June 30, 2010

But Israel crossed his hands and reached out. He put his right hand on Ephraim’s head, although Ephraim was the younger son. He put his left hand on Manasseh’s head, although Manasseh was older.
Gen 48:14


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Jim Elvis Green
Our best plans are just that! 3258

Live it
I had just joined a church about thirty years ago when I was invited to play in a golf scramble at Davy Crockett Golf Course. I was nervous as I stood on the first tee and everyone watched the swing of the new guy. I don't remember where my first drive went, but I'll never forget what happened on the last hole of the tournament. Our team was playing last and was tied with another team. Everyone had finished playing but us and they watched from a vantage point around the 18th green to see how we finished. I remember having no realistic chance to win and others were already quietly congratulating each other.

Since I was in tall grass by the green and over seventy feet from the pin with the least chance of going in, I went first. I remember the pin placement was on a low point of the green which sloped extremely with a couple of little hills/valleys along the way. It was an impossible shot and I was just hoping the other guys would get an idea how the green was playing. Now, you can probably guess what happened next. There was little talent involved, but it was one of those rare times when things work the way you plan. The ball landed soft on the high part of the green and began its long roll toward the hole. It looked like it would stop a couple of times before getting there, but it picked up steam and kept tracking toward the pin until "kerplunk" broke the silence.

There were shouts of joy, disbelief and amazement as our team celebrated. It was later when trophies were handed out, that I realized one of the players who thought he had won was our pastor. I am so sorry he lost, but don't you just love it when the unlikely does the improbable in front of the unsuspecting?

Pray it
I wonder how many times in my life things have taken a strange turn just to accomplish what you planned for me?

Praying for someone when we have unconfessed sin, could make their situation worse than it is. (2000)
Tunnel vision can become terminal when we act as if nothing exists outside our tunnel. (2001)
God can't use you unless you depend on Him to get you through today, tomorrow and beyond (2002)
Tenet #23 - "What we do is what we believe; everything else is just religious talk."Peter Lord (2003)
When God stops moving, we need to stop doing stuff and claiming it's Him doing it. (2004)
Calling something holy that isn't, places us in line for a holy whuppin. (2005)
When we act in a way that contradicts his way, we'd best get out of the way. (2006)
It's funny how Jesus gave religious lessons to the teachers of religion. (2007)

Too much self-esteem can be a bad thing. (2008)
Seldom is the total cost considered when something is started. (2009)

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