know about you, but it would be helpful for me if Satan and his bunch would wear an ID badge.  
Jer 1:12 Promises 06.17.05 We have calling, opportunity, power and promise. Why are we still standing around waiting on more?  
Jer 20:9b Word, God's 02.05.05 If God's word is not IN us, how can it come OUT of us?  
Jer 23:23-24 Repentance 07.24.05 Repentance means a change, both in direction and attitude.  
Jer 32:17 Belief 01.25.05 Miracles are waiting at the point of our disbelief to see if God's word can change our mind.  
Jer 33:3 Secret 05.14.05 What if the unknown things God wants to show me through prayer are things I'll need later but don't see the need right now?  
Jer 7:8 Rebuke 07.26.05 Some preachers may answer to God for their ignorance of Scripture, but those of us who listen will answer for negligence if we failed to rebuke them.  
Jo 10:27 Discipline 03.31.05 A shepherd carries a rod to use, not to make a false threat.  
Jo 13:17 Blessing 04.23.05 It amazes me to hear someone claim that what they say with their mouth satisfies God more than what they do.  
Jo 14:1 Worry 05.07.05 Refusing to worry is the way those of us who call ourselves a Christian prove our trust in God.  
Jo 8:11b Repentance 05.06.05 The first step in obedience is destruction.  
Job 1:10a Protection 07.03.05 God has given us protection, provision and power, but what are we doing with them?  
Job 2:10b Sin, Spoken 08.31.05 We should keep sin out of our head so it won't come out of our mouth.  
Job 41:10b Misery 08.05.05 Job found God at the end of himself, the place where self-pity ended and God-trust/reliance began  
Job 42:12 Blessing 05.16.05 It's a blessing to learn to enjoy our blessings.  
Job 37:24 Problems 07.08.05 Anyone choosing to do something outside the venue of the expected or normal, can also expect disappointment and resistance.  
John 1:50 Witness 10.11.05 Jesus not only saw us before we saw him, but he also saw those to whom he expects us to witness.  
John 12:46 Sin 07.28.05 It's sad that some who live in darkness have seen a great Light, but love sin too much to walk out of the shadows into it.  
John 14:17b Holy Spirit 03.03.05 We have the Holy Spirit so we will get to know God better.  
John 18:38 Truth 08.25.05 Most of those who say they want the truth won't accept it when they hear it.  
John 19:11 Sin, Degrees of 10.03.05 God does not wink at sin - ever!  
John 2:5 Expectancy 08.10.05 Jesus is touched with our need and knows our necessity, but have we asked him to intervene.  
John 20:15 Attention 09.10.05 If you want to pray rightly, pay attention to God's Word. That's the only way to avoid looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing at the wrong time.  
John 20:21 Peace 11.08.05 Only if you know Jesus can you have peace with God and the peace of God?  
John 3:34 Holy Spirit 06.24.05 If we allow sin to dominate us, the Holy Spirit will not go to war against both us and our sin.  
John 4:50b Trust 07.02.05 We demonstrate our lack of faith when we fail to act on what we've already heard.  
John 5:30 Rebellion 07.10.05 Hardening of the heart is worse than hardening of the arteries in that it won't let you die, even when you want to.  
John 6:11 Thanksgiving 07.07.05 The prayer of thanksgiving should be second nature to the child of God.  
Jon 1:14a Sin, Secondhand 01.16.05 May we not forget that our sin will affect other people and not just ourselves.  
Jos 10:14a Prayer, Answered 06.19.05 Are our prayers based on what we want or what God wants?  
Jos 14:12a Praying, Bold 02.26.05 Prayer is like a beautifully wrapped gift. We spend so much time admiring the wrapper, we don't think to open it and see what's inside.  
Jos 3:5b Belief 08.15.05 You don't have to see where you're going in order to know God is leading, but don't think just because someone's moving, they're following God.  
Jos 7:11 Devotion 08.06.05 The failure to honor what's devoted to God not only endangers your life but also the lives of your family.  
Jos 8:35 Scripture 08.07.05 Have you considered that the portions of God's word you've yet to read might be God's answer to your need?  
