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Ecc 11:10 Correction 02.05.12 3850. If reputation is all you have, you're in trouble. Painful Memories
Ecc 11:5 Bible 01.01.12 3815. I'd say more, but I've already told you more than I know. Little God?
Ecc 11:6 Time 01.08.12 3822. Manage your time or someone or something else will. Learn or lose.
Ecc 11:7 Life 01.15.12 3829. In hard times, some people will limit the amount of caviar they consume. Life is good.
Ecc 11:7 Prayer 01.29.12 3843. Experiencing God requires walking with Him. What's the source?
Ecc 11:8 Trouble 01.22.12 3836. You're a pray-er when you don't need motivation to do it. Fun in the Dark
Ecc 12:1 Plans 02.12.12 3857. Am I seeking a word from God or confirmation of my plans? Day Planner
Ecc 12:10 Name 04.15.12 3920. Just because we can't wear out Jesus' name doesn't mean we shouldn't try. That's my name
Ecc 12:11 Tolerance 04.22.12 3927. A gaping hole begins with a hairline crack. Church at risk
Ecc 12:12 Disciple 04.29.12 3934. The most costly lessons make the best teachers. The best teacher
Ecc 12:13 Children 05.06.12 3941. God's grace covers goof-ups and their mistakes Father's Prayer
Ecc 12:14 Judgment 05.13.12 3948. Escape - what the arrogant expect, but God owns. Run but can't hide
Ecc 12:2 Prompting 02.19.12 3864. Prayer is an answered RSVP. Everything v anything
Ecc 12:3 Prepared 02.26.12 3871. Sometimes absence is more notable than presence. Wake up Sleepyhead
Ecc 12:4 Conflicts 03.04.12 3878. Things that get attention aren't always deserving of it. La la la la - can't hear you.
Ecc 12:5 Failure 03.11.12 3885. Being a mouse and first to the trap has it's issues. Cheese can make a lot of noise
Ecc 12:6 Story 03.18.12 3892. Our life should be a continual Bible story. Better than new
Ecc 12:7 Life 03.25.12 3899. Birthdays are curious; first you like them, then you don't, then you do One more day
Ecc 12:8 Justice 04.01.12 3906. Be careful asking for justice if you don't know grace. Unjust justice
Ecc 12:9 Resurrection 04.08.12 3913. If you never ask, you'll never know. Need to know
Ex 10:10 Imposter 11.12.12 4131.  Missing the train is not bad if the bridge is out and the brakes are gone.  Two-faced God?
Ex 10:11 Patience 11.14.12 4133. Trusting God means to pray and wait, not manufacture an answer. Just wait
Ex 10:12 Business 11.19.12 4138. You can only sharpen your pencil so much until all that's left is the eraser. Double dip disaster
Ex 10:1-2 Testimony 10.17.12 4105. When it comes to spending time with Jesus, I'd rather be thought crazy than lazy. Show and tell
Ex 10:13-14 Judgment 11.21.12 4140. Does a limb on a tree have the right to criticize the root?  My disaster is better than yours
Ex 10:15 Nature 11.26.12 4145. If a tree could talk, he would be smarter than most people. Green life
Ex 10:16-17 Limits 11.28.12 4147.  Before you can stretch your imagination, you have to own one.  Just the facts, 'Mam
Ex 10:18-19 Ministry 12.03.12 4152. Helping someone comes from having a relationship more than having resources.  The Grace Connection
Ex 10:20 Intercession 12.05.12 4154.  Paper-scissors-rock shouldn't be played with your life unless rock is capitalized. Supreme shock
Ex 10:21 Hope 12.10.12 4159.  The best way to see Light is in the darkness. Nearly dark
Ex 10:22 Truth 12.12.12 4161. 12/12/12 is a special day; it's the day after should-have-day. Glory giver
Ex 10:23 Joy 12.17.12 4166. It's called joy and you can have it, but don't even try to take mine.  Closest of kin
Ex 10:24 Security 12.19.12 4168. There is no fine print in the Bible, but disclaimers are everywhere. Fail safe
Ex 10:25 Gift 12.24.12 4173. What good is a gift without a relationship with the giver?  The right present
Ex 10:26 Worship 12.26.12 4175. A worship center is acceptable when it's not.  Worship wink
Ex 10:27-28 Plans 12.31.12 4180. If plans are made to be changed, does that mean change is planned?  Good riddance
Ex 10:3 Humility 10.22.12 4110. It's not hearing that's a problem, but listening. IF
Ex 10:4-5 Revival 10.24.12 4112.  Most seeking revival need regeneration instead.  Take your sandals off
Ex 10:6 Dependence 10.29.12 4117. What is faith that's never tested? Shocking turn of events
Ex 10:7 Endurance 10.31.12 4119. . Most of the excrement I will step in today is not mine - until I step in it.  Poop
Ex 10:8 Rebellion 11.05.12 4124. Anything but compliance with the right attitude is disobedience.  Control
Ex 10:9 America 11.07.12 4126. Eliminate what's not a problem and all that's left IS the problem.  Election refraction
Ex 6:12 Choice 01.02.12 3816. As for choice, I choose to defer. Choosing war
Ex 6:13 Resolved 01.04.12 3818. Obeying God is optional, but the consequences for not doing it, are not. Splurge purge
Ex 6:28-29 Witness 01.09.12 3823. Changing God's WORD is like playing Russian roulette by yourself. Demonic denominational decoys
Ex 6:30 Witness 01.11.12 3825.  Don't allow "I don't think I can" to become "I don't think I will." When Words Fail
Ex 7:1 Fellowship 01.16.12 3830. Life is what you make it. 3830 My hero
Ex 7:10 Seeker 02.13.12 3858. Seeing God requires looking for Him. Shades of dark
Ex 7:11 Profession 02.15.12 3860.  Truth is visible in consistent action under pressure. Imitation v emulation
Ex 7:12 Promise 02.20.12 3865.  God is able, but if we never go, we'll never know. Distraction and extraction
Ex 7:13 Witness 02.22.12 3867. The Gospel message is either inviting or indicting. I can't hear you!
