February 4, 2014

One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

David said about him: "‘I saw the Lord always before me.  Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Acts 2:25

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4585. For every variable, there is a Constant. JG
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See it.
Stirred but not shaken

Live it.
James Bond, as Ian Fleming's fictional secret agent, was never shaken.  On the other hand, every living person knows all too well what it means to be nervy.  Today I need Bond-like resolve as I use a new piece of equipment and teach someone how to do something I've haven't mastered.  The stage is set for a few hours, but with the factory settings having been reset, there are more variables in my equation than constants. 

What does a person do in an unsettling situation in addition to prayer?  Why, he spends time with someone who not only has mastered the piece of equipment but knows my problems and the equipment defaults.  Why is it that every situation I find myself is another picture of discipleship?

Pray it
Only You can assemble my messy life into a usable format, God.

Disciple Ministry
Nervous; Test; Discipleship

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For every variable, there is a Constant.  (2014)

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