May 13, 2009

One of you must be sent to get your brother while the rest of you stay in prison. We’ll see if you’re telling the truth.
Gen 42:16

It's harder than you think to be a persuasive liar.

Jacob, the son of Isaac, was the progenitor of the twelve tribes of Israel. He's had plenty of honors thrown his way, but did you know he was known by his close friends and family as a cunning deceiver? I believe he could not only sell snowballs at the North Pole, but an extended warranty as well. But before we assign him title of "The Greatest Loser," we need to be honest and admit while we may not be as creative as him, telling lies is a natural tendency we all share . In fact, most of us dread encountering someone today because we fear they'll expose something about us we want to conceal. Unconfessed sin is the greatest enemy we face, because it not only steals our joy, it restricts our witness and limits our usefulness to God. What Jacob learned and we can, was that facing fear with open confession and forgiveness makes our failure a powerful tool to share the forgiveness of God.

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