Josh 11:20 Mercy 12.11.05 Mercy's limit begins at the threshold of his amazing grace.  
Josh 17:18 Steward 12.23.05 If you're using God's property for ungodly purposes, it's time to repent or pack your bags.  
Josh 20:7 Faith 12.20.05 Have we come to our Kadesh Barnea and now consider either living in fear or by faith in God?  
Josh 21:8 Sacrifice 10.25.05 Animal sacrifice ended when the Lamb of God said, "It is finished!"  
Josh 23:8 Devotion 02.06.05 Holding fast to the Lord may mean letting go of something else.  
Jud 10:13 Revenge 05.24.05 If you don't know what God desires, how can you possibly think you can do it?  
Jud 7:2 Strength, God's 07.16.05 From Gideon we learn if you want to keep all your soldiers, don't ask God how many you need.  
Jude 1b Prayer, Faith in 05.20.05 The choice of how and when we pray shows our love for God.  
Lev 15:31 Holy 07.20.05 What part of separate do we not understand?  
Lev 22:20 Confession 02.14.05 You can't hide from God and you can't run a con on Him either.  
Lu 1:37 Revelation 12.26.05 When Jesus revealed his glory to men, Mary was vindicated, but I doubt she cared at that point.  
Lu 10:19 Power 05.17.05 We accept being weak because we've grown accustomed to living without God's anointing on our life?  
Lu 13:13 Praise 11.27.05 Only a believer will praise and thank God in advance.  
Lu 14:28 Prayertower 06.01.05 We're successful when we base our ministry on the foundation of of God's word and prayer.  
Lu 17:14 Gratitude 10.13.05 I wonder what the shelf life of healing is for an ungrateful person?  
Lu 18:1 Persistence 06.23.05 Prayer without persistence is like a water pistol without water. It looks good, but won't have much effect.  
Lu 20:47 Confirmation 12.22.05 Seeking confirmation rather than revelation might be proof of our ignorance.  
Lu 22:31b Repentance 04.10.05 Repentance and confession come together to offer forgiveness.  
Lu 3:21 Prayer 11.02.05 Can it be mere coincidence that God often dramatically moves while we are praying?  
Lu 6:12 Prayer 11.05.05 Personally I think we ought to stop talking about prayer and spend that time praying.  
Lu 6:19 Holy Spirit 10.29.05 Do you think the Holy Spirit would ever inhabit someone and then fail to give them power?  
Lu 6:40 Discipleship 10.16.05 Sadly, some exercise a lazy evangelical method that doesn't include discipleship as part of the plan of salvation?  
Lu 7:29b Patterns 08.26.05 We were made in God's image, but will we learn to stay within the lines of the pattern He created?  
Lu 9:36 Motivation 08.27.05 What will it take to make us take action on the things we say we hold as conviction?  
Mal 1:10 Prayer, Useless 02.16.05 Here's the church, here's the steeple. Open the doors and where's the people?  
Mat 9:36a Compassion 02.25.05 Compassion is in the heart of the giver more than than any stated need of the recipient.  
Mk 1:24 Hell 10.07.05 If you're intent on ignoring Jesus, you need to learn the question the demons ask Him, "Is it time?" Website problems
Mk 11:28 Name 12.04.05 Does anyone, including you, know you have the authority of Jesus' Name?  
Mk 15:12 Answers 08.29.05 You might think there's only blessing to lose by not praying, but what if you fail to get needed information God wants to give you?  
Mk 16:8b Witnessing 03.27.05 Doubt is the first step in apathy.  
Mk 2:17b Holy 06.07.05 Too many consider church to be a place where you dress up and act holy instead of where you get down and be holy.  
Mk 3:8 Witness 12.09.05 Witnessing invloves having a testimony, being filled with the Holy Spirit, available 24/7 for God to use you and then trusting the Lord to bring people to you - in his timing.  
Mk 6:31 Intercession 11.30.05 Intercession is the one service you can do to stay busy but never tire.  
Mk 7:8 Judgment 12.28.05 The longer we blend with the world, we risk getting the same judgment reserved for them.  
