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Acts 3:26 Wicked 20150104 4919. Consequences are reminders to stop doing what you’re doing. Repugnancy
Acts 4:1 Audience 20150111 4926. Success won’t be found in my comfort zone. Motivate me
Acts 4:10 Relationship 20150308 4982. Good things sometime come wrapped in dark paper. About me
Acts 4:11 Israel 20150315 4989. What I believe is irrelevant unless it’s what God believes. Obvious oblivious
Acts 4:12 Judgment 20150329 5003. In the end, it doesn’t matter what we thought. Servant vet
Acts 4:13 Resurrection 20150405 5010.  Easter falls on Resurrection Sunday and not the other way around.  He is Risen!
Acts 4:14 Belief 20150412 5017.  Evidence requires nothing but belief.  Eviquench
Acts 4:15-16 Denial 20150419 5024. Proof accomplishes what arguments deny.  Deny it and buy it
Acts 4:17 Threat 20150426 5031. Ignorance has no enemy, but threat and insult will make one. The unveiling
Acts 4:18 Threat 20150503 5038. Using a person’s name is the only way to remember it.  Zip it
Acts 4:19 Boldness 20150510 5045.  Don't ask if you don't want to know. A.D.
Acts 4:2 Preach 20150118 4933. Change requires vacating a previous decision. What moves you?
Acts 4:20 Truth 20150517 5052.   Don't allow your brain to atrophy from lack of use. JG Beceiver
Acts 4:21 Favor 20150524 5059. It never hurts to do wrong—at first. Favor savor
Acts 4:22 Youth 20150531 5066. If I'm alive, there's a reason.  Value it while you have it.
Acts 4:23 Communication 20150607 5073. Growth is the result of not being dead. Separnation
Acts 4:25 Rage 20150621 5087. A friend is someone who won’t always agree with you. Positional preposition
Acts 4:26 Toleration 20150628 5094. Having a choice is good, unless you can't tell right from wrong. Contagious reprobatis
Acts 4:27 Delusion 20150705 5101. Faithfulness is proving what we profess. Lane change
Acts 4:28 Plans 20150712 5108. It would be better if some plans didn't work out. Great Pretenders
Acts 4:29 Bold 20150719 5115. Persistence is passion on fire. Minions are real
Acts 4:3 Threats 20150125 4940.   The evil we wish on others can quickly become a boomerang. Capacitance
Acts 4:30 Miracles 20150726 5122. What you fail to use, you may lose. Evidentally
Acts 4:31 Church 20150802 5129. Loving God is speaking His word to those who don't know it. Churchianity
Acts 4:32 Majority 20150809 5136. If tradition doesn't pull you down, innovation may do you in. All for one
Acts 4:33 Grace 20150816 5143. I have more friends on social media than I know. Grace amazes
Acts 4:34 Giving 20150823 5150. It's funny how "finding" God's will, confirms what someone plans to do anyway. Godly foundations
Acts 4:35 Service 20150830 5157. . A snooze alarm could be called a lose alarm. Futball calling
Acts 4:36 Name 20150906 5164. Something is only finished when you stop changing it. Call me sometime
Acts 4:4 Hope 20150201 4947.   A ringer tops a leaner—every time. Believe & receive
Acts 4:5-6 Conversion 20150208 4954. To know someone, you need to follow and watch them.  CEO
Acts 4:7 Power 20150215 4961. What slows one person down invigorates another.  Bizzzzy
Acts 4:8 Impression 20150222 4968.  My highest calling is to be a godly example.  Winners
Acts 4:9 Cause 20150301 4975.  Ignorance might be the last stop on the highway to destruction.  Plausible ignorance
Acts 5:1 Church 20150920 5178. It’s never right to do wrong. Conditional charity
Acts 5:10 Life 20151122 5241. What were you doing whilst the clock was ticking? Passing by
Acts 5:11 Trust 20151129 5248. Insight is seeing what most don’t, initiative is acting on it. Believe you me
Acts 5:13 Church 20151213 5262. God deserves more than our time between twilight and sunset. I can wait
Acts 5:14 Church 20151220 5269. There’s a reason why doors are closed. Growth or moans
Acts 5:15 Ministry 20151227 5276. Keeping score doesn’t always identify the winner. Kick starter
Acts 5:2 Giving 20150927 5185. Frustration is buying what you already have but can’t find. Seen unseen
Acts 5:3 Honesty 20151004 5192. Problems are exposed by identifying what’s not.  It's how that matters
Acts 5:4 Issues 20151011 5199. Sometimes hiding something makes it more obvious. Underneath
Acts 5:5 Life 20151018 5206. Take something for granted and watch it disappear. COD: GOD
Acts 5:6 Lie 20151025 5213. The best lessons cost someone. What's behind?
