June 2, 2009

When Jesus finished speaking, he left Galilee and traveled along the other side of the Jordan River to the territory of Judea. Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there.
Mt 36:1-2

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We can't serve God and never be moved.

Abraham, as far as I know, never questioned God as to why he was always moving. But no one in Scripture moved as much as him. He moved his tent so much people probably were surprised when he stayed in one place for awhile. At the same time, few people were as close to God as Abraham and few people had promises from God like him. Even his enemies respected him and those close to him trusted him because he trusted God. Living in a city with a military base close by, I can say its truly sad to see some people leave. Some families stay in our community when they retire from the military, but most go back to where their journey began. One thing for certain, when a person joins the service, they expect to be moved. If only it were like that for us when we "surrendered" to God's service.

How to pray this truth...

When we focus on Jesus instead of the world, we tend to see things the way he does. (2001)
Repentance precedes salvation rather than accompany it. (2003)
Jesus' regard for the worth of his disciples is well documented:153 fish and no torn net. (2004)
Who'll make decisions for you when, after this life you lose the ability to make decisions? (2005)

The less we pray, the less we know God of his power. (2006)

Devotional (2007)
A person will never rise above the level of those he hangs around. (2008)

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