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Gen 24:12b Intercession 01.02.07 God is pleased to listen to someone with the right attitude and approaching him in on behalf of someone else.  
Gen 24:14b Confidence 01.04.07 Confirmation is a sure way to be confident.  
Gen 24:15a Answer 01.06.07 God may answer before we finish, but he seldom answers before we start.  
Gen 24:19b Service 01.08.07 A servant never sees an end to their service.  
Gen 24:21 Association 01.10.07 We can judge a person's character by watching what he does with whom.  
Gen 24:27 Direction 01.26.07 When God is leading us, we don't neeed to know the destination.  
Gen 24:27a Trust 01.12.07 Trust is earned, but it shouldn't require constant re-certification.  
Gen 24:27b Excuse 01.14.07 Explanations given without relating to God are nothing but an excuse.  
Gen 24:31 Hospitality 01.16.07 Hospitality should be natural for the Christian, but the world usually has a motive.  
Gen 24:33b Mission 01.18.07 When you're on mission, it should come before everything else.  
Gen 24:34 Authority 01.20.07 When we serve the Lord and he tells us to go, we exercise his authority  
Gen 24:40a Angels 01.22.07 If the road we're called to travel is difficult or dangerous, we won't go alone.  
Gen 24:42 Prayer 01.24.07 Most situations require we be mobile and pray the same way.  
Gen 24:45 Coincidence 01.28.07

It's amazing what we call coincidence is God moving right before our eyes.

Gen 24:50 Prayer 01.30.07

When God is in it, you don't need to ask Him in.

Gen 24:60a Blessing 02.01.07 How many times have we given someone a birthday card when we could have given them a blessing?  
Gen 24:60b Parents 02.03.07 God has blessed far more mothers than fathers.  
Gen 24:60c Enemy 02.05.07 God intends for us to take what the enemy wants to keep.  
Gen 24:63 Encounter 02.07.07 At a time we least suspect, God directs ministry to us.  
Gen 25:1 Failure 02.09.07 Don't let people convince you, one failure and you're one and done.  
Gen 25:11 Blessing 02.17.07 God often blesses the children of godly parent long after they're gone.  
Gen 25:16 Understanding 02.19.07 Just because you can't explain it, doesn't mean God will give you a hint.  
Gen 25:18a Expectation 02.21.07 If nothing is expected of you, then you can rest assured no one is going to help you.  
Gen 25:18b Reconcile 02.23.07 When we fail to reconcile our differences with people, we can expect more to surface.  
Gen 25:21 Prayerlessness 02.25.07 Most people won't pray as long as they think they can do something without God's help.  
Gen 25:22a Conflicts 02.27.07 Unresolved conflicts are associated with disobedience.  
Gen 25:22b Prayer 03.01.07 If you're not praying, on what are you waiting?  
Gen 25:25 Name 03.03.07 A name may define a man, but his character is defined by how he lives.  
Gen 25:26 Achievement 03.05.07 Everyone who becomes someone owes much to someone else the world regards as no one.  
Gen 25:27a Work 03.07.07 A person becomes expert when he does the same thing over and over and over.  
Gen 25:27b Fame 03.09.07 People of note don't have to promote themselves.  
Gen 25:28 Competition 03.11.07 Rivalry has been in play from the time a second person was created.  
Gen 25:31 Loss 03.13.07 It's highly likely that what we take for granted another person will take.  
Gen 25:32 Desire 03.15.07 People who practice instant-gratification see no other options.  
Gen 25:33a Value 03.17.07 Generally men will trade or give away that which cost them nothing.  
Gen 25:5 Possessions 02.11.07 When it's time to go, things don't matter anymore.  
Gen 25:8b Age 02.13.07 Old age and godly living are connected.  
Gen 25:9a Death 02.15.07 Differences melt when death draws family together.  
Gen 26:10 Deception 03.29.07 Those who deceive never consider those who will suffer for what they did.  
Gen 26:11 Instruction 03.31.07 "Don't touch the Paint," would accomplish more if it read, "Everyone must touch this!"  