Mt 11:28 Rest 02.13.05 Rest begins when we're close to God and that begins with prayer.  
Mt 14:31 Faith 07.17.05 Sometimes the only way to prove your faith is to act on what you believe regardless of how you feel.  
Mt 15:14b Ignorant 08.14.05 I was young and now I'm old. I've learned people don't need a reason to believe somthing stupid.  
Mt 15:32 Compassion 09.11.05 If you pray, you likely have compassion and you'll likely do whatever is required to help someone else who needs compassion.  
Mt 19:23 Money 08.23.05 Money is the underlying factor behind most of our self-imposed problems.  
Mt 2:6 Savior 12.25.05 How many people are looking for a Savior in the wrong place?  
Mt 20:32 Asking 08.12.05 How can God show He answers prayer unless we pray specifically?  
Mt 21:22 Faith 10.26.05 If you say you believe but never act in faith on God's word, who do you think you're fooling?  
Mt 21:43 Holy Spirit 12.19.05 If we belong to God, we will be producing fruit of the Spirit.  
Mt 22:29 Significance 11.12.05 It's just like man to use his peabrain to define the Creator.  
Mt 23:37 Love 12.07.05 God's love is amazing in that He loves us enough to die for us but hates the sin that many times defines us.  
Mt 24:35 Scripture 12.29.05 If you ignore Scripture, you might want to enroll in dancing class so you can learn to make quick moves when the ground beneath you shifts.  
Mt 25:23 Serving 10.04.05 The thought of serving Jesus should motivate us.  
Mt 28:20b Separation 02.01.05 If God seems far off, its because we've grown comfortable with being that way.  
Mt 4:1 Testing 01.23.05 It was the Spirit who led Jesus to the desert to be tempted, not the devil.  
Mt 7:7 Ask 06.11.05 Miracles begin with a grateful heart.  
Mt 8:10b Belief 05.01.05 Prayer requires more than simply asking, it also requires believing.  
Mt 8:23 Following 09.12.05 Following the Master of the storm into disaster is the way to avoid it.  
Mt 9:38 Preparation 09.23.05 Are you praying and getting ready to go when and where God sends you? If not, you're not prepared.  
Neh 4:23b Boldness 01.08.05 The man of God is not shaken by threat, but becomes bolder by God's grace in the face of it.  
Nu 11:23 Complaining 08.16.05 Never, ever underestimate God's ability to prove a point by using you as an example on the consequence of making assumptions.  
Nu 14:28b Fear 08.17.05 Forget the statement, "There's nothing to fear except fear itself," there's nothing to fear except God.  
Nu 16:30a New 05.23.05 New things are not necessarily good things.  
Nu 16:30a Ignorance 05.22.05 We should stop acting like we can ignore God and get away with it.  
Num 30:2 Obedience 08.13.05 Changes in our culture and legal system doesn't change God's word one bit. The only question to consider is whether we care to obey it or dare to ignore it.  
Oba 21b Lordship 04.29.05 Every earthly judge will be judged for those judgments that violate the judgments of Judge Jesus.  
Pr 12:4 Women, Godly 05.08.05 Godly women pray.  
Pro 26:11 Confession 01.15.05 Confession is not just good for the soul, it's Basic Christianity 101.  
Pro 3:5 Trust 04.26.05 Trusting God requires not trusting ourselves.  
Pro 7:1 Meditation 05.13.05 Unless we store up God's word in our heart, how can we expect to recall it when we need it?  
Ps 105:5 Memory 05.05.05 It's not memory that matters, it's what we do with the memory that really matters.  
Ps 107:8 Devotion 11.24.05 Thanks, thirst and trust: three T's that should be inextricably linked in the life of a believer.  
Ps 116:4 Name, Jesus' 04.20.05 Praying in Jesus' name is positional in nature, not adding it to the end of our prayer like a secret password to be used with decoder ring to get stuff from God.  
Ps 119:108 Word, Applying the 03.18.05 God, I pray you'll give enough light for each step I will take today, but not so much I can get ahead of You.  
