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Ecc 2:17 Despair 10.12.08 Despair is but one breath away from hope when we lose sight of Divine providence.  
Ecc 1:1 Courage 05.15.08 God expects us to stand alone if neccessary, but thank God, he never intended for us to go it alone.  
Ecc 1:11 Past 06.29.08 You need not remember the past unless you want to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  
Ecc 1:13a Arrogance 06.30.08 Self esteem is good, but too much of it can lead someone to think far too much of themselves.  
Ecc 1:13b Stress 07.01.08 The character of a believer is the product of how they respond under stress and whose ability they exercise, God's or their own.  
Ecc 1:15 History 07.02.08 To rewrite history, all you have to do replace facts in school books with your nonsense, and endure the protest of sensible people until enough lazy people accept it.  
Ecc 1:16a Wisdom 07.17.08 Pride is like lying; the moment you claim not to do it, you just proved you do.  
Ecc 1:16b Knowledge 07.18.08 Knowing what to do is good, but doing something with what you know is better.  
Ecc 1:17 Stupidity 07.19.08 It's not nice to call someone stupid even if he is.  
Ecc 1:18 Justice 07.20.08 How do you pray for someone caught in the intersection of rebellion and justice?  
Ecc 1:2 Character 05.27.08 Character is measured by what you do when your feelings contradict your faith.  
Ecc 1:2 Life 05.28.08 Work is like fishing in that you can evaluate your investment by what you've gained and lost at the end of the day.  
Ecc 1:3 Value 05.29.08 Worth is determined by evaluating the net effect of our gain and loss.  
Ecc 1:4 Life 05.30.08 No one controls their birth but all of us decide how we live.  
Ecc 1:5 Consistency 05.31.08 The sun rises every morning even if storm clouds block its view.  
Ecc 1:6 Holy Spirit 06.01.08 We may not see, feel or understand it, but the Holy Spirit is always working to make us like Jesus.  
Ecc 1:7a Sin 06.02.08 A person will never rise above the level of those he hangs around.  
Ecc 1:7b Example 06.03.08 Anyone who follows godless men are in danger of going right down the drain with them when life flushes the toliet.  
Ecc 1:8 Word, God's 06.27.08 God's word not only addresses every issue we'll ever have, but it's multi-tasking and uniquely suited to the needs of the one reading it.  
Ecc 1:9a Inevitability 06.28.08 Habits are like rabbits; if you leave 'em alone, they'll make more.  
Ecc 2:10 Work 09.07.08 We should enjoy the work we do, especially since our primary job is to serve God.  
Ecc 2:10 Sin, Appeal of 08.31.08 The longer we walk in the shadow of the Almighty, the more sin loses its appeal.  
Ecc 2:11 Possessions 09.14.08 Possessions pass from owner to beneficiary to legal heir, to nowhere and finally thin air.  
Ecc 2:12 Experience 09.21.08 The good and bad of what we experience influences those around us.  
Ecc 2:14 Contentment 09.28.08 A wise man learns to bloom where he's planted, but a fool looks for a better place to take root.  
Ecc 2:2 Enjoyment 08.03.08 It's impossible to compare myself to another human and be totally happy.  
Ecc 2:3 Addiction 08.10.08 Experimentation in questionable activities is fine - if you're willing to accept the lifetime of addiction that may go with it.  
Ecc 2:4 Credit 08.17.08

Is their a discernable difference in what we have done and what God wanted to do?

Ecc 2:4b Accomplishments 08.24.08

It's possible to have all the world's pleasures and still be below poverty level in the family of God.

Ecc 2:16 Legacy 10.05.08 It's funny how reputations change after death.  
Ecc 2:18 Possessions 10.19.08 You can have a death grip on your stuff, but when you're gone, so is your stuff.  
Ecc 2:19a Maturity 10.26.08 Sometime parents are more childlike and less responsible than their children.  
Ecc 2:19b Possessions 11.02.08 If you don't want other people playing with your toys after you're gone, get rid of them now.  
Ecc 2:24 Thanksgiving 11.08.08 Most of us show appreciation for big things while taking "lesser" things for granted.  
Ecc 2:25 Emptiness 11.15.08 Nothing fills the God-shaped hole in our life but the Holy Spirit.  
Ecc 2:26a Joy 11.22.08 When pleasing God brings you joy, how much more do you need?  
Ecc 2:26b Labor 11.29.08 Is it any surprise to learn that struggling to make a living is connected to sin?  
Ecc 2:26c Possessions 12.06.08 As inheritors of the earth, we, the redeemed have title to everything in it.  
Ecc 3:1 Timing 12.13.08 Right things done at the wrong time just might render them a bad thing.  
Ecc 3:2 Procrastination 12.20.08 Today may be the last opportunity to say or do something I've been putting off till tomorrow.  
Ecc 3:2b Provision, God's 12.27.08 The benefit package for believers is both in and out of this world.  
Gen 32:10b Direction 01.02.08 The past is important, but not as much as the present.  
Gen 32:11 Fear 01.06.08 Which comes first, fear of the unknown or not knowing Who to fear?  
Gen 32:11 Security 01.04.08 It's good to know our mistakes don't carry over to heaven.  
Gen 32:12 Memory 01.08.08 I guess sometime we need to remind God what He said (tongue in cheek).  
