October 14, 2011

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Then the ocean floor could be seen. The foundations of the earth were laid bare at your stern warning, O LORD, at the blast of the breath from your nostrils.
Ps 18:15

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Forget Mother Nature, it's God's wrath you need to avoid. 3736

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Judgment v grace

Live it.
One of the most watched shows on television might be the one where people chase storms. With all the advanced radar technology available on the internet, it's easy to find a storm if you have a computer in your vehicle. When one is found relatively close to your position, you can then rush to the place it's likely to pass. And should your vehicle be equipped with a ground anchoring device, you might be able to experience a tornado up close and personal. To me, chasing tornadoes is likened to using a police-band radio to follow emergency vehicles. There's trouble out there somewhere, you just have to look for it.

Seventeen years ago today, the oldest child of my oldest daughter was born. Ben's birth was not easy and without advanced medical assistance, we might have lost them both. I joked with him this morning telling him I'm not sure he was worth all the trouble. Then, I read this morning's Scripture from Psalm 18 and remembered praying it countless times since. Unlike the storm chaser, we don't need to look for trouble because it will find us. And the only sure Anchor is Jesus Christ, who said we don't have to endure life's storms on our own unless we choose to do so.

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Don't let me get so wrapped up in things, I lose sight of You, God.

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