2009 Scriptural & Topical Reference - Just Thinkin'...

Mt 21:7 Giving 12.31.09 The wise men showed us how to regard Jesus with reverence and respect.
Gen 45:22 Provision 12.30.09 God doesn't just meet our needs, he usually exceeds them.  
Mt 21:6 Scripture 12.29.09 There's no need to read the Bible unless you plan on listening to God. Kel/Di travel to Batesville, AR.to help Jen clean up.
Gen 45:21 Blessing 12.28.09 When God blesses, he also gives the means to carry it.
Ecc 5:9 Momentum 12.27.09 Authority and power is not always necessary, but it sure doesn't hurt.
Ps 10:12 Forget 12.26.09 We should not think when we forget that God does too.
Pr 4:9 Wisdom 12.25.09 Wisdom - the gift that keeps on giving. Jenny house burned
Mt 21:5 Timing 12.24.09 Timing is not only important, it's everything.
Gen 45:17-18 World 12.23.09 Rarely is a Christian in favor with God and not with all the people.
Mt 21:4 Bible 12.22.09 I love the fact that God put all the answers in the back of his book.
Gen 45:16 Authority 12.21.09 When God's people are in charge, everyone benefits.
Ecc 5:8 Rights 12.20.09 When you're doing right, you need not worry about your rights.
Pr 4:8 Wisdom 12.19.09 What we fail to use, we eventually lose.
Ps 10:11 Providence 12.18.09 "Out of sight, out of mind" may work for some people, but not for God.
Mt 21:3 Excuses 12.17.09 Our answer to God shouldn't be "Why," but an unwaivering "Yes!"
Gen 45:15 Reconciliation 12.16.09 Reconciliation begins when one person asks forgiveness.
Mt 21:2 Potential 12.15.09 The simplest things become monumental when God is in it.
Gen 45:14 Salutation 12.14.09 Don't presume a goodbye won't be your last.
Ecc 5:7 Fear 12.13.09 Respect for God is like fear without the tears.
Pr 4:7 Wisdom 12.12.09 Which came first, asking for wisdom or having wisdom to ask?
Ps 10:10 Hope 12.11.09 Defeat may be inevitable, but our Hope is invincible. Bobby Esch
Mt 21:1 Help 12.10.09 If we do everything ourselves, others will miss the blessing of having helped us.
Gen 45:13 Witness 12.09.09 A witness is responsible for telling someone what they've heard and seen.
Mt 20:34 Sympathy 12.08.09 Sympathy accomplishes nothing outside of ministry.
Gen 45:12 Speech 12.07.09 Without realizing it, we speak for someone else everytime we open our mouth.
Ecc 5:6 Speech 12.06.09 A tongue loosed can cook your goose if not form a noose.
Pr 4:6 Wisdom 12.05.09 When we see things as God does, we've moved under his shadow.
Ps 10:8 Victim 12.04.09 Funny how victim and victor share the same root but are opposing implications.
Mt 20:33 Prayer 12.03.09 Presumption has no place in prayer. Miracle repair
Gen 45:11 Blessing 12.02.09 God's blessing is never singularly possessive. Truck down again
Mt 20:32 Expectation 12.01.09 If we're expecting something, it would be good to let someone know what it is, don't you think?
Gen 45:10 Protection 11.30.09 It's not only safe but smart to put all your eggs in God's basket.
Ecc 5:5 Promise 11.29.09 Trust may never be earned after failing to keep a promise.
Pr 4:5 Choice 11.28.09 When we choose something, we reject something else.
Ps 10:7 Opposition 11.27.09 Like the unlit head of a match, evil men will flame up against rigid opposition.
Mt 20:31 Desperation 11.26.09 Desperation trumps timidity. Thanksgiving Day
Gen 45:9 Friend 11.25.09 No one gives meaning to having a friend in high places like God.
Mt 20:30 Mercy 11.24.09 Mercy is only of use when someone feels they need it. Comcast IP Hwy installed
Gen 45:8 Overcomer 11.23.09 If the world can't see God through us, what hope do they have? The Coming Storm
Ecc 5:4 Speech 11.22.09 When judging the least offensive speech, the quietest person in the room wins every time. P.C.
Pr 4:3-4 Obedience 11.21.09 If being obedient requires listening, believing and obeying, most of us aren't.
Ps 10:6 Dependence 11.20.09 Independence is good as long as it's in dependence of God.
Mt 20:29 Follow 11.19.09 People still follow the Gospel just like they did Jesus.
Gen 45:7 Trust 11.18.09 Knowing what God has done and will do is gratifying, but it's why he does it that's life-changing.
Mt 20:28 Love 11.17.09 The most moving thing about Jesus' death is he didn't have to submit to it.
Gen 45:6 Work 11.16.09 There is no such thing as a bad job in a bad economy.
Ecc 5:3 Prayer 11.15.09 You won't daydream while you're praying.