Gen 32:16 Hide 01.10.08 When we do something to impress someone, we'd better be ready to explain to the discerning person what we're trying to hide.  
Gen 32:24 Seeking 01.12.08 God is looking for that person who is looking for Him.  
Gen 32:26 Persistence 01.14.08 If we mean business when ask God for something, we won't do it one time and we won't stop looking for an answer.  
Gen 32:28 Intimacy 01.16.08 Someone who struggles with God has to be close enough to reach Him or its like losing a bout of shadow boxing.  
Gen 32:29 Gratitude 01.18.08 It's amazing that after receiving a fabulous gift or favor, we're content to receive it and keep it without knowing who gave it and why.  
Gen 32:29 Blessing 01.20.08 There are blessings in store for us when we approach God in prayer.  
Gen 32:30 Trust 01.22.08 God is less concerned about our mess ups than our failure to trust Him.  
Gen 33:1 Promises 01.24.08 We waste time pondering potential problems when God said they're all toothless.  
Gen 33:10b Discernment 02.03.08 Watching the indwelling Holy Spirit work in people lets me know how to pray for them.  
Gen 33:11 Giving 02.05.08 A person with a grateful spirit gives thanks to the Giver and gives to others in the same spirit.  
Gen 33:11b Meekness 02.07.08 Receiving is not that different from giving; both involve the free transfer of things that don't belong to us.  
Gen 33:17 Heaven 02.09.08 This life affords us time to know Jesus before taking up permanent residence with Him.  
Gen 33:18a Directions 02.11.08 To get anywhere we need a map that shows the Way, a working Compass or a faithful Companion who knows the Way.  
Gen 33:20 Worship 02.13.08 Over time sin leads us to worship a reminder rather than using it to remind us worship the Lord.  
Gen 33:3 Fear 01.26.08 Respect and fear seem similar until you realize one is earned and the other is not.  
Gen 33:4 Family 01.28.08 God has placed within us a love and loyalty for family above everything else. Would that we, the family of God, would demonstrate such toward each other.  
Gen 33:5 Children 01.30.08 As Christian parents, we should have resolute conviction to not only raise our kids right, but also pray for them.  
Gen 33:8 Disobedience 02.01.08 If anything, unsolicited email has taught us not everything you see or read is authentic and without malice or hidden motive.  
Gen 34:1 Association 02.15.08 Wrong company not only corrupts but often leads to quick and undesirable consequences.  
Gen 34:10 Character 02.29.08 The value of someone's character is determined by how little it takes for him to give up godly conviction.  
Gen 34:13 Truthfulness 03.02.08 It takes about the same amount of time to do the right thing as the wrong thing, but you don't need to lie in order to do the right thing.  
Gen 34:15 Determination 03.04.08 Conditions are seldom considered a deal breaker when you've already decided to have something.  
Gen 34:19b Honor 03.06.08 As a person who keeps his word, you will be afforded opportunities most people will never know.  
Gen 34:2 Consequences 02.17.08 No amount of liberty or privilege should lead us to conclude we have the right to sin without consequence.  
Gen 34:20 Virtue 03.08.08 One way I can prove my integrity is to do what I commited to do even though I may not feel like doing it.  
Gen 34:24 Confirmation 03.10.08 Majority opinion doesn't make it the right decision.  
Gen 34:25b Sin, Second-hand 03.12.08 Don't stand too close to sin, it's vacuum creates a suction you may not be able to resist.  
Gen 34:29 Loss 03.14.08 Losing everything only affects those without any heavenly possessions.  
Gen 34:3 Respect 02.19.08 It's funny how love doesn't always include respect even though respect is the first step in building a loving relationship.  
Gen 34:30 Children 03.16.08 Trouble comes back to the parents who plant and grow it in the hearts of their children.  
Gen 34:30b Pressure, Peer 03.18.08 When we care more about what people think than what God thinks, trouble is on the way.  
Gen 34:31 Question 03.22.08 There's nothing wrong with questioning God up to the point you ask, "Is that your final answer?"  
Gen 34:4 Expectations 02.21.08 Expectations placed in anything or anyone other than God are a disappointment waiting to happen.  
Gen 34:7b Examples, Godly 02.23.08 Why do bad things happen to bad people usually at the hands of good people?  
Gen 34:7c Disappointment 02.25.08 Disappointments come, but it's how we respond that reveals whether we're winners or losers.  
Gen 34:9 Compromise 02.27.08 Loss of godly conviction starts when we lower God's standard to avoid offending the world.  
Gen 35:1 Heaven 03.24.08 Heaven is not only sanctuary, but the place we can physically follow Jesus.  
Gen 35:11 Revelation 04.05.08 God often reveals himself to us in manner consistent with our need.  
Gen 35:13 Heaven 04.07.08 Can you imagine opening your eyes at the end of a prayer, see Jesus opening his and finding you're in glory?  
Gen 35:14 Memorials 04.09.08 Memorials are good when they lead us to worship God.  
Gen 35:15 Reminder 04.11.08 We should do what we must to remind ourselves of God working in our life.  
Gen 35:18 Size 04.13.08 Isn't it amazing how huge things tend to come from small places.  
Gen 35:2 Repentance 03.26.08 Unlike modern man, Old Testament people had no problem understanding repentance.  
Gen 35:21 Grief 04.15.08 There's a reason why caskets don't have wheels.  
