December 16, 2010
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

All of these are only the beginning pains of the end.
Mt 24:8

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Just as things can get worse, they can also get better. 3427

Live it.
I was trained in Atlanta by a company that prepares people to sell professionally. Our classroom however was in the field, where we students sold tickets for a one-day event where people would sit all day in an auditorium and listen to three motivational speakers tell them how to be successful. If you think your job is hard, listen to what we did. We made a cold call (unannounced pitch) to the Sales Manager of different businesses within a given part of the city (Nashville, Tennessee). Our goal was to make a professional presentation that would convince the manager to, not only give his sales people a day off, but pay their way to the event. But unless we left with a combined check for all his people, we were ineffective. Excuse me; I just broke into cold sweat thinking about it again!

I still remember the day I took a computer generated personality profile test and then sat down to discuss the results with the President of the company. He told me with a smile, "What you're about to do is far out of your comfort zone; that's the bad news. The good news is we both share the same tendencies." Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I was successful in making several sales for the company, but I also left after the event never to look back. When I arrived home, I learned my wife and I were expecting a baby. Funny how the end of one bad thing almost always marks the beginning of a good thing if we wait for it.

Pray it
God, the good things way out number the bad, but even in the darkness I can trust Your grace to shine through.

If you present no threat to the devil why should be spend time hounding you? (2000)
A small group of Moravians prayed for souls and lit revival fire under John Wesley. (2001)
If you're not creative, work can leave little time to pray - even if you are a pastor. (2003)
Many dismiss credible scientific evidence that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be. (2004)
I wonder how many times I stopped praying just short of seeing the result? (2005)
Does the fact God knows what you're thinking give you concern? (2006)
Knowing your purpose in life comes in second behind knowing you have a purpose. (2007)
Are we a "Yes" man to God or to men? (2008)
Reconciliation begins when one person needs and asks forgiveness. (2009)

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