Pr 4:2 Teaching 11.14.09 You can lead a horse to water and make him drink if you've made him thirsty.
Ps 10:5 Focus 11.13.09 When our focus is on men, we lose understanding and confidence.
Mt 20:27 Discipleship 11.12.09 Disciples are discipled by disciples.
Gen 45:5 Will, God's 11.11.09 God's initiative is impervious to interference.
Mt 20:26 Service 11.10.09 Servants get the best reward; they just have to wait for it.
Gen 45:4 Evidence 11.09.09 Evidence accomplishes what an argument cannot.
Ecc 5:2 Reverence 11.08.09 Reverence is a natural result of praying, not the other way around.
Pr 4:1 Discipline 11.07.09 Discipline not received is only incentive to cover our tracks better.
Ps 10:4 Atheist 11.06.09 The atheist can't blame God for anything, but he'd like to.
Mt 20:25 Authority 11.05.09 Power doesn't always accompany authority.
Gen 45:3 Confession 11.04.09 Admission is not the same as confession, nor regret the same as asking forgiveness.
Mt 20:24 Jealousy 11.03.09 Jealousy finds fertile soil at the front of the sanctuary.
Gen 45:2 Emotion 11.02.09 Emotions are the true reflection of what we feel, everything else is manufactured.
Ecc 5:1 Glory 11.01.09 Just because we give glory to God doesn't mean He wants it.
Pr 3:35 Wisdom 10.31.09 Wisdom that comes from God is free for the asking.
Ps 10:3 Character 10.30.09 The character of a person is revealed by who it is he brags on. Bragging on big Brother.
Mt 20:23 Employer 10.29.09 God is not an equal opportunity employer, but employer of equal opportunities. Hand-grenade disposal
Gen 45:1 Trust 10.28.09 Total trust is built on total disclosure and zero deception.
Mt 20:22 Sacrifice 10.27.09 Everyone wants privilege, but few, if any, want to pay for it. Occupancy permit approved.
Gen 44:34 Guilt 10.26.09 It's easier to hurt someone when you can't see their face. Jamie granted shared custody.
Ecc 4:16 Expectation 10.25.09 Hopeless disappointment is the reward for misplaced expectation. WYSIWYG
Pr 3:34 Mockers 10.24.09 The last One standing has the last laugh. Potifer's wife
Ps 10:2 Evil 10.23.09 The evil we wish on others will act like a boomerang. Haman
Mt 20:21 Success 10.22.09 Presumption precedes assumption which is really all about self-consumption. The Wealthy Church
Gen 44:32b Peace 10.21.09 Peace is not the absence of conflict but will come through it.  
Mt 20:20 Association 10.20.09 Privilege comes by association, but not necessarily power.
Gen 44:16 Hiding 10.19.09 Trying to conceal something only serves to prove we are guilty of something.  
Ecc 4:15 Dependability 10.18.09 The only thing dependable about human nature is it's tendency to do the wrong thing.
Pr 3:33 Security 10.17.09 The same thing that's viewed as blessing by a believer offers false security to someone who's not.
Ps 10:1 Presence 10.16.09 Have you considered God seems closer the more time you spend with Him? Acie Ford
Mt 20:19 Deception 10.15.09 Betrayal wasn't necessary in order for Jesus to be crucified, but it serves to confirm this generation is no better than that one.
Gen 44:15 Insight 10.14.09 Insight is a type of foresight that gives you advantage over those with no hindsight. When are you expecting?
Mt 20:17-18 Love 10.13.09 Love is doing what you don't have to do for the sake of others who don't think it's necessary.
Gen 44:13 Plans 10.12.09 Seeing the unexpected may surprise us, but changing our plans to accommodate it should not. First night in Cordova
Ecc 4:14 Leadership 10.11.09 A person's qualifications don't always qualify him to lead.
Pr 3:32 Bible 10.10.09 The Bible can be read by anyone, but the Holy Spirit reveals what it says to a few.
Ps 9:20 Confidence 10.09.09 Self confidence is an illusion, as it disappears the moment the earth shifts beneath your feet.
Mt 20:15 Giving 10.08.09 The generosity of a Christian should go beyond what others think excessive. IRS and Jesus
Gen 44:11-12 Submission 10.07.09 When we submit ourselves to the wishes of another, we place our life in God's hands. On joining Marines
Mt 20:14 Employer 10.06.09 Employee rights extend as far as "I'm sorry, you're not worth the trouble" HI - Fortune500 doesn't guarantee employee rights
Gen 44:10 Obedience 10.05.09 Obedience is more than doing what you're told. The optimist
Ecc 4:13 Listening 10.04.09 The crust on a fool began forming the moment he stopped listening.
Pr 3:31 Comparison 10.03.09 We become like someone we emulate, be it good or bad.