Acts 5:7 Secret 20151101 5220.  Understanding comes from knowing right from wrong—according to God.  No way.
Acts 5:8 Facts 20151108 5227. Actions reveal what words might conceal. To be sure
Acts 5:9 Guilt 20151115 5234. A question should have only one correct answer. Conspiring silence
Ex 18:23 Delegate 20150105 4920.   The only way to avoid offending someone is . . .  wait, I’m thinking. JG Plans, stands and fans
Ex 18:24 Ignorance 20150107 4922. When God opens a door, why gawk when you can walk?  Hear nay
Ex 18:24 Home 20150112 4927. Friends are where you make them.  Place, space and lace
Ex 18:25 Ministry 20150114 4929. You can’t find anything of value by looking where the light is better.  People picker
Ex 18:26 Accomplishment 20150119 4934. Big things are achieved by small advances.  D-I-WHY
Ex 18:27 Plans 20150121 4936.  Planners should come with a highlighter, white-out, and red pen. On your own now
Ex 19:1 Creativity 20150126 4941. Hardship: the mother of creativity.
Hot and ready?
Ex 19:10 Consecration 20150225 4971.   The first step in doing right is to clean up our mess. Behind the ears, please.
Ex 19:11 See 20150302 4976.  You can’t see what you refuse to look at. Eazy peazy
Ex 19:12 Boundary 20150304 4978. Boundaries are not restrictive as much as defining a safe zone. Pack it in
Ex 19:13 Authentic 20150309 4983. What rational person finds fault with the person who is paying them? Comply or die
Ex 19:14 Sanctify 20150311 4985. Bad actions are not justified by what we consider a good result.  Why not?
Ex 19:15 Equipped 20150316 4990.   The only excuse for ignorance is ignorance. Prepped
Ex 19:16 Fear 20150318 4992. Just looking doesn’t mean you will see anything. Attention please
Ex 19:17 Sanctuary 20150323 4997. Slowing down the inevitable lets you see it run over you in slow motion. Step out
Ex 19:18 Power 20150325 4999. Seeking attention is a sign of insecurity, getting it power.  Fire power
Ex 19:19 Answers 20150330 5004. Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday. Deadly embrace
Ex 19:2 Trust 20150128 4943.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what we thought. Power Planner
Ex 19:20 Passover 20150401 5006. Loving someone is telling them what God wants them to know. The called
Ex 19:21 Appointment 20150406 5011. It takes two to make an appointment, but only one to cancel it.  RSVP only
Ex 19:22 Addiction 20150408 5013.  I confess my addiction to spend more time with Jesus today than I did yesterday.  Sinking sand
Ex 19:23 Fellowship 20150413 5018. In the end, relationships are all that matter.  Together
Ex 19:24 Approach 20150415 5020.  A thorn in the flesh is a reminder more than a hindrance.  Break through
Ex 19:25 Speech 20150420 5025.  When we go in His name, God goes with us.  Meeting of the hinds
Ex 19:3 Word 20150202 4948. You can’t listen if you’re busy talking.  Poke me
Ex 19:4 Rescue 20150204 4950. Knowing something doesn't mean we understand anything What a trip
Ex 19:5 Favor 20150209 4955.  Relationships are worth the time spent developing them. Perferency
Ex 19:6 Family 20150211 4957. The opportunities afforded me make me unique. Differing similarities
Ex 19:7 Translation 20150216 4962.   For you to know, someone had to tell you.  Informed dissent
Ex 19:8 Service 20150218 4964. What I did yesterday is less important than what I will do today. New orders
Ex 19:9 Attention 20150223 4969.  Getting attention is far easier than keeping it. Gotcha
Ex 20:10 Responsible 20150521 5056.  Knowing right is no substitute for doing it. Origins
Ex 20:11 Rest 20150525 5060.   Finish before you’re finished and you’re finished.  Dun
Ex 20:12 Life 20150527 5062. What good is knowledge you never put to use? Promise premise
Ex 20:1-2 Reputation 20150422 5027. Reputations are not always a good representation of who we are. Mr. Studebaker, I presume
Ex 20:13 Murder 20150601 5067.  Slander is murder that slings mud and blood. I confess; it was him!