Ps 119:11 Scripture, Memorize 03.06.05 We may not have the convenience of holding God's word in our hands when temptation came, so we'd better memorize what we need.  
Ps 119:116 Word, Ignorance of 03.19.05 The only excuse for ignorance is ignorance.  
Ps 119:123 Prayer, Time in 03.20.05 If you're not praying, you either don't believe God or don't miss spending time with Him. So what makes you different from the world?  
Ps 119:133 Desire 03.21.05 How can you please God if you don't know what He wants?  
Ps 119:139 Witnessing 03.22.05 It's a good thing God doesn't give us truth on the basis of whether we'll obey or not.  
Ps 119:148 Listening 03.23.05 Are we so busy talking to God, we seldom if never stop to listen to what He thinks?  
Ps 119:160 Truth 03.24.05 With the Holy Spirit as our fuel source, our energy is not only renewable, it's eternal!  
Ps 119:168b Ignorance 03.25.05 Negligence is not much of an excuse for ignorance.  
Ps 119:169b Understanding 03.26.05 We don't need more knowledge, we need to know God's heart.  
Ps 119:18 Confession 03.07.05 Confession is the only way to pierce the darkness our sin has caused and let the Son shine in.  
Ps 119:29 Problems 03.08.05 When we leave God out of the equation, our solutions are often far worse than our problems.  
Ps 119:33 Conviction 03.09.05 Do we serve God with conviction or convenience? God, give us grace to do what we must, but make it my conviction to spend more time with You.  
Ps 119:46a Witness 03.10.05 How will the power of the gospel be made known if we never open our mouth?  
Ps 119:52 Scripture 03.11.05 The Old Testament is required reading for anyone who wants to view redemption from inception to completion.  
Ps 119:59 Repentance 03.12.05 Repentance is proof that we're not only listening to God, but obedient as well.  
Ps 119:67 Affliction 03.13.05 No one enjoys problems, but without them we will never a way to prove, or test God's word.  
Ps 119:7 Scripture, Application of 03.05.05 Read God's word; the more you learn, the more you want to learn.  
Ps 119:78b Mediatation 03.14.05 Prayer is the mobilization of mediatation.  
Ps 119:81-88 Expectancy 03.15.05 Believe it or not, some people actually pray but never look for an answer to their prayer.  
Ps 119:91 Dualism 03.16.05 God is not contained within man's ability to explain Him.  
Ps 119:99 Confidence 03.17.05 The freshman in God's school is more intelligent than any graduate of the world's university.  
Ps 127:2 Rest 12.27.05 What's God doing if he never slumbers when I do?  
Ps 128:1 Scripture, Ignorance of 03.04.05 For God to bless some prayers, He'd have to void His word. What are the chances of that?  
Ps 130:3 Forgiveness 08.20.05 If forgiveness is your goal, forgetfulness is the gauge by which you can tell if you were truthful when you forgave them or just telling them what they wanted to hear.  
Ps 138:7a Trouble 02.21.05 Don't take a radical turn the next time it storms; the answer to your prayer may be straight ahead.  
Ps 142:3a Providence 07.11.05 The most beautiful music has come out of a cave experience.  
Ps 143:10 Will, God's 01.04.05 Pray God's will and it will come to pass everytime.  
Ps 144:12 Accountability 05.10.05 What is prayer without corresponding action consistent with what we're praying?  
Ps 145:13b Lordship 06.09.05 Good works are not necessary in order for a person to be saved. Then again, it's impossible to be saved and not do good works.  
Ps 146:8b Witness 08.09.05 Will our testimony be one where we take what others do as our own, or create our own symphony of prayer and praise born out of a close fellowship with God?  
Ps 19 Evolution 01.17.05 I fear association with man has given monkeys a bad name.  
Ps 28:1 Listening 01.14.05 If you feel God isn't listening to you, you're probably right. Then again, I wonder if you're listening to Him?  
Ps 37:4 Desire 05.04.05 Desire changes when we desire it.  
Ps 40:1 Answer 12.16.05 How many times have we stopped praying right before receiving an answer?  