Ex 7:14 Correction 02.27.12 3872. More problems are addressed than the reason they exist. The reason for my reason
Ex 7:15 Journal 02.29.12 3874. Having vision doesn't mean I can see. Made you look
Ex 7:16 Listen 03.05.12 3879.  Listening is prerequisite to speaking, or at least, it should be. Talking Heads
Ex 7:17 Life 03.07.12 3881.  You'll never know God until you meet Jesus and meeting Him, you've met God. Open my eyes
Ex 7:18 Consequence 03.12.12 3886. Knowing Scripture means little; obeying it, much. Little fish, big pond
Ex 7:19 Ministry 03.14.12 3888.  Listening to someone else pray isn't praying. Who will if I won't?
Ex 7:2 Listen 01.18.12 3832. No one gains desire to be with God when they're on the way to see Him. Stop, look and listen
Ex 7:20 Change 03.19.12 3893.  Change is good or bad based on the reason. Change required
Ex 7:21 Fear 03.21.12 3895. God seldom works in my comfort zone. Kansas no more
Ex 7:22 Faithful 03.26.12 3900.  Appearance is not always what it appears to be. One way street
Ex 7:23 Warning 03.28.12 3902.  Forget germs, fear God. Godaphobia
Ex 7:24 Needs 04.02.12

3907. In hard times, some may limit the amount of caviar they consume.

Who knows, inconvenience might be the spark of motivation as desperation is for supplication?

Losers reapers
Ex 7:25 Wait 04.04.12 3909.    If we never had bad, we wouldn't know good. American pie
Ex 7:3 Resistance 01.23.12 3837. Hardness is resistance to change. As hard as hell.
Ex 7:4 Disaster 01.25.12 3839. The best man can do is not the worst God can do. A touchdown can be bad
Ex 7:5 Way, God's 01.30.12 3844.  If you don't know God, who has your ear? God's way or the highway.
Ex 7:6 Way, God's 02.01.12 3846. Following someone, you won't be holding the steering wheel. When the lights come on
Ex 7:7 Age 02.06.12 3851. Old is a matter of opinion. Useful v useless
Ex 7:8-9 America 02.08.12 3853. Bet my stick can eat your stick. Game Day
Ex 8:1 Decision 04.09.12

3914. The only altar in church should be the ground beneath your feet.

Forgive us, God, for confusing emotion and repentance.

After the altar
Ex 8:10-11 Authority 05.02.12 3937. Authority comes in a lower case and an upper case "A." Last word
Ex 8:12 Understanding 05.07.12 3942. Knowledge that is accidental is temporary. Not the froggiest idea
Ex 8:13-14 Testimony 05.09.12 3944.   Nothing exists that can't be used to glorify God. Sweet sin
Ex 8:15 Listen 05.14.12 3949.   Silence speaks volumes. See you soon
Ex 8:16 Apostasy 05.16.12 3951. Blinders can be good if we we look in the mirror every now and then. You talkin' to me?
Ex 8:17 Pretension 05.21.12 3956. Problems are gifts wrapped in dark paper. Got Rocks?
Ex 8:18 Train 05.23.12 3958. We create nothing without using something God made. Timid Exploration
Ex 8:19 Prepared 05.28.12 3963. Don't give up before you lace up. Obey God or man?
Ex 8:20 Instruction 05.30.12 3965.  Being surprised doesn't mean being unprepared. Conducive circumstances
Ex 8:21 Church 06.04.12 3970. Irritation leads to action when conviction doesn't. Irritating irritation
Ex 8:22 Signs 06.06.12 3972. Signs are everywhere you look. You lookin' for me?
Ex 8:23 Choice 06.11.12 3977. No one is saved against their will. Options
Ex 8:24 Correction 06.13.12 3979. Who jumps first off the cliff is no issue - unless it's me. Good can hurt
Ex 8:2-4 Religion 04.11.12 3916.  Religion may be the opposite of holiness. Strinky gods
Ex 8:25 Agreement 06.18.12 3984. Nothing motivates like being told you can't... Suspicious optimism
Ex 8:26 Teachable 06.20.12 3986.  Knowing means nothing if you're not doing. Blending in
Ex 8:27 Coincidence 06.25.12 3991. The righteous expose others to both collateral damage and blessing. Between the lines
Ex 8:28 Prayer 06.27.12 3993. If prayer defines a Christian, some of us are misnomers. Buying prayer
Ex 8:29 Deception 07.02.12 3998.  Deception begins when we think we aren't and don't. Which side?
