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Ecc 10:1 Sin 07.31.11 3652. Mix the mind of man with anything and you dilute the solution. Man Stinketh.
Ecc 10:10
Success 09.18.11 3710. Success has two stages; the first is understanding failure, the second, to avoid it. Look up; don't give up.
Ecc 10:11
Hopeless 09.25.11 3717. You don't have to be an artist to see Treasure Island as a diminishing perspective. Broke and don't know it
Ecc 10:12 Information 10.02.11 3724. Adequate is the tiny spot between enough and too much. More than enough
Ecc 10:13 Expression 10.09.11 3731. Open mouth; insert sock - please! Are any carbon footprints left?
Ecc 10:14 Gods' Word 10.16.11 3738. Defend God's Word and you both lose. Shut up.
Ecc 10:15 Understanding 10.23.11 3745. More time is no more a reward than a result. I can't see what I don't understand
Ecc 10:16 Government 10.30.11 3752. Ruling shouldn't hurt, especially those being ruled. Forgetful reminders
Ecc 10:17
Opportunity 11.06.11 3759. Opportunity: wait and lose. Fading memories
Ecc 10:18
Change 11.13.11 3766. For every over, there's an under. Move over and make room
Ecc 10:19
Money 11.20.11 3773. Money is not the issue, but a lack of it may be. Money is funny
Ecc 10:2 Discipleship 08.07.11 3659. Everyone is a disciple of someone. Toliet temptation
Ecc 10:20
Misunderstand 11.27.11 3780. Slander is advanced with too much information; it finds fruition with too little. Defrocked flock
Ecc 10:3 Focus 08.14.11 3666. Motives offer peace of mind; actions speak for themselves. I see Jesus when I look at you.
Ecc 10:4 Mistakes 08.21.11 3682. Grace is not a do-over but the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Don't fall on me!
Ecc 10:5-7 Change 08.28.11 3689.A leader takes others where someone took them. It ain't broke.
Ecc 10:8
Discipleship 09.04.11 3696. What good comes without putting oneself in harm's way? Two is better than one
Ecc 10:9
Cost 09.11.11 3703. When the value is high, so is the cost. Is any price too high?
Ecc 11:1 Faith 12.04.11 3787. It takes a trusting believer to be a receiver of the Almighty Conceiver. Impossible?
Ecc 11:2 Preparation 12.11.11 3794. Here she comes (speaking of life), whether we're ready or not. Can't give you what I don't have
Ecc 11:3 Judgment 12.18.11 3801. There's no such thing as normal when you're serving God. Here come da Judge
Ecc 11:4 Seeking 12.25.11 3808. Blessing usually awaits my doing something first. ASAP-Always Seeking; Always Pleased
Ecc 8:10 Salvation 02.20.11 3494. A food label means little until you can taste what's behind it. The Good, Bad and Ugly.
Ecc 8:11 Justice 02.27.11 3501. Between hasty and quick is where we find maturity. The real criminals
Ecc 8:12 Life and Death 03.06.11 3508. Long life is a curse without God, a blessing with Him. Mortality Mountain
Ecc 8:13 Time 03.13.11 3515. Time separates the past from the present and too often regret from neglect. Live and die responsibly
Ecc 8:14 Credit 03.20.11 3522. Ownership is a passing fancy. Name it after me.
Ecc 8:15 Life 03.27.11 3529. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. The next chapter
Ecc 8:16-17 Frustration 04.10.11 3540. Intention becomes frustration when presumption leads to assumption. Outwitting Squirrels
Ecc 8:3 Law 01.02.11 3444. Rules are good, depending on who makes them. Carpenters have nails, Lawyers, law suits.
Ecc 8:4 Accountability 01.09.11 3451. Accountability is acceptable to everyone but the one who needs it. I was wrong, honey!
Ecc 8:5 Prayer 01.16.11 3458. Just because we avoid trouble, doesn't mean it won't affect us. Valley-Prover
Ecc 8:6 Encounters 01.23.11 3465. The right thing comes from being in the right place, at the right time for the right reason. A1 Door
Ecc 8:7 Future 01.30.11 3472. God's omnipresence applies to time as much as it does space, so predestination is a no-brainer. Choice
Ecc 8:8 Life 02.06.11 3480. Two things are certain in life: death and missed opportunities. My DNR
Ecc 8:9 Governments 02.13.11 3487. Sometime the best working government is the one that doesn't. The Egyptian shift change
Ecc 9:1 Fear 04.17.11 3547. Independence is a fleeting misconception. Hellphobia
Ecc 9:10 Life 06.05.11 3596. There are no TODO lists beyond the grave. Grandpaw for dinner?
Ecc 9:11 Trouble 06.12.11 3603. Everything worthwhile costs someone something. Life with a covered rim
Ecc 9:12 Everlasting Life 06.19.11 3610. When we expect to die and don't, it's like pessimistic optimism. Sudden Death
Ecc 9:13 Impression 06.26.11 3617. Impression is nothing more than reality on pause. Moon walk
Ecc 9:14-15 Gratefulness 07.03.11 3624. Gratefulness never expressed is no different from disgust. Silent gratitude?
Ecc 9:16 Bias 07.10.11 3631. Find him to whom a fool listens and you find a bigger one. Objective journalist?
