May 2, 2009

Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the first and best part of all your income.
Pr 3:9

What we give is not as important as to whom and in what spirit.

Abraham was a just man, someone whom God found to be righteous. That doesn't mean Abraham never made a mistake, only that God was always in the center of what he did and the reason for what he didn't do. Therefore it was difficult for him to understand why Almighty God would ask him to offer his only son Isaac, the heir of his kingdom promise, as a living sacrifice on the altar. But his willing attitude in spite of his lack of understanding, proved he loved God more than life itself, so God provided a ram to take Isaac's place. Unlike Abraham, most of us regard stuff as more important than sacrifice. So it's easy to understand why today we measure godly giving on the basis of how much we give, not how much we give up.

How to pray this truth...

Prayer is going where few men have gone before. (2001)
Bloom where you're planted. (2002)
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Finding your master is as easy as finding where you spend most of your time. (2004)
When we pray, we have real fellowship. (2005)

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If we have to give up something, make sure it's not spending time in prayer. (2008)

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