November 21, 2010
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

I find that a woman whose thoughts are like traps and snares is more bitter than death itself. Even her hands are like chains. Whoever pleases God will escape her, but she will catch whoever continues to sin.
Ecc 7:26

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Just how big is your God anyway? 3402.
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Live it.
Clint Eastwood, playing Harry Callahan in the movie Magnum Force said, "A man's got to know his limitations." Each of would be well served by knowing when to stop and admit something is impossible or if it might achieve undesirable results. King Solomon's book called, Ecclesiastes, chronicles how to continually mess up a good thing. His weakness was not just women, but seeking every pleasure his fame and fortune could muster. But I find Samson equally interesting. He was strong and had more potential than he demonstrated. But in reality, he was little more than a spoiled kid with a weakness for beautiful women and who served God with his leftovers.

Today, most of us are fighting battles we can't win against an enemy with a history of defeating stronger people than us. And yet, we continue to struggle, sometimes out of obligation and other times with aspiration. More times than

not we never step out of the shadow of someone's expectation to consider the fact God will equip us to do the impossible when we do it through Him. Today is another opportunity to pray and ask God what He thinks and what He wants, but will you? Do you have a a capital "G" God who is bigger than life, or a little "g" god whom you've constructed with your own hands. I know one thing: there needs to be a trash bin labeled, "Useless gods," and the container doesn't need to be that big. Every little "g" god conceived will fit nicely in the smallest trash can with room to spare.

Pray it
Teach me when to stop as You teach me when to go.

Many of our bad situations are actually the result of our own failure to believe God (2000)
God never slumbers and He is never apathetic toward those who ignore Him. (2002)
Everyone who has been saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus is a minister. (2003)
Devotional (2006)
Fear is an emotion that acts like an alarm warning us that something is wrong. (2007)

Will we go where we know God is going? (2008)
Obedience involves listening, believing and obeying. (2009)

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