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Acts 1:10 Ready 06.02.13 4333. Yesterday is less important than today. Friday tech fret
Acts 1:11 Steward 06.09.13 4340. Look at yesterday, plan for tomorrow but live for today. What now?
Acts 1:12 Savior 06.16.13 4347. A servant goes where he’s needed, not where he wants.  What now?
Acts 1:1-2 Projects 04.07.13 4277. Who lives each day and is not a task manager?  WIP
Acts 1:13 Church 06.23.13 4354. My TODO shouldn't have any small carryovers. Called to order
Acts 1:14 Opportunity 07.01.13 4362.  What happens today is tomorrow's history.  Don't miss it.
Acts 1:15-16 Darkness 07.07.13 4368. Good things are sometimes wrapped in dark paper. Guided misturn
Acts 1:17 Ministry 07.14.13 4375.  Finish before you’re done and you’re done.  Tight rank
Acts 1:18 Truth 07.21.13 4382. It’s impossible to do right if you don’t know wrong.  Voices
Acts 1:19 Choice 07.28.13 4389. Most of us fall into the holes we’ve dug. Buy me
Acts 1:20 Friends 08.04.13 4396. You don’t need to remember the past; it will remind you. 
Next, please
Acts 1:21-22 Witness 08.11.13 4403.  The only evidence required is the testimony of a credible witness. Look, listen, learn, live
Acts 1:23 Calling 08.18.13 4410.  Faith is good, if it's founded on the right thing.  Yea or nay
Acts 1:24-25 Prayer 08.25.13 4417. Desire changes when we desire to change it.  Prayer desire
Acts 1:26 Holy 09.01.13 4424.  It’s never right to do wrong. Can you be certain?
Acts 1:3 Teach 04.14.13 4284. A good teacher has curious students. Look and learn
Acts 1:4 Wait 04.21.13 4291.  Sufficient time depends on which side of the bathroom door you are. Wait and want
Acts 1:5 Standard 04.28.13 4298. The best way to find the problem is to identify what hasn't changed.  Change is good?
Acts 1:6 Questions 05.05.13 4305. If you’re looking for answers, make sure you ask the right questions. Shaping answers
Acts 1:7 Listen 05.12.13 4312. Experience is the best teacher—IF you pay attention.  Know it all
Acts 1:8 Power 05.19.13 4319. Nothing can influence me that I don't allow.  Influential power
Acts 1:9 Prepare 05.26.13 4326.  You show your character by the way you act under pressure. Now you see me
Acts 2:1 Delay 09.08.13 4431. The greatest demonstration of love might be patience. Right timing
Acts 2:12 Disciple 11.10.13 4494. Don’t give up before you’ve laced up. Significant
Acts 2:13 Trust 11.17.13 4501.  A miracle is what God does that man can't explain, but wants to sell. Pattern
Acts 2:14 Preach 11.24.13 4508. If complacency dug your hole, compliance is what buries you in it. Good fellows
Acts 2:15-16 Power 12.01.13 4515. God empowers the puny to frustrate the powerful. The unexpected
Acts 2:17 Spirit 12.08.13 4522. For any investment in His work, God does a corresponding work in a life.  Yearn and learn
Acts 2:18 Power 12.15.13 4529. God empowers the weak to prove His power. Little is big
Acts 2:19 Learning 12.22.13 4536. Getting attention is not hard, but keeping it is almost impossible.  Credentials
Acts 2:2 Lead 09.15.13 4438. When you run out of places to hang pictures; don’t build a wall.  Right string, wrong yoyo.
Acts 2:20 Tasks 12.31.13 4545. Today may be the last opportunity to do what I put off yesterday. JG  Planner
Acts 2:3 Preach 09.22.13 4445. Compromise is the religion of optimists and the failure of the righteous. What's hot, what's not. 
Acts 2:4 Sign 09.29.13 4452. God never enables nonsense unless you're the enemy. Communicative
Acts 2:5 Communication 10.06.13 4459. It’s impossible to say anything that doesn’t offend someone. The right words
Acts 2:6 Church 10.13.13 4466.  Church is about attraction and contraction of people, not another sermon. Say what?
Acts 2:7 Question 10.20.13 4473. It's not the ingredients that make a recipe, but their origination, proportion and mixture.  Whazinthat?
Acts 2:8 Trust 10.27.13 4480. In trying to explain God, some people prove they don't know Him.  Exclaim and explain
Acts 2:9-11 Witness 11.03.13 4487.  Change begins with a decision, but only means something when you prove it. Whatever it takes
Ex 10:29 Confession 01.02.13 4182. Life101: Agreeing with God saves time and frustration. Nevermore
Ex 11:1 Desire 01.07.13 4187. Desire, the sparkplug of change.  Give up?
Ex 11:10 Impression 02.06.13 4217.  A friend won't ask what your enemy will. Enough is enough
Ex 11:2 Questions 01.09.13 4189. Answers are not made for questions never asked.  What was the question?
