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Acts 2:21 Calling 20140107 4557. The purpose of preaching is to deliver the truth, not twist an arm. Vision to Visual
Acts 2:22 Preach 20140114 4564. Teaching credentials: know the Author as well as His Book. Kindred Knowledge
Acts 2:23 Church 20140121 4571.   It’s insane to preach and not listen to your own sermon.  And you
Acts 2:24 Journal 20140128 4578. Keeping a journal places as much value on the future as the past.  Use it to prove it
Acts 2:25 Test 20140204 4585. For every variable, there is a Constant. Stirred but not shaken
Acts 2:26 Ministry 20140211 4592. If we don't impress our children, someone else will. By any means
Acts 2:27 Decay 20140218 4599. If you think things can't get worse, they just did.  First-hand demise
Acts 2:28 Success 20140225 4606.   Happy is made, not born.  For someone else
Acts 2:29 Now 20140304 4613.  Get past your past to enjoy your present.  This is now
Acts 2:30 Initiative 20140311 4620. You are a product of your planning or lack of it. The TODO principle
Acts 2:31 Foolish 20140318 4627. No fool thinks he is.  Fool's gold
Acts 2:32 Deny 20140325 4634. It’s human nature to deny the obvious. Tell it
Acts 2:33 Interpretation 20140401 4641.  Known for our differences, we should be changing to become alike. Isn't it obvious?
Acts 2:34 Weak 20140408 4648. Today will be history tomorrow.  Weak in process
Acts 2:35 Prophecy 20140415 4655.  I’m used to being put down; it’s being held down that bothers me.  Waiters
Acts 2:36 Lord 20140422 4662. Just because you stop asking doesn't mean God stops showing.   Table talk
Acts 2:37 Confession 20140429 4669. Confession is not reluctant admission any more than repentance is saying you’re sorry Obliged
Acts 2:38 Flaws 20140506 4676. Repentance is a process.  Work in Process
Acts 2:39 Calling 20140512 4682. God’s calling is not a suggestion. Promised lend
Acts 2:40 Desire 20140519 4689. Lives are changed by desire and not obligation. Desire & Discipline
Acts 2:41 Obligation 20140526 4696.  Freedom is not free. Sign me up
Acts 2:42 Church 20140602 4703. How many sermons on the same subject to the same people is enough? Family time 
Acts 2:43 Wonders 20140609 4710. By expecting something to happen, we’re seldom disappointed.  Anointed
Acts 2:44 Church 20140616 4717. It’s futility to wait for someone to share my conviction before serving.  Lineup
Acts 2:45 Reciprocity 20140623 4724. Reciprocity: a word that should define the church. Find your seat 
Acts 2:46 Church 20140630 4731.  Fellowship is where Jesus is.  Get together
Acts 2:47 Discipleship 20140707 4738. If being a disciple was easy, every person claiming to be saved would do it. Motive
Acts 3:1 Religion 20140714 4745. It’s impossible to love God and not spend a lot of time with Him. Religious suppression 
Acts 3:10 Change 20140915 4808. Change is a process, not a label.  Difference maker
Acts 3:11 Focus 20140922 4815.  Every day begins the night before. Attractive distraction
Acts 3:12 Pride 20140929 4822. He who thinks himself something, just proved he's something else.  Creature credit
Acts 3:13 Fear 20141006 4829. Excuses are seldom the real reason. Blame shame
Acts 3:14 Fruit 20141013 4836.  Only a fool makes a wrong decision and won’t admit it.   If it quacks . . .
Acts 3:15 Rejection 20141020 4843. What you see may not be as important as what you can't.  What Ripley said
Acts 3:16 Explain 20141027 4850.  Eyes see, the brain considers, but the heart renders.   Read on
Acts 3:17 Ignorance 20141103 4857.   Fail to pay attention and you'll get what you deserve   Not me
Acts 3:18 Sovereignty 20141110 4864.Yesterday is history and tomorrow will be.  Season of reason
Acts 3:19 Turn 20141117 4871.  Turning produces change and not the other way around.  The Sin Man
Acts 3:2 Sympathy 20140721 4752. A job is good; getting paid for doing it, better. 
Spare a buck—or two?
Acts 3:20 Instructions 20141124 4878  Some helpful things can hurt if you ignore them.  Must trust
Acts 3:21 Aging 20141201 4885.  What happens today will be history tomorrow.  I need a nap
Acts 3:22 Watch 20141208 4892.  Some people watch and some people follow.  Pickle debacle
Acts 3:23 Truth 20141215 4899.   Seldom is what we see, as important as what we can't. What'd you expect?
Acts 3:24 Witness 20141222 4906. Why discuss what someone has decided to ignore?  Silent running
Acts 3:25 Blessing 20141229 4913.  Are we intimate with God or act like it in order to avoid standing out? Show time?
