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Devotional Tuesday Sept. 15, 2015 258/108

Today's Scripture: "If men contend with each other, and one strikes the other with a stone or with his fist, and he does not die but is confined to his bed," Ex 21:18

5174. I’m used to being knocked down, but being held down is another matter. JG


See it.

One man's game

Live it.

It's interesting how the apostle Paul compared the believer's life to running a race. That should be a good analogy for our "gamer" generation, but most of us run the race not to lose rather than win. Last night I summed up the fourth session on spirituality using the race example to challenge the men in rehab. I congratulated them for competing for second place. They were shocked I didn't say they could win. That's because if they're going to run with me, they shouldn't expect me to slow down much less stop. Are you seeking God with that tenacity or simply playing church?

Pray it.

Help me to not lose focus on You, Lord, when I must look at other things.


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