Ex 11:3 Plans 01.14.13 4194. A preference affects a habit, but conviction makes new ones. Satisfied
Ex 11:4 Scripture 01.16.13 4196. Someone who doesn't see God in everything isn't looking.  Purdy near
Ex 11:5 Obedient 01.21.13 4201. Obedience comes from a grateful  heart, not compliant hands.  Reluctant compliance
Ex 11:6 Word 01.23.13 4203.  An open mind is good, but an open-ended one isn't.  Corrupt cadence
Ex 11:7 Friends 01.28.13 4208.  Distinction is made not born.  Status Woe
Ex 11:8 Results 01.30.13 4210.  Momentum is power. Wait and see
Ex 11:9 Friends 02.04.13 4215. Some relationships are like cars, you ride it until something better comes along.  What's it worth?
Ex 12:10 Value 03.11.13 4250. If value is equated with usage, some of us are worthless.  New and used
Ex 12:11 Prepared 03.13.13 4252. Every encounter is an opportunity to minister. Ready?
Ex 12:12 Judgment 03.18.13 4257. God doesn't grade on the curve.  Judgment - a universal, two-sided moment.
Ex 12:1-2 Change 02.11.13 4222.  Years are made to be lived one minute at a time. Starting over
Ex 12:13 Salvation 03.20.13 4259. If you're saved and unchanged, you're uniquely delusional. Insulation insurance
Ex 12:14 Children 03.25.13 4264. We serve whatever gets and keeps our attention. When we're gone
Ex 12:15 Change 03.27.13 4266.  The sin nature doesn't change; it just gets older. Wait for it
Ex 12:16 Holy 04.01.13 4271. What we do or won't do indicates who or what we serve.  Blue blues
Ex 12:17 Heritage 04.03.13 4273. Knowing something doesn't mean we respect it.  Who knew?
Ex 12:18 Potential 04.08.13 4278. The distance between what you are and what you want to be should be shrinking.  Perfect timing
Ex 12:19 Witness 04.10.13 4280. A Christian can't be worldly and holy.  Holy host
Ex 12:20 Purpose 04.15.13 4285.  God helps those who won't help themselves. Things change
Ex 12:21 Plans 04.17.13 4287.   There are Believers and there are doers, a.k.a., disciples.  Game Over
Ex 12:22 Refuge 04.22.13 4292. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Cover requirements
Ex 12:23 Terror 04.24.13 4294. Instead of allowing God to choose our battles, too often we make war on our own. Protector and Enabler
Ex 12:24 Obedience 04.29.13 4299.   Fail to teach your kids and someone else will.  Pass and catch
Ex 12:25 Remember 05.01.13 4301. Don't get comfortable in the valley or you'll forget the mountaintop. Forgetful sin
Ex 12:26 Lessons 05.06.13 4306.   I don’t have to be fast, just faster than you. Hurry up and listen
Ex 12:27 Restoration 05.08.13 4308. Fail to learn from your mistakes and you may get another opportunity. Recall and rejoice
Ex 12:28 Confess 05.14.13 4314.  Knowing right is no substitute for doing right. To the tee
Ex 12:29 Grace 05.16.13 4316. God's saving grace begins when we repent. The Stop Card
Ex 12:3 Sacrifice 02.13.13 4224. Who gains anything without risking something?  Something of value
Ex 12:30 Expectation 05.20.13 4320. There is no bad job in a bad economy. As touching everything
Ex 12:31 Answers 05.22.13 4322. Don't ask if you don't want to know. Give in if not up
Ex 12:32 Sacrifice 05.27.13 4327.  There is no right time to be in the wrong place and the opposite is also true. Costly grace
Ex 12:33 Judgment 05.29.13 4329. Procrastination gives fear and dread time to grow. Fear of the known
Ex 12:34 Planning 06.03.13 4334.  You can’t finish something you never start. Starter
Ex 12:35 Sales 06.05.13 4336. Don’t expect an answer to a question you never ask. Regular or extra-value?
Ex 12:36 Decision 06.10.13 4341. God is not enabled by our choices.  Willy Nillies
Ex 12:37 Seeker 06.12.13 4343. Take something for granted and watch it disappear.  On time
Ex 12:38 Friends 06.17.13 4348. Less expensive doesn’t mean it has less value. Follow me and see
Ex 12:39 Trust 06.19.13 4350.  No one’s ever been successful who stayed in their comfort zone.  Packed and ready
Ex 12:4 Giving 02.18.13 4229. You can't steal my joy, but I will gladly share it with you.  Sparsely sufficient
Ex 12:40 Perspective 06.24.13 4355. Time moves on; try to stay up.  Deadline—maybe
Ex 12:41 Information 06.26.13 4357. Everything but prayer serves as a detractor of prayer. Giddiup
Ex 12:43 Rules 07.03.13 4364. Rules are made to be kept. You made that up!
Ex 12:44-45 Ministry 07.08.13 4369.  A new day to some is another day to the resolute. Fellowstop
Ex 12:46 Sacrifice 07.10.13 4371.  I can’t prevent trouble but I can be prepared for it.  Just do it.
