October 16, 2010
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

Just a little sleep, just a little slumber, just a little nap. Then your poverty will come like a drifter,
and your need will come like a bandit.

Pr 6:10-11

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I'd like to tell you what I missed when I was asleep, but I was sleeping. 3366
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Live it..
Sleep is good, unless you do it when you shouldn't. After a hard day's work and after a hot shower, it's good. While driving a car, it's bad. When you sit in a recliner to watch golf on television Sunday afternoon, it's unavoidable. Sitting in church when you didn't get much the night before, it's inescapable. If you fail to rest when you sleep, being irritable is inevitable. However, falling asleep when you're on guard duty is unforgivable and the consequences unthinkable. Yes, sleeping on the job is bad, but there may be one thing even worse and that's being awake and not paying attention. "Hello... Is anyone still listening?"

Pray it
Thank you, God, for rest, that allows me to pay attention to what You're doing around me.

God was with David in most everything he did. (2000)
What gives us determination to keep going when we're knocked down and considered out? (2001)
Giving is the purest form of worship when done right or hypocrisy when done wrong. (2002)
A multi-nation alliance of power is no match for one nation under God. (2003)
The more you lie, the more you begin to believe the manure you're spreading (2004)
Every person is a teacher, if in no other way than demonstrating their faith by their actions. (2005)
What a person does when they believe no one is watching defines their character. (2006)
Desperation leads us to falsely consider whatever action we take, good or bad, as productive. (2007)

Procrastination can be very productive - in a bad way. (2008)
God seems closer the more we pray. (2009)

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