Ecc 9:17 Attention 07.17.11 3638. It's easy getting attention; it's deserving it that's hard. Jello and Cement
Ecc 9:18 Unity 07.24.11 3645. If we have the same Holy Spirit, why is it we disagree so much? Sphinx tomato worm
Ecc 9:2 Death 04.24.11 3554. Death is an equal opportunity employer. Live and Let Die
Ecc 9:3 Death 05.01.11 3561. If you worry about death, then you don't know my Jesus. CPR and worms
Ecc 9:4 Repent 05.08.11 3568. Expectations can be a cruel master. Turn or burn
Ecc 9:5-6 Eternity 05.15.11 3575. Eternity is not the end, but life with a different backdrop. Paradise Found
Ecc 9:7-8 Desire 05.22.11 3582. Wear your convictions as well as carry them. Red motivation
Ecc 9:9 Marriage 05.29.11 3589. Commitment grows a relationship, but anything else may kill it. Out-singing the finch
Ex 1:11 Hate 01.17.11 3459. Hate comes back as revenge who brings deadly friends with him. Wind turbines and donkeys
Ex 1:12-13 Work 01.19.11 3461. Determination grows stronger the longer you put it down. Water cooler
Ex 1:14 Endurance 01.24.11 3466. When something needs doing, God sends his best ahead of the rest. Calvin Hunt
Ex 1:1-5 Promise 01.03.11 3445. If a promise is made and no one is there to receive it, is it real? Unreceived promise?
Ex 1:15-16 Murder 01.26.11 3468. You can try to stop God, but if only He would stop you. Abortion
Ex 1:17 Obedience 01.31.11 3473. Doing the right thing sometimes requires obedience and other times ignorance. The Bible, our instruction manual.
Ex 1:18 Excuses 02.02.11 3476. An excuse is an admission dressed up as something else. No right answer.
Ex 1:19 Luck 02.07.11 3481. What seems small to us may be exactly what God needs to do the impossible through us. Lucky charms
Ex 1:20-21 Sin 02.09.11 3483. God's blessing is usually proportional to the degree of our obedience. Rotten food
Ex 1:22 Future 02.14.11 3488. Be careful trying to change the future, or the present may run over you and leave you in the past. The past, present and future disappointment.
Ex 1:6-7 Hatred 01.05.11 3447. People want you to succeed - a little less than themselves. Racism
Ex 1:8 Change 01.10.11 3452. A reputation only serves one generation. Induction reduction
Ex 1:9-10 Intercesison 01.12.11 3454. Control passes to those ready to assume it. Confession of an intercessor
Ex 2:10 Redemption 03.14.11 3516. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Garments with stories
Ex 2:11 Sin 03.16.11 3518. You can hide who you are, but it's almost impossible to hide what you are. A deep cleansing portion
Ex 2:12 Excuses 03.21.11 3523. Privilege means little when we abuse it. Freshman excuse
Ex 2:1-2 Harm 02.16.11 3490. What can man do to frustrate God? No harm, no foul.
Ex 2:13 Witness 03.23.11 3525. I will prove today what I believe - without opening my mouth. Brother Barney's got an attitude!
Ex 2:14 Sin 03.28.11 3530. What we hide becomes obvious and most often to the one we try to deceive. Tag, you're it.
Ex 2:15 Respect 03.30.11 3532. Running from something may be the shortest line between you and what you fear. Runner's finish line
Ex 2:16 Trouble 04.06.11 3536. Things happen, but never randomly. God, You light up my life.
Ex 2:17 Sacrifice 04.11.11 3541. A disciple will be active even when it appears he's not. Jim Elliot
Ex 2:18 Change 04.13.11 3543. Change is 180 degrees, not 360. Turn or burn
Ex 2:20 Surprise 04.18.11 3548. God is never surprised whereas we seem to be always be. I promise to promise to promise to pr...
Ex 2:21-22 Prejudice 04.20.11 3550. Prejudice is selfishness born of self-applied righteousness. May I be your best friend?
Ex 2:23 Prayer 04.25.11 3555. God's three-step plan for success: give up, look up and hook up. Who's driving anyway?
Ex 2:24-25 Family 04.27.11 3557. Why do we expect God to remember more than we do? Dysfunctional disciple
Ex 2:3 Desperation 02.21.11 3495. Until we're desperate, we're not in the right position to pray. Fortune telling bone-heads
Ex 2:4 Permission 02.23.11 3497. 21st Century Christians: Don't ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer. Permission: an excuse by another name.
Ex 2:5 Providence 02.28.11 3502. A refuge is a taxi with God as the Driver. Acceptance or belief?
Ex 2:6 Image 03.02.11 3504. What we see is not always what we get. Looking used.
Ex 2:7 Intercession 03.07.11 3509. An intercessor doesn't mind dangerous situations because he knows Who is already there. God is still looking
Ex 2:8-9 Opportunity 03.09.11 3511. Hope becomes reality when we listen to God, look for opportunity and act. On Christ alone I stand.
Ex 3:1 Home 05.02.11 3562. The further we go, the closer God gets. Home is where Jesus is.
Ex 3:11 Disobedience 05.30.11 3590. What part of God's "GO" don't we understand? "Cute" disobedience
Ex 3:12 Lost 06.01.11 3592. God is with those who are with Him. Lost your sticky?
Ex 3:13 Authority 06.06.11 3597. Authority granted but never used, is an affront to Him who gave it. Greater things?
Ex 3:14 Name 06.08.11 3599. To know a name is not the same as frequently using it. The Answer
Ex 3:14 Name 06.13.11 3604. What we do is not nearly as important as why we do it. My "real" name.