Ex 8:30-31 Separation 07.04.12 4000.  Safety can be an illusion based on false perception. Full circle
Ex 8:32 Conflicts 07.09.12 4005.  To know where you're going, you need to know where you are. Progressive decline
Ex 8:5 Encourage 04.16.12 3921. Encouraging someone is loving God. Crazy hands
Ex 8:6 Instruction 04.18.12 3923.    A conduit has power through it, but never power on its own to do it. Connectivity ambiguity
Ex 8:7 Conviction 04.23.12 3928. Imitation may be flattery, but emulation of Jesus is praise. Pied Piper
Ex 8:8 Plans 04.25.12 3930. God puts us in the action to act, not to be a distraction. The Gap
Ex 8:9 Help 04.30.12 3935. Prayer: the answer for most every question. Where honesty begins
Ex 9:1 Dishonesty 07.11.12 4007. Motives may be reasons, but they're not always reasonable. Motives aren't excusable
Ex 9:10 Winning 08.08.12 4035. Life is like a box of chocolates; it melts in extreme heat. Who dun it?
Ex 9:11 Ministry 08.13.12 4040. Virtual may work in a game, but winning yields nothing of value.  Called, but not loudly
Ex 9:12 Failure 08.15.12 4042. A good failure can be far more productive than success. Responsible
Ex 9:13-14 Bible 08.20.12 4047.   It takes a smart person to admit they're not that smart. Who said that?
Ex 9:15 Idolatry 08.22.12 4049.  Silence should not be confused with safety. Perceived peace
Ex 9:16 Return 08.27.12 4054.Without darkness, Light has no contrast. JG Suitable backdrop
Ex 9:17-18 Religion 08.29.12 4056. There's nothing new under the sun, but a growing number who think there is.  Getting closer?
Ex 9:19 Trouble 09.03.12 4061. Standing in a shadow prevents you from seeing the light source. Perspective
Ex 9:20-21 Respect 09.05.12 4063. Some people must have been out of line when God handed out a conscience. Hazardous turn ahead
Ex 9:22 Life 09.10.12 4068. It's not death that some should fear, but life afterwards.  Can't touch this
Ex 9:2-3 Repent 07.16.12 4012. I'd throw in the towel if I could afford one. When to quit
Ex 9:23-24 Work 09.12.12 4070. Bad is a relative term based on experience and not reality. Bottom?
Ex 9:25-26 Darkness 09.17.12 4075. The only thing worse than dying once is doing it twice. Not Everyone
Ex 9:27 Confession 09.19.12 4077.   If I'm the only one messing up, why do they sell so much white-out? Misnakes
Ex 9:28 Deliverance 09.24.12 4082. Obedience is four parts attitude and one part action. No mas
Ex 9:29 Deacon 09.26.12 4084.   You can tell a lot about someone by how they pray - or don't. Confirming demonstration
Ex 9:30 Fear 10.01.12 4089. Fear might make some compliant, but only trust leads to obedience.  Stop and trust
Ex 9:31-32 Loss 10.03.12 4091. Loss is the recognition that Jesus is all I have and need. Less than all
Ex 9:33 Opportunity 10.08.12 4096.   The right place to pray is where you are right now. Time to pray
Ex 9:34 Tolerance 10.10.12 4098.  Sin presumes that tolerance will blink first. What do I have to lose?
Ex 9:35 Choice 10.15.12 4103.  There's a time for everything, even if you wish there wasn't.  Choosing sides
Ex 9:4 Different 07.18.12 4014. The more different something is makes it closer to being something else. Marked
Ex 9:5 Plans 07.23.12 4019.  Setting priorities is good as long as I let God change them. First Planner
Ex 9:6 Wrong 07.25.12 4021.  Doing the wrong thing is never right any more than doing the right thing is wrong. Wrong v right
Ex 9:7 Doubt 07.30.12 4026.  We pray with closed eyes because they're the biggest obstacle to faith. Seeing is disbelieving
Ex 9:8 Help 08.01.12 4028. Problems can seem small until they affect us. Really? I didn't notice.
Ex 9:9 Terror 08.06.12 4033.  When two sides come together and one side views it a merger and the other a takeover, the merger always loses. Judgment begins
Jonah 1:10 Church 07.15.12 4011.   All visionaries are considered crazy before a few are proven credible. You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Jonah 1:11 Follow 07.22.12 4018.  Get close enough to make sure you know whom it is you're following.  Self-inflcition
Jonah 1:12 Mistakes 07.29.12 4025.   Hard lessons shape us according to our attentiveness. Everything in order
Jonah 1:1-2 Death 05.20.12 3955. When did preaching stop being a warning and start being a warming? I feel the need for heed: JONAH
Jonah 1:13 Race 08.05.12 4032. Getting to the top requires hard work; staying there requires more.  Doing it best
Jonah 1:14 Prayer 08.12.12 4039. Anyone can pray; why, when and how is another matter altogether.  Why pray?
Jonah 1:15 Confession 08.19.12 4046. Without question my worst enemy is me. Give in
Jonah 1:16 Trouble 08.26.12 4053. Who gets grace unless they need it or mercy who doesn't ask?  What will it take?
Jonah 1:17 Frustration 09.02.12 4060.  There's no problem bigger than God's provision. No software in heaven
Jonah 1:3 Discipline 05.27.12 3962. The road to hell is lined with exits. Are you sure?
Jonah 1:4 Problems 06.03.12 3969. The wind blows in many directions, but comes from one Source. Who's to blame?
