May 10, 2009

Whatever has happened in the past is present now.
Ecc 3:15

There's nothing we can do about yesterday except learn from it and go on.

Aesop wrote of a dog who was off to the woods to bury a bone. He walked over a bridge and looking down into the water saw his own reflection. Thinking it was another dog, he growled and opened his mouth to take the other dog's bone. Of course dropping his bone into the water, he probably thought the other dog took it. Most of us are like that in that we fail to appreciate what we have for chasing shadows and losing what we have for the sake of getting a little bit more. However, if we learned to appreciate what we have and trusted God to meet our needs, we might learn to live in the present and not try to revise the past.

How to pray this truth...

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When we support false teachers/preachers, I wonder who is guilty of the greater offense in God's view. (2002)
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We must be true to our conscience and sincere with God. (2005)
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When we're trusting God, time and food aren't relevant. (2008)

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