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Ecc 5:10 Money 01.03.10 3075. A person with nothing has more appreciation for twenty bucks than a millionaire has for twenty more. McDuck
Ecc 5:11 Possessions 01.10.10 3082. When it comes to people and possessions, it's questionable who possesses who. Joneses
Ecc 5:12 Failure 01.17.10 3089. For the believer, ability is directly related to availability. Samson
Ecc 5:13 Money 01.24.10 3096. Nothing gets away faster than money unless it's ways to spend it wisely. Millionaires
Ecc 5:14 Money 01.31.10 3103. Inherent in man is the propensity to waste his inheritance. Zeroes behind my mistakes
Ecc 5:15 Righteousness 02.07.10 3110. Righteousness won't earn you any money, but not having it will cost you everything. The World's Greatest Loser
Ecc 5:16 Opportunity 02.14.10 3117. If you're still breathing, you have time to love someone. Cat and the Cradle, me and Dad?
Ecc 5:17 Darkness 02.28.10 3127. Someone in the dark needs a way out. Darkroom
Ecc 5:18 Life 03.07.10 3134. Only a fool, or someone with nothing to live for, views this life as all there is. Larry and his uncle advisor
Ecc 5:19 Giving 03.14.10 3141. With every gift received, you have the freedom to throw it away. Gift-givers and abusers
Ecc 5:20 Happiness 03.21.10 3148.True happiness is a state of mind, not a passing condition. Leland and buses
Ecc 6:10 Change 05.23.10 3211. The only way to change the future is to be changed. Back to the Future
Ecc 6:11 Action 05.30.10 3218. Words are not a substitute for action Verbosity meets necessity
Ecc 6:12 Purpose 06.06.10 3225. How is it some of us can talk about God but never to Him? Walter Hagen
Ecc 6:2 Possessions 03.28.10 3155. Possessing possessions can pose a perplexing proposition. MEMCO
Ecc 6:3 Reason 04.04.10 3162. Hypothethetical reasoning can only serve to prove you have a hypothethetical brain. What if...
Ecc 6:4 Life 04.11.10 3169. Just because man disrespects life doesn't mean God does. No name tulip
Ecc 6:5 Negative 04.18.10 3176. Where one person finds futility, another finds fruitfulness. Negative things around church
Ecc 6:6 Wrong 04.25.10 3183. There are two ways to see things, God's way and the wrong way. Solomon's life of contradiction.
Ecc 6:7 Witness 05.02.10 3190. "I can't get no satisfaction" is more than a song, it's a fact of life for someone without Christ. Advertising
Ecc 6:8 Life 05.09.10 3197. How we live reflects good or bad, on the one who gave us life. Mom's note in church
Ecc 6:9 Will 05.16.10 3204.I can't see what God sees, because I want Him to see what I see. Mission trips
Ecc 7:1 Life 06.13.10 3232. The longer you live, the less time you have. Redeem the time
Ecc 7:10 Pretension 08.15.10 3304. Life is like rubber, it returns to normal when you relax. Go back? No way!
Ecc 7:11 Discernment 08.22.10 3311. You'll never do anything until you start. Writing devotional
Ecc 7:12 Blessing 08.29.10 3318. Don't be a sponge unless you expect to be squeezed. Tax incentive giving
Ecc 7:13 Deformity 09.05.10 3325. Exceptionalism is made not created. My crooked heroes.
Ecc 7:14 Life 09.12.10 3332. If it were not for bad times, how would we recognize good? Rook Card Game
Ecc 7:15 Death 09.19.10 3339. Life is the illusion you've moved from where you started. Hearse and U-haul
Ecc 7:16-18 Discretion 09.26.10 3346. You're free to pick your battles until they start picking you. What AKOP won't say.
Ecc 7:19 Ignorance 10.03.10 3353. Why wait until you see God to begin seeing things from His viewpoint? Lord, Lunatic or Liar.
Ecc 7:2 Choice 06.20.10 3239. The only one person who doesn't have a choice in attending a funeral service is in the box. 3239 Misguided GPS
Ecc 7:20 End, The 10.10.10 3360. Our good is way short of good enough. 2012
Ecc 7:21 Testimony 10.17.10 3367. I can't blame you; sometimes even I don't care what I think. Abe & me
Ecc 7:22 Honesty 10.24.10 3374. Honesty with oneself may be the hardest virtue. One way U-haul?
Ecc 7:23 Faith 10.31.10 3381.Will we die having never allowed God to prove what He can do? Limiting God
Ecc 7:24 Wisdom 11.07.10 3388. It's when we see God for who He is, that we begin to see ourselves. Seekers
Ecc 7:25 Attention 11.14.10 3395. Things will take your time today, but only you can give your attention. The Rorschach test
Ecc 7:26 Limitations 11.21.10 3402. Just how big is your God anyway? Dirty Harry
Ecc 7:27 Belief 11.28.10 3409. Belief is based upon premise, no matter if it's true or false. Virgin Mary & Jesus
Ecc 7:28 Good 12.05.10 3416. Good and bad can coexist, but without God, good is corrupted Kicking and screaming
Ecc 7:29 Loyal 12.12.10 3423. We should dance with the One who brung us. Dig down to find treasure.
Ecc 7:3 Troubles 06.27.10 3255. Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you get the kind you don't want. Grumpism
Ecc 7:4 Death 07.04.10 3262. Most people won't take life seriously until they smell death. Thinking about home.