Jonah 1:5 Greatness 06.10.12 3976. You shouldn't have to wake up your god to talk to him. Lame fame
Jonah 1:6 Church 06.17.12

3983. If someone has to prompt you to pray, why bother?

God moves when His people pray and where He moves the people stay.

Church growth
Jonah 1:7 Plans 06.24.12 3990. Chaos management is not only a misnomer but an oxymoron. Responsible with authority
Jonah 1:8 Testimony 07.01.12 3997. Silence is golden unless you’re withholding vital information. Silent witness
Jonah 1:9 Intercessor 07.08.12 4004.   Blessings are intended to pass-through, not set up house. Second-hand experience
Jonah 2:1 Addiction 09.09.12 4067.  Those who won't talk with God need to meet Him. Problematic propositions. 
Jonah 2:10 Repentance 11.11.12 4130.   Confession is you WITH God, but repentance is God is WITH you. Conjunctive preposition
Jonah 2:2 Confession 09.16.12 4074.  What will it take for your will to break? Down for the Count
Jonah 2:3 Repentance 09.23.12 4081.   An altar call is a demonstration of what we think God ought to do. I hear you
Jonah 2:4 Forgiveness 09.30.12 4088.    Forgiveness without forgetfulness is not. Restoration
Jonah 2:5 Salvation 10.07.12 4095. No degree of circumstance changes what God expects of me.  Goin, goin, gone.
Jonah 2:6 Trouble 10.14.12 4102. Run from God and what you considered the bottom may become the top.  Bottoms up
Jonah 2:7 Persecution 10.21.12 4109. The smallest sin we fail to confess blocks our view of God.  Foxholes and faith
Jonah 2:8 Idolatry 10.28.12 4116. Everything good is not God, nor everything bad not God. Saved Pagan
Jonah 2:9 Election 11.04.12 4123. Just because God can, doesn't mean He will.  Saved - from what?
Jonah 3:1-2 Gullible 11.18.12 4137.   It's funny how "Go" sounds like "No." Hard of listening
Jonah 3:3 Understanding 11.25.12 4144. Not hard doesn't mean easy.  Cost v consequence
Jonah 3:4 Altar 12.02.12 4151. There is no acceptable time to not pray - double negative but triple true.  Altar call
Jonah 3:5 Revival 12.09.12 4158.  Some are blind and some stupid; we Christians blend them to make a combo.  Redressing revival
Jonah 3:6 End 12.16.12 4165. You can never finish what you never begin. The end?
Jonah 3:7 Revival 12.23.12 4172. Spiritual math: Revival divided by confession times zero = Error.  Reverent reversal
Jonah 3:8 Change 12.30.12 4179. Accountability is the chief facilitator or inhibitor to change. Confession lesson
Mt 26:36 Fellowship 01.03.12 3817. Fellowship is never being alone when you are alone. Private prayer in public
Mt 26:37 Mission 01.05.12 3819. Where we go is not nearly as important as Who goes with us. Fiery Pilgrim
Mt 26:38 Prayer 01.10.12 3824. How can you expect to see what God is showing you if your eyes are closed? Awake v alert
Mt 26:39 Deference 01.12.12 3826. If it's not voluntary and joyful, it's compulsory and obligatory. Whatever, whenever, however
Mt 26:40 Prayer 01.17.12 3831. Prayer is easier than we make it and harder when we fake it. Prayer with no words
Mt 26:41 Weakness 01.19.12 3833. Weakness grows with disbelief. I see God
Mt 26:42 Diligence 01.24.12 3838. You never learn anything without spaced repetition. One and done, thank you 'Mam.
Mt 26:43 Gospel 01.26.12 3840. Hot can only be defined by contrast to cold. Cold as it is dead
Mt 26:44 Confession 01.31.12 3845. Confession is the first step in loosening the grip sin has on our lives. Good for the soul
Mt 26:45 Preparation 02.02.12 3847. Prayer is like a fruit with an expiration date. Show time
Mt 26:46 Sleep 02.07.12 3852. Curious how both sleeping and praying involve closing your eyes. Show me those peepers
Mt 26:47 Trouble 02.09.12 3854. Coincidence is not the name of my God. Just in time
Mt 26:48 Reminders 02.14.12 3859. Everything should be a prayer prompter. No pain, no gain.
Mt 26:49 Revival 02.16.12 3861. Revival is good as I'll be at church anyway. Cheap gods
Mt 26:50 Lordship 02.21.12 3866. Try hard enough and anyone can fail. Hell Raisers
Mt 26:51 Frustration 02.23.12 3868. Knowing the right answer doesn't justify a wrong decision. An open season on truth
Mt 26:52 Revival 02.28.12 3873. Revival comes when we stop praying for it and start living it. Angels of death
Mt 26:53 Organization 03.01.12 3875. Change is welcome as long as it fits my schedule. Might I suggest
Mt 26:54 Government 03.06.12 3880. Politicians aren't destroying our country, voters are. Big Brother
Mt 26:55 Praise 03.08.12 3882. God is moving - even when we're not. Riddle Riddle Marie
Mt 26:56 Divorce 03.13.12 3887. God will make a way if we get out of the way. Marital blizzard
Mt 26:57 Signs 03.15.12 3889. It's past time for those who believe Jesus is coming, to get going. Star light, star bright
Mt 26:58 Follower 03.20.12 3894. What's the good of following if you're not close enough to see anthing? To little too late
Mt 26:59 Character 03.22.12 3896. Slander is murder in the worst degree. Lie and die
Mt 26:60 Race 03.27.12 3901. It's not the color of skin that separates, but sin. Black and white
Mt 26:61 Revival 03.29.12 3903. The best sermon is one word, "Repent." Sleeping beauty
Mt 26:62 Reconcile 04.03.12 3908. You don't have to defend the truth, just tell it. Bitter end
Mt 26:63 Lord 04.05.12 3910. To see God, you don't need vision; you need a relationship. No Lordship, no salvation
Mt 26:64 Heaven 04.10.12 3915. For someone to be right, oposing opinins have to be wrong. Heavenly heaven
Mt 26:65 Trouble 04.12.12 3917. Justification doesn't require proof, only purpose. No winners
Mt 26:66 Witness 04.17.12 3922. I can hardly judge you if the verdict is still out on me. Questions that aren't.