Gen 26:12 Blessing 04.02.07 We don't work to be blessed, but blessed because we work.  
Gen 26:13 Blessings 04.04.07 Most people, if having the choice, would choose certain blessings and not what God desires.  
Gen 26:14 Comparison 04.06.07 Quantity doesn't matter unless it means he has more than me.  
Gen 26:15 Parents 04.08.07 It's amazing that children will hurt themselves trying to hurt their parents.  
Gen 26:16 Tolerance 04.10.07 I'm ok with you as long as I have as much as you do.  
Gen 26:17 Opportunity 04.12.07 For the Christian, there is no opportunity so great that a better one can't be discovered where God calls you.  
Gen 26:18a Work 04.14.07 Anything done can be undone, and what's been undone can be done again.  
Gen 26:18b Repentance 04.16.07 Christians get mulligans (ask a golfer) as long as it glorifies God.  
Gen 26:2 Obedience 03.19.07 Obedience mean sacrificing your own plans.  
Gen 26:20 Possession 04.18.07 Some believe what's their's is their's and what's not their's should be.  
Gen 26:21 Quit 04.20.07 The longer you try to avoid confrontation, the closer you get to giving up in frustration.  
Gen 26:22a Intention 04.22.07 When someone knows your intent, they're far less tempted to question your actions.  
Gen 26:22b Success 04.24.07 Success is a product of freedom and expression less condemnation.  
Gen 26:24 Presence 04.26.07 Knowing God is with me gives me great comfort, but there were times in my life, that thought was troublesome.  
Gen 26:25a Altar 04.28.07 Altars are a way to avoid falters.  
Gen 26:25b World 04.30.07 As long as earth is our home, permanence is temporary.  
Gen 26:27 Motive 05.02.07 Motives are like wild hares, they're hard to see until they move.  
Gen 26:28a Testimony 05.04.07 When God is with you, people know it.  
Gen 26:28b Agreement 05.06.07 Negotiations can accomplish what threats and intimidation can't.  
Gen 26:29b Church 05.08.07 Association with believers can prove beneficial to anyone who's not.  
Gen 26:3 Possessions 03.21.07 In God's kingdom, you don't have to be a homeowner to have permanence.  
Gen 26:31a Promise 05.10.07 A promise between to people in the presence of God is usually formidable unless it happens to be a marriage ceremony.  
Gen 26:33a Forget 05.12.07 It's funny how we tend to forget the things we shouldn't.  
Gen 26:35 Trouble 05.14.07 Trouble-makers don't need any starter dough to make bread.  
Gen 26:5 Blessing 03.23.07 People these days don't care why God is blessing them or not blessing them.  
Gen 26:7b Fear 03.25.07 Our worst fears are mostly imagined, seldom realized.  
Gen 26:9 Deception 03.27.07 When you ask a person why they had to lie, look to them to lie again  
Gen 27:10 Crime 05.24.07 If those complicit in crime were behind bars with the perpetrator, few would be on the other side.  
Gen 27:12b Deception 05.26.07 Most people don't make good liars at first.  
Gen 27:13b Dedication 05.28.07 Dedication has no problem with potential trouble.  
Gen 27:18b Age 05.30.07 Nothing is lower than taking advantage of the elderly for your advantage.  
Gen 27:2 Age 05.16.07 The older we get, the more we need to redeem our time.  
Gen 27:20b Glory 06.01.07 We should never claim God ordained our plan to advance our personal agenda.  
Gen 27:21b Listen 06.03.07 We wouldn't accept nearly as many rumors if we listened to our initial disbelief.  
Gen 27:22b Children 06.05.07 Most parents are not willing to accept the fact sin can trump devotion in our children.  
Gen 27:24 Repentance 06.07.07 It's curious how shame seldom if ever, convinces a Christian to change his ways.  
Gen 27:25a Motive 06.09.07 Jacob proved there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.  
Gen 27:27 Deception 06.11.07 Deception has many associates that liars find difficult to manage.  
Gen 27:28 Blessing 06.13.07 When God blesses something, everyone in proximity benefits.  
Gen 27:29a Blame 06.15.07

