July 11, 2009

Wisdom is a tree of life for those who take firm hold of it. Those who cling to it are blessed.
Pr 3:18

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Knowing God's plan offers benefit in this life, but knowing Him, benefit beyond.

Live it
John was known as the disciple whom Jesus loved. Beside being in the inner circle of men Jesus confided, he was personally asked by Jesus to watch over his mother. You don't ask that unless you trust someone and expect them to live as long as her. He was also the only person in the band of disciples to die a natural death and escape execution. Not that people didn't try to kill him, Fox's Book of Martyrs tells us persecutors tried to boil him in a vat of boiling oil just to see him come out unscathed. Much like Daniel in the Lion's Den, the people were fearful, not so much of John, but for the One who protected him. Exiled to the island of Patmos, he was left alone to complete Scripture by recording the future as revealed by direct revelation. What can we learn from John? Stay as close to Jesus as you can, listen carefully to his instruction and obey Him in everything he says for as long as you live, which according to Proverbs will probably be longer than most.

Pray it
I believe every day of my life has been a direct result of your blessing, Father. Not for anything I have done, but by Your grace and according to Your Word is my life directly related to my obedience and Your promises.

Are you expending a lot of energy without any fruit for your effort? (2000)
An example of a paradox is a Christian living by the standard of this world . (2001)
How many demonstrable and undeniable miracles is God working in our life today? (2002)
Remembering the past is good unless you expect past victories to demonstrate your faith. (2003)
How much education is needed before a person acts on what God expects them to do? (2004)
The most beautiful music has come out of a cave experience. (2005)
Much of what will come tomorrow will be a product of what we do or don't do today. (2006)
Devotional (2007)
Children, not only inherit the blessing of their father, but consequences of his actions. (2008)

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