August 18, 2011
One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

When did we see you as a stranger and take you into our homes or see you in need of clothes and give you something to wear?
Mt 25:38

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The greatest problem someone can have is thinking they don't have one. 3670

Learn it.
Need is in the eye of the beholder.

Live it.
I estimate that ninety-percent of our church's resources are directed inward and only a small portion toward those on the outside. This is not to say that no needs exist in the church and nothing is accomplished on the outside. But when it comes to having sin issues, everyone ELSE has them. It's hard to argue that we don't spend most of our time, energy and money maintaining the status quo. And the problem is not new.

In Revelation 3, Jesus warned the church at Laodicea of the same thing. But let anyone do that today and they risk being shown the door. Citing unity as the reason, a call to humility and repentance is regarded in today's church as polarization and is seldom tolerated. Before you totally reject the idea, remember that Jesus' strongest resistance came from the established religious crowd. Their attitude of spiritual superiority carried forward to Jewish believers who, at first, looked down on Gentile believers. Church, it's time to turn up the heat, or we risk being an eternal example of how tolerated sin blinds "good" people.

Pray it
Forgive our arrogance, Father, for believing we have no sin problem.

Intercession is not prayer as much as position. (2000)
Our Defender is much stronger than our Accuser. (2001)
Prayer without having its base in God's word, isn't. (2002)
I can never be so bad, God won't take me back if I ask. (2003)
Moral purity goes beyond physical purity. (2004)
If we're a work in progress, I should reveal God's glory more today than I did yesterday. (2005)
The garden gate of prayer is wide enough for two to pass - you and Jesus. (2006)
You won't play with a snake very long before he bites you. (2007)

Don't expect people to appreciate God's revelation to you. (2008)
Salvation is the real Extreme Make-over. (2009)
Wait and anticipate are more connected than just rhyme. (2010)
The greatest problem someone can have is thinking they don't have one. (2011)

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