Ex 20:14 Sin 20150603 5069. Spending time is an investment that shows what we value. Stray sway
Ex 20:15 Steal 20150608 5074. We should not confuse God's love of sinners as a tolerance for sin. Are you certain?
Ex 20:16 Deception 20150610 5076. I've already told you more than I know. Nothing but
Ex 20:17 Covet 20150615 5081. A person’s greatest need seldom involves money. Mal-wear
Ex 20:18 Respect 20150617 5083. Closing my eyes doesn’t make me invisible. Sheer fear
Ex 20:19 Word 20150622 5088.  Problems are corrected at the root level. Plausible rejectability
Ex 20:20 Test 20150624 5090. Hearing part of the story often can lead to the wrong conclusion. Pop culture
Ex 20:21 Faith 20150629 5095. The secret to getting ahead is first thinking you can.  Anointed appointed
Ex 20:22 Plan 20150701 5097.   If I don’t write it down, I’m willing to forget it. Trackers
Ex 20:23 Idols 20150706 5102. To do the right thing we need the right instruction manual. PlusX
Ex 20:24 Blessing 20150708 5104. Blessing comes by being in the right place at the right time. Best blest
Ex 20:25 Consecrate 20150713 5109. Cost and value are not relative. Origin-ale
Ex 20:3 First 20150427 5032. You can’t finish what you never start. First
Ex 20:4 Holy 20150429 5034. Exceptionalism: consistently making right choices. If not you
Ex 20:5 Idols 20150504 5039. What you do reveals what you believe.  Time Lord
Ex 20:6 Mercy 20150506 5041. Understanding comes from applying truth, not knowledge. Greasy grace?
Ex 20:7 Vain 20150511 5046. No plan to win is surrender by another name. Don't waste it
Ex 20:8 Sabbath 20150513 5048. It’s what you do that matters and not what you believe.  Synagod
Ex 20:9 Energy 20150518 5053. Reaching a goal is a result of working to reach it.  Rest test
Ex 21:1 Boundary 20150720 5116.We need boundaries to establish what is in-bounds. Framed
Ex 21:10 Respect 20150819 5146. Friends made collateral damage may not be for long. So long, goodbye, auf wiedersehen
Ex 21:11 Resolution 20150824 5151. Desire is the spark plug of change. Crossing and dotting
Ex 21:13 Closet 20150831 5158. Conviction is not a group activity. Solo flight
Ex 21:14 Murder 20150902 5160. Presumption precedes consumption. Intention intervention
Ex 21:15 Children 20150907 5165. Aren't you glad they don’t stone kids anymore? I’m too young to die. Deter Defer
Ex 21:16 Ignorance 20150909 5167. Attending a worship service is a poor substitute for praying. Second-hand sin
Ex 21:17 Respect 20150914 5172. Unresolved conflicts create new ones. No Shirley
Ex 21:18 Compete 20150915 5173. I’m used to being knocked down, but being held down is another matter. One man's game
Ex 21:19 Servant 20150921 5179. Slavery: making and keeping someone dependent. Entitlement decrement
Ex 21:2 Bondage 20150722 5118.When a door opens, don’t ignore it but don’t rush in either. Time served
Ex 21:20 Consequence 20150923 5181. .It’s too late to ask forgiveness standing over a casket. Pet sentimentary
Ex 21:21 Ownership 20150928 5186. Worry is proportional to the amount of stuff we think we own. Title loan
Ex 21:22 Justice 20150930 5188. Trouble is what you make it. You started it.
Ex 21:23 Harm 20151005 5193. It’s curious that exercising caution is ridiculed by those who don’t.