Ecc 7:5 Politics 07.11.10 3269. If they still stoned disobedient kids, we’d probably all be dead. Politics and prayer
Ecc 7:6 Speech 07.18.10 3276. For people who say they love God', we don't show much of it. Phil Lewis
Ecc 7:7 Integrity 07.25.10 3283. If you think you can purchase integrity, you just lost your's. Are there still 7,000?
Ecc 7:8 Fear 08.01.10 3290. Learning a hard lesson would be more fun if you could experience the ending first. Y2K
Ecc 7:9 Anger 08.08.10 3297. First response is a good indication of how far we are from being like Christ. My girdle whuppin'
Ecc 8:1 Attitude 12.19.10 3430.We don't have to agree with someone to be amicable. Ben's bad call
Ecc 8:2 Trust 12.26.10 3437. The fact we make a promise to someone is not as important as keeping it. My word in my bond
Gen 45:23 Discernment 01.04.10 3076. Discernment is the God-given ability to look past the obvious to see what God is really doing. Discerning Spirit
Gen 45:24 Deference 01.06.10 3078. An argument takes two, but deference only one. Bumper story
Gen 45:25-26 Sin 01.11.10 3083. It's impossible to gain someone's trust who knows you tell lies. Worst sin?
Gen 45:27 Separation 01.13.10 3085. If there's one thing more moving than separation, it may be reunion. Home
Gen 45:28 Truth 01.18.10 3090.For those who won't accept truth, reality has little bearing. Disaster Movies
Gen 46:1 Worship 01.20.10 3092. Everything in our life should inspire worship.  
Gen 46:2 Prayer 01.25.10 3097. If you won't pray, what makes you think God will be there when you need him? Computers
Gen 46:28-29 Family 02.21.10 3120. Like osmosis, restoration completes family. Violins and trumpets don't always blend.
Gen 46:3 Omnipresence 01.27.10 3099. It's not where we go that matters as much as Who goes with us. Jump a train
Gen 46:3 Fear 02.01.10 3104. Fear can limit what God wants to do in our life. Pray - all the time.
Gen 46:30 Death 02.22.10 3121. We shouldn't die before we're dead! God's Bucket List
Gen 46:31 Communication 02.24.10 3123. Too often reunions remind us of separation - by distance and differences. A Korean, Saudi Arabian and American connection.
Gen 46:32 Prejudice 03.01.10 3128. Prejudice and fellowship can't share the same space. Prayertower Intercession
Gen 46:33-34 Rights 03.03.10 3130. You may have to "dance with the one that brung ya," but you don't have to go home with them. Saudi Attendant
Gen 46:4 Plan 02.03.10 3106. Womb to the tomb doesn't quite cover the scope of God's plan for his children. Bro Livy Cope and the wreck
Gen 46:5 Trust 02.08.10 3111. When God says "Go," you don't need to know - anything else! Who
Gen 46:6 Possessions 02.10.10 3113. Possessions seldom shrink but expand according to the capacity of the container. Storage Facilities
Gen 46:7 Responsibility 02.15.10 3118. Before you ask God to enlarge your territory, be prepared to pay more property tax. Jabez & Moving
Gen 47:1 Commitment 03.08.10 3135. A person is not fully committed until he trashes other options. 100-Mile Marker
Gen 47:11 Posessions 04.05.10 3163. Ownership breeds slavery. Portrait & Frame
Gen 47:12 Work 04.07.10 3165. Government assistance is fine as long as those able, work for it. Kudzu
Gen 47:13 Pain 04.12.10 3170. A prioirity list goes out the window when you're hungry or hurting. Kidney stone
Gen 47:14 Value 04.14.10 3172. What one person views as disposable is to another usable, although possibly in the distant future and in a galaxy far, far away. Ray Charles retirement
Gen 47:15 Problems 04.19.10 3177. Our emergency will seldom create one for someone else. Truck camber
Gen 47:16 04.21.10 3179. FTP server down
Gen 47:17 Pessimism 04.26.10 3184. When backed in a corner, look up, not down. HeeHaw, misery and the pony,
Gen 47:18 Retirement 04.28.10 3186. Why do we have to lose everything to realize we own nothing? Stan, everything is fine.
Gen 47:19 Grace 05.03.10 3191. It's easy to trust God when you remember His grace. Fire of 1960
Gen 47:2 Friends 03.10.10 3137. Too often those with whom we hang will be the first to hang us. Friendship in heaven starts down here.
Gen 47:20 Money 05.05.10 3193. Each disaster presents another opportunity for the opportunistic. 3193 Tax Game Show
Gen 47:21 Intentions 05.10.10 3198. Look at what you don't have and you may lose what you do. Huxtable contract
Gen 47:22 Obedience 05.12.10 3200. You're obedient when there's no difference in impelled and compelled. Fortune Group
Gen 47:27 Family 05.17.10 3205. Home has less to do with heart as it does family. Jackson family reunion
Gen 47:29 Trials 05.19.10 3207. It's unrealistic to expect your kids to be more righteous than you. Generational sin
Gen 47:3 Encouragement 03.15.10 3142. If it weren't for the working class, those who don't work wouldn't have any class. Dr. Collier
Gen 47:31 Friends 05.24.10 3212. When prayer is all we have, it's then we realize it's all we need Freddie Montgomery
Gen 47:4 Temporary 03.17.10 3144. Temporary is like permanence without the bookends. Two years and move?
Gen 47:5 Restoration 03.22.10 3149. Things tend to come around, even when you're turned around or upside down. The US is broken and only God can fix it.
Gen 47:6 Petition 03.24.10 3151. Why settle for less, when we can have the best? 63 Avanti
Gen 47:7 Enemies 03.29.10 3156. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless his name is Sin. Making friends
Gen 47:8-9 Opportunity 03.31.10 3158. Opportunity is computed by dividing your days on earth by the degree of attitude and availability. Children and the piano.