Mt 26:67 Divorce 04.19.12 3924. Friends are good, but only One will never leave you. Only the broken need apply
Mt 26:68 Practice 04.24.12 3929. Don't expect to learn anything new until you show you've learned what you've been shown. Strike One
Mt 26:69 Listen 04.26.12 3931. A prayer life begins when you begin listening.
You talkin' to me?
Mt 26:70 Confession 05.01.12 3936. Confession is seeing things God's way; repentance is doing something about it. Mr. Clean
Mt 26:71 Pretension 05.03.12 3938. You claim to be a friend of God, but your prayer life reveals the truth. Friend or foe?
Mt 26:72 Choice 05.08.12 3943. Decisions have a flip side. Choosing Jesus
Mt 26:73 Relationship 05.10.12 3945. Who asks for what they already have unless they're praying? Play it again, Sam.
Mt 26:74 Grace 05.15.12 3950. God's expectations are higher than our realizations. Overtime
Mt 26:75 Choice 05.17.12 3952. Choice is how we get where God knows we're going. Choice is over-rated.
Mt 27:1 Trouble 05.22.12 3957. Freedom is the confidence to obey God - despite the cost. Free - at last.
Mt 27:11 Truth 06.21.12 3987. Lies fail but the Truth prevails. Which version do you want?
Mt 27:12 Crime 06.26.12 3992. Innocence is impossible, forgiveness implausible. Opinions
Mt 27:13 Truth 06.28.12 3994. What does it matter to answer correctly and flunk the test? Good answer
Mt 27:14 Answers 07.03.12 3999. Why ask if you already know the answer, or answer when it's the wrong question?
Questions and answers
Mt 27:15 Freedom 07.05.12 4001. One person's prison is another's playground. Freedom
Mt 27:16 Providence 07.10.12 4006. Grace is when God's providence meets a need I didn't know I had. Timing
Mt 27:17 Questions 07.12.12 4008. Knowing is nothing without understanding which is nothing without knowing. Could you repeat the question?
Mt 27:18 Revelation 07.17.12 4013. When I open my eyes I see that I can't see without help. Hidden things.
Mt 27:19 Judge 07.19.12 4015. Who judges the judges and who judges those who judge the judges? Blind-side
Mt 27:2 Revival 05.24.12 3959. Who appreciates freedom more than a slave? Good riddance
Mt 27:20 Change 07.24.12 4020. Change can be good as long as what matters doesn't. Knowing is not doing
Mt 27:21 Decision 07.26.12 4022. If you plan to make a difference, today might be your last opportunity. Choices
Mt 27:22 Apostasy 07.31.12 4027. I need only look in a mirror to see who's at fault. Who done it?
Mt 27:23 Conviction 08.02.12 4029. The truth doesn't need to be defended, but support would be nice. Uprising?
Mt 27:24 Life 08.07.12 4034. I've lived a long time and come to the conclusion that we humans are terminally stupid. Rationalizing
Mt 27:25 Children 08.09.12 4036. Responsibility doesn't require acceptance. Responsibility is personal
Mt 27:26 Prayer 08.14.12 4041. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Careful what you ask
Mt 27:27 Practice 08.16.12 4043. Who performs who doesn't practice or excels who never fails? Endurance
Mt 27:28 Victory 08.21.12 4048. Honor is what someone makes of it.  Russell and Tim
Mt 27:29 Salvation 08.23.12 4050. If possession is 9/10's of the law, the rest must be presumption. Great pretenders
Mt 27:3 Repent 05.29.12 3964. Regret is not repentance. Last chance?
Mt 27:30 Prayer 08.28.12 4055. Ignorance is not being stupid, but spiritually deaf.  Persistently wrong
Mt 27:31 Separate 08.30.12 4057. The fact everyone is doing it is exactly why we shouldn't.  Cookies v Christians
Mt 27:32 Praise 09.04.12 4062. Claiming coincidence is my failure to recognize God's handiwork.  
Mt 27:33 Trouble 09.06.12 4064. Who doesn't want to go to heaven - tomorrow? Preapared?
Mt 27:34 Holy 09.11.12 4069. Forgive us, God, for treating holiness as imputed and not lived out. Nothing is better
Mt 27:35 Example 09.13.12 4071. God's plan must have footnotes for our ignorance.  Ignore it
Mt 27:36-37 Distraction 09.18.12 4076. You've got a problem when telling the truth is an insult. The Longer You Stare
Mt 27:38 Justice 09.20.12 4078. Justice delivers what I deserve to grace so I don't get it. Grace by association
Mt 27:39-40 History 09.25.12 4083. To keep their job, teachers should have to ace the tests they give.  Failing the test
Mt 27:4 Judgment 05.31.12 3966. I may be wrong, but you're wronger. Right string, wrong yo-yo
Mt 27:41 Prayer 09.27.12 4085. Sometimes knowing is suffering and not knowing is mercy. Who's laughing now?
