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Ge 21:34 Missions 11.07.06 What does it say about us when it seems easier serving God someplace else other than at home?  
Gen 10:9 Witness 01.28.06 More people will see God's love in action today through the example of one believer at his job than from a hundred preachers or evangelists.  
Gen 11:4b Name, Jesus 01.30.06 Babel should give us a clue as to how God responds when we do things in our name to gain fame  
Gen 12:13 Trust 02.03.06 When we pray and trust God to work out the details, things are better plus everyone around us is spared a lot of grief.  
Gen 12:1b Go 02.01.06 There's nothing wrong with staying in one place unless God has told you otherwise.  
Gen 13:14b Answers 02.07.06 Sometime the answer to our prayer may not be exactly what we expect or quite where we expect to find it.  
Gen 13:9 Deference 02.05.06 Seeing God's will is often as easy as looking at what the world can't see.  
Gen 14:20b Giving 02.09.06 Giving is a fundamental part of the character of the Christian, and prayer is the way to learn where and how to do it.  
Gen 15:1 Fear 02.11.06 What's to be feared more than fear itself is the refusal to make peace with God.  
Gen 15:2 Direction 02.13.06 We pray because we don't always know what we need or when we need it.  
Gen 15:6 Belief 02.15.06 No degree of persistent praying matters if you don't believe God's Word.  
Gen 15:8 Fear 02.17.06 Probably the most overlooked request in prayer is the one where we ask God for assurance to calm our fear.  
Gen 16:13 Honor 02.23.06 What is God's name by which you want to honor Him?  
Gen 16:2b Agreement 02.19.06 Prayer accomplishes more than any amount of arguing.  
Gen 16:5 Judgment 02.21.06 Were all our disputes without malice, vengence.  
Gen 17:1 Willingness 02.25.06 God uses the willing, not necessarily those the younger, stronger and seemingly more capable.  
Gen 17:22 Presence, God's 03.02.06 If God promised never to leave or forsake us, why do we constantly ask Him to come? If someone moved, it wasn't Him.  
Gen 17:9 Faithfulness 02.27.06 How can parents expect their children to be more faithful to God's word than they are?  
Gen 18:10b Specificity 03.16.06 Pray specifically so you can prove who it when its answered.  
Gen 18:10c Inspiration 03.18.06 I wonder how many times has God spoken through a conversation he was having with someone else?  
Gen 18:12 Age, Old 03.22.06 Everyday I age, I'm closer to being with Jesus than I was yesterday.  
Gen 18:12 Ability 03.20.06 Anytime you add your own ability to the prayer equation, you increase the likelihood it won't fly.  
Gen 18:14 Confidence 03.24.06 Is it weak faith that keeps us from praying big, or believing God can't or won't do what we ask?  
Gen 18:14b Prayer, Delayed 03.26.06 A delay in answered prayer affords us ample time to demonstrate our faith in God's promises and thank him in advance.  
Gen 18:15 Failure 03.28.06 Why should we afraid to admit our failures even God already knows?  
Gen 18:15b Guilt 03.30.06 The human tendency is to live with guilt rather than admit a problem and ask for help.  
Gen 18:17 Position 04.01.06 Are you in the proper position for God to tell you what He's going to do?  
Gen 18:18 Influence 04.03.06 God places us where we can touch the lives of other people around us.  
Gen 18:19a Children 04.05.06 God wants us to have a positive affect on our children, which begins by praying for them.  
Gen 18:1b Testing 03.04.06 We'll meet God at the greatest point of our need.  
Gen 18:20b Sin 04.07.06 To God, the smallest sin is as serious as the most aggregious.  
Gen 18:23 Arguing 04.09.06 It's Ok to question God, but arguing with Him borders on stupidity.  
Gen 18:24b Gospel 04.11.06 The premise of everything we do should be to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus.  
Gen 18:25 Reason 04.13.06 When praying, it's a good idea to avoid reasoning with God or we might get more than we bargain.  
Gen 18:26 Just 04.15.06 Its good to realize God knows what's best and acts in a way that is just.  
Gen 18:27 Pray, Neglect to 04.17.06 Those who don't pray either don't understand the nature of prayer or don't have a relationship with Christ.  
Gen 18:27b Name, Jesus' 04.19.06 We should approach the Father on the basis of Jesus' authority.  
Gen 18:27c Enlightened 04.21.06 If you are not spending time in God's word and prayer, you'll remain in the dark until you do.  
Gen 18:27c Sin, Unconfessed 04.23.06 When we pray with unconfessed sin in our life, we demonstrate our lack of understanding God's character.  
Gen 18:3 Practice 03.06.06 Prayer is not a habit that is regulated or practiced.  
Gen 18:30a Prayer, Sincere 04.25.06 We should not be a "one and done" pray-er  
Gen 18:33 Belief 04.27.06 Sometime we need to act like we believe God will do what He promises to do.  
Gen 18:4b Confession 03.08.06 We shouldn't approach God without first confessing our sin and getting clean.  
Gen 18:5 Sustenance 03.10.06 God's word is energy for the soul, so get into it today and get your minimum daily requirement.  
Gen 18:5 Encounter, Divine 03.12.06 Divine appointments await us today where we least expect them.  