Critical mass
Ex 21:24 Justice 20151007 5195. Pay-back is not just a negative term. The dark side
Ex 21:26 Beggar 20151014 5202. The blade of criticism swings both ways. Deficiency efficiency
Ex 21:27 Debt 20151019 5207. In every negotiation, someone gives up something. Tooth detector
Ex 21:29 Neglect 20151026 5214. It's what we don't see that should concern us. Responsi-Bull
Ex 21:3 Relationships 20150727 5123.Treasure your memories, if only for your children’s sake. As you were
Ex 21:30 Obligation 20151028 5216. I should not expect someone else to pay for my conviction. No cost too high
Ex 21:31 Influence 20151102 5221. Emulation is a short-cut greatness doesn't take. Impartial influence
Ex 21:32 Retribution 20151104 5223. Liberty is a responsibility and not a right. Furry feline
Ex 21:33 Careless 20151109 5228. No one should have to face an enemy made stronger by my neglect. Carefall
Ex 21:34 Payment 20151111 5230. When it comes to owning things, exactly who owns who? P.I. Payday
Ex 21:35 Law 20151116 5235. It’s lazy to only consider what’s obvious. Rule Giver/Taker
Ex 21:36 Responsible 20151118 5237. Success is graded on the curve. Inclined to decline
Ex 21:4 Morality 20150729 5125. Character costs, but it pays—big In-source it
Ex 21:5 Change 20150803 5130. For things to change, we must change first. One man's prison
Ex 21:6 Servant 20150805 5132. Servitude is marked by allegiance as much as obligation. Awl awe
Ex 21:7 Decision 20150810 5137. One person's promised land is another's wilderness and vice versa. Choice cut
Ex 21:8 Vow 20150812 5139. Temptation wants you to fail, testing to prevail. It takes two
Ex 21:9 Daughter 20150817 5144. I’d write a book about women but my wife won’t stop laughing and talk to me. Family biz
Ex 22:1 Debt 20151123 5242. Payback is both a positive and negative term. With what?
Ex 22:10 Offense 20151223 5272. I can understand your hysteria; it's you being historical that really bothers me. Things happen
Ex 22:11 Agreement 20151228 5277.  The good thing about shaking the hand of some people is knowing where at least one of them is. 
Skewed scrutiny
Ex 22:12 Possessions 20151230 5279. Second-hand is first-hand to someone else. Careful criminal
Ex 22:3 Restitution 20151130 5249. Sometimes it seems my ditches have ditches Redestitute
Ex 22:4 Guilty 20151202 5251. Why is it that everyone but me makes misnakes? Not even close
Ex 22:5 Ownership 20151207 5256. Saying something is new exposes what we don't know. It's Yours
Ex 22:6 Steal 20151209 5258. There are not enough jails to hold people with evil intent. Not again
Ex 22:7 Helpless 20151214 5263. If failure is not an option, why is it so easy? Fire starter
Ex 22:8 Possession 20151216 5265. Possession is a responsibility a wise man doesn’t want. Homeless enabler
Ex 22:9 Settlement 20151221 5270. A good teacher makes the complex understandable. Even steven
Jn 5:30 Battles 20150101 4916. The older I get, the worse my vision gets but the better I see. Little help
Jn 5:31 Testimony 20150106 4921. False humility is arrogance by another name. Self-demotion
Jn 5:32 Manipulation 20150108 4923. Truth ends where the stretching begins.  Straight speak
Jn 5:33 Fulfillment 20150113 4928. He who thinks himself something just proved he isn’t.  Pass through
Jn 5:34 Credentials 20150115 4930. Explaining yourself to some people is a waste of time—yours and theirs. Whatever it takes
Jn 5:35 See 20150120 4935. Doing wrong is ignoring right. Look again, Sam.
Jn 5:36 Prayertower 20150124 4939. A day should not begin with small carryovers. Finisher
Jn 5:37 Theology 20150127 4942. Harmony begins by agreement in principle. The One and only
Jn 5:38 Word 20150129 4944.  I don’t have an answer for everything, but I know Who does.  The Haves and Nots
Jn 5:39 Impression 20150203 4949. Don’t be average when you can be exceptional.  You can never tell
Jn 5:40 Decision 20150205 4951.  Neglect is the first step toward self-destruction.  Life Saver
Jn 5:41 Honor 20150210 4956.   You can’t legislate respect. Near miss
Jn 5:42 Discernment 20150212 4958. Deny the obvious—if you enjoy living on the edge. Obviously oblivious
Jn 5:43 Popular 20150217 4963. What I think is right will be left to someone else. Diss miss
Jn 5:44 Honor 20150219 4965. Honor is what you get from showing it.  About Me
Jn 5:45 Trust 20150224 4970. A prophet gets more cynical the more his message is ignored.  Tell someone who cares
Jn 5:46 Evidence 20150226 4972. Knowing something is not nearly as important as acting on it. Life-flavored pudding
Jn 5:47 Understanding 20150303 4977. Why is it that everyone else is so prone to making misnakes?  Wha . . . ?
Jn 6:1 Priorities 20150305 4979. Checking off completed tasks is energizing.  Done!
Jn 6:10 Fellowship 20150331 5005. Doing the right thing the wrong way makes the right thing the wrong thing. Something new?
Jn 6:11 Faith 20150402 5007.  Imagination is thinking beyond the limits set by others.  Pass it on
Jn 6:12 Usable 20150407 5012.  Every space in the puzzle board has a piece.  Use it again, Sam.