Mt 27:42 Pretender 10.02.12 4090. 4090. Desire won't change in mid-air on the way to heaven. JG Mixed salvation metaphor
Mt 27:43 Hope 10.04.12 4092. God's forgiveness is reserved for those who can't live without it. My God is bigger than yours
Mt 27:44 Change 10.09.12 4097. Aren't you glad that God sticks around to see if we will come around?  A few do
Mt 27:45 Assurance 10.11.12 4099. We don't have to take a test to fail it. What matters
Mt 27:46 Silence 10.16.12 4104. Enjoy today; a time is coming when you will wish it didn't.  Never alone?
Mt 27:47 Intercession 10.18.12 4106. Praying is not a product of passion and profession as much as position.  Don't figure
Mt 27:48 Family 10.23.12 4111. We tend to complain about noise until the silence becomes deafening. Sweet and sour
Mt 27:49 Discern 10.25.12 4113. The destination is not as important as Who goes with me.  Curiosity
Mt 27:5 Giving 06.05.12 3971. Money can't buy my love but it's a good start. Money, money, money
Mt 27:50 Worship 10.30.12 4118. My hands were made for praise and my vocal cords for prayer.  Let me hear you
Mt 27:51 Election 11.01.12 4120. America 2012: I'll do the right thing as long as it costs me nothing.  Apple pie
Mt 27:52 Judgment 11.06.12 4125. Safety is not where you are as much as Who is with You. Reason Treason
Mt 27:53 Judgment 11.08.12 4127. More evidence only serves to expose more ignorance. Who needs evidence?
Mt 27:54 Help 11.13.12 4132. A disaster can change your tune faster than a car radio changes stations. Shaken and stirred
Mt 27:55 Elections 11.15.12 4134. No choice is a choice. Followers
Mt 27:56 Reason 11.20.12 4139. We've learned when we understand the question and ask God.  Look fast
Mt 27:57 Conviction 11.22.12 4141. Group acceptance comes by having no conviction. Followers change
Mt 27:58 Experience 11.27.12 4146. Trust gives experience that builds trust.  End run
Mt 27:59 Care 11.29.12 4148. Would I like me if everyone was like me and didn't like me?  Friends stay
Mt 27:6 Holy 06.07.12 3973. Ineffectiveness is the result of unholiness. Holy cow, Batman!
Mt 27:60 Life 12.04.12 4153. Preparation is working now in order to enjoy something later. Start and stop
Mt 27:61 Listen 12.06.12 4155. Some counselors should be another's patient, but I doubt they'd listen. Dead or Alive
Mt 27:62 Writing 12.11.12 4160.   If only the need for lateral approval was vertical. See if this fits
Mt 27:63 Schemes 12.13.12 4162. If a liar is in the forest and claims someone else is lying, does anyone listen? No fire liar
Mt 27:64 Deception 12.18.12 4167. A half-truth equals a full lie. You say deception, I say correction.
Mt 27:65 Work 12.20.12 4169. Education doesn't deserve the credit not given experience.  Best effort
Mt 27:66 Christmas 12.25.12 4174. This year Christmas will be different; I'll use blue ribbon instead.  Missed moments
Mt 27:7 Sin 06.12.12 3978. Sin is, in time, both ironic and self-published. Old Dogs
Mt 27:8 Name 06.14.12 3980. A name is a label put on God's stuff. God's stuff
Mt 27:9-10 Grateful 06.19.12 3985. It's just like the world to get it half right and consider the right half all wrong. Half right is all wrong
Mt 28:1 Reason 12.27.12 4176. Using reason is good unless it was traded for rhyme.  JG Watch out
Pr 10:1 Words 03.24.12 3898. I'm not sure what you heard is what I thought I said. Vain strain
Pr 10:10 Influence 05.26.12 3961.   Humility is reserved for those with a mirror. Mirror, mirror
Pr 10:11 Change 06.02.12 3968. Change begins with new desire. Not so new creature
Pr 10:12 Church 06.09.12 3975. Creating discord is easy, but peace takes work. No experience needed.
Pr 10:13 Success 06.16.12 3982. Winning comes from taking risks. Lessons and losing
Pr 10:14 Speech 06.23.12 3989. How do you lose something you never had or find something you aren't looking for? Stutter
Pr 10:15 Possessions 06.30.12 3996. He is rich who has enough. How much is enough?