Acts 3:3 Need 20140728 4759. A beggar looks for sympathy and not empathy.  Gimmes
Acts 3:4 Partner 20140804 4766.  Competition brings out the very best and worst in people.  Us is better
Acts 3:5 Expectation 20140811 4773. Appearances can be deceiving but no more than expectations. Home away
Acts 3:6 Miracles 20140818 4780. It’s a corrupt gospel to preach salvation any way but by God's grace. Show-n-tell
Acts 3:7 Healing 20140825 4787.  Miracles are what you make of them.   Only Jesus
Acts 3:8 Witness 20140901 4794. A person should have experience in what they preach. Follow through
Acts 3:9 Alive 20140908 4801. Ministry requires money and business makes it, so that should make them symbiotic.   It's alive!
Ex 14:26 Vision 20140101 4546.  God doesn't require my help, just my involvement. Today is the first day past my past
Ex 14:28 Follow 20140103 4553. Resisting God is not only futile, but it will probably make you an example. A following
Ex 14:29 Disciple 20140108 4558.  Ministry is what a Christian does naturally. Momentum
Ex 14:30 Victory 20140110 4560.  Winning makes watching bearable.  Confidence
Ex 14:31 Mission 20140115 4565. Every leader follows someone.  Lead me where?
Ex 15:1 Ministry 20140117 4567. Failure to use what God gave you renders it worthless. Sing it
Ex 15:10 Impress 20140219 4600. Thinking sin insignificant is a sinking sin. Bottoms up
Ex 15:11 Spirit 20140221 4602. Shouldn’t we at least enjoy down here what we will be doing in heaven? They did what?
Ex 15:12 Technology 20140226 4607. Technology is smart; don't let it make you dumb. Demon devices
Ex 15:13 Giving 20140227 4608. Live today to plan for tomorrow. The plan
Ex 15:14 Reputation 20140305 4614.  Momentum is momentous.  Reputedly
Ex 15:15 Predjudice 20140307 4616.  Seems to me that the place to work out prejudice is down here or we might not get a chance up there.  R E S P E C T
Ex 15:16 Victory 20140312 4621. Sin is like sugar; it tastes good going down but can kill you. Pay attention
Ex 15:17 Heaven 20140314 4623. Heaven for me is wherever Jesus is. Ortho rejection
Ex 15:18 Wonders 20140319 4628.  I love hearing "wise" men (scientists) explain God's handiwork as random, natural, coincidental and/or inconclusive.  27 days until Christmas?
Ex 15:19 Blindness 20140321 4630.  Everyone dies, but rebellion speeds up the process. Not as bad as
Ex 15:2 Abortion 20140122

4572. Who speaks for the rights of the unborn? 

Of my mother, like my father
Ex 15:20 Dancing 20140326 4635.  Don't allow your spiritual muscles to atrophy from lack of use. How is that wrong?
Ex 15:21 Praise 20140328 4637. Every problem has someone else to blame for it. Praise starter
Ex 15:22 Found 20140402 4642. You don’t find something by looking where the light is better.  Found it.
Ex 15:23 Restoration 20140404 4644. God sees value in things based on use not pretension. Looks good
Ex 15:24 Content 20140409 4649. Which comes first, whining or misery? Never "right"
Ex 15:25 Memories 20140411 4651. Today is the first day past my past.  Just Right!
Ex 15:26 Alive 20140416 4656.  A little dab of obedience will do ya—in.  Sticky sickly
Ex 15:27 Journal 20140418 4658.  If I don't tell my story, people will be left to spin it to please themselves.  Notable
Ex 15:3 Peace 20140124 4574.  To most people, peace is time to reload your weapon and not get shot. By any other name
Ex 15:4 Speech 20140129 4579. Throw caution to the wind and it will blow back in your face. What do you think?
Ex 15:5 Church 20140131 4581. Everyone dies, but stupidity can speed up the process. Carry me?
Ex 15:6 Power 20140205 4586. An idol is making God out of what you have in your hands.  What about today?
Ex 15:7 Waste 20140207 4588. Don’t worry, work will still be there tomorrow—if you are. Temporarily Permanent
Ex 15:8 Timing 20140212 4593. Fancy sounds like fantasy until God changes fiction into fact.  Too much (too soon)
Ex 15:9 Enemy 20140214 4595. It's not our physical position but our spiritual that gets God's attention. Be yourself?
Ex 16:1 Slaves 20140423 4663. Life may run you by, just don’t let it run over you Bondage is no game?