Gen 18:9 Responsibility 03.14.06 God knows our responsibilities and expects us to deal with them.  
Gen 19: 14b Attitude 05.19.06 There's nothing wrong with a light-hearted attitude as long as we don't treat sin that way.  
Gen 19: 26 Control 06.10.06 The eye is like a laser pointer of the Spirit indicating when something has control over us.  
Gen 19:10 Promises 05.09.06 God keeps His word even when we may not keep our's.  
Gen 19:11 Grace 05.11.06 Because a person is a sinner saved by grace doesn't mean he's exempt from danger when he sins.  
Gen 19:13 Prayer, Power in 05.13.06 Don't tell me that a multiude of people praying the same thing doesn't move God  
Gen 19:13b Consequences 05.15.06 We should never presume to ignore sin and think we will escape the consequences of our actions.  
Gen 19:14 Listening 05.17.06 It's been my experience that prayer is nine parts listening and only one part talking  
Gen 19:16a Obedience 05.21.06 When it comes to obeying God, hesistation not only places our life in danger but moreso those who watch and emulate what we do  
Gen 19:16b Grace 05.23.06 I don't know what thought brings more comfort, knowing that by his grace God loves me or that by his mercy he saves me.  
Gen 19:17b Sin, Tendency to 05.25.06 It's by thanking and trusting God for what he is doing and will do that we overcome our sinful tendencies, rather than depending on what He has done.  
Gen 19:17c Protection 05.27.06 When God says there's trouble coming, he does so in order for us to take action.  
Gen 19:18 Providence 05.29.06 When God ordains our death, who in their right mind would want to stay here anyway?  
Gen 19:1a Presence, God's 04.29.06 There is never a place or time (good or bad) where God won't meet us.  
Gen 19:1b Reverence 05.01.06 You can show reverence and not be obedient, but its highly unlikely you'll be obedient and not show reverence.  
Gen 19:22 Prompting 05.31.06 I wonder how many people are suffering with things in disarray simply because I failed to pray when God prompted me?  
Gen 19:22b Faith 06.02.06 The less time we spend in prayer, the less we know of God and the smaller our corresponding faith becomes.  
Gen 19:23 Prayer, Persistent 06.04.06 Each day, we can see how God is answering our previous petition and adjust our prayer accordingly.  
Gen 19:24 Sin, Unconfessed 06.06.06 It's amazing that we can act unphased by unconfessed sin.  
Gen 19:25 Judgment 06.08.06 Collateral destruction is not accidental when God's judgment falls.  
Gen 19:27 Altars 06.12.06 When you find your faith growing cold, all it takes to ignite your spiritual life is to go back to where you last experienced God and wait.  
Gen 19:28 Repentance 06.14.06 Repentance is little more than a temporary change of mind until we tear down the bridge to our sin.  
Gen 19:29 Redemption
06.16.06 If it weren't for judgment, there would be no need for redemption and if it were not for redemption there'd be no need for judgment.  
Gen 19:29b Providence 06.18.06 God preserves those he loves because he has a plan for them that death cannot alter.  
Gen 19:2b Sin, Denial of 05.03.06 The harder we try to deny or hide our sin, the more imminent public exposure becomes.  
Gen 19:2b Persistence 05.05.06 Persistence in prayer is good, but at what point should we accept no response on his part as a "No" to our request  
Gen 19:30 Choices, Wrong 06.20.06 Wrong choices lead to wrong associations that usually lead to more wrong choices.  
Gen 19:30b Heaven 06.22.06 As long as you're at peace WITH God with the peace OF God is in your heart, you're looking forward to going where you heart is.  
Gen 19:30b Prayer 06.23.06 It's only by spending time in prayer and God's word that we're able to see things as He sees them and know how to pray.  
Gen 19:32 Discernment 06.26.06 Even the best of man's plans and aspirations fall short of what God desires. Prayer is the means whereby we can learn the difference.  
Gen 19:32b Giving 06.30.06 The most unholy sacrifice we bring God has to be what we offer that contradicts His way.  
Gen 19:35b Prayer 07.02.06 It's alright to pray with your eyes closed as long as you're not doing something that requires you to keep them open such as driving a car or watching God work.  
Gen 19:36 Lordship 07.04.06 It would be funny if not sad how what most regard as suffering for Christ is actually the result of their failure to submit to his Lordship.  
Gen 19:7 Righteousness 05.07.06 No amount of acting good makes someone acceptable in God's sight.  
Gen 20:1 Obedience 07.06.06 Following God requires our willingness to move, something that is often a precursor to a far greater blessing.  
Gen 20:10 Excuse 08.03.06 Both God and those who are lost expect Christians to act in a godly fashion, so what possible excuse can we offer when we don't?  
Gen 20:11 Fear 08.05.06 When a person genuinely fears God, he's not likely to fear anyone else.  
Gen 20:12 Deceit 08.07.06 Putting a postitive spin on sin may soothe your conscience, but it doesn't impress anyone, especially God.  
Gen 20:13a Blame 08.09.06 I wonder how many times I've blamed my mistakes on God and try to act like I was an innocent bystander  
Gen 20:13b Deceit 08.11.06 If we're truly trusting God, we'll never lie to anyone about anything.  
Gen 20:14 Worship 08.13.06 Worship means very little if it's not accompanied by personal sacrifice.  