Ex 12:47 Discernment 07.15.13 4376.  Things are meant to be used, not preserved.  Remember rite
Ex 12:48 Labels 07.17.13 4378. The opportunities afforded you make you unique.  Confessions of an alien
Ex 12:49 Justice 07.22.13 4383. A loophole is a way to avoid fixing a bad regulation.  Thanks for the reminder
Ex 12:5 Worship 02.20.13 4231.  If dictionaries only included words that are used, holiness wouldn't be one. Select worship
Ex 12:50 Compliance 07.24.13 4385. Actions speak louder than best intentions. Watch your periods
Ex 12:51 Revival 07.29.13 4390. Knowing something doesn’t mean you understand it. Whodunit?
Ex 12:6 Lessons 02.25.13 4236. Even a new, fully-charged, powerful battery dies if not expended and recharged.  Timely departure
Ex 12:7 Hear 02.27.13 4238. Partial obedience is disobedience.  Listen up
Ex 12:8 Change 03.04.13 4243.  Who plays a game who likes to lose?  Good bad memory
Ex 12:9 Minstry 03.06.13 4245. Basics: All that matters is what God thinks of me. All the way
Ex 13:10 Journal 08.28.13 4420. A schedule has appointments, a journal experience. Scheduled negligence
Ex 13:11-12 Giving 09.02.13 4425. You can’t spend what you don’t have unless you’re Uncle Sam. Aftering
Ex 13:1-2 Chosen 07.31.13 4392. A majority opinion is rarely the best one. First in line
Ex 13:13 Holy 09.04.13 4427.  Birth and burial are not bookends as much as a bookmark. Free to die
Ex 13:14 Forget 09.09.13 4432. Fail to learn from your mistakes and you might get another opportunity. Reminder
Ex 13:15 Memories 09.11.13 4434.   Do it now or it might not be possible tomorrow.  Splain it Lucy
Ex 13:16 Story 09.16.13 4439.  Bad teachers create bad students.  Tell me a story
Ex 13:17 Patience 09.18.13 4441. It’s quicker and easier to do what you should, not want you want.  Faith not included
Ex 13:18 Procrastination 09.23.13 4446. Things are seldom as bad as we fear—with the possible exception of a pop-quiz. Bondage battle
Ex 13:19 Promise 09.25.13 4448.    What you do is not as important as why and how you do it.  Keeping  a promise
Ex 13:20 Challenge 09.30.13 4453.  The ultimate mission statement is based on God’s Word: Listen, Learn, Live. Leaving on a jet plane
Ex 13:21 Frustration 10.02.13 4455.   Your battles will choose you if you don’t choose them first. 24/7 cover
Ex 13:22 Religion 10.07.13 4460. Nature should remind us of God, not be our god. Tweener
Ex 13:3 Consecration 08.05.13 4397. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. How'd you do that?
Ex 13:4 Discipleship 08.07.13 4399. Not all prisons have bars.  Bye bye
Ex 13:5 Plans 08.12.13 4404.  Winning comes from being in the right position. Getting there
Ex 13:6 Health 08.14.13 4406.  Habits are like rabbits—ignore them and they'll make more.  Breaking Good
Ex 13:7 Holy 08.19.13 4411. A winner gives his best, a loser something less. Wholly holy
Ex 13:8 Reminder 08.21.13 4413. Being hysterical is no license to be historical.  Why do it?
Ex 13:9 Attention 08.26.13 4418. Getting attention is easier than keeping it. Attention deficit sinners
Ex 14:10 Fear 11.06.13 4490. Problems will come, there’s no need to make more. Knee jerks
Ex 14:11 Neglect 11.11.13 4495.   In hard times some people will limit the amount of caviar they consume. Game Over
Ex 14:12 Change 11.13.13 4497.   Frustration can be a serial killer.  Status quit
Ex 14:1-2 Wait 10.09.13 4462.  Discipline builds character under fire; judgment a fire under a character. Lace up and wait
Ex 14:13 Waiting 11.18.13 4502.  Trust is transferring your expectation to someone else. Wait  . . .
Ex 14:14 Trust 11.20.13 4504.  If God did it, then why are you perspiring so much? Mission impossible
Ex 14:15 Listen 11.25.13 4509.  Consistency is good, but only if you’re doing the right thing. How many times?
Ex 14:16 Mission 11.27.13 4511. What good is power you never exert? Promise losers
Ex 14:17 History 12.02.13 4516. Rewriting history requires having enough lazy minds to consider it. My gain, your loss
Ex 14:18 Way 12.04.13 4518. God reveals Himself to those who are looking.  So they will know
Ex 14:19-20a Angels 12.09.13 4523. Before you trust an angel, make sure he's on your team.  Not what you'd expect
Ex 14:20b Hope 12.11.13 4525.  Patience is learning we can live without what we don’t have. No degrees
Ex 14:21 Salvation 12.16.13 4530.  What good are answers based on the wrong question? We knew
Ex 14:22 Legacy 12.18.13 4532.  A person who aims at nothing will hit it every time.  Separation
Ex 14:23 Leaders 12.23.13 4537. We need leaders who'll do what God expects and not what it takes to stay in office. Follow who?
Ex 14:24 Confusion 12.25.13 4539. Miracles are impossible without a Miracle Worker.  Coinkidink?