Responsibility without Authority yields automatic blame.

Gen 27:29b Church 06.17.07 When someone ridicules the church, they're out on a limb that can't support their weight.  
Gen 27:32a Deception 06.19.07 Dockers has a new pants called "Liar, Liar," that protects the lower torso from burns even while the outside is a blazing inferno.  
Gen 27:33a Mistakes 06.21.07 A mistake can be uncovered, but not always undone.  
Gen 27:34 Forgiveness 06.23.07 Whoever said the offender deserves forgiveness should ask the offended first.  
Gen 27:36 Deception 06.25.07 There's nothing you can do to stop someone from cheating you except die.  
Gen 27:38b Protection 06.27.07 Only children expect someone to cover their mistakes and erase their troubles.  
Gen 27:39 Work 06.29.07 No one wants to be comforted with discomforting predictions.  
Gen 27:4 Family 05.18.07 Nothing is so good as time we spend with our family  
Gen 27:40 Service 07.01.07 Most of us don't like the idea of serving another man less deserving and qualified than us.  
Gen 27:40b Forgiveness 07.03.07 Bitterness and a get-even attitude can be severe taskmasters.  
Gen 27:41a Hate 07.05.07 Hate seems like a reasonable response until it eats you out of house and home.  
Gen 27:43 Guilt 07.09.07 If something is so bad, we consider running, guilt and fear runs alongside us.  
Gen 27:45 Reconciliation 07.11.07 Refusing to ask forgiveness usually results in the other guy doing the same.  
Gen 27:46 Children 07.13.07 When a child has left home, only God can finish what parents started.  
Gen 27:5a Misunderstanding 05.20.07 If we only listened to conversation intended for us, most misunderstandings could be avoided.  
Gen 27:8 Instruction 05.22.07 Instruction not followed is wasted breath.  
Gen 28:12 Hope 07.18.07 Jacob's life should give hope to anyone feeling unworthy, inferior or insignificant.  
Gen 28:15a Promise 07.20.07 No doubt the best promise in the Bible is that God is with us and watch over us wherever we go.  
Gen 28:15b Promise 07.22.07 God's promises extend to the end and beyond.  
Gen 28:16b Presence 07.24.07 We should be embarassed how many times we asked God to visit us when He was already there.  
Gen 28:17 Presence 07.26.07 It's human nature to want to stay where God revealed Himself to us.  
Gen 28:18 Calling 07.28.07 We should do what we can to remember God's calling.  
Gen 28:19 Presence 07.30.07 When God is in something, nothing else matters.  
Gen 28:21 Will 08.01.07 God's will doesn't always mean what's best for you.  
Gen 28:22 Giving 08.03.07 Giving is the natural response of a grateful heart.  
Gen 28:8 Spite 07.16.07 Children won't admit it, but they know what pleases and displeases their parents.  
Gen 29:13 Motive 08.07.07 Be careful approving of someone before knowing what he wants or how much he wants.  
Gen 29:14 Family 08.09.07 Families usually stick together until someone on the inside acts like they're on the outside.  
Gen 29:15 Obligation 08.11.07 Every works for compensation of either money, obligation or both.  
Gen 29:17 Expectation 08.13.07 When we pray, we may not get what we expect, but we can rest assured we will get what God expects.  
Gen 29:18 Delay 08.15.07 Much to our chagrin, delays can make us patient and increase our gratefulness.  
Gen 29:20b Time 08.17.07 Time seems to slow down when we're doing something we love.  
Gen 29:21 Agreement 08.19.07 There's nothing more discouraging than honoring your part of an agreement, then having to renegotiate with someone who won't honor their's.  
Gen 29:23b Mistakes 08.21.07 When we've been duped and realize part of it was our failure to pay attention, the lesson can be expensive.  
Gen 29:24 Giving 08.23.07 We show our high regard for someone when we give them something of great value to us.  
Gen 29:25 Justice 08.25.07 Turn about is not onl fair play, it might be poetic justice.  
Gen 29:26 Questions 08.27.07 If we learned to ask the right questions, we'd probalby avoid untimely surprises.  
Gen 29:27 Redemption 08.29.07 A deposit not only securs a purchase, but also confirms the terms of redemption.  
Gen 29:28a Value 08.31.07 Price is totally unrelated to value.  
Gen 29:29 Children 09.02.07 There's no greater gift a parent can give a child than to teach them to love and serve God.  
Gen 29:30b Desire 09.04.07 Teenagers didn't create the saying, "I want what I want when I want it."  
Gen 29:31 Compassion 09.06.07 God's compassion makes man's compassion look anemic.  
Gen 29:32 Children 09.08.07 If children are such a blessing, how can we defend the care some of us have treated our parents?  
Gen 29:33 Care 09.10.07 Before you say no one loves you, consider you wouldn't be here unless God cared.  
Gen 29:34b Listen 09.12.07 Make sure it's God's voice we hear, or we could be dragged through all sorts of trouble on the way to nowhere.  
Gen 29:35 Praise 09.14.07 We glorify God when we start praising Him.  
Gen 29:6b Blessing 08.05.07 The phrase "Here comes the bride" is a biblical one denoting coming from God.  
Gen 30:1 Blame 09.16.07 Instead of blaming others for our problems, we need to ask God what He thinks.  
Gen 30:11 Luck 09.28.07 Good luck with luck being your provision.  
Gen 30:13 Witness 09.30.07 Will the world see God in us today or someone who only lives to take Him for granted?  
Gen 30:15 Trust 10.02.07

Distrust seldom, if ever, never finds an end

Gen 30:15b Compromise 10.04.07

When we compromise our conviction, we open the door to other people doing the same.

Gen 30:18 Reward 10.06.07 Sometimes what we view as creative, God calls manipulative.  
Gen 30:2 Anger 09.18.07 Anger is a symptom of failing to trust God.  
Gen 30:20b Obedience 10.08.07 This time my husband will honor me because I have given him six sons.” So she named him Zebulun [Honor].  
Gen 30:21 Intervention 10.10.07

God often introduces things to slow us down.

Gen 30:22 Birth 10.12.07

Conception is too important to leave up to humans.