Gen 20:15 Transparency 08.17.06 Have we invited God to freely enter any room in our heart or do we have secret places we believe he'll pass by?  
Gen 20:16a Intercession 08.19.06 When we promise to continually pray for someone else, we can be confident God will bring them to mind when it's time to prove our commitment.  
Gen 20:16b Witness 08.21.06 A good reputation is frontline in a person's witness for the Lord.  
Gen 20:17 Intercession 08.23.06 Never underestimate the power of a godly man's prayer on behalf of other people.  
Gen 20:18 Problem, Spiritual 08.25.06 It doesn't make sense to consult a doctor for a physical problem that was brought about by a spiritual problem that in turn led to the physical problem.  
Gen 20:18b Intercession 08.27.06 What God does for one person is often grace extended on someone who is praying for them.  
Gen 20:2b Trust 07.10.06 Be careful when you try to disguise your fear, because what comes next might just expose your root problem and that is a basic distrust in God's word.  
Gen 20:3 Prayerlessness 07.12.06 It's an embarassment to us as Christians that God has to speak to strangers because we, his children, won't speak to him.  
Gen 20:4 Repentance 07.16.06 Profession means nothing if repentance is missing.  
Gen 20:5 Excuses 07.18.06 Explanations are not needed for the child of God. God dosen't require it and our Enemy doesn't deserve it.  
Gen 20:6b Sin 07.20.06 As a Christian we should ask God to keep us from sinning against him.  
Gen 20:7b Neglect 07.24.06 I wonder if our prayer life would change if we could see the effect our neglect of God's word had on our family?  
Gen 20:7b Glory, Giving God 07.22.06 It's not important who's praying, rather who God can use and get the glory.  
Gen 20:8 Delay 07.26.06 It's hard to say the best time during the day to meet God, but right now may be our last opportunity, so why wait?  
Gen 20:8 Fear 07.28.06 Fear of God begins when we lose our pretension and get honest with him and others.  
Gen 20:9 Discernment 07.30.06 The only way to solve a problem is to humbly confront the one at the root of the problem and/or solution.  
Gen 20:9b Disobedience 08.01.06 If we truly knew how people suffer because of our disobedience, we'd pray and ask forgiveness from God and them.  
Gen 21:1 Promises 08.29.06 I don't know which is more incredible, the fact God comes to our aid or He delivers on His promises.  
Gen 21:10 Blessing 09.18.06 The blessing of a godly parent goes a long way to put children in God's care before and after the parent is dead.  
Gen 21:11 Warning 09.20.06 If there was ever an indication of what lies ahead, it was Ishmael.  
Gen 21:12 Counsel 09.22.06 Don't tell my wife about this verse please.  
Gen 21:13 Mistakes 09.24.06 We ought to thank God for the fact he even uses our mistakes to bring glory to his Name.  
Gen 21:14 Home 09.26.06 Home is where you make it, as long as you're with your family.  
Gen 21:15 Futility 09.28.06

It's only after we give up that God can use us.

Gen 21:16a Prayer 09.30.06 Distance from God is measured by prayer, not in a holy metric system.  
Gen 21:16b Lordship 10.02.06 It's only when we come to the end of our own failed plans that we are in the position to let God take over.  
Gen 21:17 Dependence 10.04.06 The simplest prayer is unspoken, the expression of honest emotion and dependence on God.  
Gen 21:17b Forgetfulness 10.06.06 Even though we may tend to forget about God, He never forgets about us.  
Gen 21:18 Perspective 10.08.06 When we see other people as God sees them, we will see ourselves.  
Gen 21:19 Blindness, Spiritual 10.10.06 I wonder how many answers to prayer went unclaimed because, with eyes open I was blind to what God was doing right in front of me.  
Gen 21:2 Promises 08.31.06 Regardless if we have trouble being on time for our appointments, God has never been late in keeping his.  
Gen 21:20 Salvation 10.12.06 God is with us as we grow so we will make the decision to be with him when we're grown.  
Gen 21:22 Witness 10.14.06 If we claim to be a Christian, lost people will watch the way we live and then make a decision if God is real or not.  
Gen 21:23 Character 10.16.06 What a person does when they believe no one is watching defines their character.  
Gen 21:23b Respect 10.18.06 A believer treats the earth with the same respect he shows the Creator.  
Gen 21:24 Promises, Failed 10.20.06 Will praying with good intention merit God's grace when our past is littered with promises that we've failed to honor?  
Gen 21:25 Worry 10.22.06 If we don't own anything, it's doubtful we'll worry about anything.  
Gen 21:26 Intercession 10.24.06 Intercessors should not expect other people to see what they see, hear what they hear, have the same desires or share their convictions.  
Gen 21:27 Agreement 10.26.06 Agreements are seldom made that one person doesn't see himself getting ripped off.  
Gen 21:28 Temptation 10.28.06 If you don't want to spend it, don't put it in your wallet.  
Gen 21:29 Attention 10.30.06 Before someone will read a message in a bottle, they need a crack over the head with the bottle to get their attention.  
Gen 21:2b Prayer, Proper 09.02.06 When we pray according to what we think possible, we err because we don't know God or understand Scripture.  
Gen 21:30 Proof 11.01.06 Proving oneself means you have reason to doubt yourself.  