Gen 48:10 Family 06.21.10 3240. Time fades, but memory of family remains Thad, Sandy & me - 60 Year Reunion
Gen 48:11 Fellowship 06.23.10 3251. It's never too late to believe God's word. Prayer is not just crisis relief.
Gen 48:1-2 Purpose 05.26.10 3214. If you don't think something's important, then you won't try to remember it. Connect the Dots
Gen 48:12-13 Problems 06.28.10 3256. What we call right will be left to someone else. Einstein
Gen 48:14 Plans 06.30.10 3258. Our best plans are just that! Broadmoor Scramble
Gen 48:15-16 Memory 07.05.10 3263. A relationship should lead you to relate. Should I remember everything?
Gen 48:17 Change 07.07.10 3265. We may change our plans, but it won't change God's. 1st TN Bldg moans
Gen 48:18 Family 07.12.10 3270. All the birth order does is remind others of what you want to forget. Birth Order Blues
Gen 48:19 Respect 07.14.10 3272. Respect is a two-way street, or at least it shoud be. Wedding cake disaster
Gen 48:20 Choice 07.19.10 3277. Our life should bless those we care about. Christmas in July
Gen 48:21 Heaven 07.21.10 3279. We're older than we were yesterday, but younger than we'll be tomorrow. AARP
Gen 48:22 Memories 07.26.10 3284. Today will be a memory tomorrow, so why not make it a good one? Redemption memories.
Gen 48:3 Blessing 05.31.10 3219. The low side of a blessed person is still higher than the high side of those who aren't. Moving Day
Gen 48:4 Possessions 06.02.10 3221. What good are possessions we don't use? Broken eyeglasses were useful
Gen 48:5 Intercession 06.07.10 3226. There's no service greater than that which is unsolicited. Adoption
Gen 48:6 Gifts 06.09.10 3228. It's not how you look or what you do, but how you do it that reveals a grateful heart. 3228 Green Ford Ranger
Gen 48:7 Glory 06.14.10 3233. God's glory is revealed as we move toward Him. God Still Moves
Gen 48:8-9 Finish 06.16.10 3235. God doesn't always show one person what he does another. TGPA tourney - last place
Gen 49:1 Significance 07.28.10 3286. God’s purpose is being fulfilled regardless of our willingness to participate. The better crowd,
Gen 49:10 Waiting 08.18.10 3307. Wait and anticipate are more connected than just rhyme. Idle time
Gen 49:11-12 Conviction 08.23.10 3312. Joshua marched into a city and seldom lost; Jesus rode in on a donkey and went to the Cross. 3312 911 firemen
Gen 49:13 Significance 08.25.10 3314. When a nobody is recognized, why does it offend the somebodies? Unruly coffee pot
Gen 49:15 Tribulation 08.30.10 3319.You'll never see God move until you risk losing something. Hay and stubble
Gen 49:18 Desperation 09.01.10 3321. It's sad how we seldom ask God for help until we're out of other options. The Bible is our rod of God
Gen 49:19 Servant 09.06.10 3326. No one can be in the front without having someone in the back. Webservant
Gen 49:2 Attention 08.02.10 3291. Attention requires getting before keeping. George Eliot
Gen 49:20 Application 09.08.10 3328. In food and in life, the smallest ingredient you add can make or break you. Beef tips and cinnamon.
Gen 49:21 Life 09.13.10 3333. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. Hamlet and jelly beans
Gen 49:22 Family 09.15.10 3335. We're born to relate. Hummingbirds
Gen 49:23-24 Diligence 09.20.10 3340. Discipline builds character under fire, whereas laziness builds fire under a character. Joseph and Jesus
Gen 49:25 Faith 09.22.10 3342. Why send all the praise upward when God is omnidirectional? Unseen praise
Gen 49:26 Blessings 09.27.10 3347. The true blessing is being in the place to be blessed. Loving friends
Gen 49:27 Prayer 09.29.10 3349. The WORD of God is a sword, not a knife for spreading jelly. Sword of God
Gen 49:28 Blessing 10.04.10 3354. A blessing is what we parents ask God to do in our absence. A father's blessing
Gen 49:29 Testimony 10.06.10 3356. Who will tell your children of God's work in your life if you don't? Fading Door Biz
Gen 49:3 Ministry 08.04.10 3293. The hardest thing is to be in control, but never quite have it. Leroy and the ball
Gen 49:30 Planning 10.11.10 3361. Planning is good as long as someone knows where you put your plans. Making plans
Gen 49:31-32 Preparation 10.13.10 3363. A legacy is what we leave when we leave. "Yellow" Parachute
Gen 49:33 Death, Hope 10.18.10 3368. Death is good or bad depending on your vantage point. Mining disasters
Gen 49:4 Fast 08.09.10 3298. The American creed: I don't have to be fast, just faster than you. Waiting in line.
Gen 49:5 Battles 08.11.10 3300 A sword is made for conflict if intimidation doesn't work. My chin stitches
Gen 49:8 Value 08.16.10 3305. We honor God when we act responsibly with what we've been given. Good for nothing scrap.
Gen 50:10 Death 11.15.10 3396. Just because someone doesn't ask, doesn't mean they don't need to know. Settled issues
Gen 50:11 Correction 11.17.10 3398. Other people will notice what I am prone to overlook. Suspenders
Gen 50:12 Obedience 11.22.10 3403. The space between obedience and obligation is disrespect. Countdown to compliance
Gen 50:1-2 Death 10.20.10 3370. Death may be a bookend, but its not the end. Impossible project?