Ex 16:10 Evidence 20140522 4692. Until they ask, people generally don't care what I believe.  Watchers
Ex 16:11-12 Procrastination 20140527 4697.  Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.  Don't blink
Ex 16:13 Provisison 20140529 4699. God must enjoy watching our reactions. Precursors
Ex 16:14 Provision 20140603 4704. Memories can be bigger than life. Connections 
Ex 16:15 Perception 20140605 4706.  Treasure is hidden because it's not intended for everyone to find. Hidden treasure
Ex 16:16 Storage 20140610 4711. Organization is not just knowing where it is but having the ability to get to it. One omer, gomer
Ex 16:17 Lazy 20140612 4713.  I've proven that I can make something easy difficult and something difficult impossible. Seize the moment 
Ex 16:18 Change 20140617 4718. You can be a creative writer or a skilled typographer, but I doubt you can be both Check this out
Ex 16:19 Resources 20140619 4720. What good is a day we don't fully use?   24 hours
Ex 16:2 Complain 20140425 4665. Grumble doesn't just sound like tumble. Viral spiral
Ex 16:20 Warning 20140624 4725.  It’s interesting how instruction and destruction sound alike.  Something stinks
Ex 16:21 Time 20140626 4727.  Counting takes time.  Going, going, gone.
Ex 16:22 Prepare 20140701 4732. Opportunity is exercised by balancing liberty and responsibility. I know who's to blame
Ex 16:23 Invest 20140703 4734.   Use rather than preserve things. Righteous leftovers
Ex 16:24 Protection 20140708 4739. Cost is no factor when we justify a misnake. Testing, 123 . . .
Ex 16:25 Journal 20140710 4741.  You’re successful when you enjoy your work. But . . .
Ex 16:26 Health 20140715 4746. America - where people are paid to be lazy and expected to be dependent.  Sedentary seduction 
Ex 16:27 Sermon 20140717 4748. Stupidity is knowing the consequences and doing it anyway.  What'd he say?
Ex 16:28 Progress 20140722 4753. Of two important things, one has to be done first.  Delay n sway
Ex 16:29 Gifts 20140724 4755.  Using what's been given you is the only way to truly show appreciation.  Apprecinot
Ex 16:3 Speculation 20140430 4670.  Understanding comes from knowledge, wisdom by asking God what He thinks.  If only
Ex 16:30 Rest 20140729 4760. To wait and not doubt is godly Take a seat
Ex 16:31 Success 20140731 4762.  A man is most happy whose work is serving God. The Good Life
Ex 16:32 Remember 20140805 4767. What good are memories if you're willing to lose them?   Keepers
Ex 16:33 Remember 20140807 4769. Success leaves a trail of failures behind.  Remembertizer
Ex 16:34 Salvation 20140812 4774. The sun came up this morning and we're one day closer to the Son coming down. Whatever the cost
Ex 16:35 Food 20140814 4776.  Who wants provision when blessing is on the table? What's for dinner?
Ex 16:36 Leadership 20140819 4781. The older I get, the worse my vision gets, but the better I see. Significant obscurity
Ex 16:4 Providence 20140502 4672. Grace and grateful, two defining dictionary neighbors. Test drive
Ex 16:5 Giving 20140507 4677. Presumption doesn’t just rhyme with consumption. Givin livin
Ex 16:6 Choice 20140509 4679. An open mind is a trap unless God’s Word has the last word.  Chooser loser
Ex 16:7 Complain 20140513 4683. No problem exists that isn’t linked to another one. Right rep
Ex 16:8 Reliance 20140515 4685. Self-reliance should end where God-dependence begins. What about them?
Ex 16:9 Attention 20140520 4690.  Following Jesus is a responsibility as much as a privilege. Did I mention attention?
Ex 17:1 Follow 20140821 4783.   Association is not a relationship.  Have not, want . . .
Ex 17:10 Intercession 20140923 4816.  If everyone who claims to pray really does, where are the results? Standing strong
Ex 17:11 Persistence 20140925 4818.  It's never too late to start.  Consistent-see
Ex 17:12 Faith 20140930 4823.  Victory comes when you're tempted to quit and intensify your effort.  Hold on
Ex 17:13 Word 20141002 4825.  Proper prayer requires preparation and representation.  By what means?
Ex 17:14 Legacy 20141007 4830.  Our reputation might improve after we’re dead and we can’t live to prove it wrong.  Remember true
Ex 17:15 Altar 20141009 4832.  Our prayer life, or lack of it, reveals our relationship with God. Holy places
Ex 17:16 Remember 20141014 4837. Your emergency may not be one to me. Provocative
Ex 17:2 Leaders 20140826 4788.  Quality leadership is more accountability than authority.   Who made you boss?
Ex 17:3 Divide 20140828 4790.   If you think things can't get worse, they just did.   Down the middle, please.