Gen 35:28 Finish 04.17.08 Will you finish what you started before you run out of time?  
Gen 35:29b Reconcilation 04.19.08 Funerals are the time to reconcile, not remember and renew anger.  
Gen 35:3 Altar 03.28.08 We need to remember those times when God's presence has been undeniable.  
Gen 35:4 Sin 03.30.08 Our path should be a cemetery for discarded objects of sin.  
Gen 35:5 Criticism 04.01.08 When we're following Jesus, we don't need to worry about what people around us think.  
Gen 35:9 Hearing 04.03.08 We should never consider we've heard everything God wants to tell us.  
Gen 36:10 Appeasement 05.09.08 Appeasement is always easier to swallow than the truth.  
Gen 36:11 Wisdom 05.11.08 Wise men will listen to other wise men.  
Gen 36:12 Enemies 04.25.08 Sin is like flypaper that attracts our enemies.  
Gen 36:2 Marriage 04.21.08 If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a Canannite your wife.  
Gen 36:8 Blessing 04.23.08 Few parents understand the power of a blessing given to their children.  
Gen 37:1 Home 08.04.08 Where we choose to live is irrevelant, it's who we choose to live with that's important.  
Gen 37:1 Home 04.27.08 Where you live is not nearly as important as how you live.  
Gen 37:10 Reactions 08.25.08 Whatever you say when irritated reveals how much time you've been spending with God.  
Gen 37:13b Obedience 09.01.08 True obedience is 10% willingness and 90% eagerness.  
Gen 37:15 Answers 09.03.08 We should look for answers where the Light is better.  
Gen 37:17 Possessions 09.08.08 Few people value family and friends as much as material things.  
Gen 37:18 Friends 09.10.08 You're safe thinking the world is your friend as long as you don't turn your back on it.  
Gen 37:2 Honesty 08.06.08 Don't think that being honest is without consequence.  
Gen 37:20 Hate 09.15.08 The bitter hate within one person can turn into bold action when others agree with his hate and then expect him to lead their mob.  
Gen 37:21 Pressure, Peer 09.17.08 Peer pressure stronger than conviction leads a person to compromise, then shared consequence.  
Gen 37:24 Slander 09.22.08 Slander and murder are the same except one sheds blood and the other slings mud.  
Gen 37:27b Excuses 09.24.08 We can try to defend our actions, but consequences may rise up to testify against us.  
Gen 37:2a Preparation 04.29.08 The prep school for a man of God in training must be watching his father's sheep.  
Gen 37:2b Truthfulness 05.01.08 We should always tell the truth, even if it means it might come back to bite us.  
Gen 37:3 Favortism 05.03.08 Favortism is the privilege of a parent, who may not be prepared for the reprisal of siblings.  
Gen 37:3 Favoritism 08.11.08 If you diminish someone's significance, don't expect God to always agree with you.  
Gen 37:30 Planning 09.29.08 No amount of calculation or head scratching can replace spending a few moments with God.  
Gen 37:31 Blood 10.01.08 Since creation, shed blood has been the mark and the price of redemption.  
Gen 37:34 Grief 10.08.08 How much mourning is for our loss and how much is for show?  
Gen 37:35 Death 10.13.08 Death doesn't mark the end of our heavenly journey, but merely a change in the route we take.  
Gen 37:36 Intercession 10.15.08 God is working in our life, even while we wallow in the mud of self-pity and doubt.  
Gen 37:4 Disappointment 05.05.08 When all seems lost, it's important to understand there's always hope.  
Gen 37:4 Secrets 08.13.08 When men know your secret, the natural tendency will be to keep it until there's a justifiable reason to use it against you.  
Gen 37:5 Response 08.18.08 People probably won't respond well to what God has revealed to you.  
Gen 37:5 Resentment 05.07.08 Resentment doesn't need reason, just a target.  
Gen 37:8b Hearing 08.20.08 Just hearing something doesn't mean you're listening.  
Gen 38:1 Associations 10.20.08 When you are friends with the wrong crowd, expect to make decisions they'd approve.  
Gen 38:10 Provoke 11.05.08 It may not be nice to provoke mother nature, but it can prove deadly to do it to God.  
Gen 38:11 Possibility 11.09.08 It's impossible to out-manuver God.  
Gen 38:14 Pleasing 11.11.08 We'll never be what God wants until we stop trying to be a people-pleaser.  
Gen 38:15 Salvation 11.16.08 Even our sinful nature is a means by which God works in us.  
Gen 38:17b Trust 11.18.08 What does it say about our trust in God when we can't be trusted?  
Gen 38:2 Trangression 10.22.08 When we ride the waves of liberty outside of God's boundary, they may carry us further from home than we ever intended to go.  
Gen 38:23 Excuses 11.23.08 Don't excuse yourself; your enemies won't accept it and your friends won't require it.  
Gen 38:24a Mercy 11.25.08 What if God got rid of things that displeased Him?  
Gen 38:26 Blame 11.30.08 Blaming someone is hypocrisy, most-often a by-product of guilt.  
Gen 38:27 Providence 12.02.08 God's plan perseveres over man's hand.  
Gen 38:3 Trouble 10.27.08 Why are we surprised when the fruit of our questionable activity gives birth to trouble?  
Gen 38:6 Death, Premature 10.29.08 If left unchecked, sin converts personal choice into prisionment that can prematurely lead to death.  