Gen 50:14 Change 11.24.10 3405. Transition is another term for self-preservation. Computers and doors
Gen 50:15 Trust 11.29.10 3410. Fear of retribution is stronger than the safety of a family tie. Joseph earned trust.
Gen 50:16 Prayer 12.01.10 3412. A representative should know you and want what you want. Jesus' Proxy
Gen 50:17 Actions 12.06.10 3417. Words are good if they're accurate and true and describe you. Words
Gen 50:18 Submission 12.08.10 3419. Most people in subjection don't think they are. Pearl Harbor
Gen 50:19 Obedience 12.13.10 3424. A man's gotta know God's limitation. Coach Emil Beople
Gen 50:20 Sacrifice 12.15.10 3426. An optimist sees good in bad, but it's the believer who is grateful for it. Jim Elliot
Gen 50:22-23 Finish 12.20.10 3431. A full life is not a number of years but having finished strong. Manley Beasley's promise
Gen 50:24 Promise 12.22.10 3433. The joy in giving and receiving may be only exceeded by appreciation and usage. Folk' Folly - First day of "Learn it."
Gen 50:25 Plans 12.27.10 3438. Trust the One who brought you in to take you out. Spinning Wheels
Gen 50:26 END Redemption 12.29.10 3440. We should redeem the time before God deems it's time. Punched ticket
Gen 50:3 Race 10.25.10 3375. A stop sign requires you to stop moving, but not park your car and get out. Funerals
Gen 50:4 Prayer 10.27.10 3377. Why ask if you're going to do it anyway? Prayer idols
Gen 50:5 Obligation 11.01.10 3382. Obligation becomes privilege when our heart is right. The promise of my youth
Gen 50:6 Promise 11.03.10 3384. Keeping your promise is easy if you've got power to do it. Change and hope
Gen 50:7 Influence 11.08.10 3389. Don't follow so far behind the Lord, you lose sight of Him. Hebraic influence
Gen 50:8-9 Influence 11.10.10 3391. How can we be like someone we don't know? 3391 Be Like Mike
Mt 21:10-11 Relationship 01.12.10 3084. You can know who someone is without knowing them; just ask most Christians. Word theft
Mt 21:12 Hypocrisy 01.14.10 3086. Nothing offends God more than hypocrisy, unless it's a Christian doing it. Harrington
Mt 21:13 Listening 01.19.10 3091. Tradition requires keeping rules while repect requires listening to the Rulemaker. Christian Infomercials
Mt 21:14 Prayerlessness 01.21.10 3093. If you're not praying, maybe having some desperate needs will help. Twitter Down
Mt 21:15 Jealousy 01.26.10 3098. Seeing the real thing exposes what's not. CocaCola
Mt 21:16 Answers 01.28.10 3100. Question for question deserves answer for answer, unless you're clueless. Daddy draws at night
Mt 21:17 Attention 02.02.10 3105. Who keeps talking when no one is listening? Noisy distractions
Mt 21:18 Intercession 02.04.10 3107. It's hard to get tired when you're helping someone who needs it. Dad and Roark
Mt 21:19 Diligence 02.09.10 3112. Unproductive means unnecessary. Lanier Funeral Home
Mt 21:20 Friends 02.11.10 3114. Knowing Jesus should be a life changing experience. Friends I've known
Mt 21:21 Faith 02.20.10 3119. When faith won't work, pretension takes over. Dick, Benny, me and the Demon.
Mt 21:22 Healing 02.23.10 3122. When you're spending time with Jesus, people will know. The "You're going to die," prayer.
Mt 21:23 Privilege 02.25.10 3124. Privilege becomes a right when someone with authority grants it. Livy, Harold and the retake.
Mt 21:24 Questions 03.02.10 3129. Before questioning God, we might want to question ourselves. Marine Induction.
Mt 21:25 Authority 03.04.10 3131. Authority can be a real problem for someone who doesn't respect it. Ron Dunn's tickets
Mt 21:26-27 Honesty 03.09.10 3136. Pleading ignorance is closer to the truth more often than not. So help me God.
Mt 21:28 Obedience 03.11.10 3138. True obedience is immediate joyful compliance. Taking out the trash
Mt 21:29 Decision 03.16.10 3143. Changing your mind is fine as long as you make the right decision. Do it for Coach Boeple
Mt 21:30 Intention 03.18.10 3145. Good intention exists between profession and possession. Freshman Class President
Mt 21:31 Testimony 03.23.10 3150. A good story can impress the hard to impress PT and Application
Mt 21:32 Trust 03.30.10 3157. Belief must displace doubt if salvation is to replace condemnation. Falling, but not from grace.
Mt 21:32 Belief 03.25.10 3152. Belief is a change of mind accompanied by corresponding action Fred & his panning vision.
Mt 21:33 Service 04.01.10 3159. God expects production not maintenance. Slide rule
Mt 21:34-35 Sin 04.06.10 3164. Unsupervised workers become productive trouble-makers. "Lemme kill your sin." God
Mt 21:36 Prayer 04.08.10 3166. We are closest to God when we confirm to Him what He told us. Mozart
Mt 21:37 Respect 04.13.10 3171. Respect doesn't have to earned unless you're speaking of yourself. Fred and his boots
Mt 21:38 Sin 04.15.10 3173. Most think sin in unidirectional until it comes back to smack them in the mouth. Kenny, the Terminator, or massive metaphors
Mt 21:39 Confession 04.20.10 3178. Out of sight-out of mind is to God, in sight-in mind. The stupid burglar
Mt 21:40 Revenge 04.23.10 3181. Payback may not bring back, but it sure feels good. Mel Gibson in the Patriot
Mt 21:41 Revival 04.27.10 3185. Why is it that we know what someone else should do, but fail to do it ourselves? Fade Glory is not just a pair of jeans.