Ps 9:19 Ignorance 10.02.09 People will do the unimaginable when they don't believe there's a God who cares.
Mt 20:13 Fairness 10.01.09 Fairness is in the eye of the receiver justice and in God's eyes mercy.
Gen 44:8-9 Motivation 09.30.09 What seems reasonable is often victim to the unthinkable. The security biz
Mt 20:12 Attitude 09.29.09 A punched time card reveals how long we worked, not how diligently. Studebaker Avanti
Gen 44:7 Intention 09.28.09 Be careful what you deny; the best intention can be blind at times. Union Squeeze Play
Ecc 4:12 Strength 09.27.09 With human help we are more powerful, but with the Holy Spirit we become invincible.  
Pr 3:30 Discussion 09.26.09 If you've acted properly, people who disagree with you don't deserve debate. Taking up offense usually kills a church
Ps 9:18 Needs 09.25.09 In Christ, every need should serve to remind us it's short-term.
Mt 20:11 Expectation 09.24.09 We can receive with gratitude or expectation, but only one honors God. Lavish tip
Gen 44:5 Accusation 09.23.09 When accusations become evidence, there's no reason to defend yourself. In defense of false claim
Mt 20:10 Employer 09.22.09 Surprisingly, tenure and maturity don't always travel together.  
Gen 44:1 Generosity 09.21.09 What appears to be generosity may in fact, be opportunistic.  
Ecc 4:11 Marriage 09.20.09 Self-efficiency is not only lonely, but often lacking.  
Pr 3:29 Deception 09.19.09 Both premeditated murder and telling a lie are equal first degree sins.  
Ps 9:17 Memory 09.18.09 Forgetting God is bad, but it's worse to think dying that way, we'll remember and He'll forget.  
Mt 20:8 Grace 09.17.09 Grace has no pay scale or fine print. Abby's BD
Gen 43:34 Family 09.16.09 Brothers in the Lord should be closer than two people with the same parents.  
Mt 20:7 Ministry 09.15.09 No one in the family of God is out of work, even if it appears otherwise.
Gen 43:33 Guilt 09.14.09 No one likes it when someone knows everything about them. Rain
Ecc 4:10 Support 09.13.09 Some people never reach their potential because they have no help or they refuse it.

Jen's BD; one person interested in prayer class at church.

Pr 3:28 Blessing 09.12.09 If we've been blessed, we're expected to pass it on - sooner than later. Little rest, much work, little time
Ps 9:16 Patience 09.11.09 I wonder if our persistent testing of his patience wearies God? Extreme Arm Pain
Mt 20:3 Employer 09.10.09 You can't always expect your employer to treat you right, but you can trust God to make it right. Truck healed. TY
Gen 43:32 Relationship 09.09.09 Only Jesus can help us live with someone we love and dislike. New PT Face
Mt 20:2 Business 09.08.09 Taking care of business means taking care of your employees. Blown head gasket? New truck?
Gen 43:31 Actions 09.07.09 What we do reflects our heart more than what we say. Back Home and catching up.
Ecc 4:9 Marriage 09.06.09 Two working together can accomplishment much more than one, be it positive or negative. SOTO
Pr 3:27 Blessing 09.05.09 If we've been blessed, we're the dispensers of God's grace to others. SOTO
Ps 9:15 Knowledge 09.04.09 Be careful - what you don't know about God can be extremely hazardous to your health. On retreat at Shepherd of the Ozarks.
Mt 20:1 Service 09.03.09 Delegation finds fruition in those with dedication and determination. Serious Truck issues
Gen 43:30a Retreat 09.02.09 We need an inside place to go so we can deal with what's on the outside. 
Mt 19:30 Service 09.01.09 First responders in ministry stay until the work is done.
Gen 43:29b Prayer 08.31.09 If we spent as much time praying for people as we do talking about them, the world would be a better place.
Ecc 4:8 Alone 08.30.09 Loneliness is not always a product of being alone, nor is being part of a family feeling like you belong.
Pr 3:25-26 Sin 08.29.09 Wickedness is a magnet for those who aren't attached to God's word.
Ps 9:14 Thanksgiving 08.28.09 If you want to thank God for victory over death, you need to do it this side of the grave.
Mt 19:29 Loss 08.27.09 When did we start preaching a person can live eternally in heaven and never lose anything?
Gen 43:27a Care 08.26.09 We should care for ourselves first, then our family and finally others.
Mt 19:28 Heaven 08.25.09 It's hard to concentrate on heaven when earth is pulling you down.
Gen 43:26 Revelation 08.24.09 When God shows you what he told you, you're just itching to tell someone.
Ecc 4:7 Choice 08.23.09 The empty hours in a man's life are usually filled with more of the same.
Pr 3:24 Sleep 08.22.09 It's not surprising that a Christian can sleep better than someone who fears they might not wake up.
Ps 9:13 Salvation 08.21.09 Salvation is a three way applicator: it worked in the past, is working now and will work in the future.
