December 3, 2009
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

They told him, “Lord, we want you to give us our eyesight back.”
Mt 20:33

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Presumption has no place in prayer.

Live it
When the Israelites complained about the apparent lack of food and water in the desert, God gave them food from heaven and delivered it daily to their doorstep. But, it wasn't long before they complained about God's provision and having to trust him to deliver it daily. Isn't it basically the same with you and me? A few days ago we gathered around the lunch table with family and friends and thanked God for his provision of turkey, dressing, ham, potatoes, salads and sweet desserts. Yum! Then, later we enjoyed leftovers while watching football on television, but it didn't have the same appeal as it did at lunch. The next night faced with eating left-over again, most of us found an excuse to go out to dinner.

The song says, "Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before." But, have you come to the place in your life where that song is true, or is spending time alone with Him now a scary thought, or perhaps obligatory and boring? May I ask when was the last time you poured your heart out to God for more than a few moments, day after day looking for an answer to your prayer? The truth is, most of us have long ago surrendered praying to having someone at church do it for us. We don't enjoy fellowship with God, but only with people at church. Do you really believe we're that different from the grumbling, disobedient and ungrateful Israelites in the desert?

Pray it
I'd like to say, Lord listen to your children praying, but I'm afraid to know how little we do it and with what intensity. You God, are the Creator of the universe and beyond. Your works are beyond magnificent and your love for man is beyond imagination. You deserve far more than we give You and are worthy of that and much more. Yes Lord. We need your Holy Spirit - right now.

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