Gen 30:23 Testimony 10.14.07 If we claim to be a Christian, lost people will watch the way we live and then make a decision if God is real or not.  
Gen 30:27 Character 10.16.07 What a person does when they believe no one is watching is their character.  
Gen 30:3 Will 09.20.07 A detour around God's will is a direct route to someone else's will.  
Gen 30:30 Environment 10.18.07 A believer treats the earth with the same respect he shows the Creator.  
Gen 30:33 Promises 10.20.07 God's promises never fail, even if our past is littered with promises we've failed to keep.  
Gen 30:35 Forgiveness 10.22.07 Just because you try to forget your sin and act like it never happened doesn't mean God will.  
Gen 30:39 Profession 10.24.07 More times than not, a demonstration is required to validate profession.  
Gen 30:4 Trust 09.22.07 Why is it that every generation has to re-learn lessons of the previous generation?  
Gen 30:40b Fear 10.26.07 It's one thing to say you love God, but another thing altogether to live in such a way you prove it.  
Gen 30:42b Conflicts 10.28.07 Unresolved conflicts create new bigger ones.  
Gen 30:6 Blessing 09.24.07 What we consider a blessing might not be.  
Gen 30:8 Conflicts 09.26.07 Unresolved conflicts within a family never have winners, only long-term losers.  
Gen 31:14 Deception 11.09.07 A lie will eventually stand out like a strobe in the darkness.  
Gen 31:15 Assurance 11.11.07 Presumption is expectation based on hope, whereas faith is assurance based on God's Word.  
Gen 31:16b Obedience 11.13.07 Reluctant, but compliant is much better than rash and contrary.  
Gen 31:19 Alone 11.25.07 Sometime being alone is the only way to block out all the noise and amplify God's voice.  
Gen 31:19 Giving 11.15.07 It's interesting that the act of giving in the Bible most often reflects multiplication, not division.  
Gen 31:1a Suffering 10.30.07 How sad is it that those who listen to God must suffer for those who won't?  
Gen 31:2 Senses 11.01.07 Things aren't always as they appear and we tend to believe only what we can see and touch.  
Gen 31:20 Needs 11.17.07 More times than not, it's God working through people we'd never suspect, to meet our need.  
Gen 31:23b Debt 11.19.07 When someone buys your lunch, what you expected to pay just went up.  
Gen 31:24 Fear 11.21.07 Fear is an alarm warning us that we've stopped trusting God.  
Gen 31:26b Greeting 11.23.07 Most people don't expect an answer when they ask how someone is.  
Gen 31:3 Blame 11.03.07 Why is it that we tend to blame God for our mistakes?  
Gen 31:30b Attitude 11.27.07 Someone who belittles someone else makes himself smaller.  
Gen 31:31 Attitude 11.29.07 What we do isn't nearly as important as how we do it and the attitude we display.  
Gen 31:32a Guilt 12.01.07 Guilt is a symptom of a deeper problem planted in the soil of unconfessed sin.  
Gen 31:32b Motives 12.03.07 Others may not know what we're thinking, but God does.  
Gen 31:35 Problems 12.05.07 If everyone with a bone to pick would practice deference, closets would have no skeletons.  
Gen 31:36 Possessions 12.07.07 Worry and meekness are opposite in that one assumes responsibility belonging to God and the other takes care of what belongs to God.  
Gen 31:37b Blame 12.09.07 If we must blame someone else, it's obvious we haven't learned to depend on God.  
Gen 31:42 Sadness 12.11.07 Sadness is most often the result of over-indulgence in the things of this world.  
Gen 31:47 Fear 12.13.07 Fear of the unknown can keep us from finding success and prosperity.  
Gen 31:49 Forgiveness 12.15.07 When we forgive someone, we make it easier for them to ask God's forgiveness.  
Gen 31:53 Salvation 12.17.07 Salvation is amazing in and of itself but the way God does it defies my capacity to understand or contain it.  
Gen 31:7 Security 11.05.07 If you're saved, God is on your side even if it feels no one else is.  
Gen 31:9 Sin, Second-hand 11.07.07 When we believe what others tell us without consulting God, we risk becoming a victim of second-hand sin.  
Gen 32:1 Confidence 12.19.07 Knowing where you've been is important, but not as much as knowing where you're going and Who is with you.  
Gen 32:10a Favor, Unmerited 12.31.07 Undeserved mercy is perhaps the simplest of prayers, yet what should be the basis of everything we ever pray.  
Gen 32:5 Loss 12.21.07 What does it really matter if we lose everything knowing God will never lose us?  
Gen 32:6 Presumption 12.23.07 It's funny how what we hear can sound like more than what somebody said.  
Gen 32:7 Dread 12.25.07 After we imagine the worst that can happen, it's curious that what we dreaded was actually unexpected blessing.  
Gen 32:8 Battles 12.27.07 When we make provision for failure, we've already lost the battle.  
Gen 32:9 Prayer 12.29.07 Will history say of you, "He prayed?"  
Mt 10:1 Mission 03.02.07 The mission God gave the disciples, he also gave to you.  
Mt 10:10 Giving 03.14.07 When we serve God and have needs, other people have opportunity to love God through meeting those needs.  
Mt 10:11a Listen 03.16.07 Why is it that some people talk when no one is listening?  
Mt 10:11b Finish 03.18.07 Most everyone starts more things than they finish.  
Mt 10:12 Hospitality 03.20.07 Hospitality should be a bi-directional quality.  