Mt 19:27 Impulsiveness 08.20.09 Just because something runs through my head, it doesn't mean it has to come out my mouth.
Gen 43:22b Hope 08.19.09 I'm so thankful that being clueless doesn't mean we're hopeless.
Mt 19:26 Change 08.18.09 Salvation is an extreme makeover provided courtesy of the Holy Spirit.
Gen 43:18a Courage 08.17.09 Willingness to face our worst fear is sometimes prerequisite to blessing.
Ecc 4:5-6 Work 08.16.09 Burning the midnight oil over and over runs the risk of running out.
Pr 3:23 Obedience 08.15.09 The space between "can't" and "won't" is very slight.
Ps 9:12 Perspective 08.14.09 No generation will see everything God plans to do from this vantage point.
Mt 19:25 Honesty 08.13.09 You'd think you wouldn't sell much by emphasizing the high cost and what you're going to lose, but Jesus did.
Gen 43:17 Service 08.12.09 Sometimes we are so impressed by someone, we forget the supporting cast.
Mt 19:24 Money 08.11.09 You have to care about money to make a lot of it, but care more about God to give it up.
Gen 43:16 Reconciliation 08.10.09 Reunions should spark good memories, not ignite feelings of remorse or retaliation.
Ecc 4:10 Help 08.09.09 Some things aren't shaped for one person to do alone.
Pr 3:22 Appropriation 08.08.09 You probably won't lose what you use.
Ps 9:11 Music 08.07.09 Music and thanksgiving go together.
Mt 19:23 Temptation 08.06.09 The larger the distraction, the greater the temptation.
Gen 43:15 Mercy 08.05.09 The best excuses will never earn mercy.
Mt 19:22 Life 08.04.09 It's amazing how much we're willing to invest in something that's temporary and not actually our's.
Gen 43:13b Parents 08.03.09 A father's blessing passes responsibility to God to finish what he started.
Ecc 4:4 Competition 08.02.09 Competition brings out the best and worst in us.
Pr 3:21 Recall 08.01.09 Recalling what needs to be done is one part preparation and two parts dedication.
Ps 9:10 Name 07.31.09 Even his enemies call him God, but do you know his real name?
Mt 19:21 Perfect 07.30.09 Perfection is in the eye of the Beholder.
Gen 43:12 Compromise 07.29.09 Compensation is not a part of every equation.
Mt 19:20 Law 07.28.09 Why do we try make easy things hard, and hard things easy?
Gen 43:11c Mistakes 07.27.09 Be careful you don't cover all your bases and fail to step on home plate.
Ecc 4:3 Evil 07.26.09 It's difficult, if not impossible, to describe good without also describing evil.
Pr 3:20 Witnessing 07.25.09 We should be like the water table, constantly taking in God's sustenance and then spreading it around.
Ps 9:9 Trouble 07.24.09 If there was a yellow page ad entitled "Trouble," the first listing should be "Pray."
Mt 19:19 Honor 07.23.09 This generation regards honor as making periodical eye contact and love as anything but hate.
Gen 43:11b Desperation 07.22.09 Our survival instinct trumps reluctance.
Mt 19:18 Excuses 07.21.09 Spilt a hair and you may slice your finger.
Gen 43:10 Blame 07.20.09 Who are we blaming for our failure to trust God?
Ecc 4:2 Depression 07.19.09 Don't die before you're dead.
Pr 3:19 Consistency 07.18.09 Consistency in doing the right thing is evidence of integrity.
Ps 9:7-8 Judgment 07.17.09 I wonder if the last Judge standing will judge the evil judges before anyone else?
Mt 19:17 Answers 07.16.09 God used, "Is that your final answer," long before a game show host.
Gen 43:9 Questions 07.15.09 How can a person know how to pray if he never asks a question?
Mt 19:16 Heaven 07.14.09 The number one question of all time is still being asked, "What can I do to extend my life?"
Gen 43:6 Lies 07.13.09 When we encourage other people to lie, we become complicit in their sin.
Ecc 4:1 Trouble 07.12.09 Whoever said "Misery loves company," should stay away from a microphone.
Pr 3:18 Will 07.11.09 Knowing God's plan offers benefit in this life, but knowing Him, benefit beyond.
Ps 9:6 Enemies 07.10.09 There is a tendency to give far too much attention to temporary annoyances.
Mt 19:14 Children 07.09.09 It's strange how everyone starts off little, but when they get bigger, they belittle being little.
Gen 43:2 Selfishness 07.08.09 "Out of sight, out of mind" is the tendency of selfish people.
Mt 19:13 Prayer 07.07.09 It's never too late to do the right thing by our children although we may experience problems for having done it wrong for so long.
Gen 43:1 Motivation 07.06.09 Motivation is born just above our tolerance level.