Ex 3:16 Hardship 06.15.11 3606. Trouble provides contrast to make promise visible. Love is not temporary
Ex 3:17 Promise 06.20.11 3611. Rewards are seldom larger than the risk. Contentment v complacency
Ex 3:18 Credentials 06.22.11 3613. Show someone what God hasn't showed them and waste their time and yours. ASL; are you serious?
Ex 3:19-20 Slavery 06.27.11 3618. Leave and go where? Emancipation?
Ex 3:2 Neglect 05.04.11 3564. It's amazing what God has to do to get our attention. Set my soul afire.
Ex 3:21 Change 06.29.11 3620. Change is both an over-worked and under-exercised principle. Oxymoron: politician and change
Ex 3:22 Blessing 07.04.11 3625. Sometimes surrender is assertion in the wrong direction. God bless the U.S.?
Ex 3:3 Learning 05.09.11 3569. What we can't explain, sets the stage for God to explain it. He's severywhere
Ex 3:4 Purpose 05.11.11 3571. God goes to those who come to Him. One thing
Ex 3:5-6 Holy 05.16.11 3576. Holiness is not a dirty word. Fear of God
Ex 3:7 Trouble 05.18.11 3578. If you never ask, you'll never know. Entanglements
Ex 3:8 Challenge 05.23.11 3583. Everything good comes with a challenge. Graduating babies
Ex 3:9-10 Fear 05.25.11 3585. Life is not what we make it, but what it makes us. Turning the tables
Ex 4:1 Faith 07.06.11 3627. Our responsibility ends when we give God control. "Come!"
Ex 4:10 Service 08.08.11 3660. What we were has no bearing on what we are in Christ. Pass the sugar please
Ex 4:11-12 Learning 08.10.11 3662. Because someone doesn't get credit doesn't mean they don't deserve it. Strong weakness
Ex 4:13 Faith 08.15.11 3667. I imagine God takes our feelings of inadequacy personally. Double-dog dare
Ex 4:14 Friend 08.17.11 3669. Friendship has no strings. Just one thing more...
Ex 4:15 Learning 08.22.11 3683. Teachers are taught to teach, but few inspire anyone to learn. Teaching may fail, but inspiration prevails
Ex 4:16 Intercession 08.24.11 3685. God has already defeated the obstacles that will work against me today. Why do we fight God's battles? 1Sa 17:47
Ex 4:17 Prayer 08.29.11 3690. There are some things we don't need to ask. Fellowship relationship
Ex 4:18 Witness 08.31.11 3692. Timidity and Christianity are contradictory terms. Blind eyes see.
Ex 4:19-20
Completion 09.05.11 3697. A loop is made by revisiting square one. Square one
Ex 4:2 Service 07.11.11 3632. What's never used is never appreciated. Fleas and me.
Ex 4:21
Mission 09.07.11 3699. Futility is trying to ignore God. Get right tonite!
Ex 4:22-23
Discipleship 09.12.11 3704. If you can't see God moving, it's time to turn around. Leading leaders
Ex 4:24-264
Surrender 09.14.11 3706. Don't give up before you lace up. I can't fail if I surrender
Ex 4:27
Ministry 09.19.11 3711. When God moves, we should too. Stay focused - on the right thing.
Ex 4:28
Battle 09.21.11 3713. There will be more time wasted today than used wisely. Battlefield victory
Ex 4:29-30
End time 09.26.11 3718. There's a time for knowing and a time for showing. Endtime sharade
Ex 4:3 Problems 07.13.11 3634. God speaks to us in anyway He has our attention. When God talks...
Ex 4:31
Worship 09.28.11 3720. Worship is loving God; praise is celebrating the fact. Diminishing worship
Ex 4:4 Winning 07.18.11 3639. If being obedient was easy, everyone would still have to decide. US v Japan soccer
Ex 4:5 Trust 07.20.11 3641. God's Word for Dummies: Trust me now or watch me later. For there's no other way?
Ex 4:6 Sign 07.25.11 3646. Can an idiot do something right if he has enough time and money? Sign in the sky
Ex 4:7 Trust 07.27.11 3648. It's impossible to believe in God and not trust His Word. Garden dreams
Ex 4:8 Witness 08.01.11 3653. Telling is our responsibility, getting someone to listen, God's. Bi-Folding action.
Ex 4:9 Relationships 08.03.11 3655. Opportunities are terrible things to waste, but it's far worse to never see them. Ruthie
Ex 5:1 Witness 10.03.11 3725. Why should we expect people to believe what we don't? Sugar-coat
Ex 5:10-11 Disciple 10.26.11 3748. All followers are not disciples, but all disciples follow - someone. Lordship is not optional
Ex 5:12 Church 10.31.11 3753. When the unthinkable becomes inevitable, the improbable becomes believable. Religious hard heads.
Ex 5:13 Trust 11.02.11 3755. Dependency can be good or bad, based on Whom we depend. Dependency tendency
Ex 5:14
Sin 11.07.11 3760. Why fight when your enemy has surrendered? Mayan misdirection
Ex 5:15
Abortion 11.09.11 3762. Don't go to a candy shop to find people to protest sugar. God v me
Ex 5:16
Problems 11.14.11 3767. Bad is good when God can use it. Bad? Look again.
Ex 5:17-18
Expectation 11.16.11 3769. Expectation is good if it's in God alone. Bright Light
Ex 5:19
Sin 11.21.11 3774. God's expectation is more evident when the heat is turned up. Life is perilous, death more so.