Mt 10:13 Gospel 03.22.07 The gospel is too important to waste on people trying to sell you something in return.  
Mt 10:14 Gospel 03.24.07 We should preach a gospel where a negative response is unacceptable.  
Mt 10:15 Rejection 03.26.07 The rejection of Jesus invites destruction as your house guest.  
Mt 10:16 Innocence 03.28.07 Innocence doesn't mean pulling your own cord to the guillotine.  
Mt 10:18 Name 03.30.07 Just because we don't have to defend Jesus' Name, doesn't mean we shouldn't.  
Mt 10:19 Inspiration 04.01.07 Inspiration seldom comes before it's needed.  
Mt 10:20 Speech 04.03.07 What you might say is not nearly as important as who's saying it.  
Mt 10:21 Sin 04.05.07 Society breaks down in relation to the degree sin has open reign.  
Mt 10:22a Influence 04.07.07 We used to call the smart ones, "Teacher's pet." Now we call them teachers.  
Mt 10:22b Patience 04.09.07 Most people are willing to wait until their patience runs out.  
Mt 10:23 Gospel 04.11.07 There is nothing that should prevent us from peaching the Gospel.  
Mt 10:24 Respect 04.13.07 With position should come respect, expect for the opportunistic.  
Mt 10:25 Association 04.15.07 Association is much easier than disassociation.  
Mt 10:26 Hidden 04.17.07 One day soon your closets won't have walls.  
Mt 10:27 Gospel 04.19.07 No one should reject the Gospel never having heard it.  
Mt 10:28 Losing 04.21.07 We waste far too much energy on battles we can't win.  
Mt 10:29 Omniscience 04.23.07 God is aware of everything even though some things aren't worth knowing.  
Mt 10:30 Omniscience 04.25.07 As for counting hairs, God doesn't have to spend as much time on some people as others.  
Mt 10:31 Service 04.27.07 To think God loves me is beyond understanding, but to think He loves me the way I am, makes me want to do something to serve HIm.  
Mt 10:32 Profession 04.29.07 Timidity is fine unless it represents unwillingness to profess Jesus as Lord.  
Mt 10:33 Witness 05.01.07 Don't believe for a moment that sharing your faith in Jesus is optional.  
Mt 10:34 Peace 05.03.07 If you want to stir up trouble, try being a peace-maker at a church business meeting.  
Mt 10:35-36 Salvation 05.05.07 Salvation is not a group process, but individuals acting in concert with the Savior.  
Mt 10:37 Motivation 05.07.07 Devotion should motivate us more than love.  
Mt 10:38 Disciples 05.09.07 Disciples are followers who have considered the cost, but won't consider going back.  
Mt 10:39 Safety 05.11.07 The safest place for a believer is on the front line of battle against the enemy.  
Mt 10:40 Influence 05.13.07 Everything we do reflects on Jesus which in turn reflects of the Father.  
Mt 10:42 Blessing 05.15.07 Not only does God bless believers, but He also blesses anyone who shows favor to them.  
Mt 10:5 Obedience 03.04.07 Obedience applies to both "Go" and "Don't go" as well.  
Mt 10:6 Lost 03.06.07 Most sheep don't think they're lost, hence the word "dumb" comes into play.  
Mt 10:7 Ignorance 03.08.07 The world mocks the very message God has been sending them from day one.  
Mt 10:8 Giving 03.10.07 It's amazing that men will sell anything to anybody, regardless of what was given them.  
Mt 10:9 Faith 03.12.07 Faith can work when we don't have anything, because it's certain we must depend on God.  
Mt 11:1 Service 05.17.07 Delegation doesn't remove our personal responsibility to serve.  
Mt 11:10 Messiah 05.27.07 It would great if John the Baptist showed up at every Jewish Seder to validate the Messiah.  
Mt 11:11 Church 05.29.07 Jesus elevated the church to the highest position in the kingdom.  
Mt 11:12 Church 05.31.07 No authority, power or privilege is witheld from the believer if they ask for it  
Mt 11:14-15 Hearing 06.02.07 Simply hearing something is far from accepting it.  
Mt 11:19b Wisdom 06.04.07 When we act on what we know pleases God, we can relax our fear of presumption.  
Mt 11:20 Repentance 06.06.07 I wonder how Jesus feels about repent-less gospel witnessing?  
Mt 11:22 Repentance 06.08.07 It's criminal how repentance is seldom, if ever, preached for the sake of maintaining the status quo.  
Mt 11:25 Knowledge 06.10.07 The simple people who walked with Jesus were students in the university of accelerated knowledge.  
Mt 11:26 Accomplish 06.12.07 God can do more with a little bit than the world can do with everything else.  
Mt 11:27a Accountability 06.14.07 When God gives you responsibility, He holds you accountabiie for what you do.  
Mt 11:27b Sovereignty 06.16.07 When it comes to salvation, we give far too much credit to personal choice and not enough to God's sovereignty.  
Mt 11:28 Dependence 06.18.07 We're so busy carrying our weight, we fail to rely on God.  
Mt 11:29 Work 06.20.07 Whoever said there's an equal and opposite reaction for every action obviously hasn't seen Jesus in action.  
Mt 11:3 Relationship 05.19.07 It's natural for someone who knows Jesus, to want to know him better.  
Mt 11:30 Ministry 06.22.07 Working for Jesus if joyful, not laborious.  
Mt 11:4 Privacy 05.21.07 We don't need to interpret what God is doing in our life for someone who's not watching.  
Mt 11:6 Salvation 05.23.07 You can't lose what you never had, but you can get what you'll never lose.  
Mt 11:9 Jesus 05.25.07