Jn 6:13 Fellowship 20150409 5014. Finding time is making it.  Overs
Jn 6:14 Credentials 20150414 5019.  Credentials are important, but performance more so. Sign here
Jn 6:15 Leader 20150416 5021. A good teacher leads students to the proper conclusion. Pointer
Jn 6:16-17a Retreat 20150421 5026. A start and finish are separated by regular pauses.  Nighty, night.
Jn 6:17b Dark 20150423 5028.  Lazy sermons make lazy congregations.
Your dark is dark
Jn 6:18 Opportunity 20150428 5033.   Failure to use what you have renders it worthless. This way
Jn 6:19 Peace 20150430 5035.  It’s lazy to only consider what’s obvious.  You never know
Jn 6:2 Follow 20150310 4984. Of all my Facebook friends, I know some. Partners
Jn 6:20 Recognize 20150505 5040. It takes having a problem to realize a solution. My Bad
Jn 6:21 Encounter 20150507 5042. Great things are accomplished by executing smaller steps. Fast forward
Jn 6:22 Mystery 20150512 5047.  Frustration is moving things to find something. Deductive tape
Jn 6:23 Detour 20150514 5049.  Every encounter is an equal opportunity employer. Cognitive congestion
Jn 6:24 Seeker 20150519 5054.  Are we living to win or not to lose?  Seeker sneakers
Jn 6:25 Start 20150520 5055. The answer to how much prayer is enough is a little more.  The secret
Jn 6:26 Ignore 20150526 5061.  Agreeing with God requires ignoring what’s contrary.  Not what you think
Jn 6:27 Sealed 20150528 5063. An hour is meant to be lived—one minute at a time.  Non-perishable
Jn 6:28 Power 20150602 5068. Construction begins with destruction. Plug me in
Jn 6:29 Work 20150604 5070.  Progress is not always visible. Belief relief
Jn 6:3 Discipleship 20150312 4986. Greatness is made, not born. Biding time
Jn 6:30 Perform 20150609 5075. Practice may not make perfect, but it does make performance bearable.  Not too much
Jn 6:31 Power 20150611 5077. The hardest tasks are usually the ones with the greatest benefit. Whenever, wherever
Jn 6:32 Provision 20150616 5082. I can’t change yesterday, but I can learn from it. Soakers
Jn 6:33 Sustainer 20150618 5084. Every day is Thanksgiving to a grateful person. Living large
Jn 6:34 Patience 20150623 5089. Expectations are a good gauge of spiritual maturity. Choice changers
Jn 6:35 Sustenance 20150625 5091. If success was easy, everyone would experience it. Come on
Jn 6:36 Believe 20150630 5096. There’s no need to trim the sails when the ship is sinking. Convincer
Jn 6:37 Word 20150702 5098. God gave us a brain to receive and retain His word, not improve it. By association
Jn 6:38 Commission 20150707 5103. Greatness is the result of humility more than influence. Assignment alignment
Jn 6:39 Security 20150709 5105. Security is as good as the one providing it. En garde
Jn 6:4 Seasons 20150317 4991. Something started usually means something else stopped. The change
Jn 6:40 Discernment 20150714 5110.Today loosely connects yesterday with tomorrow. Which end up?
Jn 6:41 Truth 20150716 5112. There's no reasoning with someone who bases truth on a lie. The hand fan
Jn 6:42 Ignorance 20150721 5117.  When you're upside down, then right-side up seems upside down.  Steeple stupor
Jn 6:43 Converse 20150723 5119. Unsupervised workers become supervised trouble-makers. Entertain thyself
Jn 6:44 Salvation 20150728 5124. Of two important things, one is more so. Chicken or egg?
Jn 6:45 Application 20150730 5126. Telling takes time you could have spent showing. THE App
Jn 6:46 Faith 20150804 5131. Perception is a product of one’s vantage point. ;Faith catcher
Jn 6:47 Heaven 20150806 5133. Success comes like second-wind. Relief Belief
Jn 6:48 Sustenance 20150811 5138. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good. Sustain me
Jn 6:49 Learn 20150813 5140. It means more to discover something than to be told something. Yearn and Learn
Jn 6:5 Testing 20150319 4993. Knowing the Word is no substitute for acting on it.  Test, one, two . .