Ex 14:25 Relationships 12.27.13 4541.  He never was my enemy, he just wasn’t my friend.  Friendly fire
Ex 14:3 Different 10.14.13 4467. Resentment doesn’t need a reason, only a target. Not like us
Ex 14:4 Sin 10.16.13 4469.  Wrong choices seldom look bad when we make them. Swish, Pow, Ding!!
Ex 14:5 Information 10.21.13 4474. Because there’s a need doesn’t mean there’s a desire. Information lid
Ex 14:6 Technology 10.23.13 4476. Be different and add God to your contacts. Don't leave home without it
Ex 14:7 Intercession 10.28.13 4481. Pray for lost people but don’t forget your brothers. How much?
Ex 14:8 Religion 10.30.13 4483. Reason is wasted on fools. Different look
Ex 14:9 Trouble 11.04.13 4488. Trouble is what you make it. Not what it seems
John 1:1 Revealation 03.07.13 4246. Add to what's complete and you ruin your ending.  Timely timing
John 1:10 Expression 04.09.13 4279. Heaven will be having no more grammatical issues. Collaborative chaos
John 1:11 Prayer 04.11.13 4281. When you love someone, you want to spend as much time with them as you can. Fellowslip [sic]
John 1:12 Spirit 04.16.13 4286. Sometimes the simplest thing is the hardest.  Receiving believing becoming
John 1:13 Witness 04.18.13 4288. A life will resemble Who or what we serve. Uncanny resemblance
John 1:14 Trust 04.23.13 4293.  I've read the Book and not only know the Winner. but the loser.  Open Your eyes
John 1:15 Fellowship 04.25.13 4295. Having more than an audience of One is playing to the wrong crowd.  Just a glance
John 1:16 Salvation 04.30.13 4300. Who walks in the Light and loves darkness?  B1 vB2
John 1:17 Answers 05.02.13 4302.  Answers come when we seek them, not when we ask a question.  Prayer - from the backside
John 1:18 Relationship 05.07.13 4307. If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at your friends Relationship rationale
John 1:19 Motive 05.09.13 4309. Methods may vary, but intentions never do.  Didn't see that coming.
John 1:2 Praise 03.12.13 4251.  God is not a popularity contestant.  Snubbed
John 1:20 Friends 05.13.13 4313.  Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday.  Not who you think
John 1:21 Examine 05.15.13 4315. Expectation and realization meet ever so briefly in passing. Wait for an answer
John 1:22 Purpose 05.21.13 4321.  Impression is helping someone else reach your conclusion. About the Author
John 1:23 Lazy 05.23.13 4323. Opportunity gets colder the more you ignore it.  The ubiquity of lazy.
John 1:24-25 Sign 05.28.13

4328.  Appeasement is a coward’s way out. 

Credentials please
John 1:26 Faith 05.30.13 4330. Understanding comes from applying knowledge. E&O
John 1:27 Character 06.04.13 4335. Character is revealed when no one is looking. At the right time
John 1:28 Witness 06.06.13 4337. For you to know, someone had to tell you.  WHO knew
John 1:29 Obey 06.11.13 4342. A winner helps someone else experience it.   Who told you that?
John 1:3 Jesus 03.14.13 4253.  It's lunacy to worship the creation instead of the Creator. Front and center
John 1:30 Responsibility 06.13.13 4344. Timing is not just important; it’s everything.  Hold the door, please.
John 1:31 Witness 06.18.13 4349. You can’t get where you’re going looking in the wrong direction. Now introducing...
John 1:32 Attention 06.20.13 4351.  If you’re looking for answers, make sure you ask the right questions. Riddle the riddle, Marie.
John 1:33 Spirit, Holy 06.25.13 4356. Why make things complicated when someone else will do that for you? Home sweet home
John 1:34 Appreciation 06.27.13 4358. Evidence accomplishes what arguments cannot. Here all the time
John 1:35 Tendency 07.02.13 4363. Control is reserved for the one behind the steering wheel. What's ahead?
John 1:36 Delusion 07.04.13 4365. With two opinions, at least one is wrong.  Help me, you're blind!
John 1:37 Testimony 07.09.13 4370. Great things are accomplished by completing small steps. Finishing
John 1:38 Education 07.11.13 4372. Choosing something is rejection of something else. Degree of  close
John 1:39 Journal 07.16.13 4377.  A schedule lists appointments, a journal recounts experiences.  Take note
John 1:4 Darkness 03.19.13 4258.  Remain in the Light, but don't block it from others.  Shades of night
John 1:40 Discipleship 07.18.13 4379. Doing the right thing is choosing to not do the wrong thing.  Step one
John 1:41 Priorities 07.23.13 4384. Do what you need to do so you can do what you want to do. First things first
John 1:42 Church 07.25.13 4386.  A building is no stronger than its foundation. Missing a piece.