Every description of Jesus to date has been deficient.

Mt 12:1 Liberty 06.24.07

Liberty has always been a target for power hungry legalists.

Mt 12:10 Motive 07.08.07 In volleyball, it's called a setup, but in Jewish legal jargon it's called stir-up, as in trouble.  
Mt 12:12 Virtue 07.10.07 Once the rights of an animal exceed that of a human, there's no limit on the depth of moral degredation a society can sink.  
Mt 12:13 Obedience 07.12.07 Obedience is the fast track to health.  
Mt 12:14 Violence 07.14.07 I'm glad road-side bombs weren't around when the Pharisees plotted against Jesus.  
Mt 12:15 Motive 07.15.07 When you know someone's motive, you generally know when to duck and when to run.  
Mt 12:17 Skeptics 07.17.07 Untold skeptics and agnostics have tried to prove the Bible is error, so go ahead and give it your best shot.  
Mt 12:18 Failure 07.19.07 It makes sense for a failure to preach God's unfailing grace.  
Mt 12:2 Comparison 06.26.07 Discrediting someone you don't credit sounds disingenuous.  
Mt 12:21 God 07.21.07 They won't admit it but even pagan nations want a God who isn't deaf, dumb and dead.  
Mt 12:22 Blindness 07.23.07 The only blindness Jesus can't cure is that which a man prides himself.  
Mt 12:23 Perception 07.25.07 If there's anyone we shouldn't underestimate, it's someone whom God is obviously using.  
Mt 12:24 Understanding 07.27.07 It's in man's nature to discount what he can't understand or manipulate.  
Mt 12:25a Victory 07.29.07 Two played on a team must stay and work together or they will be separated and defeated.  
Mt 12:25b Cooperation 07.31.07 Cooperation is the key component in anything if its expected to last more than a day.  
Mt 12:27 Enemy 08.02.07 Should you expect your enemy to assist you or take advantage of your vunerability?  
Mt 12:28 Demonstration 08.04.07 A demonstration serves to prove most don't deserve it  
Mt 12:3 Comparison 06.28.07 No one wants to be reminded they're applying a double standard.  
Mt 12:30 Choice 08.08.07 There's only two sides to an issue when Jesus is one side.  
Mt 12:31 Holy Spirit 08.10.07 One (strike) and out should you abuse the Holy Spirit in any way.  
Mt 12:32 Forgiveness 08.12.07 God's memory is eternal and limited only to forgiven sin.  
Mt 12:33 Life 08.14.07 The only way to kill a tree is to cut it's roots or keep food, water and sunshine from it.  
Mt 12:33b Fruit 08.16.07 The fruit principle is lost on someone who doesn't have any.  
Mt 12:34 Evil 08.18.07 You won't play with a snake long before he bites you.  
Mt 12:35b Actions 08.20.07

Is a lost person disingenious who acts like he's lost?

