April 5, 2009

I have seen mortals weighed down with a burden that God has placed on them.
Ecc 3:10

Most people won't look up until they're flat on their back.

When we think of Job, it's natural to focus on him and his problems. After all, he was well off before things started to collapse in his life. Not having done anything to deserve it, who do you think was the source of his trouble? You may think it was Satan, who wanted to defame God through exposing the weakness of his choice servant. But have you considered it was God who was responsible, because having built the protective hedge around Job, he allowed Satan to get through it? Job went through extreme depression, discouragement and despair before seeing the larger picture. He learned it doesn't matter how hot the fire of our trial, God is a burden-bearer and we will be made stronger having endured it.

How to pray this truth...

You can do the right thing the wrong way and get a wrong result. (2001)
Hindsight should be the basis of our foresight. (2002)
God's promises are contingent on something we're expected to do first! (2004)

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God reveals Himself according to our need. (2008)

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