Pr 10:16 Sin 07.07.12 4003. Just because I brought sin to the dance, doesn't mean I have to dance with her. Life and death
Pr 10:17 Example 07.14.12 4010.   Success is the space between failures.  Examples need examples
Pr 10:18 Tendency 07.21.12 4017.   It's our nature to be subject to our nature. Natural n normal
Pr 10:19 Responsibility 07.28.12 4024. Sin, a short word with long repercussion. Responsibile denial
Pr 10:2 Riches 03.31.12 3905. Salvation is not lay-a-way. Payday today
Pr 10:20 Argument 08.04.12 4031.  Without a common enemy, we tend to make one of each other. Composition refinition
Pr 10:21 Work 08.11.12 4038.  Lemonade without sweetener is work without reward. Sweet encouragement
Pr 10:22 Information 08.18.12 4045.   Sometimes I wonder if "free" is a private registered trademark of MasterCard. Scam
Pr 10:23 Choice 08.25.12 4052. If given a choice, I choose the One who chose me when I chose someone else. Minority status
Pr 10:24 America 09.01.12 4059. If a person never talks with God, how can they claim to know God? Goals
Pr 10:25 Apostasy 09.08.12 4066. Life doesn't pause when you close your eyes. Coming Attractions
Pr 10:26 Calling 09.15.12 4073. We honor God when we act responsibly with the trust we've been given. Leadslip
Pr 10:27 Discernment 09.22.12 4080.   What is not said is far more voluminous than what is.  God's geometry
Pr 10:28 Future 09.28.12 4086.   No matter how bad it gets down here, heaven can't get any better.  Bright future
Pr 10:29 Scripture 10.06.12 4094. Judging how most of us live, Scripture uses invisible ink. Will n Way
Pr 10:3 Sin 04.07.12

3912. What satisfies the wallet won't satisfy the thirst for more.

Sin comes in many flavors; it might pay today, but it will ask a high price tomorrow. 

Thirst for more
Pr 10:30 Security 10.13.12 4101. The only One with control has control.  Perseverance of the saints
Pr 10:31 Deception 10.20.12 4108. Truth is not multiple choice. Blessed quiet
Pr 10:32 Communicate 10.27.12 4115. I appreciate anyone who can rap but doesn't.  Verbosity
Pr 10:4 Diligence 04.14.12 3919. Diligence is only good if you're going in the right direction. Diligent failure
Pr 10:5 Prayer 04.21.12 3926. One moment used properly is more valuable than a lifetime of neglect. Special moments
Pr 10:6 Praise 04.28.12 3933. Talk is cheap; show me what you've got. Not in God's house!
Pr 10:7 Memorial 05.05.12 3940. God remembers our forgetfulness, but forgets it when we remember to ask Him. Move it or lose it
Pr 10:8 Witness 05.12.12 3947. Without common sense, you're limited to five. Not everyone with ears
Pr 10:9 Will, God's 05.19.12 3954.  The journey is important but don't take your eyes off the destination. What took you so long?
Pr 11:1 Government 11.03.12 4122. If you didn't make as much, I wouldn't have to charge as much.  Balanced price
Pr 11:2 Trust 11.10.12 4129.   Staying on your knees removes fear of falling. Choose one
Pr 11:3 Friends 11.17.12 4136. Why ask if I know the answer and why answer if no one cares?  Dependable
Pr 11:4 Money 11.24.12 4143.   Is a dollar worth less than a piece of firewood yet?  Dollar Days
Pr 11:5 Government 12.01.12 4150. It's entertaining to listen to those who voted for what they're not going to get. Way and Means
Pr 11:6 Plans 12.08.12 4157. Honest praise is seldom planned.  Passion and Position
Pr 11:7 Hope 12.15.12 4164. God never fails, unless he's the god as you perceive him to be.  Hope n dope
Pr 11:8 Trouble 12.22.12 4171. Trouble is a reminder we need the Solution.  Trouble-rater
Pr 11:9 Insight 12.29.12 4178. Answers should be truthful and not shaped to fit someone’s ears. The Question
Pr 9:10 Sovereignty 01.28.12 3842. Who knows God well enough to question Him? Why - a little word that says a lot
Pr 9:11 Life 02.04.12 3849. I am living today to do what God wanted me to do yesterday. Small Buckets
Pr 9:12 Ministry 02.11.12 3856.  Impression is useless if wasted on the wrong person. Questions that need asking
Pr 9:13 Truth 02.18.12 3863.   Truth is - regardless if it's believed or not, Ripley! You're making my nose grow.
Pr 9:14-15 Pretension 02.25.12 3870. Are you for real or just cheap chills, frills and thrills? Behind the mask
Pr 9:16 Freedom 03.03.12 3877. Be careful, or you can make your critic's point. The way we were
Pr 9:17 Journal 03.10.12 3884. Just because you can't take it with you, doesn't mean you leave it behind. Greetings from the grave
Pr 9:18 America 03.16.12 3890. What is not seen is most dangerous. Asleep on the job
Pr 9:7 Repent 01.07.12 3821. Some pastors have Bereans, but few have any accountability. Questions with no answers
Pr 9:8 Correction 01.14.12 3828. Anyone who enjoys rebuking needs rebuking. 3828 Family Blend
Pr 9:9 Teach 01.21.12 3835. It's not what you know that matters, but what you teach. Teachable moments
Pr. 18:24 Friend 20170506 5782. We honor someone by spending time with them, not giving them gifts. Pop-up memories
Ps 18:30 Dependence 01.06.12 3820. We need fewer thrill-seekers and more Jesus-seekers. Independence is stupid.
Ps 18:31 Confession 01.13.12 3827. How can life be a game if my soul is in the balance? It's All Good
Ps 18:32 Power 01.20.12 3834. Wanted: Weakling with miracle working God. God did it.
Ps 18:33 Choices 01.27.12 3841. What you think is right is left to someone else. Impossible possibilites
Ps 18:34 Impossible 02.03.12 3848. It's when we're unable that we're in the position to be enabled. 3848. Ready or not...
