September 15, 2009
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"‘No one has hired us,’ they answered him. “He said to them, ‘Work in my vineyard.’
Mt 20:7

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No one in the family of God is out of work, even if it appears otherwise.

Live it

In cities with major industry, sometimes it seems the entire town works for one employer and whether people work or not depends on the economic stability of that company. But when businesses take a hit, like the recent downsizing of the automobile industry, the chain effect is like a house of cards that turn a once enviable job into no job. Sadly, many one-time vibrant cities now look like ghost towns. Those affected by the downturn either depend on the government to provide sustenance or have found work by moving or changing profession. Then there is the on-going business of Church, Inc.

What was designed by God as a family of believers living to support one another has today turned into an large down-sizing corporation. Leadership specializes in specific certain fields of ministry and serve the body, most of whom do not see the need to minister to anyone else. There's certainly nothing wrong with a trained person leading God's people, but when doing so, the congregation is negated or discouraged from actively working in ministry, it's contrary to God's design. We need to remind ourselves that even though earning statements come from as earthly entity, God is still our employer. Don't you think it's high time for God's people to show up for work and not act like He laid us off when we hired a pastor?

Pray it

Refresh my spirit to minister to Your people regardless of who else might be doing it. Renew my spirit of service and to look for opportunity to do so. May I do well on my next job assessment.

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