Gen 38:7 Blame 11.03.08 It's can be a short game when we swap licks with God.  
Gen 39:1 Future 12.07.08 No matter where we go, God is already there, preparing a way we can glorify Him.  
Gen 39:19 Growth, Christian 12.28.08 Anything restricting the growth of a living thing should be removed, not just cut back.  
Gen 39:2 Scripture 12.09.08 It's amazing how Scripture reduces man's voluminous deduction to a simple truth.  
Gen 39:20 Confidence 12.30.08 Jesus often confides in those close to Him before making things known to everyone else.  
Gen 39:3 Witnessing 12.14.08 The primary way people learn about God is by watching us.  
Gen 39:4 Trust 12.16.08 Trust is gained by proving we're a "Yes" man to God and not men.  
Gen 39:7 Sin 12.21.08 You don't need to worry about sin outside your door, chances are it's already in the house.  
Gen 39:9b Confidence 12.23.08 When Jesus touches our life, we're made stronger and bolder.  
Gen 17:11 Possibility 08.27.08 With God in the equation, all things are possible.  
Gen 34:30b Doubt 03.20.08 When you compare the enemy's strength to your own, you forget who is the only One who can defeat him.  
Gen 37:32 Deception 10.06.08 Deception is leading someone to believe something you know to be untrue.  
Mt 14:12 Confession 01.13.08 We needn't be afraid to tell Jesus what he already knows, but we should be afraid to keep from Him what we don't want Him to know.  
Mt 14:13 Secrets 01.15.08 A man of God will entrust to the Heavenly Father things that no one else knows.  
Mt 14:13 Desire 01.17.08 If the world thought they could spend personal time with Jesus, they'd do whatever it took to go to Him, but will we, His children, do the same?  
Mt 14:14 Attention 01.19.08 It's good to close your eyes in prayer, but how can you see what God is doing if you never open them to see what He sees?  
Mt 14:14 Compassion 01.21.08 Real compassion means doing something and not just expressing pity.  
Mt 14:15 Ministry 01.27.08 Obstinate -n Someone who fails to recognize God's call to minister, even though He's already done far more than enough to inspire them.  
Mt 14:15 Excuses 01.25.08 When it comes to praying, taking notice of what's wrong exposes our lack of faith and the fact we don't have a teachable spirit.  
Mt 14:15 Pray, When to 01.23.08 While there's no best time to pray, the evening proves to be the best time to review the day and prepare for the next.  
Mt 14:16 Ministry 01.29.08 It's obvious Jesus would rather work through us to minister to others rather than do it Himself via a miracle.  
Mt 14:17 Service 01.31.08 In Christ, ALL you have is ALL you need  
Mt 14:18 Intercession 02.02.08 Prayer is spending time with God and intercession is prayer with feet.  
Mt 14:19 Blessing, Missed 02.04.08 I'm afraid sometime we're so busy doing what we think God wants us to do, we run right past him and miss the blessing.  
Mt 14:19b Steward 02.06.08 Regardless of what you have, thank God for it and ask Him to bless it and multiply its effect in order to get glory from it.  
Mt 14:19c Ministry 02.08.08 Discipleship can be defined as continually praying for someone, teaching them how to do it and then seeing them do the same for someone else.  
Mt 14:20a Blessing 02.10.08 We'll freely accept showers of blessing from the Blesser, yet never, seldom if ever, bless Him in return.  
Mt 14:20b Abundance 02.12.08 "Left OVER" is a term that aptly applies to Jesus' miracle of feeding the five thousand.  
Mt 14:21 Significance 02.14.08 What the world overlooks, God considers important.  
Mt 14:22 Dependence 02.16.08 For those times it seems God's not around, we should take comfort He's got a special plan for us and will be there when we need Him most.  
Mt 14:23a Prayer, Private 02.18.08 We need not ask what Jesus would do because in most every situation He'd be praying which requires spending time alone with the Father.  
Mt 14:24 Obedience 02.20.08 Obedience to God, more times than not, requires going in a direction opposite to common public opinion and facing resistance along the way.  
Mt 14:25 Presence 02.22.08 We don't have to look for God, because He's always with us, and even reveals Himself to remind that He's there.  
Mt 14:26 Fear 02.24.08 Most believers won't have a fear of God until they stand in front on him on Judgment Day.  
Mt 14:26b Expectation 02.26.08 We should not be surprised when God acts in a way that is contrary to our expectation.  
Mt 14:27 Fear 02.28.08 Fear may create a knee-jerk reaction, but shouldn't restrict our confidence in God to help us.  
Mt 14:28 Authority 03.01.08 Authority, no matter how potent, is rendered meaningless unless it is put into play.  
Mt 14:29 Fellowship 03.03.08 If we're not close to God right now, it wasn't him that moved.  
Mt 14:2b Discernment 01.01.08 We can't understand God in the context of our experience and see Him for who He truly is.  
Mt 14:30a Failure 03.05.08 Concentrate on failure long enough and you'll do whatever it takes to get there.  
Mt 14:30b Prayer, Effective 03.07.08 Prayer is proven to be most effective when paired with spontaneous desperation and least effective when performed like a ritual.  
Mt 14:31 Faith 03.09.08 Faith must be exercised if we want to see what God can do.  
Mt 14:32 Problems 03.11.08 Problems become bearable when we believe God is in control of our situation.  
