September 20, 2009
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

Again, if two people lie down together, they can keep warm, but how can one person keep warm?
Ecc 4:11

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Self-sufficiency is not only lonely, but often lacking.

Live it
It's not politically correct, but when we discuss spiritual issues, most refer to all humanity as, "man." But when God created man, he made one person and his name was Adam. The Bible says he was the progenitor of all humanity. Well, that's not exactly correct, is it? I've yet to see a man give birth to another man, even in a laboratory test tube. God created Eve from the side of man, but gave her distinctively different characteristics. Viva, la difference!' God made man and woman to live and work together in order to complete a common goal, to reproduce offspring. But in other matters, the two are not always together.

It's important to notice that God took Eve from Adam's side and not his feet. He never intended that man would lord over a woman except in Christ like submission. Instead, he gave them each individuality so either one could live alone and have a productive, God-pleasing life. Hence marriage is a mutual coming together of two people of different sex, to do what God created them to do. Like two adjacent pieces of a puzzle, their differences fit together to complete the picture.

Pray it
Thank you for my wife who is by definition and application exactly what I need to be the man You created me to be. But, thank you also for those who minister to us and to whom we minister so we can all fulfill our roles in the family of God.

Most of our received dangers are Fig Newton's of our imagination (2000)
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honest is the first requirement in coming to a loving relationship with God. (2004)
Devotional (2007)

Making mistakes takes no effort. . (2008)

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