August 3, 2009

May God Almighty make him merciful to you so that he will send your other brother and Benjamin home with you. If I lose my children, I lose my children.
Gen 43:14

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A father's blessing passes responsibility to God to finish what he started.

Live it
Today, the most used word to describe a family in distress is "dysfunctional." I'm not so sure God wouldn't use more accurate terminology to identify abuse and neglect. The root of most everything we do is based on sin, is it not? Samuel and David are but two fathers in Scripture who accomplished great things at work but were lacking when it came to parenting. It's amazing to think these men of God failed to raise godly boys, but they did. And we'll never know what the first son of David and Bathsheba might have been like, for he was not allowed to live because of David's gross sin.

I was just a kid when my wife and I started raising a family. When we had our first child, I was barely able to vote and my wife was not. I vividly remember the moment I started to mature. It was in front of the glass in the hospital viewing area when I looked at this helpless little person who would one day call me " father." Before that, I lived to fulfill my personal desire and ambition, but afterwards, it was to be the right example for her. I wish I could say marriage and parenting was easy, but the only thing easy about it is the frequency of mistakes and the tendency to apply the wrong correction. Still, one of the benefits of praying for other people is being in the right position to hear from God and make the proper course correction. I'm certain of one thing in this life. God will continue, but on earth we will not. God protects and provides for the family of fathers in the right position before Him. I can rest at night knowing He will complete what I may not be able to finish.

Pray it
I have no proper words of gratitude to thank you for blessing me. It wasn't earned or deserved, but without it, I'd not be able to go on. Whereas I've obviously failed as a father in many ways, you have never failed me. Thank You!

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