June 30, 2009

The disciples said to him, “If that is the only reason a man can use to divorce his wife, it’s better not to get married.”
Mt 19:10

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Seldom is the total cost considered when starting something.

Live it
When Jacob saw Rachel, he went straight to her father Laban and asked for her hand in marriage. As is the case with most people in love, he considered any cost worth the prize. Fourteen years later after much hard work, disappointment, and deception, he realized his dreams. I imagine if Jacob were approached in his later years of life, he would not be hesitant to say it was worth it all. But, he might have said something else entirely had he been approached while he was working hard and waiting. It's the same with us. When we set our eyes on something new and shiny, no amount of reckoning will convince us to view our prize as old, crusty and barely working. But is our love faithful enough to get us through the hard times?
I can't tell this story without thinking about what God must have neen thinking when he saw me. I was small, insignificant, lost and without hope, but He loved me so much, he felt I was worth the ultimate price he would have to pay. Have you been loved by someone that way? If so, you know what I'm speaking about. Nothing brings more joy than someone unlovely being loved by someone so great He could have anyone, but chose you instead.

Pray it
How many times have I taken Your love for granted? Truth known, more times than I care to think about. Look in my heart right now however and You will see someone who is overwhelmed, grateful and blessed. Your love demands so much more than I can return. In times like this, all I can do is say, "Thank You," and spend my time proving my love by loving other people like you love me.

Praying for someone when we have unconfessed sin, could make their situation worse than it is. (2000)
Tunnel vision can become terminal when we act as if nothing exists outside our tunnel. (2001)
God can't use you unless you depend on Him to get you through today, tomorrow and beyond (2002)
Tenet #23 - "What we do is what we believe; everything else is just religious talk."Peter Lord (2003)
When God stops moving, we need to stop doing stuff and claiming it's Him doing it. (2004)
Calling something holy that isn't, places us in line for a holy whuppin. (2005)
When we act in a way that contradicts his way, we'd best get out of the way. (2006)
Devotional (2007)

Too much self-esteem can be a bad thing. (2008)

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