Ex 17:4 Vision 20140902 4795. Discipline: the painful side of love. Easy money
Ex 17:5 Go 20140904 4797. "Go" is an attitude more than a physical movement.  Some, not all
Ex 17:6 Intimacy 20140909 4802. Intimacy should be personal, but the results public. Confident Confidant
Ex 17:7 Marker 20140911 4804. What we fail to remember, we get to experience again. Marker
Ex 17:8 Enemies 20140916 4809.  Jesus and Satan are captains of opposing teams. When you're weakest
Ex 17:9 Enemies 20140918 4811. True peace is making friends with your enemy. The right fight
Ex 18:1 Testimony 20141016 4839. Have you considered that the ends by which you justified your means may not be what you think?  Word gets out
Ex 18:10 Bondage 20141118 4872.  If the real church is on the outside of the Trojan Horse, who’s in it? Credit due
Ex 18:11 Israel 20141120 4874. Knowing something doesn't mean you understand anything.  Blended family
Ex 18:12 Fellowship 20141125 4879.  You can’t listen if you’re busy talking. Right string, wrong yo-yo 
Ex 18:13 Intercession 20141127 4881.  A grateful person lives it rather than talk it.  Holy insulation
Ex 18:14 Leadership 20141202 4886. You can be a follower and lead someone else. Responsibull delegation
Ex 18:15 Lead 20141204 4888. A leader doesn't have to be asked to lead.  Just because
Ex 18:16 Judgment 20141209 4893.  An excuse may be our reason, but it’s doubtful it’s the cause. Dispute decision
Ex 18:17 Church 20141211 4895.  Association is much easier than disassociation.  Honesty hurts
Ex 18:18 Reciprocity 20141216 4900. Expansion is not multiplication. Rut rats
Ex 18:19 Position 20141218 4902.  Position is important in prayer, but everything in intercession.  Go between
Ex 18:2 Dependent 20141021 4844. There's a time to kneel and there's a time to stand. Then is when
Ex 18:20 Lessons 20141223 4907.  Experience can be the best teacher—if you pay attention. Resolved
Ex 18:21 Leadership 20141224 4908. Doing the right thing the wrong way makes the right thing the wrong thing. Small-group scoop
Ex 18:22 Delegation 20141230 4914.  Why put off what you can delegate? Just one
Ex 18:3 Home 20141023 4846.   It's sad that most Christians run their race to not finish last. Run, Forest, run!
Ex 18:4 Blood 20141028 4851.  What could be is because of what is, not what could have been. Make the most of it
Ex 18:5 Salvation 20141030 4853.  Religion is what you make it.  Seeds or weeds
Ex 18:6 Trust 20141104 4858.   You can't win until you place yourself in the position to lose.  Fate or faith
Ex 18:7 Hospitality 20141106 4860. Friends are found where you make them.  Greet and meet
Ex 18:8 Experience 20141111 4865.  Education is good, but not as good as dedication.  Informed ascent
Ex 18:9 Trouble 10141113 4867. What is gain without loss to embellish it? JG Good and bad
Jn 3:16 Mission 20140102 4552. Every step, good or bad, begins with a lean. Will the real church please stand up?
Jn 3:17 Repentance 20140104 4554. What's an invitation without a consequence for rejection?  Turn
Jn 3:18 Witness 20140109 4559. Sadly, the best lessons are learned at a high cost.  The Name
Jn 3:19 Inspiration 20140111 4561. Discernment is judgment in the Light.  Dark challenge
Jn 3:20 Productive 20140116 4566. Don’t look so far into the future that you step in yesterday’s manure.  Why's it so dark?
Jn 3:21 Light 20140118 4568. Religion is man interpreting God's intention rather than obeying His instruction. Truth deflector
Jn 3:22 Circumstances 20140323 4632.  Wasted time is lost, not just unused. The Way
Jn 3:23 Hypocrisy 20140125 4575.   It’s never right to do wrong. Hardened backwards
Jn 3:24 Survival 20140130 4580. Each day presents an opportunity to start over.  What was
Jn 3:25 Unity 20140201 4582.  When you’re upside down, so is right-side up. Shades of right
Jn 3:26 Attraction 20140206 4587. Much like a battery, a minister must discharge his potential to avoid losing his potential. Fatal Attraction
Jn 3:27 Success 20140208 4589. A hearse isn’t made to pull a trailer. Value received
Jn 3:28 Impression 20140213 4594. Answers require asking the right question.  And who are you?
Jn 3:29 Wait 20140215 4596. A relationship is not a car you can trade-in when you tire of it. JG Friends wait
Jn 3:30 Humility 20140220 4601.  Anyone who tries to sound smart ain’t.  Intellectual bigotry

Jn 3:31

Glory 20140222 4603.  As a child grows, appreciation for their parent does too.