Mt 21:42 Scripture 05.04.10 3192. What some enjoy considering it noteworthy, others will dismiss and miss. Scriptural relativity
Mt 21:43 Salvation 05.06.10 3194. How can we know what God wants if we never ask Him? Holy Finger Prints
Mt 21:45 Attitude 04.29.10 3187. It's easier to know someone by watching them rather than listening to them. Pants on the Ground
Mt 21:45-46 Conviction 05.11.10 3199. Conviction is knowing God knows and knowing you can't hide. Does the Enemy even care?
Mt 21:8 Giving 01.05.10 3077. When we measure our sacrifice, we've lost the blessing. Racism
Mt 21:9 Profession 01.07.10 3079. Those who praise God the loudest may not be invited to the big party. Pretenders
Mt 22: 3-4 Trust 05.18.10 3206. Invitation is expectation when speaking of the guest of honor. "Changes" voice-mail
Mt 22:10 Prejudice 06.01.10 3220. Without God's love, diversity divides. Diversity in the church?
Mt 22:11-12 Honesty 06.03.10 3222. Finding a loophole is a means whereby a dishonest person can appear honest. Loopholes
Mt 22:1-2 Listen 05.13.10 3201.The best way to get someone to listen is to talk to someone else within hearing range. Six directions according to teenager
Mt 22:13 Liberty 06.08.10 3227. Some games have eternal negative consequences should we lose. Butch and the ditch
Mt 22:14 Choice 06.10.10 3229. Why do we give men the right to choose, but won't give it to God? Predestination, election and foreknowledge
Mt 22:15 Truth 06.15.10 3234. The opposite of political correctness is telling the truth. New Age Flop
Mt 22:16-17 Questions 06.17.10 3236. It's hard to know the right question when you don't know someone. Famous non-conversations
Mt 22:18 Parents 06.22.10 3250. It's funny how a hypocrite can't see his own hypocrisy. Fruit Flies and humans
Mt 22:19 Teaching 06.24.10 3252. If we can't teach using things around us, we haven't learned much. Object lessons
Mt 22:22 Change 06.29.10 3257. Things are short-lived unless we give them a place to stay. 3257 Novell and consulting
Mt 22:23-24 Opinion 07.01.10 3259 Not all opinions are worthy of discussion. Thomas Edison
Mt 22:27 Answers 07.06.10 3264. Questions deserve answers if there are no more questions. Karate Kid
Mt 22:29 Prayer 07.08.10 3266.If what you don't know can hurt you, Who you don't know can kill you. Bloody scene in heaven?
Mt 22:30 Heaven 07.13.10 3271. The more Jesus talks about heaven, the more I want to learn first hand. The God-finder yellow helmet
Mt 22:31-32 Religion 07.15.10 3273. Nothing good comes from a dead person who can't seal the deal Dead religions
Mt 22:33 Lordship 07.20.10 3278. Those who follow Jesus know what others can only speculate. Talk Radio
Mt 22:34-36 Discernment 07.22.10 3280. We’ll never know God unless we know Jesus, and it works the other way too. Reading glasses
Mt 22:37 Perspective 07.27.10 3285. If you claim to love God but never pray, your life is a contradiction. 110 percent?
Mt 22:38 Witness 07.29.10 3287. The gospel in one word is love. JG PRO catalog
Mt 22:39 Patterns 08.03.10 3292. A good pattern clearly shows the path of previous success. Grass cutting
Mt 22:40 Education 08.05.10 3294. Anything built on a shaky foundation is shaky. It shouldn't hurt to learn
Mt 22:41-42 Judgment 08.10.10 3299. Silence speaks volumes. Supreme court oxymoron
Mt 22:43-44 Relations 08.12.10 3301. Relationships with others are no better than the one we have with Jesus. Old friends?
Mt 22:45-46 Religion 08.17.10 3306. False religion is interpreting God's intention instead of obeying His instruction. Secret casserole
Mt 22:5-6 Wait 05.20.10 3208. Action without God's leading most always leads to trouble. Fast Fingered Freddie
Mt 22:7 Decisions 05.25.10 3213. Consequences are reminders how to avoid them in the future. God's will, our way.
Mt 22:8-9 Recognition 05.27.10 3215. It's unnerving to see the undeserving act deserving. Lee DeWyze, American Idol
Mt 23:11 Service 09.14.10 3334. The greatest privilege is not to be served, but to serve. Servant pray-ers
Mt 23:12 Honor 09.16.10 3336. Honor is given, never taken. Doug's snake
Mt 23:1-3 Discipleship 08.19.10 3308. If you must follow the wrong person, don't get too close. Peter Lord
Mt 23:13-14 Deceit 09.21.10 3341. Tell a lie long enough and you'll begin to believe it. Truth, justice and the American way.
Mt 23:15 Discipleship 09.23.10 3343. Discipleship is good only if it's Jesus you follow. According to Jesus
Mt 23:16-17 Value 09.28.10 3348. Value is determined by your values. Mantle and memories
Mt 23:18 Saved 09.30.10 3350. Praying in Jesus' Name should mean you carry the Name. "Lord, Lord" professers.
Mt 23:23 Witness 10.05.10 3355. Being a witness is a form of advertising, be it true or false. Discounted Drugs?
