August 20, 2009

Then Peter replied to him, “Look, we’ve given up everything to follow you. What will we get out of it?”
Mt 19:27

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We ought not say everything we think.

Live it
I'm amazed at athletes who seem to have total control over their motions. Being an avid golfer myself, I appreciate the beauty of a golf swing like that of Tiger Woods. But, what's more impressive is the fact he can turn and take his club back and then start downward to strike the ball when half way down something steals his concentration and he stops before hitting the ball. Amazing!

But even more amazing is the tendency of some people to utter every thought they have in their head, regardless of who hears it or how ridiculous it sounds. Most place the apostle Peter top in that category, but I've met people who put Peter's "foot in the mouth" disease to shame. In case you need another example, take my advice and never ask a woman when her baby is due. We need to ask God for quick reflexes to stop our mouth from speaking until the thought has been processed and approved by the Holy Spirit. Then, we would speak slower and never hear the dreaded reply, "I'm not pregnant, thank you, very much!"

Pray it
I don't know about the big stick, but I definitely need to speak slower. The negative side of my dominant spiritual gift is impulsiveness with a quick biting sarcasm. Help me avoid things that hurt and learn from You who will help me to be quick to discern, slow to judge and slower to speak

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