The real Trump Tower
Jn 3:32 Counsel 20140228 4609. God listens to those who listen.  No respect
Jn 3:33 Finishing 20140301 4610.   Finishing is accomplished by hard work, not by starting something else. Carpenter to Minister
Jn 3:34 Communicate 20140306 4615.   God never contradicts His Word. Semantics
Jn 3:35 Authority 20140308 4617. A job with responsibility and no authority is temporary. Responsible servitude
Jn 3:36 Wrath 20140313 4622. A clean desktop may be a sign of a cluttered drawer.  That's shocking
Jn 4:1 Maintenance 20140315 4624. Hardly anyone is fired for maintaining the status quo.  Blue Kool-Aide
Jn 4:10 Question 20140417 4657.  I’m not sure what the question was, but I think I avoided answering it. Incidental providence
Jn 4:11 Diligence 20140419 4659. You know how to pray when you don't want to stop and do something else.  Sourcing
Jn 4:12 Fellowship 20140424 4664. Today is my opportunity to do what I should have done yesterday. Framily
Jn 4:13 Desire 20140426 4666.  Are you satisfied or asking God to do more? Satislacsion
Jn 4:14 Assurance 20140501 4671.  You can’t have my joy, but I’ll gladly share it with you. Holy Water
Jn 4:15 Teaching 20140503 4673. Faith is believing what Jesus said even when we don’t understand it. Faith under fire
Jn 4:16 Confession 20140508 4678. Believers should do things that prove they are. First Step
Jn 4:17 Relationship 20140514 4684. If you want to see a good backstroke, go to church.  Reluctantly admissive
Jn 4:18 Application 20140516 4686. If tradition doesn’t trip you up, innovation might. Know and show
Jn 4:19 Desire 20140521 4691. Fishing is an experience, catching a fish a perk. Inspire desire
Jn 4:2 Disciple 20140320 4629. A disciple will disciple a disciple. By any other term
Jn 4:20 Paganism 20140523 4693. You're a pagan when religion is your god. Door crack
Jn 4:21 Denomination 20140528 4698. Denomination: an antonym for reconciliation. That was then
Jn 4:22 Intercession 20140530 4700.   It's not what but who you know that matters.  Knowing is going
Jn 4:23 Conviction 20140604 4705. Don’t make the things you need to do, things you wish you'd done.  ETA = zero minutes
Jn 4:24 Truth 20140606 4707.  Fear is a God-thing.   Will the real God . . .
Jn 4:25 Denomination 20140611 4712.  If the word denomination is not spoken in heaven, then it must be a hellish word. Blasking (basking in blindness)
Jn 4:26 Words 20140613 4714. Copies are never better than the original.  In-sourcing
Jn 4:27 Disciple 20140618 4719.  Disciples make disciples.  Do you want it?
Jn 4:28 Plans 20140620 4721.  Revival is a fresh start, not picking up where we left off. The best laid ones
Jn 4:29 Confirmation 20140625 4726. Why ask a question if you don't want to know the answer?   Delivery man
Jn 4:3 Business 20140322 4631. Smart is knowing what NOT to do. DSO
Jn 4:30 Invitation 20140627 4728.   Procrastination gives fear and dread time to grow.  Polite invite
Jn 4:31 Conventional 20140702 4733.  It’s not smart to call someone stupid, stupid.  Normality
Jn 4:32 Teachable 20140704 4735. Every gaping hole begins with a hairline crack.  Ignoramuses
Jn 4:33 Conviction 20140709 4740. Frustration is the birthing room of passion. Bad association
Jn 4:34 Finish 20140711 4742.  Who races and doesn't sweat?  Blind inhibition
Jn 4:35 Revelation 20140716 4747.  What is fantasy to some is fantastic to others.  Deniable doubt 
Jn 4:36 Fellowship


4749. Partial obedience is disobedience Fellowslop 
Jn 4:37 Quote 20140723 4754.   I double-dog dare you to say something original.  Eh?
Jn 4:38 Discipleship 20140725 4756.   Friends are where you make them. Ole Eb
Jn 4:39 Ministers 20140730 4761. God doesn’t need a tag-team partner. Teem work
Jn 4:4 Disipleship 20140327 4636. My availability should exceed my ability.  A & C
Jn 4:40 Fellowship 20140801 4763.   Too often prayer is the first thing mentioned and the last thing done. Just ask
Jn 4:41 Words 20140806 4768. To know someone requires that you follow them and talk with them. Choose well
Jn 4:42 Convince 20140808 4770. It’s not the 99.9 percent that concerns me. Convince me
Jn 4:43 Rest 20140813 4775.   Something is only finished when you stop changing it. Getaway
Jn 4:44 Lazy 20140815 4777.   Aspiration becomes reality by doubting the doubters.  NO way!
Jn 4:45 Witness 20140820 4782.  My life is my witness and my words answer questions.  You never know
Jn 4:46 Memory 20140822 4784. Challenge is writing past tense from a future perspective. Driveby recollection
Jn 4:47 Healing 20140827 4789. Gains come by losing something. No excuse

Jn 4:48

Fads 20140829 4791. Faith is the only thing pleasing to God. The right word
Jn 4:49 Watch 20140903 4796. Knowing the answer doesn't mean drawing the right conclusion.  What do you see?
Jn 4:5 History 20140329 4638. What will people say of you when they remember this day? A moment
Jn 4:50 Obedience 20140905 4798.   Ignorance, like water, seeks it own level.  Don't count thatt
Jn 4:51 Trust 20140910 4803. To walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.    Intercessor
Jn 4:52 Providence 20140912 4805. Great things come by way of troublesome situations.   Leap, then look
Jn 4:53 Confirmation 20140917 4810.   Confirmation is powerful incentive, or at least it should be.  All I need
Jn 4:54 Perception 20140919 4812. Perception is seldom a good representation of reality.  Second something
Jn 4:6 Minister 20140403 4643.  Freedom is not free. Smack dab
Jn 4:7 Solution 20140405 4645.  What good is an answer without a question?  Just ask
Jn 4:8 Belief 20140410 4650.  A Christian lives for the reward; a disciple for the experience. Discipling
Jn 4:9 Memories 20140412 4652.   Living things get old. Oldies are goodies
Jn 5:1 Time 20140924 4817. Time is a resource and what’s spent is history; what’s left will be. Watch it!
