July 2, 2009

He answered them, “Not everyone can do what you suggest. Only those who have that gift can.
Mt 19:11

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The power to abstain may be the weakest natural desire.

Live it
A chicken and pig wanted to provide breakfast for their master, so each considered the contribution they would make. The chicken said, "I know, I'll provide the eggs and you can bring the bacon." The pig replied, "Wait a minute!" Your offering requires conviction, but mine total sacrifice!" Cain was the firstborn of Adam and Eve, one of the earliest people on earth. He came to make an offering to God and brought vegetables while his younger brother, Abel brought fat portions from some of his slain flock. Scripture says God was pleased with Abel's offering but displeased with Cain's. The difference in the two can be likened to the chicken and pig example. Cain's offering was expendable and replaceable, but Abel
's required the shedding of blood. Cain didn't understand the difference and many of us don't either. We refuse to give God our best and therefore should consider the warning God gave Cain. Sin is crouching at our door like a hungry tiger, ready to jump in the moment we fail to master our natural desire.

Pray it
There's no way I can do what is expected of me today without Your help, Lord. It's only by Your strength that I am able to choose godliness over natural desire and do what is right. I lift up my eyes and look to the hills where my help comes from. It comes from You and no one else, O Lord.

A person on the sideline of spiritual warfare won't pray and is of no consequence to Satan.. (2000)
Waiting on God is not stagnancy, but looking at God's word, applying it and watching what happens. (2001)
Proactive discipleship has been all but dismissed by pastors and teachers of our day. (2002)
Success or failure is determined in the race, not at the finish line. (2003)
what one generation tolerates, the next will wholly embrace. (2004)
Not all religious actions will result in blessing. (2005)
How can you see what God is doing with your eyes closed? (2006)
Devotional (2007)

Revising history is easy when you're trying to convince lazy people. (2008)

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