March 25, 2010
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

John came to you and showed you the way that God wants you to live, but you didn’t believe him. The tax collectors and prostitutes believed him. But even after you had seen that, you didn’t change your minds and believe him.
Mt 21:32

Belief is a change of mind accompanied by corresponding action.

Live it
I have difficulty listening to someone who can only speak intelligently when they're reading from a telepromter. Neither can I stand listening to a public speaker who refuses to make eye contact with you. People like that usually pan left to right and back again, over the heads of the audience rather than speaking directly to the people. I served with a pastor like that and it was nerve rattling. But, when you sit behind them on the platform, it's important to try and pay attention to every word out of his mouth. I believed him to be a meticulous caring person, but his delivery method one day may have revealed something else.

Our church was a small all-white congregation when a black woman and her children visited one Sunday. I'll never understand why she came when the air in the sanctuary was so spiritually frigid. But after visiting her home that week, the pastor told me the next Sunday morning he didn't think she'd be back. So when the choir finished the anthem, he stood and again started talking over the heads of the congregation, literally. Surprising, that family walked in from the side door of the sanctuary and sat down ten feet in front of the preacher. The eyes of everyone was on them. But as he began telling the congregation what he told me in more detail, it was obvious he didn't see them come in. I held my hand over my mouth and coughed trying to get his attention without success. It was so embarrassing, if someone in the back of the church had waved a hanky and pointed toward the front, he would have thought they were affirming his words. Well, there's so much more to this story, but suffice it to say, our actions will quickly contradict our profession, if we fail to watch and listen to what's going on around us.

Pray it
Reveal the things in my life to me that contradict my profession and give me courage to change.

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We should only approach God on the basis of Jesus' blood and Righteousness. (2005)
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When good things become tradition, they're one step from sacrilege. (2008)

We can limit God by expecting too little. . (2009)

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