Ecc 3:23 Suffering 07.05.09 Suffering is usually the result of someone else exercising liberty without compassion.
Ps 9:5 Grateful 07.04.09 Investments passed on to ungrateful people will result in chaos and loss. 
Pr 3:17 Fellowship 07.03.09 Have you noticed the more time you spend with someone, the more you resemble them?
Mt 19:11 Desire 07.02.09 The power to abstain may be the weakest natural desire.
Gen 42:38 Desperation 07.01.09 When caution is thrown to the wind, you can expect surprises.
Mt 19:10 Commitment 06.30.09 Seldom is the total cost considered when starting something.
Gen 42:37 Guilt 06.29.09 Guilt is a stronger motivation than desire alone.
Ecc 3:22 Focus 06.28.09 Regardless of where we say we're going, we're following our focus.
Pr 3:17 Discernment 06.27.09 If we rule out everything that isn't, what's left is.
Ps 9:4 Defense 06.26.09 God not only has my "six,'" he has my number.
Mt 19:9 Divorce 06.25.09 It's not how you dot your i's or cross your t's, but the fact you did "it."
Gen 42:36b Depression 06.24.09 The only thing between us and depression is hope.
Mt 19:8 Marriage 06.23.09 Selfless love should keep husband and wife together and not a promise.
Gen 42:31 Witness 06.22.09 Talk is cheap, right actions priceless.
Ecc 3:20-21 Life 06.21.09 Heaven and hell in simplest terms is "With God" and "Not."
Pr 3:16 Progress 06.20.09 The difference between cooperation with God and resistance can be measured in progress.
Ps 9:3 Enemies 06.19.09 If both you and your enemy wish bad things on each other and get your wish, who wins?
Mt 19:7 Motives 06.18.09 It's more important to understand why a question was asked than simply answering it.
Gen 42:29 Deception 06.17.09 Nothing but the truth is easy if we can leave out the whole truth.
Mt 19:6 Marriage 06.16.09 Two are better than one as long as both of them want what God wants.
Gen 42:28 Neglect 06.15.09 Most of the things we blame on God are a product of our neglect.
Ecc 3:19 Death 06.14.09 Death is not only certain, it's closer today than yesterday.
Pr 3:15 Desire 06.13.09 Our desires become like God's when we see things like He does.
Ps 9:2 Joy 06.12.09 Joy is knowing what God is doing behind what's obvious.
Mt 19:4 Listening 06.11.09 How many times should God be made to repeat what He said?
Gen 42:26 Blessing 06.10.09 Not everything that seems like a blessing is one.
Mt 19:3 Questions 06.09.09 Tell people what they need to know, not necessarily what they want to know.
Gen 42:25 Giving 06.08.09 Giving should never include expectation of return.
Ecc 3:18 Arrogance 06.07.09 Arrogance is destined to collide head-on with reality.
Pr 3:14 Wealth 06.06.09 The only thing certain in this life is the tendency of wealth to change hands.
Ps 9:1 Gratefulness 06.05.09 Gratefulness is not only a spirit, but includes bragging on God.
Mt 19:2 Will, God's 06.04.09 We shouldn't have to ask God's will, as it goes with us when we walk with Jesus.
Gen 42:24 Crying 06.03.09 Wet eyes are a good way to tell a person's degree of responsiveness.
Mt 19:1 Move 06.02.09 We can't serve God and never be moved.
Gen 42:23 Nature 06.01.09 Does a Hebrew turned Egyptian think in Hebrew or Egyptian?
Ecc 3:17 Timing 05.31.09 Good can be performed at the wrong time, sometimes making it bad.
Pr 3:13 Possession 05.30.09 Just because we have access to something doesn't mean we have its benefit.
Ps 8:6-8 Idolatry 05.29.09 When we elevate animals to our level, we lower our perception of God.
Mt 18:35 Forgiveness 05.28.09 Forgiveness - what you don't deserve, can't earn but can't afford to live without.
Gen 42:22 Conflict 05.27.09 Saying "I told you so," accomplishes nothing, except renew conflict.
Mt 18:33 Mercy 05.26.09 When mercy is not passed on, it's unfinished business.
Gen 42:21a Listening 05.25.09 Just because you have ears doesn't mean you listen.
Ecc 3:16 Compromise 05.24.09 Compromise takes more than it gives.
Pr 3:12 Warning 05.23.09 Don't say you love someone when you won't tell them what God thinks of their actions.
Ps 8: 5 Discipleship 05.22.09 Shaping someone to be like Jesus is our highest privilege.
Mt 18:31 Prayer 05.21.09 Release comes from emptying your feelings to God, the only one who really cares.
Gen 42:19 Honesty 05.20.09 Honesty, when called into question, will risk loss for the sake of integrity.
Mt 18:29-30 Forgiveness 05.19.09 All men are in debt to something or someone, but not all men will honor their obligation, even if forgiven.