Mt 23:24 Religion 10.07.10 3357. Keep the main thing the main thing or you'll believe anything. God WITH us.
Mt 23:25 Desire 10.12.10 3362. Desire may fuel the soul, but it takes a steering wheel to get anywhere. Honest Abe
Mt 23:26 Clean 10.14.10 3364. You can't get clean until you see what's not. Dirty rotten sinner
Mt 23:27 Misconception 10.19.10 3369. What we see might not be. Rude driver
Mt 23:28 Sin 10.21.10 3371. It's a sin to call your junk God's best. Bronze shields
Mt 23:29 Comparison 10.26.10 3376. We will be like the one on whom we focus. "Tekel" on our heart?
Mt 23:30 Salvation 10.28.10 3378. If you want to know who killed Jesus, look in the mirror. Who killed Jesus?
Mt 23:31 Elections 11.02.10 3383. If we don't believe it, why should anyone else? 2010 Mid-terms
Mt 23:32 Prayer 11.04.10 3385. What you treasure is trash to someone else. Snobs
Mt 23:33-34 Repentance 11.09.10 3390. Without genuine repentance, a confession is an apology for something you plan to do again. Old timey preaching
Mt 23:35-36 Conflict 11.11.10 3392.Point one finger at someone else and three are pointed back at you. Taking up an offense
Mt 23:37 Protection 11.16.10 3397. You can't always protect someone who doesn't see the need. Phillips-head shaped reminder
Mt 23:38-39 Pretend 11.18.10 3399. You don't want to play cards against someone who knows what's in your hand. Fold 'em/Show 'em
Mt 23:4 Teaching 08.24.10 3313. Change is not good when changed for the sake of change. Social activism in education
Mt 23:5 Hypocricy 08.26.10 3315. The first two steps in being like Jesus: invisibility, if possible, but always transparent. Followers and disciples
Mt 23:6 Honor 08.31.10 3320. God's Word deserves honor and respect above that given to any man. The Bible
Mt 23:7 Name 09.02.10 3322. Most everyone knows Jesus by name, but not everyone knows Him. Jim & Bob Roberts
Mt 23:8 Education 09.07.10 3327. You have the wrong instructor if His name is not Holy Spirit. Bad teachers
Mt 23:9-10 Fathers 09.09.10 3329. It takes a good son to be a good father. (No) Orphans of God
Mt 24:1 Pride 11.23.10 3404. What man can raise, God can raze. Nations in rubble
Mt 24:10 Lost 12.23.10 3434. How is it possible to lose something we never had? Verbal holiday fun
Mt 24:11 Truth 12.28.10 3439. The truth survives though slightly believed and repeatedly questioned. The Prophet
Mt 24:12 Violence 12.30.10 3441. The phrase "Love it or leave it" has never sounded so tempting. Crime circle
Mt 24:2 Gratefulness 11.25.10 3406. Until we lose something, we might not fully appreciate it. Mempries & Baseball cards
Mt 24:3 Witness 11.30.10 3411. Here, there, or in the air, Jesus is coming. Generations
Mt 24:4 Truth 12.02.10 3413. Hearing a lie is not a sin, but believing it is. The Bereans
Mt 24:5 Pretender 12.07.10 3418. Knowing Jesus should be requisite to using His name. Anti-Christs
Mt 24:6 Choice 12.09.10 3420. Every end marks the beginning of something else. The Light at the end
Mt 24:7 Conflict 12.14.10 3425. For too many, peace is the time between the battles to rearm yourself. Wars and rumors
Mt 24:8 Dread 12.16.10 3427. When you worry that things can get worse, they generally do. Fortune blues
Mt 24:9 Persecution 12.21.10 3432. Before the resurrection the disciples lacked passion, but afterward their passion ignited everyone else's. The disciple's testimony
Pr 4:22 Bible 04.03.10 3161. You rarely find something for which you not looking, and rarely look if you think you've lost nothing. Five Fingered success
Pr 4:23 Safety 04.10.10 3168. "Put 'em up," has another connotation altogether when speaking of prayer. Door Protection
Pr 4:24 Forgiveness 04.17.10 3175. You can't remove something that that isn't there. TCAP
Pr 4:25 Memory 04.24.10 3182. You can't forget something you fail to remember. Danny & Dale
Pr 4:26 Bible 05.01.10 3189. God is my spiritual GPS, who shows me where to go, which route to take and what to do when I get there. My GPS
Pr 4:27 Sin 05.08.10 3196. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. Golf Flag
Pr 4:10 Listen 01.02.10 3074. The ground between hearing and listening is called teachable. Connectivity
Pr 4:11 Way 01.09.10 3081. Why pray to know God's will when we know his way? Casey
Pr 4:12 Faith 01.16.10 3088. Frustration is an early sign of fading faith. Manley Beasley
Pr 4:13 Conviction 01.23.10 3095. When doing what you don't want to do becomes what you want, you're ready to serve. Tisdale Moving Co
Pr 4:14 Warning 01.30.10 3102. Unlike a lost person, a Christian pointed the wrong way will be warned to turn around. Marines
Pr 4:15 Temptation 02.06.10 3109. The best way to avoid temptation is to avoid looking and then go the other way. Graduation Night
Pr 4:16 Sleep 02.13.10 3116. The way we sleep can a great indication of our spiritual condition. Ringing and running
Pr 4:17 Ethics 02.27.10 3126. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is no different than doing the wrong thing for any reason. A union and company boss
Pr 4:18 Backsliding 03.06.10 3133. Backsliding may be the greatest exaggeration ever made. Novell & Microsoft
Pr 4:19 Problems 03.13.10 3140. Why is it we will move obstacles when we could simply remove them? Problem solving.