Mt 14:33 Doubt 03.13.08 How many miracles will it take to prove Jesus is who he says he is?  
Mt 14:36 Power 03.17.08 Just being in the proximity of Jesus can prove to be more powerful than anything you've ever experienced.  
Mt 14:36b Healing 03.19.08 When we need help, we need but get closer to Jesus.  
Mt 14:4 Boldness 01.03.08 A real witness welcomes the consequence of speaking the truth to someone with power to kill them.  
Mt 14:5 Boldness 01.05.08 If we really believed what will happen to lost people, we'd be more bold in our witness.  
Mt 14:6-7 Lust 01.07.08 If love is blind, then lust exposes a person's ignorance.  
Mt 14:8 Sin, Second-hand 01.09.08 Be careful to whom you listen and whose advice you follow, otherwise you'll acquire their reputation and destiny.  
Mt 14:9 Promises 01.11.08 One man judges integrity by the way another keeps his word, but God judges them both on motive and the merit of their action.  
Mt 15:1 Status Quo 03.21.08 There can be no revival in the church until you're willing to break from the status quo and stand alone on God's Word.  
Mt 15:10b Understanding 03.31.08 True understanding comes from seeing things from God's perspective.  
Mt 15:12 Offense 04.02.08 Trying to speak truth without offending someone is impossible.  
Mt 15:13 Action, Inappropriate 04.04.08 Someone passing by should not presume to do the culling work of the Gardener.  
Mt 15:14 Testing 04.06.08 It is the responsibility of every hearer to test what's being said against God's word.  
Mt 15:15 Asking 04.08.08 We should never be ashamed to ask for clarification.  
Mt 15:17 Speech, Bad 04.10.08 The Holy Spirit filters evil thoughts, but every man determines what trash goes out the mouth.  
Mt 15:18 Condemnation 04.12.08 We should consider the source before condemning the action.  
Mt 15:2 Idolatry 03.23.08 When tradition keeps us believing God is still at work, we make tradition a golden idol.  
Mt 15:22 Athiest 04.14.08 You know, I've never seen an atheist-run funeral home.  
Mt 15:23a Gospel 04.16.08 Why do Christians feel the need to comfort those who reject the Gospel?  
Mt 15:23b Persistence 04.18.08 Persistence when representing desperation can make a lot of noise.  
Mt 15:24 Change 04.20.08 We should be faithful to our calling, but flexible enough to change course.  
Mt 15:25 Prayer, Effective 04.22.08 The shortest prayer, "Lord, help me," may also be the most effective.  
Mt 15:26 Blessing 04.24.08 We should never be embarassed at the level of God's blessing on those who are saved.  
Mt 15:27 Grace 04.26.08 The grace of Jesus trumps sin everytime.  
Mt 15:28a Faith 04.28.08 Healing comes by faith, but too many people need healing to have faith.  
Mt 15:28b Prayer, Answered 04.30.08 Position and petition mark the place where faith becomes fruition.  
Mt 15:29 Time-out 05.02.08 Taking a time-out is constructive, as long as it's not from praying.  
Mt 15:30b Prayer, Asking in 05.04.08 How can we expect anything if we never ask, and when we do, we do it one time.  
Mt 15:31b Praise 05.06.08 What will it take for you to praise God?  
Mt 15:32b Fasting 05.08.08 Anything that takes priority over eating, deserves recognition.  
Mt 15:33b Trust 05.10.08 When we are truly trusting God, we don't need to look at the time or for a restaurant.  
Mt 15:34 Resources 05.12.08 God is able to use what we have to do His work.  
Mt 15:36 Thanksgiving 08.05.08 Miracles begin with a prayer of thanksgiving.  
Mt 15:37 Desire 08.07.08 God's desire is to meet or exceed my desire when my desire is consistent with His desire.  
Mt 15:6b Tradition 03.25.08 When good things become tradition, they're one step from sacrilege.  
Mt 15:8 Profession 03.27.08 Profession is not always a good indication of a person's persuasion.  
Mt 15:9 Organization 03.29.08 How is it many organizations calling themselves "Christian," reject many of Christ's teaching?  
Mt 16:1 Miracles 08.12.08 If all you think you need is one miracle in order to believe in God, don't waste your time or His.  
Mt 16:11 Discernment 09.04.08 The only way to tell the difference between good and bad teaching is to know the difference.  
Mt 16:12a Religion 09.09.08 Religion is read between the lines in Scripture and faith in the lines.  
Mt 16:13 Perception 09.11.08 The place where the World Trade Centers once stood should serve to remind us ignoring the obvious can be dangerous if not fatal.  
Mt 16:15 Salvation 09.16.08 God will never ask your pastor what YOU believe  
Mt 16:16 Profession 09.18.08 Savation = (Confession + Profession + Repentance)  
Mt 16:17 Blessing 09.23.08 There's no greater blessing for a believer than knowing you're family.  
Mt 16:17b Control 09.25.08 There's a heavenly transfer of control from us to the Holy Spirit when we surrender to the Lordship of Christ.  
Mt 16:18a Determination 09.30.08 As the church, let us pray that our hardness is holy determination and not obstinance.  
Mt 16:18b Power 10.02.08 Nothing has power that God didn't give and no one access that He doesn't grant.  
Mt 16:3 Signs 08.14.08 If you see Revelation daily unfolding before your eyes and aren't looking up, then you better look out!  