Ex 5:2 Obedience 10.05.11 3727. Respect is like honor without the homage. Life evangelism
Ex 5:20-21
Scripture 11.23.11 3776. Blaming someone else doesn't abdicate ourselves as much as implicate us. Work in order to rest
Ex 5:22-23
Learning 11.28.11 3781. God has no entitlement programs. Troble makers
Ex 5:3 Fear (of God) 10.10.11 3732. Truth or Consequences is not a game as some would have us think. Time's up.
Ex 5:4-5 Forget 10.12.11 3734. Pardon me, but your questions don't fit my answers Pete and Repeat
Ex 5:6-7 Glory 10.17.11 3739. When we don't have what we think we need, God shows us He doesn't need it. It's in your hand
Ex 5:8 Association 10.19.11 3741. Intentions are like inventions, they're both created. Bad association
Ex 5:9 Deception 10.24.11 3746. God has a way of redirecting misdirection. If I'm lying I'm dying.
Ex 6:1
Omnipotence 11.30.11 3783. The Almighty is not concerned with what anyone thinks. Griping ingrates
Ex 6:10-11 Protection 12.28.11 3811. Wink at sin and it views it as an invitation. 3811 Two way street
Ex 6:2-3 Memory 12.05.11 3788. A sharp mind is one honed through prayer.  Memory aide
Ex 6:4 Possessions 12.07.11 3790. We may possess it, but God owns it. Winners and losers
Ex 6:5 Promises 12.12.11 3795. If this isn't good, what is? Good enough
Ex 6:6 Chosen 12.14.11 3797. Just because grace is free doesn't mean it didn't cost anything. I can't see; my eyes are closed
Ex 6:7 Friendship 12.19.11 3802. In choosing friends we also choose enemies. Friend or foe?
Ex 6:8 Salvation 12.21.11 3804. Without problems, there's no way to test promises. Expensive salvation
Ex 6:9 Prayer 12.26.11 3809. My job is to testify, God's to get an audience. Day dreamer
Mt 24:13 Finish 01.04.11 3446. Why start what you can't finish? The end?
Mt 24:14 Judgment 01.06.11 3448. It's never right to do wrong. Right door, wrong house
Mt 24:15-16 War 01.11.11 3453. In this life, the things we tolerate will outlive us. David, the man of war
Mt 24:17-18 Security 01.13.11 3455. Just because you take up space, doesn't mean you always will. Fire Escape window guards
Mt 24:19 Plans 01.18.11 3460. Planning is good, except it requires presumption which is bad. Iben Browning
Mt 24:20 Change 01.20.11 3462. Loss marks life; starting over, a survivor. Lost reference file.
Mt 24:21 Peace 01.25.11 3467. God's peace is the only peace that can bring peace. ChimneyRock shooting
Mt 24:22 Mercy 01.27.11 3469. If God's grace is amazing, His mercy is amazinger. The Rapture
Mt 24:23 Pretence 02.01.11 3474.Will the real God come on down and show us what we've won? Brass shields
Mt 24:24 Deception 02.03.11 3477. Everything we accept is a rejection of something else. Of ducks and men.
Mt 24:25 Future 02.08.11 3482. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Take two and call me in the morning.
Mt 24:26 Deceit 02.10.11 3484. What we say is our profession, but what we do proves our possession. Con me once, not my fault...
Mt 24:27 Conviction 02.15.11 3489. If Jesus returns and you're not ready, will you even know He came? Mary and Martha moment
Mt 24:28 Giving 02.17.11 3491. Death often gives birth to a family calamity. Charity busters
Mt 24:29 Science 02.22.11 3496. When we learn all there is to know, we will still be ignoramuses who need a Savior. We're ignoramuses who need Jesus.
Mt 24:30 Motivation 02.24.11 3498. Motivation, for most of us, comes when we realize we can't stay where we are. The only conference I really need.
Mt 24:31 Labels 03.01.11 3503. Labels are good only if they accurately identify the ingredients. Lordship is NOT optional.
Mt 24:32 Knowledge 03.03.11 3505. It's not what you know as much as what you know about what you know, you know? A know-it-all
Mt 24:33 Faith 03.08.11 3510. Seeing is believing for the world, but just the opposite for the redeemed. Believing is seeing
Mt 24:34-35 Promises 03.10.11 3512. A promise is as good as the permanence and power of the Provider. Buntyn Cafe
Mt 24:36 Predictions 03.15.11 3517. Scripture tells us all we need to know, not what we think we need to know. He's coming.
Mt 24:37 Warning 03.17.11 3519. Knowing the right thing is no substitute for doing it. St. Patrick's ignorance
Mt 24:38 Discipleship 03.22.11 3524. You can follow Jesus from so far back, you lose sight of Him. Followship
Mt 24:39 Expectations 03.24.11 3526. Surprises are failed expectations. Expect the unexpected
Mt 24:40 Holy Spirit 03.29.11 3531. What'cha gonna do when He comes for... someone else? Coke is not the REAL thing.
Mt 24:41 Warning 03.31.11 3533. Coming means going just as knowing means telling. Cardboard warning signs
Mt 24:42 Discipleship 04.07.11 3537. The difference between a believer and a disciple is one works while the other sits. Change is good as long as I don't expect someone else to do it.