Ps 18:35 Protection 02.10.12 3855. He who dies with the most toys is dead. Safe and sound
Ps 18:36 Life 02.17.12 3862. Grace is for those who need it. To go or sit?
Ps 18:37 Friend 02.24.12 3869. A person with no enemies should check his friends. Enemy Friend
Ps 18:38 Relationships 03.02.12 3876. Someone surrenders in a compromise. Two to tangle
Ps 18:39 Choice 03.09.12 3883.  It's not who I am, but Whose I am, that matters. Eternally grateful
Ps 18:40 Problems 03.17.12 3891.  Problems should be like target practice for someone who knows Jesus. Red bull's eye
Ps 18:41 Grace 03.23.12 3897. Only an ingrate won't pray. The grateful dead?
Ps 18:42 Friend 03.30.12 3904. Friendship requires having one. Friends forever
Ps 18:43 Plans 04.06.12 3911.  Why worry when you can worship? Will the real LInda stand up?
Ps 18:44 Rebellion 04.13.12 3918. If being obedient is quick response with good attitude, few are. Rock hard
Ps 18:45 Confidence 04.20.12 3925. Don't worry about the lyrics if you can't remember the song. Just sing it.
Ps 18:46 Fellowship 04.27.12 3932. If you don't pray in private, don't waste your time doing it in public. Prayer primer
Ps 18:47 Success 05.04.12 3939.  Redemption is best viewed against a dark background. Light in the dark
Ps 18:48 Friend 05.11.12 3946. Facebook; the great gallery of friends who aren't. Making enemies
Ps 18:49 Sign (Language) 05.18.12 3953. Apostasy is needing a reason to pray. A reasonable reason
Ps 18:50 Altar 05.25.12 3960.  If we never look, we'll never see and if we don't see, we'll never look. At every turn
Ps 19:1 Redemption 06.01.12 3967. Nuthin' says lovin' like something from heaven. Real change
Ps 19:10 Scripture 08.03.12 4030. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring was a prayer before a song. Scripture sweetner
Ps 19:11 Confirmation 08.10.12 4037.  Who has reward and asks for more except the ungrateful? Needing a reason
Ps 19:12 Mistakes 08.17.12 4044. I don't know the problem but I know I'm not at fault.  Someone else did it!
Ps 19:13 Sin 08.24.12 4051.   If God's in control, why are your hands still on the steering wheel? How bad is bad?
Ps 19:14 Word, God's 08.31.12 4058. You can't win until you stand to lose something. Who says?
Ps 19:2 Creation 06.08.12 3974.   Anyone claiming he evolved from primordial green slime might be right. Green slime
Ps 19:3 Language 06.15.12 3981. The purpose of language is communication and not isolation. Universal Translator
Ps 19:4 Testify 06.22.12 3988.  There's no need for a Fender to amplify God's Word. Do it anyway you can.
Ps 19:5 Freedom 06.29.12 3995.  Life deserves a poet, but usually gets a critic. Above and beyond
Ps 19:6 Hell 07.06.12 4002. The best description of heaven might be it's not hell. Oh what a relief it is
Ps 19:7 Perception 07.13.12 4009. The ultimate failure is choosing anything but God. Expressive impression
Ps 19:8 Encouragement 07.20.12 4016.   Who can sing who doesn't? Light in the dark
Ps 19:9 Defense 07.27.12 4023. The best defense is a good offense. Test before using?
Ps 20:1 Revival 09.07.12 4065.  Advocacy is trumped by intercession. Puny prayer
Ps 20:2 Holy 09.14.12 4072. Holiness has a Name: Jehovah-mekoddishkem. Mideast erupting; really?
Ps 20:3 Heaven 09.21.12 4079. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. Is it real?
Ps 20:4 Conviction 09.29.12 4087. Turn-about is fair prayer.  Ringer
Ps 20:5 Worship 10.05.12 4093. Worship without preparation is like salvation without a Savior.  In the mood
Ps 20:6 Prayer 10.12.12 4100. Who prays who has no need? Never ask, never know
Ps 20:7 Name, Jesus 10.19.12 4107. Don't let your trust rust.  Use it or lose it; abuse it and you can't excuse it.
Ps 20:8 Language, Sign 10.26.12 4114.  Who worries about their place in line if they're standing in it. Over the top
Ps 20:9 Ignorance 11.02.12 4121. What is God's answer to our prayer when we don't?  Cover your eyes
Ps 21:1 Government 11.09.12 4128.  Praise is offered with hands up, but flattery with hands out.  The Source
Ps 21:2 Prayer 11.16.12 4135. To receive, you have to ask and to ask you have to pray.   Selah time
Ps 21:3 Rebel 11.23.12 4142. We can never run so far that someone, whom God saved, can't pray us home. Leave? And go where?
Ps 21:4 Anticipation 11.30.12 4149.  Life is the greatest opportunity some people miss.  Life lessons
Ps 21:5 Comparison 12.07.12 4156. . Every success is judged by someone else's failure.  Good, Gooder, Goodest
Ps 21:6 Fellowship 12.14.12 4163. The root problem of someone with no desire is they have no desire. Close, but no banana
Ps 21:7 King 12.21.12 4170.   In life, Let's make a Deal is a prequel to Truth or Consequences Love me, love me not
Ps 21:8 Vengeance 12.28.12 4177. Pay-back is a boomerang by a different name.  What enemy?