October 2, 2009
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

Arise, O LORD. Do not let mortals gain any power. Let the nations be judged in your presence.
Ps 9:18

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People will do the unimaginable when they don't believe there's a God who cares.

Live it
It's natural to feel in charge until something happens to show you that you're not. Most people on earth in early Genesis heard of God through tradition or hearsay. For all they knew, they would live a few decades and then die, leaving their children to do the same. Most knew little about God and there was no written account to know anything more. So what does a person do when he thinks God created man and then left him to die on earth without significance? Simple - he gets all he can, cans all he gets, sits on the lid and poisons the rest. That's pretty much the attitude of all the men when they came together to build a stairway to heaven, known as the Tower of Babel - One language, one goal, for all the marbles.

You can't see the remains of that tower today or any evidence of those who constructed it. God took notice of what they were doing, made it impossible to them to communicate and thus confounded their effort. For years the partially completed tower remained as a testament of weak men confronting Almighty God until it collapsed into the dust. That raises the question, "Have you considered what will remain of your life after you're gone? Will it testify of God's greatness or your own?"

Pray it
I can't imagine never knowing of you or living in such a way, I disregard consequences in this life and the next. If anything remains for men to remember me, I pray it magnifies Jesus and not anyone else.

Finishing should be our goal before begriming a race. (2000)
Abram was blessed by God for his attitude as well as his trust (2001)
Whoever would be a good teacher will also be a good learner. (2002)
Don't wait for someone to die before making things right with them. (2003)
Are we praying for answers that fit our expectations? (2004)
The Ark door is still open but God will shut it very soon. (2005)
We're in the right position for God to work when we've tried and failed. (2006)
Just because you take up space doesn't mean you're in control. (2007)

We have no power on our own. (2008)

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