June 20, 2009

Long life is in wisdom’s right hand. In wisdom’s left hand are riches and honor.
Pro 3:16

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The difference between cooperation with God and resistance can be measured in progress.

Live it
Every person has his detractors and Moses was no exception. You'd think all the signs and wonders God performed through him would have earned him a certain amount of respect among the people he led. I don't think some people would even be happy in heaven, but always complain and stir up dissension. Korah was a prime example of such a person, whose rebellion against God's leadership is well known. If you have not learned this yet, let me say it as plainly as possible. Resisting God and thosec God ordained to lead you.is futile. I used to wonder why it took forty years to make a few days' journey across the desert. But over time, I've come to realize I tend to walk in circles if I 'm not focused on Jesus and what He desires of me. It's a good idea to look behind every now and then, just to make certain we're making progress and not just stirring up dust.

Pray it
I'm not certain which is worse, not having a godly man lead you or not being discerning enough to know the difference. But there's no doubt that You lead us - sometimes in spite of those who claim to represent You. May I never forget, it's You I follow, even when it's a man leading me.

Satan can only prevail in our life when we allow our sinful nature to prevail. (2001)
Do your words reflect those of the Word of God? (2002)
Tenet #17 - Most often the first step in obedience is destruction. (2003)
You can fail to listen to God but you'll never outrun him. (2004)
We should be moving toward God while we wait on Him. (2005)
Wrong choices lead to wrong associations that lead to more wrong choices unless we repent. (2006)
Devotional (2007)

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