Pr 4:20 Listen 03.20.10 3147. Nothing is more frustrating to a parent than a child who won't listen. Parents and their kids.
Pr 4:21 Forgetfulness 03.27.10 3154. You can't memorize what you have not read, nor mediatate on what you have not memorized. Terry and UofM Tigers
Pr 5:11-12 Instruction 07.03.10 3261. Learning is an adventure that should never end. Home-school recess?
Pr 5:1-2 Attention 05.15.10 3203. Sometimes we don't pay attention until we realize we haven't been. The crowd pleasing ignorance.
Pr 5:13 Listening 07.10.10 3268. Big ears don't guarantee good listening skills. Waxing elephants
Pr 5:14 Problems 07.17.10 3275. Problems are opportunities wrapped in dark paper Sales Advantage
Pr 5:15 Relationships 07.24.10 3282. Fidelity in marriage can't buy you love. Beatles' love
Pr 5:16 Action, Positive 07.31.10 3289. Don't let your spiritual muscles go into atrophy from lack of use. Pink Elephant?
Pr 5:18 Prayer 08.07.10 3296. Why is it we search for what we hold in our hand? The 3-Bar Door
Pr 5:21 Discipline 08.14.10 3303. Ignoring God's Word exposes us to discipline, the painful side of His love. The Little Rascals
Pr 5:22 Complacency 08.21.10 3310. Why does it take shock to produce awe in our life? Pre-911 complacency
Pr 5:23 Stupidity 08.28.10 3317.Everyone dies, but stupidity speeds up the process. Red wagon catastrophe
Pr 5:3-4 Temptation 05.22.10 3210. Bad can look good when we think with our feelings. 3210 New Puppies - Come Play
Pr 5:5 Faithfulness 05.29.10 3217. Influence is a powerful thing, even when you don't recognize it. Egyptian Puzzle ring
Pr 5:6 Direction 06.05.10 3224. There's nothing wrong with wandering as long as you don't waste your life wondering. Graduation questions
Pr 5:7-8 Action 06.19.10 3238. Hearing is not obedience anymore than listening is understanding. Taking out the trash
Pr 5:7-8 Temptation 06.12.10 3231. Sin is not measured by proximity, but by consideration. America , the greatest mission field.
Pr 5:9-10 Conflicts 06.26.10 3254. Not all prisons have bars. Applebee Avoidance
Pr 6:10-11 Attention 10.16.10 3366. I 'd like to tell you what I missed when I was asleep, but I was sleeping. Catnap
Pr 6:12 Behavior 10.23.10 3373. Which came first, being a liar or dishonest? Ruthie's analysis
Pr 6:1-2 Presume 09.04.10 3324. Presumption most often ends in consumption - with you as the main course. Unfinished projects
Pr 6:13 Deception 10.30.10 3380. Wink rhymes with stink. The 80 million dollar man
Pr 6:14-15 Schemes 11.06.10 3387. A plot to harm someone else always succeeds - on yourself. Human nature v God
Pr 6:16-17 Condescension 11.13.10 3394. Every high horse is shorter than that of someone else. Walk a mile
Pr 6:18 Delusion 11.20.10 3401. A mind can be a terrible thing to waste, but wasting a life is far worse. Porky Pig is real?
Pr 6:19 Words 11.27.10 3408. One word can divide what a ton of dynamite can't penetrate. Smothers Brothers
Pr 6:20-21 Blessing 12.04.10 3415. The best bling is your parent's blessing. My blessing
Pr 6:22 Parenting 12.11.10 3422. It's hard to disobey and still honor my parents, but it's harder to obey and not honor them. Kids who don't regard
Pr 6:23 Discretion 12.18.10 3429. Just because I can doesn't mean I should. Bathsheba's curtains
Pr 6:24-25 Sin 12.25.10 3436. If we keep sin out, it won't likely come out. GIGO
Pr 6:3 Evangelism 09.11.10 3331. Embarrassment can do what danger cannot. Cold Hard Drive
Pr 6:4 Alert 09.18.10 3338. Take your guard down and someone or something will remind you. Angie, my sign partner
Pr 6:5 Indiscretion 09.25.10 3345. There is no right time in the wrong place. Wrong place
Pr 6:6-8 Responsibility 10.02.10 3352. Responsibility has every gear but neutral. Woody & Kelly
Pr 6:9 Rest 10.09.10 3359. Why not get up earlier on Saturday to enjoy more of our free time? Rest is not sleep
Ps 10:13 Blame 06.25.10 3253. God may be the last person you'll ever blame for your situation. Me, Tommy and Reggie - 50 years ago.
Ps 10:14 Memory 07.02.10 3260. We tend to take for granted those with whom we don't communicate. Remembering names (Halfway point in 2010)
Ps 10:15 Justice 07.09.10 3267. Justice usually seems fair unless you're the one paying the price. Korean waits over 10 years for execution.
