August 30, 2009

There are people who are all alone. They have no children or other family members. So there is no end to all the hard work they have to do.
Ecc 4:8

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Loneliness is not always a product of being alone, nor being part of a family like feeling you belong.

Live it
When believers were scattered due to persecution, some went as far as Antioch in Greece and preached the Gospel. When the disciples living in Jerusalem heard that Gentiles had professed faith in Christ, they sent Barnabas to check it out. Barnabas was a person anyone would be proud to call their friend. He was trusted by his associates and as an encourager, seemed to always sacrifice his plans in order to serve someone else. Upon arriving in Antioch, he confirmed the Gentile profession was real, but felt they needed someone to stick around and teach them. When Barnabas enlisted Paul's help, the two of them became what might be called the first missionary team.

The honeymoon between Paul and Barnabas didn't last long however, because later, when Barnabas wanted to add John Mark to their team, Paul disagreed sharply. He felt Mark had proven to be unreliable in the past, but Barnabas felt just as strongly that the young man needed another chance.The separation between the two proved something still true today. Both men were godly, but few are encouragers and will never be able to convince everyone that it was God who set the pattern of getting a second chance.

Pray it
Thank you my family and a reason to work, for dreams, aspirations and friends with whom to share them.

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It's almost midnight on the prophetic clock of Daniel. (2001)
Christians today seldom deserve to be compared to the suffering of their first century brothers. (2002)
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Surrounded by fools, one tends to act like an fool. (2008)

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