Jn 5:10 Offend 20141024 4847. The only person to stop a fight is the offended person. Found another one
Jn 5:11 Deception 20141029 4852.  Anything contrary to God's Word is wrong, even if only slightly. Authorize me
Jn 5:12 Paganism 20141031 4854.   What we see is not as important as what we can't.  Holyween
Jn 5:13 Association 20141105 4859. Association creates more bad than good conclusions.  Face time
Jn 5:14 Grateful 20141107 4861. Doing nothing is doing something—bad.  Make waves
Jn 5:15 Law 20141112 4866.  To most people, obeying the law means not getting caught breaking it. Credit check
Jn 5:16 Truth 20141114 4868. What we see may not be as important as what we can't.  Say when
Jn 5:17 Time 20141119 4873.   Doing nothing is a waste of time.  Action Panel
Jn 5:18 Congregation 20141121 4875. Why discuss what someone has decided to ignore?  Do the math
Jn 5:19 Will, God's 20141126 4880.   Who hopes to find anything looking where the light is better?  Motigation
Jn 5:2 Places 20140926 4819.   If you're looking for people, you have to go where they are.   The right place
Jn 5:20 Blind 20141128 4882.   Blindness is not limited to eyesight. Look again
Jn 5:21 Future 20141203 4887. I've already told you more than I know. Lifeline
Jn 5:22 Decision 20141205 4889.  Nothing can influence me that I won't allow to do so. I beg to differ
Jn 5:23 Honor 20141210 4894. Generational degradation doesn’t just apply to making copies. Disassociative diss 
Jn 5:24 Impressions 20141212 4896.  Peace is having nothing to hide, power nothing to fear.  Purple is nice
Jn 5:25 Listen 20141217 4901.  Fail to pay attention and someone else will. Huh?
Jn 5:26 Experience 20141219 4903. A good story can impress the hard to impress. Genetics & God
Jn 5:27 Christmas 20141225 4909. Yesterday was, today is and tomorrow might be. Trumpet topper
Jn 5:3 Disabled 20141001 4824. Won't do is not even related to can't do.   What's in your wallet? 
Jn 5:4 Error 20141003 4826. Most people are like a pot looking for a kettle.  Out of the box
Jn 5:5 Deliverance 20141008 4831. While you were dreaming, the clock was ticking.  No, thank you
Jn 5:6 Translation 20141010 4833. Change is a product of desperately wanting it.    Responsible reader
Jn 5:7 Waiting 20141015 4838. Opportunity is more visible in-line than at the front.   Weighting
Jn 5:8 Embarrassed 20141017 4840. Confession loosens the grip sin has on my life.  Save my place
Jn 5:9 Witness 20141022 4845.  What good are answers without questions?  Ask me
Jn. 5:28 Listen 20141226 4910.  Too much time is spent defending the indefensible.  Stop n shock
Jn. 5:29 Judgment 20141231 4915. Be careful,  don't step on all the bases and miss home plate. Tick tock
Pr 13:12 Hope 20140310 4619. Nothing can prepare a person to lose something.  Not even close
Pr 13:13 Instruction 20140317 4626. Apathy is sin, a.k.a., not doing what you know you should. Show me the docs
Pr 13:14 Student 20140324 4633. Slowing down the inevitable allows you to see it run over you in slow motion. Learn and yearn
Pr 13:15 Teach 20140331 4640. The problem with patching something is thinking it's fixed. Finish it
Pr 13:16 Religion 20140407 4647. Knowledge is good if correct and condemning if not.  Saints ain't
Pr 13:17 Messenger 20140414 4654. I’ve already told you more than I know. Hark the Herald
Pr 13:18 Correction 20140421 4661. Peace is having nothing to hide; power nothing to fear. Dull Sword
Pr 13:19 Success 20140428 4668. Inconvenience, the spark of invention or contention. Sweet dreams
Pr 13:20 Influence 20140505 4675. Flattery recognizes what someone has accomplished, praise what God did in them. Pointy-eared friends
Pr 13:21 Mothers 20140511 4681. Misery is earned and peace learned. Piece makers
Pr 13:22 Reward 20140518 4688. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.  Give a little, get a lot
Pr 13:23 Testing 20140525 4695. What good is opportunity you never explore?  Rain River
Pr 13:24 Discipline 20140601 4702. Sometimes good things look bad. Boundaries
Pr 13:25 Contentment 20140608 4709. Prayer is spending time with God and talking—if necessary.  Content lament
Pr 13:3 Blunder 20140106 4556. I'd watch my mouth but I can't see it.  Forget-me-not?
