February 21, 2009


One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.


How to pray this truth...



Are you afraid to trust God? (2001)
If we don't learn from our problems, we'll get to expereince them again (2002)
Just because you don't see someone watching you, doesn't mean they're not!. (2003)
Joseph: a man on God's mission who didn't want to ignore God's grace. . (2004)
Failing to respect God only delays your judgment. (2005)
Make no mistake, a father's sin will adversely affect his children. (2006)
The road we travel may be dangerous, but... (2007)
God is concerned when we fail to trust him.. (2008)

1. One-minute Devotionals began on January 2, 2006 and are the original creation of James R. Green, Prayertower Webservant Content is derived from his alternating and sequential survey of both the Old and New Testament to offer insight on Scripture.
2. Resources are derived from daily devotions of James R. Green called, Just Thinkin'... (2000-2003), Read the Bible Thru in 365 Days (2004), Pray Thru the Word in 365 Days (2005) and One Minute Devotional (2006-2008)
3. Scripture:
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