Gen 21:31


11.03.06 There is one thing more serious than promising something to God, and that's failing to keep what we promised.  
Gen 21:33 Worship 11.05.06 Anything we can do to help us remember to worship God is a good thing.  
Gen 21:4 Obedience 09.06.06 When it comes to obedience, the right time means everything. Only seldom will the right time not be right now.  
Gen 21:5 Waiting 09.08.06 Sometimes God waits until we've exhausted our options before He acts.  
Gen 21:6b Compromise 09.10.06 As a believer, you can't believe both God and Satan.  
Gen 21:7 Sight 09.12.06 If we want to see God do great things through our praying, we must learn to see things the way He sees them.  
Gen 21:8 Thankfulness 09.14.06 Celebrations give us an opportunity to thank God for what someone means to us.  
Gen 21:9 Children 09.16.06 There should be no his, mine and ours in a blended family.  
Gen 22:12 Steward 11.21.06 If something belongs to God, you might not want to mess with it.  
Gen 22:12b Testing 11.23.06 If we test God, it's only right He should test us, right?  
Gen 22:13a Provision 11.25.06 Before we ask God for something, we need to look around first.  
Gen 22:13b Expectation 11.27.06 God will never send us on a wild "ram" chase.  
Gen 22:13c Redemption 11.29.06 When God saves something or someone, He always has a bigger plan for it.  
Gen 22:14a Proof 12.01.06 We should never forget the times God proves His love for us.  
Gen 22:14b Legacy 12.03.06 May our victories in Jesus be celebrated long after we're gone.  
Gen 22:15 Experience 12.05.06 The only thing better than first contact is second contact.  
Gen 22:16 Redemption 12.07.06 It's not in the bag until someone's paid for it.  
Gen 22:17b Possession 12.09.06 Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but the other one-tenth depends on our relationship with God.  
Gen 22:18 Obedience 12.11.06 It's strange that some people view obedience as obligation and not privilege.  
Gen 22:1a Calling 11.09.06 When God calls, you don't want to hang up on him.  
Gen 22:1b Obeidence 11.11.06 God knows where you are, all He needs is "Yes!"  
Gen 22:2a Sacrifice 11.13.06 When God paints a picture, it usually involves using the color red.  
Gen 22:2b Calling 11.15.06 Seldom will we know the destination, but He will always show the direction.  
Gen 22:5 Worship 11.17.06 Too bad we don't have a hitching post outside the sanctuary to secure our obstinance while we pretend to worship.  
Gen 22:8 Provision 11.19.06 We shouldn't guess what God will do if we won't acknowledge what He's already done.  
Gen 23:10b Witness 12.19.06 Having a witness is a way to not only state intention, but also be held accountable.  
Gen 23:17 Altar 12.21.06 Most things we make into an altar are for the next generation a shrine.  
Gen 23:3-4 Home 12.13.06 The good thing about being on mission, is that any place you serve can be your home.  
Gen 23:5-6 Honor 12.15.06 When we honor God, people will honor us.  
Gen 23:9b Worship 12.17.06 Paying for something with money you're earned is a form of worship.  
Gen 24:1 Ignorance 12.23.06 Why is it so many consider ignorance an acceptable lifestyle?  
Gen 24:12a Prayer 12.31.06 When we ask for prayer, God gives us more than we ask.  
Gen 24:3 Church 12.25.06 Spiritual shortcuts have become acceptable practice in most churches.  
Gen 24:4 Servant 12.27.06 You'd think all servants would serve the exact wishes of their Master, wouldn't you?  
Gen 24:7b Angels 12.29.06 God made angels because divine instruction sometimes requires taking hold of the steering wheel.  
Gen 3:8 Listening 01.02.06 You haven't learned to pray until you learn to listen to God. Beginning of one-line, One-Minute Devotions
Gen 4:24 Intercession 01.04.06 Parents started praying when they began having kids.  
Gen 5:24 Following 01.06.06 We must follow God's lead and listen to His instructions or risk walking alone and talking to ourselves.  
Gen 6:10 Persistence 01.14.06 God answers prayer in such a way we have ample time to prepare for what's coming.  
Gen 6:18 Attentive 01.10.06 We should be less concerned with what God is doing in someone else's life and more concerned why He's not doing something in our own.  
Gen 6:5 Obedience 01.12.06 Unless we obey God immediately with the right attitude, we're not obedient.  
Gen 6:8 Omniscience 01.08.06 The next time we think God isn't concerned with what we think, we better think again!  
Gen 8:10 Answer 01.18.06 Prayer should not be a one-time action, but repetitive until we know God's will.  
Gen 8:20 Altar 01.20.06 Altars are built to remind us of a spiritual victory and lead us to thank God all over again.  
Gen 8:6 Expectancy 01.16.06 When praying, sometime we need to keep our eyes open to see what God is doing.  
Gen 9:1 Parents 01.22.06 When God blesses parents, he blesses their children and visa versa.  
Gen 9:13 Signs 01.26.06 We don't have to look for a sign because our Father is in the sign business.  
Gen 9:8 Blessing 01.24.06 The blessing I will realize today is the result of God blessing me through his Son.  
Matthew 5:1 Attentive 01.29.06 Don't be so busy working for the Lord you forget to listen to the needs of those He called you to serve.  
