July 10, 2009

The enemy is finished—in ruins forever. You have uprooted their cities. Even the memory of them has faded.
Ps 9:6

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There's a tendency to give far too much attention to temporary annoyances.

Live it
This past Saturday, my wife and I picked peaches at a local orchard and noticed a graveyard in the midst of the trees. It was hidden, adjacent to a country church but invisible to people driving by. Before returning home, we walked through the cemetery and took notice of some of the tombstones. Interestingly some of the people buried there died over 200 years ago, but the stone that got our attention was one that noted the deceased was a musician and composer. I didn't recognize his name and though his compost ions were listed on the back of the stone, I didn't recognize them either. I think it's fair to say a person can't think about death and not consider his own mortality. Obviously the man or his family wanted future generations to remember him for what he had done on earth. But few people ever visit that graveyard and read his tombstone. I doubt many remember him or his songs.
I don't know why, but I started thinking about some people who are now dead, but for lack of a better word, were my enemies when they were alive. I've since come to realize whatever time I spent worrying about them or their accusations when they were alive, was wasted. I wonder how much time today we will spend fretting over something we will outlive. Isn't it a better idea to redeem the time and think on things that matter and let time handle the things that don't?

Pray it
Another day is not only a blessing but an opportunity to turn my heart toward You, O God, and consider what You would have me do with my time. I want to redeem the time and spend alot of it with You in the garden of prayer, if nothing else, a pocket here and there.

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