Ps 10:16 Ownership 07.16.10 3274. We should learn to be good custodians before claiming to own anything. Title deed
Ps 10:17-18 Sin 07.23.10 3281. We're like the palm-wavers in Jerusalem if we're conditional praisers. The deep-six
Ps 11:1 Security 07.30.10 3288. Security is realizing God knows where you are. Life Assurance policy
Ps 11:2 Gifts 08.06.10 3295.You don't have to be bad to do bad, but it's still bad. 3295 Spiritual Gifts
Ps 11:3 Answers 08.13.10 3302. Reluctance is knowing the answer, but wanting a different one. Multiple choice tests
Ps 11:4 Actions 08.20.10 3309. We might ignore God but that doesn't mean He will ignore us. Little GTO, sure are looking fine
Ps 11:5 Testing 08.27.10 3316. God is able, but if we never go, we'll never know. Trials (Gold)
Ps 11:6 Death 09.03.10 3323. What we believe is not nearly as important as what we do, or don't do about it. Poor frogs
Ps 11:7 Belief 09.10.10 3330. To know what God wants, go to the Word; to know Him, you've got to go to your knees. Jehovah Tsidkenu
Ps 12:1 Friends 09.17.10 3337. Friendship is a two way street. To have one, be one.
Ps 12:2 Flattery, Praise 09.24.10 3344. Flattery tells someone what he wants to hear, not what he needs to hear. Friends
Ps 12:3 Deception 10.01.10 3351. Flattery is like a sharp knife looking for butter. "Lost" sale?
Ps 12:5 Fairness 10.08.10 3358. Fairness is seen as unfair to those who don't think they get enough of it. Fat Beggars
Ps 12:6 Promise 10.15.10 3365. What good is a promise you never redeem? Fail to act; fail to receive.
Ps 12:7 Security 10.22.10 3372. Security is only as good as the One standing guard. Danger in the River City
Ps 12:8 Evil 10.29.10 3379. The only thing good about some people is we haven't seen them at their worst. John Wilkes Booth
Ps 13:1 Waiting 11.05.10 3386. What's the proper time to wait on someone before taking action? God's truck
Ps 13:2 Lordship 11.12.10 3393. When God tells you what to do, do it and then get out of the way. Pretenders
Ps 13:3-4 Witness 11.19.10 3400. The best witness some people can give is to keep their mouth shut. Frankenstein
Ps 13:5-6 Love 11.26.10 3407. We can love someone without loving what they do. Bad Boys
Ps 14:1 Reason 12.10.10 3421. There's more waffling in men than in an IHOP on Saturday morning. Fools are foolish, no?
Ps 14:2-3 Revival 12.17.10 3428. Sin is the failure to wait on God. Our golden gods
Ps 14:4 Listen 12.24.10 3435. Scripture calls you ignorant when you don't pray, so does that make you both deaf and dumb spiritually? Intercessor's test
Ps 14:5-6 Choice 12.31.10 3442. Choosing the wrong team may not be apparent until the game is over. Pick-up games
Ps 14:7 Salvation 12.03.10 3414. God seldom changes sides, but he may help the other side when we're not on His side. Long lines
Ps 6:10 Justice 01.01.10 3073. Justice will prevail, but don't sit down and wait on it. R.G. Lee
Ps 7:1 Safety 01.08.10 3080. Refuge is found closer to the front line. Position not persuasion
Ps 7:10 Motives 03.19.10 3146. Motives don't mean much if you never do anything. The Eagle has landed
Ps 7:11 Anger 03.26.10 3153. Anger is an alarm warning that unconfessed sin, much like an active volcano, is about to blow. Angry preachers
Ps 7:12 Repent 04.02.10 3160. According to Matthew, Jesus' first word in ministry was repent, not believe. Light and Dark, Tsidkenu and the world
Ps 7:13 Warning 04.09.10 3167. There's no judgment not preceeded by a final warning. Matt, the Train Wreck
Ps 7:14 Sin 04.16.10 3174. Sin is given opportunity to grow the moment we won't stop and pray. Pruning Crape Myrtles
Ps 7:15 Problems 04.22.10 3180. No problem exists that doesn't create at least one more. Don't kick the dog.
Ps 7:16 Revenge 04.30.10 3188. Crimes may differ, but criminals are the same - in God's opinion. The electrocution lady
Ps 7:17 Worship 05.07.10 3195. Worship is the expression of our grateful spirit. 3195 London Parris and the Apostles
Ps 7:2 Friends 01.15.10 3087. The fear of isolation may be the strongest motivator of all. ATO
Ps 7:3 Confession 01.22.10 3094. Conditional confession is only as good as your honesty with God. Three Monkeys
Ps 7:4 Friends 01.29.10 3101. Friends who become our collateral damage won't be for long. David and Jonathan
Ps 7:5 Consequences 02.05.10 3108. Consequences come in many shapes, but are always on target. David & Bathsheba
Ps 7:6 Protection 02.12.10 3115. God not only has our back, he has our front, sides, top and bottom. Angry Customer
Ps 7:7 Reverence 02.26.10 3125. Showing reverence is the way to show respect for God. Church distraction
Ps 7:8 Mistakes 03.05.10 3132. When we over-estimate ourselves, we under-estimate God. Fender Bender
Ps 7:9 Darkness 03.12.10 3139. You can stay in the light by avoiding the things that lead to darkness. "He Holds the Sock." I mean "the Keys."
Ps 8:1 Majesty 05.14.10 3202. No matter how puny I feel, my God is still God. Environmentist's surprise
Ps 8:2 Righteousness 05.21.10 3209. Righteousness may be concealed, but it can't be ignored forever. Film-makers and immorality
Ps 8:3-4 Creation 05.28.10 3216. The smaller we feel, the bigger God gets. Milky Way
Ps 8:5 Praise 06.04.10 3223. Be careful when using maxims because God will show you why they're not. A maxim is a misnomer.
Ps 8:6-8 Stewardship 06.11.10 3230. Just because we rule over the earth doesn't mean we own it - yet! The BP oil spill
Ps 8:9 Creation 06.18.10 3237. Are you allowing creation to out-praise you? Sunday prayer walk