August 4, 2014

One-Minute Devotionals reveal in a single sentence, underlying truth about specific Scripture.

Peter looked straight at him, as did John. Then Peter said, “Look at us!” 
Acts 3:4

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4766. Competition brings out the very best and worst in people. JG 
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See it.
Us is better

Live it.
My last job in corporate America, where I worked for someone else, was thirteen years ago. Prior to that I had three brief jobs over the span of fifteen years. I found that working in management, marketing and sales puts you too close to the top of the food chain to not be a threat to a micro-managing boss. The vast majority of my working life has found me using my skills to carve out a niche and make something out of nothing, a.k.a., I was my own boss and survived to tell about it.

I have pleasant memories partnering with someone in business/ministry. Solomon had it right when he said "Two are better than one." Still, some of my deepest sorrow came from a friend turning against me and choosing to be my enemy. So you can imagine my joy and apprehension when I again am planning to bond with someone and toward a common goal.  Both of us have companies in the same industry and our blended organization would benefit from our customer base and diversity. More importantly, God seems to be forming the alliance for spiritual purposes. Stay tuned for more . . . .

Pray it
May I be invisible, LORD, as my work and ministry becomes visible.

Disciple Ministry
Partner; Ministry; Work

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