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Devotional - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 279/87

Today's Scripture: "But there are some of you who do not believe. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him." Jn 6:64

5194.Is it a coincidence that seminary rhymes with cemetery? JG


See it.

Listen or do?

Live it.

Having listened to thousands of sermons in my life, I offer this advice to pulpiteers. First, get your nose out of your notes and look at those to whom you're speaking. Thirdly, invite and expect questions and comments that you address without getting off track. Finally, finish on time and leave a question in the minds of those who heard you. Having said that, the best advice is to preach from personal experience and not someone elses.

After I opened a class with prayer last night, two hands were raised. One asked how he could be sure he's saved. The other wanted to know how to know God's will when it came to making a decision. They didn't know I was going to discuss the Lordship of Christ. After dealing with their questions, I used them to make points in my discussion and ended with asking them who was boss of their life. My point? The difference between preaching and teaching is one delivers information people should be discovering on their own, and the other helps them know how they can begin living God's Word and not simply hearing it.

Pray it.

You've shown me Your Word, God, and inspired me to live it; I need Your help to do it.


Keywords: Preach; Deny; Believe
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This Day in History

God is for those who are righteous and against those who are not! (2000)
Liberty is a gift but freedom must be earned in every generation. (2001)
God loves sinners so much He allows them to reject His gift of salvation. (2002)
Faith without action to back it up is just religious chatter. (2003)
Your salvation is best judged by what you do when no one is looking. (2004)
We may forget God, but He won't forget us. (2005)
Hard work prepares us to do something in the future we can't anticipate (2007)
Deception begins when we are willing to have someone believe a lie. (2008)
Employee rights end with "I'm sorry, we don't need you any more." (2009)
Who will tell your children of God's work in your life if you don't? (2010)
Opinions don't matter when you're with Jesus. (2011)
Judging how most of us live, Scripture uses invisible ink. (2012)
It's impossible to avoid offending someone. (2013)
Excuses are seldom the real reason. (2014)

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