Mt 16:4 Questions 08.19.08 No matter what the question, Jesus is in the answer.  
Mt 16:6 Compromise 08.21.08 Continually keeping the company of cunning crafters of circumcism leads to compromise.  
Mt 16:7 Needs 08.26.08 When we empty ourselves in service to the Lord, we won't have to worry about our needs.  
Mt 16:8b Salutation, Prayer 08.28.08 When you're speaking to someone, do you repeat their name once or twice in every sentence?  
Mt 16:9 Love 09.02.08 The greatest demonstration of love might be patience.  
Mt 16:19a Authority 10.07.08 Responsibility without authority is a passport to failure.  
Mt 16:19b Privilege 10.09.08 I wonder what privilege we forfeit by not claiming God's promise?  
Mt 16:20 Revelation 10.14.08 It means more to discover something on your own rather than being told.  
Mt 16:21a Procrastination 10.16.08 Procrastination accomplishes nothing except giving fear and dread time to grow.  
Mt 16:21b Redemption 10.21.08 Born once, die twice - born twice, die once - maybe.  
Mt 16:22 Question 10.23.08 It's ok to question God, but don't try to change His mind unless you've earned the right.  
Mt 16:23a Talk, Evil 10.28.08 It's one thing to be out of sync with God, but another thing altogether to speak for the opposition.  
Mt 16:23b Failures 10.30.08 Failures are built upon a human's opinion plus God's.  
Mt 16:24 Discipleship 11.04.08 Discipleship requires checking personal preference at the door.  
Mt 16:25 Losing 11.10.08 In the race of life, losing is not just important, it's the only thing!  
Mt 16:26 Loser 11.12.08 The Biggest Loser is the one who wins every game but the one that counts for eternity.  
Mt 16:26b Value 11.17.08 There's no price sticker on life, but each person determines its value.  
Mt 16:27 Patience 11.19.08 Patience is knowing God has the last word.  
Mt 16:27b Justice 11.24.08 A person should never ask for justice when mercy is on the table.  
Mt 16:28 Individuality 11.26.08 No one has ever experienced the unique opportunities I will have today.  
Mt 17:1 Revelation 12.01.08 God reveals himself to all men, but some are looking more than others.  
Mt 17:2 Salvation 12.03.08 If God is not evident in every part of your life, one can only wonder if He's in there at all.  
Mt 17:3 Doubt 12.08.08 Confirmation is great, but great faith doesn't require it.  
Mt 17:4 Worship 12.10.08 In God's presence, our first inclination should be silence.  
Mt 17:5 Relationship 12.15.08 How can anyone remain the same after having experienced God?  
Mt 17:5b Confirmation 12.17.08 How many times should God have to confirm what He's already told us?  
Mt 17:6 Terror 12.22.08 The feeling of terror is natural in the face of the overwhelming.  
Mt 17:7 Blame 12.24.08 Playing the blame game will likely come back to haunt you another day.  
Mt 17:8 Coincidence 12.29.08 What the world calls coincidence, believers call divine intervention.  
Mt 17:9 Presence, God's 12.31.08 Light in my darkness and comfort in my sorrow, God is here, there and the air.  
Pr 1:22 Understanding 08.09.08 Why is it that most people will not listen to anything that corrects what they misunderstand?  
Pr 1:23b Word, Revealed 08.16.08 If you think you know everything God wants to say to you, think again.  
Pr 1:24 Stubbornness 08.23.08 Listening is a better indicator of spiritual maturity than hearing.  
Pr 1:25 Experience 08.30.08 Experience doesn't matter when someone has a teachable spirit, knows right from wrong, speaks the truth without contradiction or use of a teleprompter, and surrounds himself with the right kind of counsel.  
Pr 11:2 Vision, Tunnel 03.15.08 Tunnel vision is bad if God is not in the tunnel with you.  
Pr 1:32 Indifference 10.04.08 Apathy is like watching termites eat the bark off your life.  
Pr 1:33 Obedience 10.11.08 Obedience begins with hearing, is followed by listening and proven by resolve.  
Pr 2:1 Memory 10.18.08 Our mind will focus on whatever we commit to memory and flush whatever we don't.  
Pr 2:2 Pray, How to 10.25.08 Knowing how to pray is as simple as filling your mind with Scripture and asking God to reveal it.  
Pr 2:3a Insight 11.01.08 Prayer is not only the door to knowledge, it also the key to unlocking divine perspective.  
Pr 2:3b Prayer, Audible 11.07.08 The difference between silent and audible prayer is the degree of our desperation or need.  
Pr 2:4 Wisdom 11.14.08 Don't expect to see things from God's viewpoint and not move.  
Pr 2:5 Knowledge 11.21.08 I wonder if knowing what God knows, we will go where He wants us to go?  
Pr 2:6a Wisdom 11.28.08 Which comes first, asking God for wisdom or having wisdom to ask for it?  
Pr 2:6b Understanding 12.05.08 Just because we know something doesn't mean we understand it.  
Pr 2:7a Prayer, Asking in 12.12.08 The things of God are not for sale, but are free for the asking.  
Pr 2:7b Protection 12.19.08 When trouble we didn't create reaches us, we're still under the shadow of the Almighty.  
Pr 2:8 Prayer, Answers to 12.26.08 God shows His love to us by witholding some things we think we need.  