Mt 12:36 Judgment 08.22.07 Too many believe that claiming ignorance on Judgment Day will get a pass for malious and slanderous conversation.  
Mt 12:37 Confession 08.24.07 Confession may get results when nothing else will.  
Mt 12:38 Proof 08.26.07 A demonstration is a waste of time if you think it will convince anyone.  
Mt 12:39 Signs 08.28.07 Signs are short-cuts to short-lived faith.  
Mt 12:4 Correction 06.30.07 I love it when Jesus gave religious lessons to the teachers of religion.  
Mt 12:40 Expectation 08.30.07 Clues given to clueless people result in unexpected solutions.  
Mt 12:41 Repentance 09.01.07 If Jesus preached repentance, why don't we?  
Mt 12:43 Evil 09.03.07 You might defeat evil one day, but will face it on another front the next.  
Mt 12:44 Holy Spirit 09.05.07 Everything clean is target for sin unless the Holy Spirit controls it.  
Mt 12:45a Danger 09.07.07 It's never safe to assume we don't need our Mighty Fortress.  
Mt 12:45b Problems 09.09.07 Before you say things can't get worse for you, imagine those who have rejected God's gift of salvation.  
Mt 12:48 Following 09.11.07 That which prevents you from following God must be ignored or you'll never do it completely.  
Mt 12:5 Teachers 07.02.07 Few leaders like a status change where someone they taught advances to their level or above.  
Mt 12:50 Family 09.13.07 True family is the one who loves without condition and hates what you hate.  
Mt 12:6 Change 07.04.07 Only the Author has the right to edit his book and audit men's interpretions.  
Mt 12:8 Authority 07.06.07 Rule makers have the authority to change rules, enforce rules or negate rules.  
Mt 13:1 Witness 09.15.07 When we answer the call to go, we're expected to mix it up with the world, not blend in.  
Mt 13:11a Blessings 09.27.07 The best things are reserved for those who can enjoy them for eternity.  
Mt 13:11b Privlege 09.29.07 We Christians too often neglect the privileges the world has not been given.  
Mt 13:12a Blessing 10.01.07 How can you expect more blessing until you use what's already been given you.  
Mt 13:12b Blessings 10.03.07 We are more of a train stop for God's blessings than the final destination.  
Mt 13:13 Communication 10.05.07 Dialog requires speaker and a listener, or all you have is monologue.  
Mt 13:13b Listen 10.07.07

Our ears should have been equipped with a "Don't Bother" cover.

Mt 13:13c Understanding 10.09.07

Understanding comes from spending time with the Source of all knowledge.

Mt 13:16 Senses 10.11.07

We should never take our spiritual senses for granted.

Mt 13:17 Attemtion 10.13.07 What if God answered your prayer and you were so disinterested you didn't notice?  
Mt 13:19a Intercession 10.15.07 It's amazing how many times people approach someone they don't know to be remembered in prayer.  
Mt 13:19b Appropriation 10.17.07 Intercessors have a strong desire to apply God's Word to someone's situation.  
Mt 13:20a Prayer 10.19.07 Prayer is about coming and going, we keep going to the Lord and He keeps coming through.  
Mt 13:21 Assurance 10.21.07 Remembering what God did is great, but confident assurance is better.  
Mt 13:21b Testing 10.23.07 It's not if we'll be tested, but when and how, so try not to act suprised or be offended when it happens.  
Mt 13:22 Caution 10.25.07 It's best to wait a bit before opening your mouth, giving both time to pray and consider the reprecussions.  
Mt 13:23 Deception 10.27.07 Awareness of immediate exposure and judgment might prevent someone from telling a lie.  
Mt 13:23b Complain 10.29.07 I'm all too willing to endure guilt but tend to complain of consequences.  
Mt 13:24 Justice 10.31.07 There is a payday coming for the work you've done on earth and without payroll deduction.  
Mt 13:25 Profession 11.02.07 Emotions are sometimes more honest than our profesison.  
Mt 13:26 Ownership 11.04.07 How can you lose what you don't own?  
Mt 13:27 Responsibility 11.06.07 Responsibility without authority is a sure formula for failure.  
Mt 13:28 Conviction 11.08.07 For those with no real faith in God, conviction ends where the fear of dying begins.  
Mt 13:28b Query 11.10.07 If you want to find out something, nothing is as effective as a direct approach.  
Mt 13:29 Waiting 11.12.07 Waiting on God should not be misconstrued with a delay based on indecision.  
Mt 13:30 Giving 11.14.07 An offering reflects the value the giver places on the one to whom he gives it.  
Mt 13:30b Providence 11.16.07 Most of us seldom see the providence through our circumstances.  
Mt 13:31 Trust 11.18.07 God is not impressed when our trust is a last option.  
Mt 13:32 Expectation 11.20.07 If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  
Mt 13:33 Guilt 11.22.07 Not everyone who bows before God wants to look up and into His face.  
Mt 13:34 Prayer, Effective 11.24.07 The most effective praying is accomplished by seeing other people as the Father sees them and then praying in unison with Him.  
Mt 13:36 Transparency 11.26.07 Most of us don't want what's going on inside to be evident on the outside.  
Mt 13:4 Blessings 09.17.07 Blessings not consumed or given away will be lost.  
Mt 13:40 Favoritism 11.28.07 Favoritism can seem terribly unfair until you consider God is not impressed by it.  
Mt 13:42 Freedom 11.30.07 True freedom comes from knowing our liberty has not resulted in slavery for those whom we are responsible.  
Mt 13:43 Humility 12.02.07 Only God can lead someone to think of someone else before themself.  
Mt 13:44a Peace 12.04.07 Many people will seem to be at peace on the outside, but are losing ground to sin on the inside.  
Mt 13:44b Living 12.06.07 As long as we live through our children, God can never live through us.  
Mt 13:45 Power 12.08.07 I have the power of God and it's mine for the asking.  
Mt 13:47 Love 12.10.07 The ultimate expression of love is to give your life for someone else.  
Mt 13:48 Privacy 12.12.07 Composure is our ability to hold transparency at bay.  
Mt 13:5 Preparation 09.19.07 Quick results are not always from God but represent a lack of preparation and prayer.  
Mt 13:51 God, Intimacy with 12.14.07 You'll never get close to God until you begin spending time with Him.  
Mt 13:52 Purpose 12.16.07 Having a purpose in life is second behind knowing you have a purpose in life.  
Mt 13:54 Relationships 12.18.07 Relationships based on respect and trust are deeper than blood.  
Mt 13:54b Attitude 12.20.07 Joseph was a grateful person in the right place with the right attitude whom God used to bless others.  
Mt 13:56b Relationships 12.22.07 A good relationship begins with transparency and grows with frequent and candid conversation.  
Mt 13:57 Offense 12.24.07 How can a problem be addressed if we fear offending someone in the process?  
Mt 13:57b Revisionists 12.26.07 Is it really that surprising that the world tries to remove Jesus' name from history?  
Mt 13:58 Answers 12.28.07 It must be disappointing to God that we're satisfied doing so little when He wants to do so much more.  
Mt 13:6 Presence 09.21.07 Over-exposure to the sun can burn you, but under-exposure to the Son of God can burn worse and last forever.  
Mt 13:7 Light 09.23.07