John 1:43 Follow 07.30.13 4391. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. A ringer tops a leaner
John 1:44 Spirit 08.01.13 4393. What seems reasonable often succumbs to the unthinkable. Commonality
John 1:45 Found 08.06.13 4398. Rule out what’s not, in order to find what is.  Seeking seekers
John 1:46 Pray 08.08.13 4400.  There is no shame in asking clarification, but there is for apathy. Latent lazy
John 1:47 Miracle 08.13.13 4405.   The gap between can’t and won’t is a ditch. It wasn't me - The fire
John 1:48 Time 08.15.13 4407.  Looking at something doesn’t mean you see anything. Hello Again
John 1:49 Belief 08.20.13 4412. Faith is acting on what I chose to believe. 'The Day' dreamer
John 1:5 Hope 03.21.13 4260. Every writer has his first book.  Last words
John 1:50 Memory, Scripture 08.22.13 4414. Neglect takes what we can't afford to lose. The clock is ticking
John 1:51 Proof 08.27.13 4419.  Choosing the wrong team isn’t apparent until you lose.  Today
John 1:6 Friend 03.26.13 4265.  Making a friend is the investment of a lifetime. Association Agent
John 1:7 Witness 03.28.13 4267. Rule one: Don't block view of the One you promote.  Righteous Reflector
John 1:8 Relationship 04.02.13 4272. Helping others is a gift that keeps on giving. Purpose Driven
John 1:9 Trust 04.04.13 4274. People with influence call the shots; the rest of us try to not get shot.  Hope and mirrors
John 2:12 Friends 10.01.13 4454.  Friends come in pairs, not groups.   What will you talk about?
John 2:1-2 Meeting 08.29.13 4421. Real achievement is making something out of nothing. Coinkidink
John 2:13 Prepare 10.03.13 4456. Faith, or the lack of it, is visible when the heat is turned up. Show up, speak up.
John 2:14 Giving 10.08.13 4461. It’s unnerving to see the undeserving act deserving. Need exceed
John 2:15 Complacency 10.10.13 4463. What happens in church is a product of what we pray. Changing things
John 2:16 Pastor 10.15.13 4468.  God doesn't equip anyone to be a spectator.  Fraternity of leaders
John 2:17 Church 10.17.13 4470. Revival begins when we discard the things that held it back. The Way
John 2:18 Leaders 10.22.13 4475. The only sermon God expects is for us to live according to His Word. Duck!
John 2:19 Belief 10.24.13 4477. We have "see it to believe it" completely backwards.  Didn't see that
John 2:20 Information 10.29.13 4482. If you aren't willing to go, there's no need to know.  Question, doubt and denial
John 2:21 Information 10.31.13 4484.    I'm not sure you heard what I thought I said. Tell me more
John 2:22 Discipleship 11.05.13 4489.  You can't follow someone you can't see In time
John 2:23 Belief 11.07.13 4491.  Believing in God is easy; it's Him believing you that might be problematic. Flash belief
John 2:24 Discipleship 11.12.13 4496. If you're going to change, today might be your last opportunity. Made to stretch
John 2:25 Responsibilty 11.14.13 4498. Are you working for a purpose or is work your purpose? Knowing
John 2:3 Challenge 09.03.13 4426.  If success was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Ready, set, go
John 2:4 Hearing 09.05.13 4428. Just hearing something doesn't mean you’re listening.  Problem or solution?
John 2:5 Faith 09.10.13 4433. Timing is vital; preparation more so. Do it—now.
John 2:6 Damage 09.12.13 4435. Life’s great mystery: throw something out and you’ll need it later.  Resource mgt
John 2:7 Speech 09.17.13 4440. Expediency is something done on time, not done well or fast. Problem or opportunity?
John 2:8 Action 09.19.13 4442. Success is taking another step in the right direction Faith baby steps
John 2:9a Attentive 09.24.13 4447. We’re concerned about results, God the process.  Some know
John 2:9b-10 Needs 09.26.13 4449. Double entendre: change is good but only if needed. Taste and see
John 3:1 Position 11.19.13 4503.   Anyone can use a friend in high places.   Noteworthy
John 3:10 Teach 12.19.13 4533. Good teachers make good students. Excess curriculum
John 3:11 Association 12.24.13 4538. When you attack the messenger, you show contempt for the message. Innocence by association
John 3:12 Communication 12.26.13 4540. Believing God comes with questioning ourselves.  Show me
John 3:13 Heaven 12.28.13 4542. A gift says a lot about the giver.  Imagine it
John 3:2 Belief 11.21.13 4505. Evangelism adds, discipleship multiplies.  Master math
John 3:3 Change 11.26.13 4510. Silence is golden, except in church where it is the source of strife, contention and division. Whaz new?
John 3:4 Change 11.28.13 4512. Starting something never works until you stop something else.  Can you spare any change?
John 3:5 Kingdom 12.03.13 4517. A gift that dies says a lot about the giver.  Twisted
John 3:6 Idolatry 12.05.13 4519. Knowing the right answer doesn't’t justify a wrong decision Wrong label
John 3:7 Understanding 12.10.13 4524.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. I get it!
John 3:8 Prepare 12.12.13 4526. Not all opinions are worthy of discussion. Spontaneous sponta-piety
John 3:9 Amazement 12.17.13 4531. It’s what you do that matters and not what you believe.  One-take misery
Jonah 3:10 Evidence 01.13.13 4193. Life is kind, but short, for the ignorant.  When saved is not saved
Jonah 3:9 End 01.06.13 4186. There is no overtime in life, but there is sudden death.  1159
Jonah 4:1 Labels 01.20.13 4200. Problems: the means by which character is revealed.  List of ingredients
Jonah 4:10 Problem 03.24.13 4263. Problems are addressed at the root level, not by dealing with symptoms. Gone tomorrow?