Gen 42:18a Testimony 05.18.09 How can we all share belief in the same God, yet disagree about what we believe?
Ecc 3:15b Accountability 05.17.09 Sin is bad enough, but leading someone else to do it is far worse.
Pr 3:11 Warning 05.16.09 God loves us the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way.
Ps 8:4 Humility 05.15.09 Humility comes from knowing what you deserve.
Mt 18:28 Forgiveness 05.14.09 We deserve judgment but are graced with forgiveness so we can grace others
Gen 42:16 Lying 05.13.09 It's harder than you think to be a persuasive liar.
Mt 18:27 Forgiveness 05.12.09 Forgiveness does not cancel obligation.
Gen 42:15a Testing 05.11.09 Life is a test to see if we've learned anything or just used up oxygen.
Ec 3:15 History 05.10.09 There's nothing we can do about yesterday except learn from it and move on.
Pr 3:10 Blessing 05.09.09 God richest blessings are conditional upon us blessing someone else.
Ps 8:3 Ego 05.08.09 Man's basic problem is thinking he's bigger than he really is.
Mt 18:26 Kindness 05.07.09 Whatever kindness God shows us, we should show others.
Gen 42:11 Honesty 05.06.09 If honesty includes thought and speech, does it even exist?
Mt 18:24 Debt 05.05.09 There is but one debt that can never be repaid.
Gen 42:9a Memory 05.04.09 Recalling the past, more times than not, reminds us of unresolved issues.
Ecc 3:14 Environment 05.03.09 Every destructive thing man can do is unable to destroy what God has created.
Pr 3:9 Giving 05.02.09 What we give is not as important as to whom and in what spirit.
Ps 8:2 Success 05.01.09 What will make us successful is our dependence on God.
Mt 18:23 Stories 04.30.09 A good story is easier to digest than direct rebuke.
Gen 42:8 Service 04.29.09 Just because someone doesn't see us, doesn't mean they won't see what we do.
Mt 18:22 Fear 04.28.09 God's grace is not limited by man's short-sightedness.
Gen 42:7 Exposure 04.27.09 Numbers 32:23 happens! But it may take a longtime so you can enjoy your misery longer.
Ecc 3:13 Work 04.26.09 Only in America will someone unemployed for a long time wait for the "right" job.
Pr 3:8 Health 04.25.09 Repentance yields certain health benefits beyond the obvious spiritual ones.
Ps 8:1 Creation 04.24.09 The closer and farther we look, the more we see God's handiwork.
Mt 18:21 Obedience 04.23.09 Obedience is joyfully doing what you're told, the first time you're told to do it.
Gen 42:6 Error 04.22.09 There's no pleasure in proving people wrong, but seeing God do it is another thing altogether.
Mt 18:20 Power 04.21.09 There's no magic when Christians come together, just a simple promise with magnificent potential.
Gen 42:4 Fear 04.20.09 Everything we do is motivated by either fear or faith.
Ecc 3:12 Focus 04.19.09 It's impossible to see good when you're focused on what's bad.
Pr 3:7 Humility 04.18.09 Humility consists of limited self-esteem, high God-esteem and holy living.
Ps 7:17 Music 04.17.09 Beautiful music may be to us as creation is to God.
Mt 18:19 Agreement 04.16.09 When two people pray the same thing at the same time, things happen!
Gen 42:1b Decisions 04.15.09 When you come to a fork in the road, let God take it.
Mt 18:18 Authority 04.14.09 If never used, all divine authority granted me is wasted.
Gen 41:57 Preparation 04.13.09 Preparation is obedience with eagerness.
Ecc 3:11 Skepticism 04.12.09 Ever since Resurrection Sunday, skeptics have been dying to know where Jesus is.
Pr 3:6 Steadfast 04.11.09 Our spiritual experience should be no greater on Sunday than Monday
Mt 18:17 Accountability 04.10.09 Exactly when did we stop holding people accountable for their profession?
Ps 7:16 Sin 04.09.09 Doing wrong exposes a sinful tendency you've tried to conceal.
Gen 41:55 Delegation 04.08.09 Delegation is successful when you depend on God.
Mt 18:16 Decisions 04.07.09 It's important to listen and make decisions based on sound counsel.
Gen 41:52 Hope 04.06.09 It's never too late to do right - unless you're dead.
Ecc 3:10 Dependence 04.05.09

Most people won't look up until they're flat on their back.

Pr 3:5 Doubt 04.04.09 Partial trust is doubt, total trust belief and acting on it faith.
Ps 7:15 Vengeance 04.03.09 Vengeance and spite more times than not, come back home with an attitude.
Mt 18:15 Accusation 04.02.09 Why is it that private confrontation makes us more nervous than public condemnation?
Gen 41:51 Past 04.01.09 Some of us can't move forward because we can't get past our past.