The only way to hide a light in the dark is to cover it completely.

Mt 13:8 Change 09.25.07 When God does something, the change is obvious.  
Mt 14:1 Enemy 12.30.07

It must amuse God when our enemies try unsucessfully to defame, discredit, ignore, deny, or kill us.

Mt 9:11 Questions 01.01.07 Why do we try to answer questions when the right response is, "I don't know?"  
Mt 9:12 Advice 01.03.07 Isn't it amazing how many sick people try to tell other sick people how to get well?  
Mt 9:13a Sacrifice 01.05.07 The time is over to please God with a dead animal.  
Mt 9:13b Humility 01.07.07 God knows our flaws, but we can't know Him unless we know we're flawed.  
Mt 9:14 Religion 01.09.07 Religion leads people to make wrong comparisons and conclusions.  
Mt 9:15 Opportunity 01.11.07 Redeem the time you have before it becomes old news.  
Mt 9:16a World 01.13.07 We can mix it up with the world as long as we don't get blended witt it.  
Mt 9:16b World 01.15.07 If the world goes one way and we go with it, separation is going to hurt.  
Mt 9:17 Salvation 01.17.07 How can the world be saved without believers in it?  
Mt 9:18 Faith 01.19.07 Faith requires knowing who to trust and how to ask for help.  
Mt 9:19 Follow 01.21.07 When Jesus follows you, you better hope it's for the right reason.  
Mt 9:20 Problem 01.23.07 Whatever the problem, we should take it to Jesus, the Problem-Solver.  
Mt 9:22a Faith 01.25.07 Faith can do what ambition cannot.  
Mt 9:22b Answers 01.27.07 When God answers our prayer, it's always right on time.  
Mt 9:23 Witness 01.29.07 If you want to find someone to witness to, just follow the noise.  
Mt 9:24a Perception 01.31.07 What seems apparent to men, is of no consequence to God.  
Mt 9:24b Laughter 02.02.07 When men laugh at you, it can be funny, but not so when God does it.  
Mt 9:25 Hope 02.04.07

When all hope is gone and Jesus goes in, despair goes out.

Mt 9:26 Gospel 02.06.07 We don't need to worry about preaching Jesus to unprepared people.  
Mt 9:27 Follow 02.08.07 When people follow us and we follow Jesus, they're in effect following Jesus.  
Mt 9:28 Testing 02.10.07 We're always being tested to see if we'll follow Jesus or just talk about it.  
Mt 9:29 Belief 02.12.07 If we fail to believe anything, we'll get nothing.  
Mt 9:31 Witness 02.14.07 When something great happens, you just want to tell someone.  
Mt 9:32 Sin 02.16.07 When sin has you speechless, there's only One person who can help.  
Mt 9:33 Expectation 02.18.07 When we expect little, seldom will we be disappointed.  
Mt 9:34 Opinion 02.20.07 Don't put any stock in a blind person describing what he saw.  
Mt 9:35 Rest 02.22.07 When you've done all you can do, it's time to rest and leave the results to God.  
Mt 9:36 Shepherd 02.24.07 Sheep without a shepherd are vulnerable and headed for disaster.  
Mt 9:37 Training 02.26.07 There are some things reserved for God's man in training.  
Mt 9:38 Witness 02.28.07 The first prayer of a Christian is to thank God for salvation, the second to empower them to share the gospel.