Ps 42:2 Fellowship 05.02.05 If we have fellowship with God, there won't be long periods of prayerlessness in our lives.  
Ps 52:3 Scripture 07.14.05 Reading Scripture is like chewing food. Eating it too fast can cause you to miss the flavor and get heartburn.  
Ps 55:22 Sustainer 02.09.05 Some people never release their problems long enough for God to get ahold of them.  
Ps 68:20 Salvation 12.18.05 The best way to picture salvation is to see ourselves in His garden, either blooming or whithering in the heat.  
Ps 69:30 Praise 08.22.05 Gratefulness is shown by offering thanksgiving and praise.  
Ps 8:2 Praise 08.11.05 Praise is born of a grateful heart.  
Ps 80:3 Restoration 06.25.05 Where sin twists and turns our life outside down, God's forgiveness sets us upright making us clean again.  
Ps 86:11a Education 04.28.05 We don't get old until we stop learning.  
Ps 89:40 Ownership 06.18.05 Walls tell people there's something on the inside of value that we're afraid to lose.  
Psalm 1:2 Word, Delight in God's 01.01.05 If one thing sets a pray-er apart, it's got to be his love for God's word.  
Rev 11:15 Judgment 11.22.05 Your seat for the glorious coming of Christ is determined before you die.  
Rev 21:25 Heaven 11.29.05 I feel confident when we get to heaven, we won't have to press a number on our phone to indicate the language we speak.  
Rev 21:6 Race 12.31.05 Paul's finished his race, but if we're still breathing, its time for a second-wind. Last Day of Pray through the Word in 365 Days
Rev 22:3 Curse 09.19.05 The curse of sin is alive and well living in all of us, including the redeemed.  
Rev 22:7 Revelation 10.14.05 Revelation, the rest of the story.  
Rev 6:17 Security, False 08.03.05 It's amazing that most everyone sees a heaven in their future, regardless of how they regard Jesus, the only way to get there.  
Rev 8:4 Judgment 07.12.05 Judgment is the application of justice where repentance has no effect.  
Rev 9:15 Character 11.03.05 We should be encouraged by the fact that even though Abram was a model of faith and obedience, he also had his faults.  
Ro 1:18a Persecution 01.11.05 Noah's faith didn't have a true impact on the unrighteous until the flood buried them.  
Ro 10:13 Church 11.07.05 We vote in church but all it takes is One vote.  
Ro 10:14 Excuse 09.16.05 Be careful what you hear and ignore. It may make you accountable before God.  
Rom 13:14 Meditate 10.12.05 If we think about God, we won't have time to think about sin.  
Rom 15:30 Evangelism 10.27.05 The calling of the evangelical church should be discipleship with prayer as the dominant activity.  
Rom 16:19 Apologetics 07.31.05 Don't argue with an obstinate and opinionated person, even God has trouble with that.  
Rom 6:11 Belief 02.08.05 What I believe is irrelevant unless I act on it.  
Rom 9:9 Waiting 09.05.05 Waiting on God is going with Him and not in front of Him.  
Sa 20:42a Friends 05.03.05 Friends are willing to defend and even die for each other. Every other relationship is casual and will come and go.  
Titus 2:15a Education 09.28.05 Far too many educators ignore the truth for the sake of floating unproven theories.  
Titus 3:5 Purpose 11.25.05 God's purpose will not only stand, but it's undeniable, unchangeable and unaffected by man's perception.  
Zec 10:1 Pray 02.22.05 If there's a time when we think we don't need to pray, that's when we need it most.  
Zec 14:9 Lordship 08.19.05 If you think you stand the heat of God's judgment without Christ, you won't be asked to get out of the kitchen; you'll be placed in the oven.  
Zech 12:10 Holy Spirit 12.12.05 The Holy Spirit dwells in every born-again person, but only has the control we give Him.  
Zech 13:9 Testing 10.18.05 The only way to tell what someone's made of is to turn up the heat.  
Zep 1:12a Complacency 07.30.05 I wonder what percentage of people ride a wave of indecision waiting for someone else to do something that drags them along in the wake?