Pr. 13:10 Advice 20140224 4605. You can hear, but you can't listen if you're always talking.  Never mind
Pr. 13:11 Money 20140303 4612. Truth fits both the front and back end of a conversation.  Get poor quick-scheme
Pr. 13:4 Desire 20140113 4563. Closing my eyes doesn't make me invisible. Insatiable satisfaction
Pr. 13:5 Sin 20140120 4570. In every negotiation, someone loses. Differential
Pr. 13:6 Righteousness 20140127 4577. The Senate Intelligence Committee should be Webster's example of an oxymoron.  It's in there
Pr. 13:7 Influence 20140203 4584. It’s never too late to do the right thing—unless you’re dead. For what it's worth
Pr. 13:8 Dependence 20140210 4591. Don’t be a sponge if you don’t like being squeezed. Hunting season
Pr. 13:9 Learn 20140217 4598. What we did is not nearly as important as what we are doing. Two shoes
Pr. 14:1 Marriage 20140615 4716. Friends who are our collateral damage may not be for long.  DMZ
Pr. 14:10 Depression 20140817 4779.   You can close your eyes, but not forever.  Inner voice
Pr. 14:11 Possessions 20140824 4786. Where you live is not as important as where you stay This lil house
Pr. 14:12 Plan 20140831 4793. Success is judged by potential.   Did I mention intention?
Pr. 14:13 Racism 20140907 4800.  God doesn’t wink at sin. Serious as sin
Pr. 14:14 Faith 20140914 4807. My faith is proportional to my need for God. Two sides
Pr. 14:15 Reason 20140921 4814. A right answer might pass a test, but ignoring the correct one makes you stupid. 
Critical tease
Pr. 14:16 Foolish 20140928 4821. Nonsense: the language of fools. Rode rage
Pr. 14:17 Impulse 20141005 4828. How can you redeem time if you fail to keep account? Slow go
Pr. 14:18 Teach 20141012 4835.   Doing the right thing usually means cleaning up a mess first. Learning craze
Pr. 14:19 Righteous 20141019 4842. Fine print should be illegal.  Ho, ho, ho
Pr. 14:2 Jerusalem 20140622 4723.   God is not enabled by our decisions, but we by His.  Rock a bye, baby
Pr. 14:20 Application 20141026 4849. What good is truth you never put to the test?  Truth talks & walks
Pr. 14:21 Share 20141102 4856.  It is not kind to make someone dependent. Hurtful kindness
Pr. 14:22 Plan 20141109 4863.  "First things first" is what most understand but few practice.  Planit
Pr. 14:23 Discipleship 20141116 4870.  Profit is having more than you had; prosperity is seeing it multiply. Gainster
Pr. 14:24 Wealth 20141123 4877. Attitude determines altitude when it comes to getting to the top. Family
Pr. 14:25 Oath 20141130 4884.  With two differing opinions, one is better and possibly correct. So help me
Pr. 14:26 Maturity 20141207 4891.  Trust is planting expectation in someone else.  Pass it forward
Pr. 14:27 Feeling 20141214 4898.  Feeling has absolutely no bearing on fact. Watch out!
Pr. 14:28 Connection 20141221 4905. Everyone follows someone. Social light
Pr. 14:29 Patience 20141228 4912. Today sets tomorrow in motion.  BTB
Pr. 14:3 Teachers 20140629 4730.  A teacher can shape a student, but only hope to control a crowd.  Teachy epiphany
Pr. 14:4 Restoration 20140706 4737. Hardship: the mother of creativity.  Radical turn
Pr. 14:5 Deception 20140713 4744. A politician says what gets him elected, a statesman does what’s right.  Elect me and see 
Pr. 14:6 Journal 20140720 4751.  Silence speaks volumes. Up, down, all around 
Pr. 14:7 Foolish 20140727 4758. I've already told you more than I know. Maljunction
Pr. 14:8 Deception 20140803 4765.  Being a persuasive liar takes practice and a lot of Rolaids.  Proverbial genius
Pr. 14:9 Disagreement 20140810 4772.  Reaching the world begins by walking across the aisle Excuse me?