Mt 24:43 Mistakes 04.12.11 3542. If I knew yesterday what I know today, I would've messed up some other way. Making excuzes
Mt 24:44 Prepared 04.14.11 3544. Are you making plans to make plans so you'll be ready when you aren't? Disciples, start your engines.
Mt 24:45 Service 04.19.11 3549. The right time is anytime your attitude is right. God is my Assurance Adjustor
Mt 24:46 Gifts 04.21.11 3551. The word, servant, pairs best with an active verb. That's ok; I've already done it.
Mt 24:47-48 Judge 04.26.11 3556. You're out of your mind if you think Jesus will remain out of sight. The first time is not the last time.
Mt 24:49 Discernment 04.28.11 3558. It's not WHAT you can't see that should concern you, but WHO. Donkey see, donkey do.
Mt 24:50 Honest 05.03.11 3563. You is what you is and ain't what you think. Do you walk like a duck?
Mt 24:51 Choice 05.05.11 3565. Making no choice is a choice. Come on down
Mt 25:1 Ready 05.10.11 3570. Being prepared means to be ready, though not necessarily finished. Ready when You are
Mt 25:10 Return 06.02.11 3593. Life is not a DVR with a reverse, pause and playback. Game Show Frenzy
Mt 25:11-12 Opportunity 06.07.11 3598. A window of opportunity not only closes but can also lock. Driver's license ID
Mt 25:13 Time 06.09.11 3600. Time is a means to the end. Vacation just started and almost done.
Mt 25:14 Mistakes 06.14.11 3605. Success is simple if we remain as small as God is large. No do-over please.
Mt 25:15 Success 06.16.11 3607. Real achievement is making something of nothing. Seemingly impossible?
Mt 25:16-17 Money 06.21.11 3612. Using OPM (Other People's Money) may be a stronger drug than opium. The gambler with nothing to gamble
Mt 25:18 Blessing 06.23.11 3614. Worse than burying your valuables might be losing the marker. Counter-productive prayer
Mt 25:19 Mistake 06.28.11 3619. Time is the grace afforded those who seldom capitalize on it. Dord
Mt 25:2 Foolish 05.12.11 3572.Foolishness is anything but wise. No do-overs
Mt 25:20 Change 06.30.11 3621. A government handout is a "smash and grab" perfected by an elected Flash Mob. Hope and change
Mt 25:21 Leader 07.05.11 3626. Without a mission, trust means very little. Followship
Mt 25:22 Expectation 07.07.11 3628. I expect someone to expect something of me today. Off-the-Grid
Mt 25:23 Money 07.12.11 3633. Being a good servant means you have only one master Contradiction in terms: spending & growing
Mt 25:24-25 Application 07.14.11 3635. Coming and going is not as important as the Door we use. Close call?
Mt 25:26-27 Knowing 07.19.11 3640. Knowing is an indictment when not associated with doing. Not doing can be your undoing.
Mt 25:28-29 Action 07.21.11 3642. Is there really any action that is not reaction? Wasp pun
Mt 25:3 Prepare 05.17.11 3577. The only preparation needed is to walk with God. Life's intersections
Mt 25:30 Decision 07.26.11 3647. Though seldom heard, the best sermon is "Turn or Burn." Standing in line
Mt 25:31 Return 07.28.11 3649. Standing at heaven's throne is one step from sitting on earths. Rhyme and Reason
Mt 25:32-33 Religion 08.02.11 3654. Religion is the reasoning of someone without a clue who God is. Dualists and deists v diety
Mt 25:34 Time 08.04.11 3656. I'm glad God is not limited by my perception of Him. John the time traveller
Mt 25:35 Discipleship 08.09.11 3661. God didn't say "Go," before He said "Come!"God didn't say "Go," before He said, "Come." 2x2
Mt 25:36 Compassion 08.11.11 3663. The time for doing God's work is almost over. Almost over
Mt 25:37 Disicpleship 08.16.11 3668. Will we soar with eagles or ignore while we snore? Soar or snore?
Mt 25:38 Sin 08.18.11 3670. The greatest problem someone can have is thinking they don't have one. Spiritual blinders
Mt 25:39 Insight 08.23.11 3684. Having eyes doesn't mean you can see. See you soon
Mt 25:4 Return 05.19.11 3579. Waiting on anything but God is idolatry. May 21, the end?
Mt 25:40 Service 08.25.11 3686. God's Word fills our void, no matter the shape or size. God-shaped ears.
Mt 25:41 Sin 08.30.11 3691. Our will is not free as some suggest; Someone had to pay for it. It is Finished!!
Mt 25:42 Choice 09.01.11 3693. It's hard to see what you don't look at. Binary choices
Mt 25:43
Ministry 09.06.11 3698. Motives aren't just important, they're everything. Help is a prayer away
Mt 25:44
Diversity 09.08.11 3700. When God's in the house, everything changes. Elevator shoes
Mt 25:45
Discipleship 09.13.11 3705. We shouldn't get ahead of the One we follow. Finders keepers, losers weepers.
Mt 25:46
Salvation 09.15.11 3707. The end of the road is really a bend. Salvation evidence
Mt 25:5 Expectation 05.24.11 3584. Waiting is a product of unrealized expectation. Buddy's burgers
Mt 25:6-7 Prepared 05.26.11 3586. Preparation is pertinent for proper participation. Ready or not...
Mt 25:8-9 Dependence 05.31.11 3591. Depend on anyone but God and take your chances. Who's got bread?