Jonah 4:11 Heaven 03.31.13 4270.  Heaven: where expectation exceeds understanding.  Fluffy heaven
Jonah 4:2 Trust 01.27.13 4207. An excuse is the reason given for failure, but is seldom the cause.  Flimsy reach
Jonah 4:3 Power 02.03.13 4214. Sin is like sugar, it tastes good and kills us slowly.  Hungry reminders
Jonah 4:4 Misery 02.10.13 4221. Sin: I earned my misery so leave me alone and let me enjoy it. Let the big dog eat
Jonah 4:5 Repent 02.17.13 4228.   Instead of letting God choose our battles, we make our own. Static Problematic
Jonah 4:6 Complaint 02.24.13 4235. Which comes first, whining or misery?  Grateful grapes
Jonah 4:7 Joy 03.03.13 4242. If we don't need much, why do we have so much?  Blessings change, not disappear.
Jonah 4:8 Doubt 03.10.13 4249.  Need is a manufactured doubt of God's provision. Faint focus
Jonah 4:9 Anger 03.17.13 4256.   When guns are illegal, will rocks be licensed and restricted?  Anger management
Mt 28:1 Plan 01.01.13 4181. A failure to plan is evidence we've given up.  What now?
Mt 28:10 Evidence 01.31.13 4211. Prayer doesn't save, but it is a good indicator.  Evidently
Mt 28:11 Deception 02.05.13 4216.  It's human nature to deny the obvious while clinging to deception. Game on
Mt 28:12,13 Accuracy 02.07.13 4218.  Why is it that only what happened requires proof? Fact or fiction?
Mt 28:14 Impression 02.12.13 4223.   God is not as impressed with your accomplishments as you are. Reputable reasons
Mt 28:15 Change 02.14.13 4225. Change is good as long as it's for the good.  Change me
Mt 28:16 Doubt 02.19.13 4230. Some things are like a splinter; it hurts more to get it out than getting it.  Missing in action
Mt 28:17 Doubt 02.21.13 4232. Who wins anything without risking something?  Doubt drought
Mt 28:18 Work 02.26.13 4237. It's easy to find a job; it's getting paid that's a challenge. Nine to Five
Mt 28:19 Name 02.28.13 4239  Someone should think of Jesus when they hear our name. What's in a name?
Mt 28:2 Follow 01.03.13 4183. Serving God is not so much proactive as reactive.  The help
Mt 28:20 Responsible 03.05.13 4244. If you're a follower of Jesus, stay close enough to hear Him. Apostles Creed; disciple's need
Mt 28:3 Perception 01.08.13 4188. Perception is illusion more than reality.  Perception diversion
Mt 28:4 Imagination 01.10.13 4190. To see is to believe, but to not see and believe is confidence.  Threshold
Mt 28:5 Desire 01.15.13 4195. Initiative, the prerequisite of accomplishment.    Finder facts
Mt 28:6 Seeker 01.17.13 4197. God helps those who depend on Him. Surprise meets expectation
Mt 28:7 Relationship 01.22.13 4202. I'd love you, but I really don't know you. Responsible service
Mt 28:8 Disciple 01.24.13 4204. If tradition doesn't’t pull you in, innovation may suck you in. Mixed opinions
Mt 28:9 Worship 01.29.13 4209. Leave someone alone and they'll find comfort in ignorance.  Worship rally
Pr 11:10 Enemy 01.05.13 4185. Winning doesn't take skill as much as outlasting your opponent. Opposition opposition
Pr 11:11 Solutions 01.12.13 4192. A person can't see what they won't look at.  The Way We Were
Pr 11:12 Reconcile 01.19.13 4199. It's sad how we, as God's people, have perfected the sin cycle. Breeding contempt
Pr 11:13 Talk 01.26.13 4206. God's prescription for sin is confession AND correction.  Hip converse
Pr 11:14 Loser 02.02.13 4213.Americans are used to being down; it's the staying down that's new.  Who will you ask?
Pr 11:15 Help 02.09.13 4220. God doesn't need our help unless it's to give Him a problem to solve.  Help or hurt
Pr 11:16 Females 02.16.13 4227. I'd publish a book on women, but I keep revising the first chapter. Are you ribbing me?
Pr 11:17 Eternity 02.23.13 4234. If heaven's my future, shouldn't I enjoy doing here what I will do there? Come around
Pr 11:18 Minister 03.02.13 4241. To know what God requires, go to the Word; to know Him, go to your knees. See what you did?