Pro 1:26 Fear 09.06.08 It's not mother nature whom we should fear offending.  
Pro 1:28 Prayer, Answered 09.13.08 Don't think because prayer is an option today, it will be tommorrow.  
Pro 1:30 Mistakes 09.20.08 Anyone can make a mistake, but doing it when you know the consequences is not so bright.  
Pro 1:31 Reward 09.27.08 If you're intent on doing your own thing, better hold your nose because the fruit of sin you're going to eat is rotten and it stinks.  
Prov 1: Trust 06.21.08

Somtime the only thing standing between us and the worse decision of our life is someone we think we can trust.

Prov 1:11a Counsel 06.22.08 Just because we feel right about something, doesn't mean it's right.  
Prov 1:11b Preparation 06.23.08 Is there anything worse than dying prematurely with eternal matters left undone?  
Prov 1:12 Sin, Life of 06.24.08 A life of sin is like a ballgame ending in sudden death, that no matter how hard you try, you can never win.  
Prov 1:13 Possessions 06.25.08 Possessions are marked by three variables: who bought it, who has it and how long it takes for the first two to account for nothing.  
Prov 1:14 Honor 06.26.08 I don't know about honor among thieves, but at least they admit who they are and what they do.  
Prov 1:15 Example, Bad 07.12.08 The phrase "Monkey see, monkey do" demotes animals to the level of sinful man.  
Prov 1:16 Actions 07.13.08 Expediency is measured by how something is done, not how fast.  
Prov 1:17 Intentions 07.14.08 Actions usually speak for themselves whereas intentions require explanation.  
Prov 1:18 Listening 07.15.08 Refusal to listen to God sets into motion a gradual self-destruction.  
Prov 1:19 Greed 07.16.08 If greed is the opposite of a giving spirit, then greed must be a losing spirit.  
Prov 1:20 Word, God's 08.02.08 Nothing is quite as fulfilling as knowing Scripture and how it applys to every situation in my life.  
Prov 1:4 Gullible 05.22.08 If we don't have knowledge of his Word, will and way when we're young, then we'll be gullible when we're old.  
Prov 1:5 Learn, Failure to 05.23.08 A fool will not listen and therefore will never believe anything that contradicts his false assumptions.  
Prov 1:5b-6 Will, God's 05.24.08 I wonder how many people asking to know God's direction would go that way if they knew?  
Prov 1:7a Knowledge 05.25.08 Without a healthy respect for God, gaining knowledge is like applying suntan lotion to a corpse.  
Prov 1:7b Fool 05.26.08 A fool rejects the truth, accepts any opinion supporting his and does it with pride and obstinance.  
Prov 1:8a Discipline 06.19.08 It is most often through words that we're taught, but discipline may first be required to get our attention.  
Prov 1:9 Teachable 06.20.08 A person with a teachable spirit is usually recognizable if for no other reason than the way God has blessed them.  
Prov 2b-3 Asking 05.21.08 If we can't discern truth, understand God's will or act according to a strong moral compass, it's likely we never saw the need to ask for it.  
Proverbs 1:1a Wisdom 05.14.08 Many people have nothing to offer their children except consequences of their failures after they're gone.  
Ps 1:1 Association 05.13.08 Look at the wrong crowd long enough and you'll eventually hang with them, agree with them, do what they do and wind up being miserable like them.  
Ps 1:2 Instruction 05.16.08 It's impossible to do what's expected if you haven't listened to instruction.  
Ps 1:3a Fruit Bearing 05.17.08 Fruit-bearing depends on good soil and sustenance while fruit sharing depends on being picked and eaten.  
Ps 1:3b Success 05.18.08 The true formula to success is remaining close to God, growing through His instruction and surrendering your plans to His.  
Ps 1:4 Christ, Alive in 05.19.08 If you're a believer, why does it sometime require close examination to reveal how you're different from a person still dead in his sin?  
Ps 1:5 Future 06.04.08 Generally speaking, we should care more for what will last than what won't.  
Ps 1:5 Christ, Dead in 05.20.08 Without God in your life and his Word in your heart; you're like a magnet with schizophrenia; you have little to no attraction for God and you feel inclined to push Christians away the closer they get.  
Ps 2:1 Loser 06.05.08 The moment we leave God out of the equation, we join the losing team.  
Ps 2:10 Leaders, Civic 06.16.08 Change is bad when "improvements" move us farther from God.  
Ps 2:12a Homage 06.17.08 Paying homage to God isn't mandatory in this life, but it's compulsary in the next, so why not get used to it down here?  
Ps 2:12b Blessed 06.18.08 Being blessed is having all you need to honor God with grateful thanks-living.  
Ps 2:2 Sin 06.06.08 The worst contagion in this life is sin, which leads to pride resulting in arrogance which is nothing more than kindling for the fire.  
Ps 2:3b Rejection 06.07.08 When it comes to relating to God, resistance is not only futile, it's down right stupid.  
Ps 2:4 Fear 06.08.08 New-age religionists should tremble because the only time we know God laughed was when He mocked people just like them.  
Ps 2:5a Fear 06.09.08 Forget respect, when anger is directed at us by someone with power to end our life, a fearful dread is my natural reaction.  
Ps 2:5b Terrorism 06.10.08 Scripture teaches that sometimes terrorism is often the only way to get attention and get a point across to someone who is ignoring you.  