Mt 1:24 Obedient 01.03.06 What good is knowing and praying His will if we don't intend on doing it? Alternate between Mt and Gen.
Mt 2:15 Revelation 01.05.06 The only way a skeptic can keep his faith is to avoid long-term exposure to God's word.  
Mt 2:22 Fellowship 01.07.06 If it weren't for dreaming, most of us would never hear from God.  
Mt 3:11 Imposter 01.11.06 How long should God allow someone to be a false witness?  
Mt 3:15 Way, God's 01.13.06 Doing the right thing the wrong way makes the right thing the wrong thing.  
Mt 3:17 Love 01.15.06 God loves his Son by loving us with the same love he has for Him.  
Mt 3:2 Repentance 01.09.06 Has Jesus changed the way you think and act or are you still unrepentant?  
Mt 4:1 Trouble 01.17.06 Too often we give credit to Satan for something God allowed.  
Mt 4:10 Service 01.25.06 Like Jesus, may we learn to give our prayer feet.  
Mt 4:22 Lordship 01.23.06 Following Jesus requires leaving your comfort zone and doing what He would do, without excuse or delay.  
Mt 4:24 Intercession 01.27.06 When we commit to pray for other people, God will bring those with needs to us.  
Mt 4:4 Scripture 01.19.06 Our mind should be so saturated in Scripture that we use it in nearly every conversation.  
Mt 5:10 Persecution 02.14.06 Most people who believe they are being persecuted for God, are actually experiencing the consequences of failing to obey God's word.  
Mt 5:11 Insults 02.16.06 Until we learn to pray for those who despise us, we'll never amount to much as intercessors.  
Mt 5:12 Rejoice 02.18.06 Rejoice, our salvation is as real as Jesus.  
Mt 5:13 Influence 02.20.06 If you are not spiritually "salty, you have no evidence of being saved.  
Mt 5:14 Witness 02.22.06 Faith in God should be visibly evident.  
Mt 5:16 Praise 02.24.06 How much praise is your life producing?  
Mt 5:17 Prayer, Effective 02.26.06 Misconception leads to false assumption which makes it impossible to pray effectively.  
Mt 5:18 Following 01.21.06 Following someone demands staying close enough to see where they're going.  
Mt 5:18 Eternal Life 02.28.06 Was saying "Yes" to God your life insurance policy in case what He claimed was true?  
Mt 5:19 Humility 03.01.06 Great people don't like being called, "Great."  
Mt 5:20 Prayerlessness 03.03.06 The amount of time a person spends in prayer may be the best indicator of their spiritual condition.  
Mt 5:22 Responsibilty 03.05.06 We are responsible for what we say, to whom and for what purpose.  
Mt 5:24 Reconciliation 03.07.06 Memory of a unresolved conflict is a prompting of the Holy Spirit that you're not ready to pray.  
Mt 5:25 Peace 03.09.06 Confession is another word for prayer.  
Mt 5:28 Sin 03.11.06 Sin is not nearly as complicated as we make it.  
Mt 5:3 Helplessness 01.31.06 It's through weakness that we find spiritual strength.  
Mt 5:30 Conviction 03.13.06 It's a matter of life and death to view sin the way God views it.  
Mt 5:34 Boldness 03.15.06 We can pray boldly on the basis of what God has promised in his word.  
Mt 5:37 Request 03.17.06 The basis on which I base a request is as important to God as the request itself.  
Mt 5:39 Bondage 03.19.06 We should pray against the sin that has someone in bondage.  
Mt 5:4 Mourning 02.02.06 If you haven't mourned recently, I doubt you've prayed recently.  
Mt 5:40 Focus 03.21.06 As a good steward, we should focus on eternity rather than the object of our giving.  
Mt 5:42 Giving 03.23.06 Prayer is a precursor telling us how much to give and to whom.  
Mt 5:44 Love 03.25.06 Love is not an emotion but a decision.  
Mt 5:45 Prayer, Time in 03.27.06 What better way to show you're a child of God than to spend time with Him?  
Mt 5:45 Blessing 03.29.06 The sun will rise - either on you, in you, or both.  
Mt 5:45c Praying 03.31.06 It's natural for Christians to run to the Lord when problems come.  
Mt 5:46a Intercession 04.02.06 Seeing God work in the life of someone else will make us want to keep praying.  
Mt 5:47 Prayer 04.04.06 If praying was easy, everyone would be doing it.  
Mt 5:48 Perfect 04.06.06 The first step in becoming perfect is to pray, ask to be made like Jesus and then emulate him.  
Mt 5:5 Gentleness 02.04.06 Praying for others is the natural thing to do for a person who loves Jesus.  
Mt 5:6 Hunger 02.06.06 A person who prays is never happier than when he fills his mind with Scripture and allows the Holy Spirit to fill his heart.  
Mt 5:7 Mercy 02.08.06 Showing mercy is a common denominator among all those who pray for others.  
Mt 5:8 Purity 02.10.06 Purity begins with what we refuse to gaze upon  
Mt 5:9 Peace 02.12.06 Just because God is the Divine Supplier all our needs, it doesn't mean we know what we need or when we need it.  
Mt 6:1 Motives 04.08.06 Motives can be concealed from everyone except God.  
