July 2, 2013

One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

 The next day John was there again with two of his disciples. 
John 1:35

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4363. Control is reserved for the one behind the steering wheel. JG
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See it.
What's ahead?

Live it.
Nearly every year of my life I've visited Shreveport, Louisiana on or near Father's Day for a family reunion. Now, you'd think that the route getting there would be as engrained in my memory as the sights along the way, but alas, not so.  Enter traveling caravan on Interstate 40 between Memphis and Little Rock, Arkansas.  There are traffic issues between Brinkley and Carlisle due to continuing road improvements and flashing signs warn to consider an alternate route or face delays. 

Now, I've learned to get where I'm going with the aid of a GPS navigation device.  We used it to take an alternate route even though it was Sunday and didn't miss a turn or waste time. However, some people find the idea of a computer knowing better than them, repulsive. It's funny how A GPS is not needed by the same people who find a automobile bluetooth connection to their cell phone the neatest invention ever We used the phone and were told (by the car ahead of us) that there were no delays on I40, so we didn't take an alternate route going back.  After a two hour delay due to wrong turns and traffic backup, we learned that we should plugged in the GPS and unplugged the phone.   Oh well, it was more time to visit with family.

Pray it
God, the only tendencies I want to become habitual are righteous ones.

2x2 Disciple Ministry
Warnings; Tendency; Control

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Control is reserved for the one behind the steering wheel. (2013)

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