August 30, 2010
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

When he sees that his resting place is good and that the land is pleasant, he will bend his back to the burden and will become a slave laborer.
Gen 49:15

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You'll never see God move until you risk losing something. 3319


Live it..
This generation is driven by personal choice and rejects the idea of submission. In fact, it's not surprising few, if any, ever realize God's power in their life. From the garden of Eden to the tower of Babel to today, bad choices have and will always result in bondage to the world and sin. Even we, as the church of Jesus Christ, are not immune from the process. By that I mean what we call God at work is more often the compilation of our plans and sweat, giving Him glory and credit. The closest thing I can find in the New Testament to correlate to this is Simon the magician. He walked the walk, talked the talk, amazed the crowd and even did some miraculous things, but God wasn't in it. He was neither the originator or the confirmer of the work. Simon's work was exactly that, a cheap imitation of the real thing.

You might be confused and wondering what can be done to expose the things man has done versus what God has done. Well, it's called fire and it burns up one while purifying the other. I'm not speaking of fire in the physical sense, but trouble, hardship, tribulation and/or persecution. Quite simply, the only thing standing after those things come are the redeemed who come through the process undefeated, stronger and more determined. So, tell me again why we spend so much time, energy and money in things that burn up while neglecting to invest in people, the only thing that matters?

Pray it
Help me keep my eyes on You and not things I think You want.

Grace has an expiration date. (2000)
It's almost midnight on the prophetic clock of Daniel. (2001)
Christians today seldom deserve to be compared to the suffering of their first century brothers. (2002)
Spiritual blindness can be terminal if not fitted with God's corrective lens. (2004)
Do you have a craving to praise God today? (2005)
Are you producing fruit that is validated by what comes out when its squeezed? (2006)
Don't waste clues on clueless people. (2007)

Surrounded by fools, one tends to act like an fool. (2008)
Loneliness is not always a product of being alone. (2009)

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