Mt 6:10 Kingdom 04.30.06 His kingdom is already at work here on earth through those of us he has redeemed.  
Mt 6:10b Way, God's 05.02.06 Knowing God's will is as easy as knowing his way.  
Mt 6:11 Blessings 05.04.06 The Bible, like manna, gives enough nourishment for each day.  
Mt 6:12 Forgiveness 05.06.06 God forgives us in the same way we forgive those who have offended us.  
Mt 6:13 Sin, Unconfessed 05.08.06 Temptation finds a home where sin resides unconfessed within a person's heart.  
Mt 6:13b Rescue 05.10.06 Our Heavenly Father knows where we are, never gives up on us and comes to our aid when we ask him.  
Mt 6:14 Forgiveness 05.12.06 We should never pray asking for forgiveness if we won't forgive those who've wronged us.  
Mt 6:15 Forgiveness 05.14.06 When someone's been forgiven of a great offense, they are more inclined to show forgiveness to others  
Mt 6:16 Fasting 05.16.06 Fasting is good if you fill the void with God's word and prayer.  
Mt 6:16b Blessing 05.18.06 Its good to remember that material blessings in this life only serve to detract us from investing in blessings in the next.  
Mt 6:18b Omniscence 05.20.06 You will find the fact God knows everything either worrisome or liberating depending on the quality of your prayer life.  
Mt 6:19 Possessions 05.22.06 Don't acquire stuff that requires too much time, keeps you from freely serving God or spending time in prayer.  
Mt 6:20 Conviction 05.24.06 Have you noticed that God hardly ever tells us to stop doing something that he doesn't tell us what to do instead?  
Mt 6:20b Discernment 05.30.06 By saturating ourself with God's Word, we are able to see things from His point of view, but by applying what we hear are we able to see encroaching darkness.  
Mt 6:21 Treasure 05.26.06 Find out where a person spends most their time and you'll find the thing they value most.  
Mt 6:22 Holiness 05.28.06 When we refuse to gaze on things we shouldn't, we keep them from controlling our thoughts and leading us to look at more things we shouldn't.  
Mt 6:23 Doubt 06.01.06 It only takes a little doubt to contaminate a seemingly healthy prayer life.  
Mt 6:23b Doubt 06.03.06 It's ok to admit doubt, but it's sin to dwell on it and allow it to keep us from confession.  
Mt 6:24 Service 06.05.06 Devotion to God is not a time-share with anyone or anything else.  
Mt 6:24b Money 06.07.06 Ministry & Money: If God doesn't provide it, will we raise the funds another way?  
Mt 6:25 Meekness 06.09.06 We have peace when we transfer ownership of everything we possess to the Lord Jesus and then let go of it.  
Mt 6:25b Desire 06.11.06 At the end of the day and looking back, will you see yourself having only served physical desires?  
Mt 6:26 Lordship 06.13.06 Our spiritual worth is measured in whose we are, not in who we are.  
Mt 6:26b Neglect 06.15.06 I may be worth more than a bird, but considering how I fail to pray and continue to look for blessing in the wrong place, a bird may have a bigger brain.  
Mt 6:27 Change 06.17.06 If you really want to see change in your life, then give God control and resist any attempt to help him do it.  
Mt 6:28 Possessions 06.19.06 A person's who is truly sold out to the Lord will not care about the price or label on his stuff or how much he has or doesn't have.  
Mt 6:28b Prayerlessness 06.21.06 How can you not pray when you see what God is doing around you?  
Mt 6:3 Service 04.10.06 Prayer is defined by availability more than ability.  
Mt 6:31 Pray, Neglect to 07.01.06 It's alarming how few pray except in church where they listen to someone else do it.  
Mt 6:33 Priorities 07.03.06 Daily prioritizing of things to do is good as long as "Spend time with God" is on top of the list.  
Mt 6:33b Provision 07.05.06 Provisional Provision is what God gives to those who are obedient and withholds from those who are not.  
Mt 6:34 Worry 06.29.06 Today will be history tomorrow.  
Mt 6:34b Provision 07.09.06 Daily dread is the other side of living by daily bread.  
Mt 6:34c Planning 07.11.06 Planning for what may happen tomorrow is not as wise as addressing what needs to be done today.  
Mt 6:4 Giving 04.12.06 Scripture tells us giving and prayer should be a private matter, which includes the church office and IRS.  
Mt 6:4b Prayer, Answered 04.14.06 Be careful what you ask in prayer because the answer may not be what you expect.  
Mt 6:6 Prayer, Public 04.18.06 Be honest with God in private, but please don't air the details of your sin in public.  
Mt 6:6a Pride 04.16.06 Sadly, some people are too self-righteous to be honest with God and too proud to ask for help.  
Mt 6:7 Prayer, Simple 04.20.06 The simplest and most powerful prayer may be one word, "Help!"  
Mt 6:8 Needs 04.22.06 God knows what we need before we do and has promised to take care of us. How great is that!  
Mt 6:9 Prayer, Lord's 04.24.06 Jesus never intended his model prayer to become a mantra repeated by those never prayed otherwise.  
Mt 6:9b Prayer 04.26.06 Many people claim to pray, but unless they pray to Jehovah God, it's little more than vocal exercise.  