Pr 11:19 Growth 03.09.13 4248. The value of something is judged by what it does, not by intention. Good to go
Pr 11:20 Blame 03.16.13 4255. The first step in deception is to avoid the obvious and magnify the vague.  Blame Gane
Pr 11:21 Change 03.23.13 4262. Going outside the boundary is fine until you can't get back in.  Breaking bad (habits)
Pr 11:22 Appearance 03.30.13 4269. Just because I can doesn't mean I should.  Changeling
Pr 11:23 Choice 04.06.13 4276.  Who grants the person in the womb a choice?  Choice-effects
Pr 11:24 Compassion 04.13.13 4283. Make us Good Samaritans who help people who don't know their True need. Work flavors
Pr 11:25 Giving 04.20.13 4290. Giving is a matter of God's acceptance, not your generosity.  Give what you have
Pr 11:26 Blessing 04.27.13 4297.  Blessers love to bless and be blessed by another Blesser who feels the same way Blessings are prayed
Pr 11:27 Search 05.04.13 4304. Life — a process to one, an unfinished task to another.  Attention shoppers.
Pr 11:28 Endure 05.11.13 4311. If rest was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Rain's acomin'
Pr 11:29 Correction 05.18.13 4318. A gaping hole begins with a hairline crack. Deep roots
Pr 11:30 Influence 05.25.13 4325. Running a race requires training, but winning requires straining. Newton knew
Pr 11:31 Disappointment 06.01.13 4332. If I'd known yesterday what I now know, I’d messed up some other way.  Go around
Pr 12:1 Correction 06.08.13 4339. I welcome correction, but it's harder when someone enjoys giving it.  When you're stupid
Pr 12:10 Care 08.10.13 4402. Loving someone may be the only way they’ll ever see it. Miss you
Pr 12:11 Aspiration 08.17.13 4409. Explaining yourself to some people angers them and wastes your time. Remember when?
Pr 12:12 Decision 08.24.13 4416. It’s curious that exercising caution is ridiculed by those who don’t. Trap doer
Pr 12:13 Knowledge 08.31.13 4423. A loose tongue forms a noose that can cook your goose. Don't tell me—please!
Pr 12:14 Dedication 09.07.13 4430. A person who aims at nothing will hit it every time. Appeasers
Pr 12:15 Advice 09.14.13 4437. Reluctance is not saying or doing what needs to be said or done.  Don't say it.
Pr 12:16 Love 09.21.13 4444. The best reprisal is being pleasant.  Shaper's shape
Pr 12:17 Justice 09.28.13 4451. Most people have the tendency to tell more than they know. Interrogation ignorance
Pr 12:18 Words 10.05.13 4458. A sword is made for forcibly making a point. Deal with it
Pr 12:19 Friends 10.12.13 4465. God planted us where He wants us to bloom. Times goes by
Pr 12:2 Superficial 06.15.13 4346. Why tell someone you care when you can show them?  Ignoble irritant
Pr 12:20 Harmony 10.19.13 4472. Slander and homicide, both are murder—one throws mud and the other blood. Discussion v Decision
Pr 12:21 Peace 10.26.13 4479. A modern version of an Amalekite might be the domain squatter. Snooze and lose
Pr 12:22 Surrender 11.02.13 4486. Character is revealed when no one’s watching. Prove it
Pr 12:23 Behavior 11.09.13 4493. Restraint is what someone shows and no one knows.  Silent strength
Pr 12:24 Disciple 11.16.13 4500. Diligence is the refusal to give up when most think you should.  Go around, come around
Pr 12:25 Worry 11.23.13 4507. Worry is  the landlord of ownership.  Project Shed
Pr 12:26 Friends 11.30.13 4514.  In life, be the right chooser and not a sore loser.  I chose you first
Pr 12:27 Generosity 12.07.13 4521. What you fail to use, you lose. Junk man
Pr 12:28 Immortal 12.14.13 4528. Who in their right mind thinks they know God’s? Design
Pr 12:3 Attitude 06.22.13 4353. You will offend someone before you get out of bed.  Bad cop, other cop
Pr 12:5 Revival 07.06.13 4367. Preparation is the workshop of tenacity. Who's in charge?
Pr 12:6 Speech 07.13.13 4374. Just because I’m thinking it doesn’t mean I have to say it. Shhh
Pr 12:7 Steadfast 07.20.13 4381. I don’t have to be fast, just faster than you. Pay me later
Pr 12:8 Wisdom 07.27.13 4388. Knowledge is only part of the decision-making process. Wisdom prism
Pr 12:9 Fellowship 08.03.13 4395.  Hands for praising and knees for praying need feet to work. Same ole same
Pr 13:1 Obedience 12.21.13 4535. A rebel with a cause is still rebellious.  Mighty Duck
Pr 13:2 Intercession 12.30.13 4544.  If intercession was easy, everyone would be doing it. Engaged
Ps 21:10 America 01.11.13 4191. When everyone is gone, who's left to blame? JG Posterity prosperity
Ps 21:11 Evil 01.18.13 4198. Evil never wins; it just takes victims. See, hear nor speak.