Mt 18:14 Discipleship 03.31.09 When we fail to disciple a new believer, we are negligent of our God-given responsibility.
Gen 41:50 Family, Blended 03.30.09 Blended families are not excluded from serving God.
Ecc 3:9 Benefit 03.29.09 Often what seems like punishment may offer the highest reward.
Pr 3:4 Reward 03.28.09 Reward comes from God through people who give us reputation.
Ps 7:14 Evil 03.27.09 There's no war between good and evil, just good people doing what comes naturally.
Mt 18:13 Lost 03.26.09 Being lost means having no true point of reference to base your next move.
Gen 41:49 Expectation 03.25.09 Too often we limit God by expecting too little.
Mt 18:12 Separation 03.24.09 Those times we've run from God may be the times He was the closest.
Gen 41:45 Name 03.23.09 Men may change their name, but God knows us by the one He's given us.
Ecc 3:8b War 03.22.09 Millions of people owe their peace to other peace-lovers who answered the call to arms.
Pr 3:3 Memory 03.21.09 How will you remember what you never commit to memory?
Ps 7:12-13 Repentance 03.20.09 It's curious in the light of the crucifixion, how some view repentance as trivial.
Mt 18:10 Angels 03.19.09 The difference in "there are angels" and "their angels" is dramatic as one is interesting and the other answers a lot of questions.
Gen 41:44 Responsibility 03.18.09 Authority granted does not preclude accountability for how it's used or not used.
Mt 18:9 Decisions 03.17.09 Wrong choices never look bad when we make them.
Gen 41:43 Responsibility 03.16.09 Responsibility should never be given to someone without corresponding authority.
Ecc 3:8a Hate 03.15.09 We are most like Christ when we hate sin an love the sinner.
Pr 3:1 Obedience 03.14.09 If long life, prosperity and peace belong to the obedient, what does that say of those who are not?
Ps 7:11 Judgment 03.13.09 Not even death can keep the accused, his judge and jury from facing Judge Jesus someday.
Mt 18:7 Ministry 03.12.09 Whoever convinced us that encouraging believers is less important than evangelism shouldn't stand too close to the water.
Gen 41:39 Wisdom 03.11.09 Not all intelligent people are smart enough to ask God for wisdom.
Mt 18:2 Attitude 03.10.09 Children are trusting, teachable, changeable and excitable, the things most of us used to be.
Gen 41:38 Testimony 03.09.09 A Christian should stand out as uncommon among those who are not.
Ecc 3:7b Exaggeration 03.08.09 Most of us have the tendency to tell more than we know.
Pr 2:21 Worldliness 03.07.09 The gap between God's people and the world widens over time.
Ps 7:10 Motives 03.06.09 Both good and bad motives are the result of spending a lot of time with someone.
Mt 18:1 Doubt 03.05.09 Don't speak everything you think, or you may have to eat it.
Gen 41:33 Wisdom 03.04.09 If you think wisdom and intelligence always go together, just look at most politicians and think again.
Mt 17:27b Grace 03.03.09 Sometimes what God does is less astounding than the fact He did it.
Gen 41:32 Attention 03.02.09 "Out of sight out of mind" is fine as long as it's not God you're talking about.
Ecc 3:7a Temptation 03.01.09

If something is a sinful temptation to you, is it right to "bless" someone else with it?

Pr 2:20 Salvation 02.28.09 If it looks like a Christian and talks like a Christian, then it must be a Christian, right?
Ps 7:9 Assurance 02.27.09 The larger your sin nature, the less secure you feel.
Mt 17:27 Deference 02.26.09 Exercising personal liberty won't preach Jesus like surrendering it will.
Gen 41:31 Memory 02.25.09 Too long in the valley and we tend to forget the mountain.
Mt 17:26 Privilege 02.24.09

Privilege is seldom earned by the one receiving it.

Gen 41:30 Gratefulness 02.23.09 Just because it's human nature to take blessings for granted, doesn't mean we should.
Ecc 3:6b Usefulness 02.22.09 It would be great if stuff discarded itself when it's no longer useful.
Pr 2:18 Adultery 02.21.09 Adultery starts with a glance and ends in captivity to guilt and sin.
Ps 7:8 Judgment 02.20.09 The only people who rush to the courthouse are judges or fools.
Mt 17:25c Friends 02.19.09 Teams in sports wear different colored jerseys, but in life it's harder to tell who's on your side.
Gen 41:29 Abundance 02.18.09 Too often, creativity is lulled to sleep with too little need.
Mt 17:25b Prayer 02.17.09 When we get close to Jesus, we seldom have to begin the conversation.
Gen 41:25 Equipped 02.16.09 It's important to not only know what Scripture says, but what it doesn't say.
Ecc 3:6 Searching 02.15.09 We Christians have perfected the art of searching for what we already have.
Pr 2:17 Choices, Wrong 02.14.09 When has temptation ever led to something good in God's view?