Mt 6:9c Holy 04.28.06 There's no better prayer than promising to keep God's Name holy  
Mt 7:1 Forgiveness 07.13.06 God looks at us in the light of the way we treat others.  
Mt 7:10 Specificity 08.08.06 Praying with specificity is no substitute for knowing God will meet the deepest unspoken desire of our heart.  
Mt 7:11 Children, Praying for 08.10.06 Are we praying what we want or what God wants into the lives of our children?  
Mt 7:11b Pray, Neglect to 08.12.06 If a person never prays, then it's likely they'll never know or receive what God wants to give them.  
Mt 7:12 Reciprocity 08.14.06 When one person prays for someone else who is in turn praying for them, it's called reciprocity and is the heartbeat of Christian fellowship.  
Mt 7:12b Ignorant 08.16.06 Just because we should obey God's word without question, that doesn't mean we should be ignorant of what it means.  
Mt 7:13 Companionship 08.18.06 The gate leading to the garden of prayer is not so narrow that two can't enter side by side. There's enough room for both you and the Lord.  
Mt 7:14 Trouble 08.22.06 I wonder why we complain of difficulty when our Lord told us anything of value will be accompanied by trouble?  
Mt 7:14b Lost 08.24.06 Have you considered the reason so many people are lost is the fact they don't see anything wrong with their life?  
Mt 7:15 Word, God's 08.26.06 A person who prays is best informed on what God's word says and whether what another person is saying runs parallel to it or is skewed.  
Mt 7:15b Discernment 08.28.06 You can distinguish between a sheep and a wolf by watching what and how they eat.  
Mt 7:16 Testimony 08.30.06 You really can't be certain an orange is what it appears to be until you cut it, look at its inside, squeeze juice out of it, smell it and then drink it.  
Mt 7:16b Nature, Sin 09.01.06 Over time natural inclinations adapt if we don't give the Holy Spirit control of our life.  
Mt 7:17 Confession 09.03.06 When we fail to confess sin, we risk making what we believe to be hidden visible to everyone but ourself.  
Mt 7:18 Testimony 09.05.06 Good fruit reflects the nature of it's source.  
Mt 7:18b Virtue 09.07.06 Good is in the eye of the beholder unless that person is a believer and then "good" is only what God considers good.  
Mt 7:19 Fear 09.09.06 Fearing God begins with godly respect but it finds fruition in unqualified obedience.  
Mt 7:2 Obedience 07.15.06 Obedience is the door by which prayer is offered and answered.  
Mt 7:20 Spirit, Fruit of the 09.11.06 If you were accused of being a Christian and brought to trial, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  
Mt 7:21 Will, God's 09.13.06 It's easy to pray for God's will to be done, but its another matter entirely to change our plans to conform to it.  
Mt 7:22 Name, Jesus' 09.17.06 The power of Jesus' Name is not dependent on the righteousness of the person who uses it.  
Mt 7:22 Salvation 09.15.06 It's amazing that no one thinks they belong in that "Lord, Lord" group.  
Mt 7:23 Pretenders 09.19.06 God thinks it important for all fakers to know He's aware of those within their ranks who claim to be saved but are lost pretenders.  
Mt 7:24 Attentiveness 09.21.06 To know what God says requires spending time with God (in prayer) andread His word, listening carefully to the Spirit as He directs you.  
Mt 7:25 Strength 09.23.06 Without Christ, we are no stronger than the weakest element in our life.  
Mt 7:26 Agreement 09.25.06 You can always find someone to agree with you, the problem is finding someone who agrees with God.  
Mt 7:27 Help 09.27.06

Withour God's help, our plans are doomed to fail.

Mt 7:28-29 Authority 09.29.06

Authority gives our presentation more persuasion.

Mt 7:2b Listen 07.17.06 If you don't know God, then how can you be certain it's to Him you're speaking?  
Mt 7:3 Confession 07.19.06 When praying, it's fundamental to deal with your own problem areas before praying for someone else who has problems.  
Mt 7:5b Discernment 07.21.06 Discernment comes by learning to objectively look at ourselves.  
Mt 7:6 Value 07.23.06 Failure to use what God has given renders it worthless.  
Mt 7:7 Prayer, Answers to 07.25.06 If I ask God for something, either I've got what I prayed for, or there's a reason God didn't honor my request.  
Mt 7:7b Expectation 07.27.06 If we aren't actively looking for God in our life, something else entirely will likely will find us.  
Mt 7:7c Ignorance 07.29.06 Judging the mess many have made of their life, one might wonder who is behind the door on which they're knocking.  
Mt 7:8 Pray, Neglect to 07.31.06 If we never ask, then how will God know our desire and how will we acknowledge it was him who gave it to us?  
Mt 7:8b Attention 08.02.06 To God, searching is not uncovering what's not obvious, but paying close attention to what he's placed in plain sight.  
Mt 7:8c Seeking 08.04.06 A single person seeking God is more important to him than a church full of those who won't.  
Mt 7:9 Grace 08.06.06 We can trust God to meet all our needs, but aren't you glad that he doesn't stop there, but gives us far more than what we ask or even imagine?  
Mt 8:1 Ministry 10.01.06 You can tell who is spending time with God because He directs people in need to them.  