Mt 26:10 Prayer 10.11.11 3733. If God is everywhere, why don't we see and acknowledge Him? Praying objects
Mt 26:11 Opportunity 10.13.11 3735. I should've is not good enough when I could've. 2x2
Mt 26:12 Persepctive 10.18.11 3740. Things look bad until you see something worse. Respectful silence
Mt 26:1-2
Teachable 09.20.11 3712. What we don't know is bigger than what we know. Inquiring minds
Mt 26:13 Listen 10.20.11 3742. It helps to have a listener before you start talking. Is that smoke I smell?
Mt 26:14 Expectation 10.25.11 3747. Your mouth says one thing, but does your life say something else? Potty mouth
Mt 26:15-16 Impression 10.27.11 3749. What you think you see may not be. Wrong impression and mission
Mt 26:17 Apathy 11.01.11 3754. What fool waits for Judgment before gathering evidence? Summer is over; slumber continues
Mt 26:18 Memory 11.03.11 3756. Forgettable is regrettable when someone proves expendable. Regrettable expendables
Mt 26:19
Fellowship 11.08.11 3761. Fellowship is spending personal time with they one you follow. Following fellowship
Mt 26:20
Hope 11.10.11 3763. For the Believer, the word "alone" has no application. Resignation not accepted
Mt 26:21-22
Pride 11.15.11 3768. Love is proven in the rain, not the sunshine. Much is little
Mt 26:23
Friends 11.17.11 3770. An enemy is someone who is not WITH you when God is. Much is less when God's not in it.
Mt 26:24
Choice 11.22.11 3775. Choice reflects the heart, not the other way around. The righteous Pharisee
Mt 26:25
Failure 11.24.11 3777. Failure exposes our breaks, but doesn't cause them. Down but not out
Mt 26:26
Revival 11.29.11 3782. Prayer is the result of a growing relationship. Busy idleness
Mt 26:27
Gratefulness 12.01.11 3784. Thanksgiving should be a lifestyle, not a seasonal reminder. Happy Family Day
Mt 26:28 Sin 12.06.11 3789. Just because we consider sin inconsequential doesn't mean God does. The tallest stack
Mt 26:29 Heaven 12.08.11 3791. Some falsely think that desires become holy when they arrive in heaven. Meet and greet
Mt 26:3
Laodicea 09.22.11 3714. What happens to right when it's left to people who know right but don't do right? Elective hearing
Mt 26:30 Prayer 12.13.11 3796. One song remembered is worth one-hundred sermons forgotten. Doing right requires knowing right
Mt 26:31 Problems 12.15.11 3798. Faith is listening to God more than my doubt, and then acting like it. I need problems to prove they aren't one
Mt 26:32 Life 12.20.11 3803. Because of Jesus, there is life on both sides of death. Death bookends
Mt 26:33 Sin 12.22.11 3805. It's my intention to always have good intention. Brown bags for TV
Mt 26:34 Failure 12.27.11 3810. Everyone gets knocked down, but not everyone will get back up. Successful Failures
Mt 26:35 Resolution 12.29.11 3812. Were that our intention was based on retention from paying attention. Tongues of ink
Mt 26:4-5
Plans 09.27.11 3719. Plans may not work, but my God does. Biz bad, God good.
Mt 26:6
Provision 09.29.11 3721. Who buys something and never plans to use it? U-Keep it.
Mt 26:7 Service 10.04.11 3726. It's not the gift or the cost that matters, but the reason. The actor's covenant
Mt 26:8-9 Sin 10.06.11 3728. Opinions don't matter when you're with Jesus. Mob action
Pr 6:26 Sin 01.01.11 3443. Committing sin is costly enough, but adapting to it places a lifetime mortgage on it. Resolution disolution
Pr 6:27 Relationships 01.08.11 3450. The level of our relationship is related to how much time we're with someone. Levels of friends and enemies
Pr 6:28 Revival 01.15.11 3457.Play with fire and you become the accelerant. Fire accelerant
Pr 6:29 Consequences 01.22.11 3464. Sometimes man's remedy can be as offensive as the transgression. Disappointment
Pr 6:30-31 Motive 01.29.11 3471. God sees in black and white, not shades of gray. Loss protection?
Pr 6:32 Adultery 02.05.11 3479. What person in their right mind, enjoys one moment that haunts for a lifetime? Check if you agree.
Pr 6:33-34 Revival 02.12.11 3486. For every sin, there is an equal and opposite conviction - if you are saved. Revival dust
Pr 6:35 Memory 02.19.11 3493. Money can't buy my love, but it's a good start. BJ and Allan
Pr 7:1 Memory 02.26.11 3500. If we truly understood forgiveness, we'd work more on forgetfulness. Thank God He forgives and forgets
Pr 7:10 Compromise 04.09.11 3539. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror before we start praying. It take two to tangle.
Pr 7:11-12 Trouble 04.16.11 3546. Mess starts with "Me," which rhymes with "T," that stands for trouble. Life is a pop quiz
Pr 7:13 Sin 04.23.11 3553. Sin, if you want a piece of me, take it up with Jesus. Dead Man Walking
Pr 7:14-15 Compromise 04.30.11 3560. How do you find something that is looking for you? What part of "No"...