Ps 25:1 Trust 20140105 4555.  Confidence comes from spending time in the Word and prayer. God's doodles
Ps 25:10 Lesson 20140309 4618. Honor God’s Word to be blessed, but obey it to please Him. Demand keepers
Ps 25:11 Discipleship 20140316 4625. Possession requires confession. A worthy project
Ps 25:12 Listen 20140123 4573. Exceptionalism comes by consistently making right choices. Teachers galore
Ps 25:13 Prosperity 20140330 4639. Second-hand is first-hand to a grateful person.  Fixer-upper
Ps 25:14 Election 20140406 4646.  Scripture was inspired by the Holy Spirit, not Calvinists or Armenians.  Attack dogs
Ps 25:15 Purity 20140413 4653. We already know what we need to do; will one more sermon make us do it?  Look at me
Ps 25:16 Aged 20140420 4660.  A senior discount makes up for a little gray. Oldielocks
Ps 25:17 Worry 20140427 4667. Forgiving ourselves should preclude as king someone else to forgive us. Worry warts
Ps 25:18 Kingdom 20140504 4674.  Heaven and hell may be close in the dictionary, but the space between them is impassable. 1M
Ps 25:19 Addiction 20140510 4680.   Experimentation is dangerous if you can't avoid addiction. Enemy friendly
Ps 25:2 Shame 20140112 4562. Shame is expecting something for nothing. Dependable
Ps 25:20 Graduation 20140517 4687.  Bars aren’t required to make a jail.  Save me—from myself
Ps 25:21 Skills 20140524 4694. It’s easy to find work; getting paid is the challenge.  Paid student
Ps 25:22 Clean 20140531 4701.  Sin is like a splinter; you can’t heal until you dig it out. Trouble-maker
Ps 25:3 Grace 20140119 4569. It's not a shame to admit you don't know something, but it is to know and not do something.  Without cause
Ps 25:4 Disciple 20140126 4576. If you're going to witness, learn your multiplication table. Teach me
Ps 25:5 Follow 20140202 4583. A disciple is someone worthy of your attention. One and/or the other
Ps 25:6 Trust 20140209 4590. Believing God is requisite to trusting Him.  Trust it
Ps 25:7 Forget 20140216 4597.   Why remind God of what He has forgotten unless we don't think He has?  Don't look
Ps 25:8 Conviction 20140223 4604. Everything cost someone something. Someone else
Ps 25:9 Busy 20140302 4611. God’s reveals Himself to those who are seeking Him. His Way
Ps 26:1 Vindicate 20140607 4708.  Revival is a term not found in the Bible.  Against the grain
Ps 26:10 Crime 20140809 4771. A lawyer views someone else’s problem as his provision. The edge
Ps 26:11 Mercy 20140816 4778.  God's mercy exceeds my stupidity more times than I can count.  Near miss
Ps 26:12 Balance 20140823 4785.   It takes two hills to make a valley. Steady ready
Ps 26:2 Test 20140614 4715. Talking is not doing. Quiz kid
Ps 26:3 Journal 20140621 4722. Hope is depending on Him who has never failed.  What will
Ps 26:4 Church 20140628 4729. Evangelism is doing a job halfway.   Bud up 
Ps 26:5 Deception 20140705 4736.  What good is a promise you never claim?  Member misery
Ps 26:6 Confession 20140712 4743. God's help is found in the fire and not running from it.  Confessabob
Ps 26:7 Testimony 20140719 4750.  Who catches fish and doesn’t fish?  Second-handed
Ps 26:8 Glory 20140726 4757.  Having a relationship with God is more than having knowledge of Him.  Dwelling place
Ps 26:9 Greatness 20140802 4764. Greatness is made, not born. Look, Daddy, look.
Ps 27:1 Trouble 20140830 4792.  Peace is not the absence of trouble, but confidence through it. Double trouble
Ps 27:10 Trust 20141101 4855.  If failure is not an option, why is losing so easy? Depend on it
Ps 27:11 Neglect 20141108 4862. Fail to pay attention and you’ll get what you don’t want.  Way watchers
Ps 27:12 Accusation 20141115 4869. Getting approval allows others to be included in your bad decisions.  Fodder folly
Ps 27:13 Wed 20141122 4876.  Harold and Suzann Special day
Ps 27:14 Waiting 20141129 4883. Waiting is not time to conspire ways not to wait.  And I helped
Ps 27:2 Fear 20140906 4799. Fear shouldn't be wasted on what can't hurt you.  Gettin closer
Ps 27:3 Worry 20140913 4806. Some people need to prioritize their frets.  Wart
Ps 27:4 Heaven 20140920 4813.  Heaven is reserved for those with it in their hearts.  Why not now?
Ps 27:5 Trouble 20140927 4820. A recession-proof business is an oxymoron. The coming storm
Ps 27:6 Praise 20141004 4827.  A chain reaction is only stopped by someone's refusal to react.  When then?
Ps 27:7 Prayer 20141011 4834. Why ask if you already know the answer?  Willy wonty (Will he, won't he)
Ps 27:8 Reference 20141018 4841. To really know someone, you need to follow and watch them.  Watching
Ps 27:9 Fear 20141025 4848.  My only fear is forgetting my Strength. Fear merely near
Ps 28:1 Prayer 20141206 4890. One moment in glory makes a lifetime on earth slight memory.  Heaven for me
Ps 28:2 Mercy 20141213 4897. Choosing one thing is a rejection of something else.  Holy disconnect
Ps 28:3 Malice 20141220 4904.  Doing nothing is doing something. Holy malice?
Ps 28:4 Transgression 20141227 4911.    In the same way a pew can pull people together, a row can separate them. Draw me nearer