Ps 2:5c Lordship of Christ 06.11.08 "Mine, yours and ours" is a oxymoron created by morons who refuse to accept the Lordship of Christ - it's all His, His and His!  
Ps 2:6 Prophesying 06.12.08 Just as a jouranlist confirms a story before printing it; we should get God's opinion before interpreting Scripture and spreading it around.  
Ps 2:7 Adoption 06.13.08 God loved us so much He was willing to take us just the way we were when no one else cared.  
Ps 2:8 Blessings 06.14.08 Blessings are as permanent as the One who owns them and transfers to you.  
Ps 2:9a Victory 06.15.08 We are never called to compromise with the enemy, but to defeat them in God's Name.  
Ps 3:1 Defeat 07.03.08 The natural man evaluates potential on the basis of opposition.  
Ps 3:2 Service, Secret 07.04.08 Secret service for the Lord is ok, but be prepared for the slanderous slaughter that goes with it.  
Ps 3:3 Protection 07.05.08 Protection is only as good as the Protector.  
Ps 3:4 Prayer, Manner of 07.06.08 When it comes to praying, the way we do it is not nearly as important as the frequency we do it.  
Ps 3:5 Favor, God's 07.07.08 If God is on our side, what else matters?  
Ps 3:7a Blessings 07.09.08 Someday we'll learn our richest blessings went largely unnoticed.  
Ps 3:8a Victory 07.10.08 If you're tired of losing, join Jesus' team and begin doing what he does.  
Ps 3:8b Inheritance 07.11.08 While its true God has no grand-children, it's also true they will likely inherit their parents' blessing as well as the consequences of their sin.  
Ps 4:1a Answers 07.21.08 Why should we expect God to answer us if we don't answer when He calls?  
Ps 4:1b Trouble 07.22.08 If we never had any problems, I wonder if we'd ever pray?  
Ps 4:2b Politics 07.23.08 I understand politicans, it's the voters that give me concern.  
Ps 4:3a Prayer, Group 07.24.08 Prayer is not a group activity.  
Ps 4:3b Prayer 07.25.08 Are you praying yourself or expecting someone else to do it for you?  
Ps 4:4a Fear 07.26.08 Let me get this straight; is it fear or reverential respect that causes me to shake in my boots?  
Ps 4:4b Meditation 07.27.08 Meditation is no more difficult than limiting distractions and thinking about God.  
Ps 4:5 Maturity 07.28.08 There's a reason training wheels are not made for adult-sized bikes.  
Ps 4:6a Answers 07.29.08 People looking for answers don't always ask the right question.  
Ps 4:6b Light 07.30.08 Light exposes both good and bad to those who are paying attention.  
Ps 4:7 Joy 07.31.08 Joy, unlike happiness, finds you and not the other way around; one lasts and the other doesn't.  
Ps 4:8 Peace 08.01.08 Peace is possible because someone is willing to sacrifice their life to defend it.  
Ps 5:1 Thoughts 08.08.08 When you're afraid to reveal your thoughts to God, you need to confess your fear and the sin you can't hide.  
Ps 5:2 Prayer, Useless 08.15.08 Make provision for unanswered prayer and you can stop praying.  
Ps 5:3 Expectations 08.22.08 False expectations lead to praying for the wrong thing.  
Ps 5:4 Evil 08.29.08 When evil is invited into our home, it tends to take up residence.  
Ps 5:5 Trouble-makers 09.05.08 Problems will no doubt come, but some people give them a mast and sail, advancing them with hot-air.  
Ps 5:6 Deception 09.12.08 I wonder how many politicians and media personalities will be standing tomorrow if today is payday for those who tell lies?  
Ps 5:7 Reverence 09.19.08 Acknowledging God is always good, but being an obedient servant of God is better.  
Ps 5:8 Way, God's 09.26.08 The first step in going the right direction is to turn and face the right direction.  
Ps 5:9 Flattery 10.03.08 Praise and flattery seem similar, but one is overflow from the heart and the other calculation from the head.  

Ps 3:6

Intimidation 07.08.08 Intimidation is what I feel when I'm made to feel worthless by someone just like me.  
Ps 5:10 Justice 10.10.08 Sometime the best reward for wickedness is having to live with the consequences.  
Ps 5:11 Refuge 10.17.08 What is gained by God's grace makes every loss acceptable.  
Ps 5:12 Protection 10.24.08 True security is found behind our Lord Jesus, under His calling and beside Him on the front lines.  
Ps 6:1 Discipline 10.31.08 Mistakes and discipline mark the path of spiritual growth.  
Ps 6:2a Weakness 11.06.08 When we doubt what God can do, we actually limit Him doing it.  
Ps 6:2b Fear 11.13.08 It takes a little mind to create a little god.  
Ps 6:4 Obligation 11.20.08 Obligation should come from appreciation, not subjugation.  
Ps 6:5 Accomplishment 11.27.08 The only way to accomplish anything is to make slight advances every day.  
Ps 6:6 Desire 12.04.08 Persistence in the best indicator of desire.  
Ps 6:7 Tears 12.11.08 Real men weep.  

Ps 6:8

Relationships 12.18.08 The only one who really cares about what happens to you is God.  
Ps 6:9 Questions 12.25.08 Only the unredeemed should ask, "Where in the world is Christ Jesus?"