Ps 21:12 Fellowship 01.25.13 4205. Funny how God makes friends of enemies. Irrelevant reason
Ps 21:13 Prayer 02.01.13 4212. Prayer: the natural segue from confession to praise to worship. Only Imagine
Ps 21:9 Memory 01.04.13 4184. Life is what you remember at the end. Someday
Ps 22:1 Holy 02.08.13 4219. Holiness is the result of spiritual cleansing and confession our only role.  Holier than thou
Ps 22:10 Teachable 04.12.13 4282. Education is valuable but having a teachable spirit prepares you for life.   Lurning
Ps 22:11 Challenge 04.19.13 4289. Persistence is determined by faith, not desperation.  Expect it
Ps 22:12 Conflict 04.26.13 4296. Compromise is good— as long as I don’t have to change. Circle the wagons
Ps 22:13 Junk 05.03.13 4303. The cost of creation is destruction.  Noisy danger, imminent threat
Ps 22:14 Fellowship 05.10.13 4310. Today connects yesterday firmly and tomorrow loosely. Plugged in
Ps 22:15 Expectancy 05.17.13 4317. People want you to succeed - slightly less than they do. Probability buster
Ps 22:16 Listen 05.24.13 4324. Those who pray listen—opposite also true. Deaf ears
Ps 22:17 Overcomer 05.31.13 4331. Winning comes by placing yourself in the position to lose. Known for something
Ps 22:18 Impression 06.07.13 4338. If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at your friends. Follow the Leader
Ps 22:19 Prayer 06.14.13 4345. Most of us won’t look up until we’re on our back.  DIY prayer
Ps 22:2 Changes 02.15.13 4226. Walking with God means changing to be like Him who doesn't.  Trust and Obey
Ps 22:20 Ministry 06.21.13 4352. Don’t die before you're done. Mission accomplished
Ps 22:22 Praise 07.05.13 4366. How can you love someone and not brag on them? Show and swell (pride)
Ps 22:23 Family 07.12.13 4373. Today will be a memory tomorrow.  We honor you
Ps 22:24 Memory 07.19.13 4380. Remembering someone’s name comes from often using it.  When you're ready
Ps 22:25 Ministry 07.26.13 4387. A project is like baseball; you can score if you touch all the bases. Promise sleepers
Ps 22:26 Praise 08.02.13 4394. The most important thing to someone is where they spend the most time.  Happy, happy, happy
Ps 22:27 Repent 08.09.13 4401. Success is working toward a goal, reaching it a bonus.  Repentless
Ps 22:28 Power 08.16.13 4408. Large things are done by slight advances.  One will
Ps 22:29 Danger 08.23.13 4415. Life is like a box of chocolates; some things just don't taste good.  Precariously curious
Ps 22:3 Praise 02.22.13 4233. It's interesting how potential, power, practice and praise are right before prayer in the dictionary. Who else?
Ps 22:30 Word 08.30.13 4422. The best way to get someone to listen is to talk to someone else. Past seeds, future needs
Ps 22:31 Intercession 09.06.13 4429. Persistence may be the best indicator of conviction. Fight for the future
Ps 22:4 Repair 03.01.13 4240. Some things can't be fixed until they're broken.  Heritage Games
Ps 22:5 Decision 03.08.13 4247. Why explain what someone has decided to ignore? Game on
Ps 22:6 Problems 03.15.13 4254. God uses our problems to teach us His character.  Depression suppression
Ps 22:7 Prayer 03.22.13 4261. Spiritually speaking, most people don't.  The eye of the Beholder
Ps 22:8 Wayward 03.29.13 4268. If you need hope, just look in the mirror and think what might have been.  Great love
Ps 22:9 Grateful 04.05.13 4275. Cosby made famous, "I brought you in; I can take you out," but God said it first.   Dependent devotion
Ps 23:1  Desire 09.13.13 4436. Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact. Sheep and goats
Ps 23:2 Rest 09.20.13 4443.    Life is like a rubber-band; it’s stretched out of shape and needs relaxation. But I don't need to rest
Ps 23:3 Desire 09.27.13 4450. Where I go is not as important as Who goes with me.  Fresh Start
Ps 23:4 Frustration 10.04.13 4457. The sun will rise, though often behind dark clouds. Not yet.
Ps 23:5 Enemies 10.11.13 4464. He was never my enemy; he just wasn’t my friend. Enemies
Ps 23:6 Fiction 10.18.13 4471. Heaven is not getting what you want but enjoying what God wants. Imagine that!
Ps 24:1 Association 10.25.13 4478. My mistakes should be categorized under the letter "S" for stupid.
A wrong right
Ps 24:10a Gate 12.29.13 4543. A ringer tops a leaner. The right question
Ps 24:2 Water 11.01.13 4485.If God is in the woods and no one hears Him—it’s their loss.  JG Water bags
Ps 24:3 Holy 11.08.13 4492. Self-esteem is good as long as you remember to stick a cork in it. Next exit
Ps 24:4 Clean 11.15.13 4499.  We should never expect God to forgive sin we won’t confess. Prime Directive
Ps 24:5 Intercession 11.22.13 4506. The world is a turnstile to heaven, through which a few strangers pass. The Lone Stranger
Ps 24:6 Seekers 11.29.13 4513. It's highly unlikely you'll find that which you're not searching.  Cookies
Ps 24:7 Return 12.06.13 4520. To win a race, you just have to get in front and stay ahead of the crowd.  Perspective proper
Ps 24:8 Battle 12.13.13 4527. He who makes no mistake never tries anything new.  17/7
Ps 24:9 Prepare 12.20.13 4534. Preparation is doing something now in order to enjoy something later. For you