August 4, 2009

When the young man heard this, he went away sad because he owned a lot of property.
Mt 19:22

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It's amazing how much we're willing to invest in something that's temporary and not actually our's.

Live it
I find it amazing that from the day we were born, our life has been based on death. By that I mean I have certain plans for today, but are of them all subject to change under the right condition. For example, when something urgent comes along, I'll put my plans on hold and take care of it right away if possible. If someone or something needs immediate attention, I'll press the pause button on my plans and address that. Then of course, there's the ultimate plan-changer. If I knew I only had a few hours to live, I'd discard my Todo list and begin taking care of last chance opportunities, many of them things I should have already addressed.

Noah was a mere 500 years old when he gave birth to Shem, Ham and Japeth. God looked at the people of earth and determined that Noah alone had any redeeming value. He grieved for his creation, (something that makes me wonder if our generation is any different) and rescued Noah and his family from disaster. It took the better part of 100 years for Noah to build that life raft and that gave just as much time for men to laugh in God's face and mock Noah. The flood came and everything outside the raft died. Before you ignore God again today, you might want to consider you can't climb high enough or dig a hole deep enough to escape His wrath when he gives up on you.


Pray it
I am so grateful You deal with your children in mercy and not justice, for we are deserving of judgment. Thank you that we, your people, are not in danger of Your coming wrath. People won't be singing the Battle hymn on that day, but be swimming in the grape juice. My life raft is the Holy Spirit..

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