Mt 8:10 Value 10.25.06 I wonder if God ever questions his investments?  
Mt 8:10b Faith 10.27.06 Faith grows where God is given credit for being God.  
Mt 8:13 Prayer, Answered 10.29.06 I wonder how many times I've continued asking God for something He's already given me?  
Mt 8:13b Healing 10.31.06 Healing comes in many forms, but it's always in Gods' timing.  
Mt 8:14-15a Ministry 11.02.06 When we invite Jesus to go with us, the opportunity to minister in His Name will be there when we arrive.  
Mt 8:16 Discernment 11.04.06 We want to be careful that when we see the need for Jesus in the lives of other people, that we not neglect to see our own.  
Mt 8:19 Discipleship 11.06.06 If we truly want to follow Jesus, "wherever" includes where I am right now.  
Mt 8:2 Help 10.03.06 If you're experiencing problems and feel inadequate to deal with them, you're in the right position to find help in your time of need.  
Mt 8:20 Delay 11.08.06 Discipleship must be serious business, if Jesus considers any delay procrastination.  
Mt 8:21 Discipleship 11.10.06 Discipleship is serious business if Jesus considers any delay in doing it procrastination.  
Mt 8:22 Obedience 11.12.06 Here's a novel idea: when Jesus says "Go," then Go!  
Mt 8:24 Attention 11.14.06 When Jesus slept, the Holy Spirit was keeping watch.  
Mt 8:25 Reaction 11.16.06 Most knee-jerk prayers are like interupting God to tell Him we got His message.  
Mt 8:26 Trust 11.18.06 What else could Jesus have said or done to lead us to trust Him?  
Mt 8:26b Belief 11.20.06 How many times should Jesus have to prove who He is before we believe it?  
Mt 8:27 Jesus 11.22.06 When we focus on the humanity of Jesus, it usually blocks our vision of God.  
Mt 8:28 Trouble 11.24.06 When trouble finds us and it will, will we be with Jesus?  
Mt 8:29 Lord 11.26.06 They shouted, “Why are you bothering us now, Son of God? Did you come here to torture us before it is time?” Mt 8:29  
Mt 8:2b Faith, Weak 10.05.06 I wonder how many times my prayer falls short of what God can do and wants to do?  
Mt 8:3 Prayerfulness 10.07.06 If we really believed God answers prayer, we'd spend more time doing it.  
Mt 8:30-31 Schemes 11.28.06 The best laid plan of demons and pigs can't out-maneuver God.  
Mt 8:32a Witness 11.30.06 I'm certain it wasn't the pigs who told people what Jesus did.  
Mt 8:32b Stronghold 12.02.06 When evil comes in and you don't usher him out, look out!  
Mt 8:33 Focus 12.04.06 We shouldn't worry about warts when cancer's invaded our body.  
Mt 8:34 Truth 12.06.06 People can't handle the truth and maintain their lies.  
Mt 8:3b Expectation 10.09.06 When an answer to our prayer seems delayed, we shouldn't think God is holding back, but instead examine where we're looking and what we're expecting.  
Mt 8:4 Secrets 10.11.06 Sometime God tells his intercessors things that other people are just not able to understand or relate. In the same way, do you have secrets that only God knows?  
Mt 8:4b Testimony 10.13.06 With every answer to prayer there should be testimony to others of what God has done.  
Mt 8:6 Intercession 10.17.06 The first step in intercession is having sympathy for someone in need and having a strong desire to help them.  
Mt 8:7 Answers 10.19.06 Prayer is really about coming and going. We keep going to the Lord in prayer and He keeps coming.  
Mt 8:8 Intercession 10.15.06 When our relationship with Jesus is obvious and our testimony consistent, it's amazing how often we will be asked to pray for someone.  
Mt 8:8 Humility 10.21.06 Humility is one-part belief that I deserve nothing, one-part grateful spirit that accepts what comes and one-part willingness to use it for God's glory.  
Mt 8:8b Name 10.23.06 Prayer in the name of anyone but Jesus is a waste of time and breath.  
Mt 9:1 Futility 12.08.06 It's not over till God says it's over.  
Mt 9:10 Witness 12.30.06 When we're without an agenda, people won't be afraid to ask questions.  
Mt 9:2a Position 12.10.06 Results from God's point of view, are dependent upon position and expectation.  
Mt 9:2b Answers 12.12.06 Sometimes we ask the wrong question to get the right answer.  
Mt 9:3 Intent 12.14.06 Most people doing the wrong thing, earnestly believe God agrees with them.  
Mt 9:4a Omniscence 12.16.06 Does the fact God knows what your thinking give you cause to be concerned?  
Mt 9:4b Sin 12.18.06 Every time we do something wrong, we give an unbeliever another reason to mistrust God.  
Mt 9:5 Asking 12.20.06 Why do we see the need to apologize for asking God to do big things?  
Mt 9:6a Authority 12.22.06 Exercised authority is the ultimate test of authenticity.  
Mt 9:6b Service 12.24.06 Have you noticed how many Christians act as if they're paralyzed when asked to serve?  
Mt 9:8 Perception 12.26.06 Why is it that the world is sometimes more amazed at God's work that we are?  
Mt 9:9 Follow 12.28.06 Folowing someone requires staying close or you risk losing him.