Pr 7:16-17 Discipleship 05.07.11 3567. It's not the work that should command our attention, but the worker. Now or never
Pr 7:18 Surprises 05.14.11 3574. Life is a steady flow of unexpected events, but none of them surprises God. Jimmy's finished
Pr 7:2 Eternity 03.05.11 3507. For every winner, there has to be at least one loser. Sudden death
Pr 7:21 Conflict 05.21.11 3581. Blame is lame. A flopper is a blamer
Pr 7:22-23 Grace 05.28.11 3588. Experience is taking notice of what God has done in my life. Newton's reaction
Pr 7:25-27 Forgiven 06.04.11 3595. No one need apologize for failure, but for thinking they haven’t. Don't raise your hand
Pr 7:3 Reminders 03.12.11 3514. A reminder can accomplish what diligence might not. Praying man logo
Pr 7:4 Wisdom 03.19.11 3521. Start something God's way and you can trust Him to finish. The Bible is God's Pop-Quiz.
Pr 7:6-7 Foolish 03.26.11 3528. One hundred sensible people are no match for one person with spiritual sense. Poll takers
Pr 7:8-9 Darkness 04.02.11 3535. Darkness partners with sin to conceal its true intention. Perigee moon
Pr 8:1 Wisdom 06.11.11 3602. Before you ran, you had to walk; before that you had to crawl and that started on your knees. Accreditation
Pr 8:10-11 Desire 07.23.11 3644. Desire is not a street car, but it does take you somewhere. Is salvation assurance or insurance?
Pr 8:12 Wisdom 07.30.11 3651. Understanding comes by deducing what is not. What IS?
Pr 8:13 Sin 08.06.11 3658. We don't just invite sin in, we build a room for it. Rottwiler religion
Pr 8:14-15 Relationship 08.13.11 3665. Knowing God should change us. Relationship dysfunction
Pr 8:16 Justice 08.20.11 3681. Justice comes from the One with the biggest gavel. Just justice
Pr 8:17 Justice 08.27.11 3688. Is it surprising that innocence is indefensible in a perverse society? Ebony and espionage
Pr 8:18
Work 09.03.11 3695. Work is what you make it, not what's made for you to do. Working is a privilege
Pr 8:19
Lessons 09.10.11 3702. Value, the product of a grateful heart. Pink house lesson
Pr 8:20-21
Obedience 09.17.11 3709. Obedience is not dependent on understanding. Understanding comes later
Pr 8:22
Mercy 09.24.11 3716. God doesn't need to explain Himself to anyone, especially academia. Mercy me.
Pr 8:23-24
History 10.01.11 3723. When did history become multiple-choice? Past pretense
Pr 8:2-3a Attittude 06.18.11 3609. Sometimes it takes seeing what God is doing around you to see what He is doing in you. Busy bee, lazy as can be.
Pr 8:25-26 Belief 10.08.11 3730. The terms and conditions in God's Word are not in small print. You chose me and not the other way around
Pr 8:27-29 Responsibility 10.15.11 3737. There are two ways to see things, my way and the right way. I don't know the problem but I know whose fault it is.
Pr 8:30-31 Kingdom 10.22.11 3744. For every investment I make in God’s work, He does a similar work in me. Investments in glory
Pr 8:32 Leader 10.29.11 3751. Every good leader is a better follower. Pearls and pigs
Pr 8:33
Expectations 11.05.11 3758. Staying the course requires knowing the course. Life's choices
Pr 8:34
Race 11.12.11 3765. Wisdom is not what we make of it, but what it makes of us. The Instruction Manual
Pr 8:35
Seeking 11.19.11 3772. You won't find what you don't look for. Jesus seekers
Pr 8:36
Ministry 11.26.11 3779. A ministry made visible is a facade, if not a fake. Visible ministry oxymoron
Pr 8:4-5 Obedience 06.25.11 3616. It's not what we know or say, but what we do that matters. Smart and smarter?
Pr 8:6 Salvation 07.02.11 3623. What we don't embrace is just as important as what we do. Lordship
Pr 8:7 Justice 07.09.11 3630. More important than learning truth is living it. Caylee's justice?
Pr 8:8-9 Deceit 07.16.11 3637. Saying, "I'll be honest," implies you're not. Forked tongues
Pr 9:1
Repentance 12.03.11 3786. In searching for wisdom, I found that to be a wise decision. Sodom and Nineveh
Pr 9:2 Prayer 12.10.11 3793. Preparation is vital to proper presentation. Trinket prayer
Pr 9:3-4 Deception 12.17.11 3800. Salvation may be the only thing too good and also true. A sucker every second
Pr 9:5 Sense, Common 12.24.11 3807. Common sense: I'd explain it if I thought you'd understand. Gloom and zoom
Pr 9:6 Race 12.31.11 3814. Most games are decided sooner than later. Last Ditch Effort
Ps 14:7 Salvation 01.07.11 3449. Waiting for our Redeemer increases anticipation and decreases anxiety. Dad and Cuz Francis
Ps 15:1-2 Holy Spirit 01.14.11 3456. Sometimes we, the redeemed, will suit up for the wrong team. Spies and lies
Ps 15:3 Sin 01.21.11 3463. A first hand sinner is repsonsible for second-hand sin. The law of Christian dynamics
Ps 15:4 Talk 01.28.11 3470. We may not say it out loud, but our face and body language will. Body language
Ps 15:5 Money 02.04.11 3478. Squeezing money shouldn't involve squeezing people. The cost of HAL 9000
Ps 16:1 Refuge 02.11.11 3485. Why don't we run to God when everything's fine? The Con, Part Two
Ps 16:11 Joy 04.15.11 3545. The difference between happiness and joy is Jesus. When desire won't work, try desperation.
