August 12, 2009

So the man did as Joseph said and took them to Joseph’s house.
Gen 43:17

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Sometimes we are so impressed by someone, we forget the supporting cast.

Live it
David had his Jonathan, Daniel his three Hebrew friends, Moses had Aaron and Joshua . And then there's Joseph. You're probably saying, "Wait a minute. Joseph was an exception, He didn't have anyone!" What about Pharaoh who made him his second in command of Egypt and his servants who obeyed him faithfully though perplexed by the attention he was giving those Hebrews. You have to admit, even though most of us pride ourselves on considering the little guy, most everyone stands in the shadow of someone else who seems to get all the attention.

You may think everyone is an attention getter who looks out for number one first, think about this. All the people above were anything but proud and haughty. In fact, most of them entered into the limelight reluctantly desiring to go another way. But when God called them to do something, they all went willingly. And who wouldn't want to be close to someone visibly under the call of God? Today would be a good day for you to thank someone who helps you, to praise someone who seldom gets attention, to do something unexpected to show your appreciation to a person who selflessly works behind the scene in your life.

Pray it
You didn't send me to do something without equiping me to do it. Neither did You intend for me to carry the burden of ministry by myself. Open my eyes today to see and appreciate those who love You through serving me.

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Devotional (2007)

If one miracle can make you believe, one can make you disbelieve. (2008)

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