Ps 7:7 Praise 02.13.09 Worship requires only one person and God, but praise works better with a whole bunch of worshippers and God in one place.
Mt 17:24 Snares 02.12.09 Most traps are laid, not by an outsider, but by someone who claims to believe what you do.
Gen 41: 25 Answers 02.11.09 Often time God will give us answers to questions we've never asked.
Mt 17:23 Gospel 02.10.09

Just because the Gospel is good news, it doesn't mean we never weep over it.

Gen 41:16 Glory 02.09.09 If all your abilities and talents are stripped away and you still have good left, it must be Christ in you.
Ecc 3:5b Friendship 02.08.09 An outward sign of close friendship doesn't always mean you're safe when you turn your back.
Pr 2:16 Choices 02.07.09 Right choices are the result of knowing right and a strong desire to do right.
Ps 7:6 Grace 02.06.09

When we see God giving grace to people who don't deserve it, we have a tendency to forget we're in that group.

Mt 17:22 Prayer, Dynamic 02.05.09 While on the move, we should thank God for where we've been, ask Him to go before us and look for His moving around us.
Gen 41:15 Availability 02.04.09 If we want to serve God, then we better be ready to give people His word.
Mt 17:20 Faith 02.03.09 Real faith doesn't come in varying degrees, we either have it or we don't.
Gen 41:9 Backsliding 02.02.09 Backsliding is the result of depending on someone other than God to keep his promise.
Ecc 3:4 Altars 02.01.09 Everything we do should in some way remind us of God.
Pr 2:14 Pleasure 01.31.09 No one embraces sin that didn't begin by simply thinking about the pleasure it might bring.
Ps 2:3 Conscience, Clear 01.30.09 A clear conscience invites God to scrutinize what we consider no problem.
Mt 17:19 Appropriation 01.29.09 Some situations demand appropriating Jesus' power, something for which He is undeniably responsible.
Gen 41:8 God, Listening to 01.28.09 Intelligence doesn't count for much when You need to hear from God.
Mt 17:18 Ministry 01.27.09 If we really believed what Jesus said, there would no end to ministry opportunities available to us.
Gen 41:1 Waiting 01.26.09 While we are waiting anyway, why not learn to wait on God?
Ecc 3:4b Emotion 01.25.09 God is not impressed by our emotion as much as our motion.
Pr 2:13 Gospel, Rejection 01.24.09 If you've heard the Gospel and reject it, you tend to get increasingly resistive until a spirit of doubt and opposition defines your character.
Ps 7:2 Complacency 01.23.09 A comfort zone is the place where we take God's protection for granted.
Mt 17:17 Influence, Worldly 01.22.09 If you want to cook a Christian, put them in warm water and slowly raise the temperature to boiling.
Gen 40:23 Memory 01.21.09 It's a godly thing to remember the name of a person the world considers a nobody.
Mt 17:14 Faith 01.20.09 Our faith is so weak, our enemies don't even have to show up to get the victory.
Gen 40:14 Disappointment 01.19.09 When men forget us, it doesn't mean God has.
Ecc 3:4 Emotion 01.18.09 You may hold emotion in, but you can't keep it in forever.
Pr 2:12 Wisdom 01.17.09 God's way and man's way may run parallel at times, but are seldom, if ever, headed the same direction.
Ps 7:6 Justice 01.16.09 When mercy turns away, no one wins.
Mt 17:13a Understanding 01.15.09 We'll never fully understand what Jesus said until we spend more time with Him.
Gen 40:8 Actions 01.14.09 Why do Christians expect those who don't know God to act and think like they do?
Mt 17:12b Choice 01.13.09 Without God in our life, freedom of choice is nothing more than a trigger for sin.
Gen 40:3 Coincidence 01.12.09 If you think events and encounters are random occurrences, you don't know God or his Word very well.
Ecc 3:3b Encouragement 01.11.09 What we don't build up, is in the process of coming down.
Pr 2:11 Influence 01.10.09 Nothing will influence me today unless I allow it.
Ps 7:3a Conviction 01.09.09 Confession follows conviction.
Gen 39:23 Success 01.08.09 God helps those who persevere over trouble and trouble-makers.
Ge 39:22 Captive 01.07.09 The top inmate is still an inmate.
Mt 17:10 Sight 01.06.09 Sometimes we see what we want to see and miss what's obvious.
Gen 39:21 Trust 01.05.09 I can count on God today, everything else is like catching the wind.
Ecc 3:3 Healing 01.04.09 You can't kill something that's already dead, but healing is possible through prayer.
Pr 2:10 Wisdom 01.03.09 We're not born with knowledge or wisdom, but can earn one and pray for the other.
Ps 6:10 Opposition 01.02.09 We should care about being truthful, not about what people think.
Pr 6:10 Anticipation 01.01.09 While I'm sleeping, someone else is doing what I want to do.