Ps 16:2 Master 02.18.11 3492. Lordship is the flagship of salvation and safe port from the brewing storm. School Consolidation?
Ps 16:3 Success 02.25.11 3499. Anything short of obedience to God is idolatry. Expectation can be defeating
Ps 16:4 Repentance 03.04.11 3506. Careful - it's what you say that can really get you in trouble. Professers
Ps 16:5 Blessing 03.11.11 3513. What good is blessing if we don't enjoy it? George Beverly Goulet
Ps 16:6 Boundary 03.18.11 3520. Creativity comes from knowing you are where God wants you. A boundary sets you free
Ps 16:7 Sleep 03.25.11 3527. Sleep - God's 24/7 trauma center. Nighty, night.
Ps 16:8 Intercession 04.01.11 3534. Life can be a series of distractions when you take your eyes off God. Hindside and blindside
Ps 16:9-10 Joy 04.08.11 3538. Joy is to happiness as rejoicing is to praise. Walmart greeter or Jesus meeter?
Ps 17:1 Guilt 04.22.11 3552. Why should we expect God to pay closer attention than we do? Sleep without rest?
Ps 17:10 Attention 06.17.11 3608. We'd be amazed at what God is doing if we opened our eyes. System restore
Ps 17:11-12 Enemy 06.24.11 3615. You can't win a war unless you recognize your enemy. Plant sucker
Ps 17:13 America 07.01.11 3622. It takes no more time to do right than wrong. Our national debt is unpayable
Ps 17:14 Appearance 07.08.11 3629. The Gospel will expose what's real if we open our eyes. Seeing what God sees.
Ps 17:15 Faith 07.15.11 3636. Sanity is not determined by the insane. Faith and Failure
Ps 17:2 Fairness 04.29.11 3559. Fairness is not a doctrine but an impossible mission. King Jesus
Ps 17:3 Anger 05.06.11 3566. Open mouth, insert God's Word. Did I really say that
Ps 17:4-5 Faith 05.13.11 3573. It's not what I think, but what I do that matters. Just do it.
Ps 17:6 Prayer 05.20.11 3580. Our problems are God's RSVP to meet and talk. I'm here; where are you?
Ps 17:7 Believer 05.27.11 3587. Seeing is believing as hoping is to receiving. Judas didn't realize it either.
Ps 17:8 Protection 06.03.11 3594. Our safety is as good as our Keeper. Bird's nest
Ps 17:9 Wicked 06.10.11 3601. Wicked is being mean and jealous. Friend or foe?
Ps 18:1 Love 07.22.11 3643. Love is proven by what you do, not what you feel or say. Action speaks louder
Ps 18:10-11
Seeking 09.16.11 3708. Just because I hear it doesn't mean I have to listen. High and lifted up
Ps 18:12
Discernment 09.23.11 3715. Scripture is to some, God's variation of the Rorschach ink blot test. Object prayer
Ps 18:13
Fellowship 09.30.11 3722. God speaks in sign language if we care to read it. Signing fellowship
Ps 18:14 Salvation 10.07.11 3729. Is the light at the end of your dark tunnel a bear with a flashlight? Fake and family
Ps 18:15 Trouble 10.14.11 3736. Forget Mother Nature, it's God's wrath you need to avoid. Storm Chaser
Ps 18:16-17 Duty 10.21.11 3743. The hour is late but not everyone looks at the clock. Off-duty
Ps 18:18 Education 10.28.11 3750. On what basis do fools separate themselves from fools? A class of fools
Ps 18:19
Trouble 11.04.11 3757. Trouble is what you make it. Trouble and trust go together
Ps 18:2 Language 07.29.11 3650. Praise should be a run-on sentence that never ends. Prayer Sign
Ps 18:20
Time 11.11.11 3764. Time is like money in that it runs out sooner rather than later. Times up - again.
Ps 18:21-22
Authority 11.18.11 3771. Why ask God's will when we know His way? Under,but not with, authority
Ps 18:23
Repentance 11.25.11 3778. We can't get past our past if our past is bigger than our present. Turn or burn
Ps 18:24
Clean 12.02.11 3785. If we claim to follow God, why are we giving Him directions? Help, I've fallen and can't get up.
Ps 18:25-26 Seeking 12.09.11 3792. Calling some people intelligent makes both an oxymoron. Seekers are provers
Ps 18:27 Humility 12.16.11 3799. Humility is a position, not a personality. Humility is not a pie but the main course
Ps 18:28 Journal 12.23.11 3806. Having sight is incredible, seeing without it, a God thing. Write it down
Ps 18:29 Blessings 12.30.11 3813. The word "impossible" is a personal no-noun. Stormy blessings
Ps 18:3 Prayer 08.05.11 3657. If prayer fixes things, why are so many things broken? 3657 Earring dysfunction
Ps 18:4-5 Freedom 08.12.11 3664. Agape gives someone freedom to become a slave. Casey's twisted rope
Ps 18:6 Prayer 08.19.11 3680. Answers aren't enough, but time with Jesus is. Friends
Ps 18:7
Sin 09.02.11 3694. Why argue that man is destroying the earth while sin is destroying men? Hurricane Judgment
Ps 18:7 Change 08.26.11 3687. I'm not sure most voters can see past their eyelashes Unchanging change
Ps 18:8-9
Answer 09.09.11 3701. If we really believe God answers prayer, why aren't we praying right now? Sin-slaying dragon