Jn 6:50 Hell 20150818 5145. Stupidity: being ignorant—over and over again. Double hockey sticks
Jn 6:51 Immortal 20150820 5147. Your bucket list changes when you can’t carry your own pail. Assisted living
Jn 6:52 Understanding 20150825 5152. Measure twice and cut once—if you’re cutting the right thing. The right question
Jn 6:53 Scripture 20150827 5154. Perfect religion is not having any. Precious cargo
Jn 6:54 Heaven 20150901 5159. What good is a gift we never open? Keeper
Jn 6:55 Faith 20150903 5161. The smallest hope is bigger than the largest doubt. Now you see it.
Jn 6:56 Abide 20150908 5166. It’s hard to be nobody when you’re somebody. Pay up
Jn 6:57 Family 20150910 5168. Knowing God is only possible through His Son. Seasons of reason
Jn 6:58 Fellowship 20150916 5174. In your race, don’t expect other people to slow down. Finish Line
Jn 6:59 Teach 20150917 5175. Ignorance is a learned trait. Talent scout
Jn 6:6 Sovereignty 20150322 4996. Winning comes by being on the right team.  No surprises
Jn 6:61 Discussion 20150924 5182. Smart technology is good if you don't let it make you dumb. Need input
Jn 6:62 Life 20150929 5187. Knowing God is trusting Him, not having knowledge of Him. If you're wrong
Jn 6:64 Preach 20151006 5194. Is it a coincidence that seminary rhymes with cemetery? Live it.
Jn 6:65 Chosen 20151008 5196. Remember today that tomorrow is possible because of yesterday.  I'll do it tomorrow.
Jn 6:66 Disciple 20151013 5201. Toleration: a synonym for acceptance. The right stuff
Jn 6:68 Decision 20151020 5208. Setting a resolution is good intention requiring action to become fruition. Optionizer
Jn 6:7 Learn 20150324 4998. Important lessons may require demonstration.  Obvious oblivion
Jn 6:70 Choice 20151027 5215. We will never change until we believe we can. Not what you'd think.
Jn 6:71 Fake 20151029 5217. Most bad ideas come from people with good intentions. I know what you did.
Jn 6:8-9 Meet 20150326 5000. Praying is responding to Jesus' request to spend time together. Be prepared
Jn 7:1 Plans 20151103 5222. Before scrapping a resolution, consider tweaking it instead. Rathers
Jn 7:11 Complacency 20151208 5257. If you desire positive change, be prepared for resistance. Steady eddy
Jn 7:12 People 20151210 5259. Look at your friends to know what kind of person you are. Yall' come, ya hear?
Jn 7:13 Fear 20151215 5264. Most fears are imagined and seldom realized. Estimate or
Jn 7:14 Ministry 20151217 5266. Look at yesterday; plan for tomorrow, but live for today. Designer genes
Jn 7:15 Prepare 20151222 5271. We can't do anything well that we're not prepared to do. Showtime
Jn 7:16 Doctrine 20151224 5273. Good doctrine can't overcome a bad witness. Show me; don't tell me
Jn 7:17 Authority 20151229 5278. To speak for someone you need authority and know what they'd say. Interrupt 21h
Jn 7:18 Humility 20151231 5280. Who said, “There’s nothing new under the sun” before Solomon? Mr. Pride
Jn 7:2 Moon 20151105 5224. Because a key fits a door lock doesn’t mean it will open it. Moon Shine
Jn 7:3 Mission 20151110 5229. It’s natural to conform, inspiring to be exceptional. Road show
Jn 7:4 Testimony 20151112 5231. Temptation wants me to fail, testing wants me to prevail. Secret sinner
Jn 7:5 Purpose 20151117 5236. Futility is trying to please everyone You ought to...
Jn 7:6 Serve 20151119 5238. Don’t give up before you’ve laced up. GO
Jn 7:7 World 20151124 5243. The fastest way to know right is to recognize wrong and go the other way. The Gotcha Factor
Jn 7:8 Timing 20151126 5245. Achievement is making something out of nothing. JG The right time
Jn 7:9 Wait 20151201 5250. Trust is having a focus so narrow, there’s no room for compromise. Stayocity
Pr. 14:30 Envy 20150103 4918.  People want you to succeed—slightly less than they do. Wonderful piece
Pr. 14:31 Honor 20150110 4925. Helping someone helps you more than them.  Elitist deist
Pr. 14:32 Dead 20150117 4932.  Don’t die before you're done. End, meet begin
Pr. 14:33 Discernment 20150122 4937. A discerning person understands why. Hide and peek
Pr. 14:34 Righteousness 20150131 4946.  What seems reasonable can quickly turn to the unthinkable. Critical care
Pr. 14:35 Calling 20150207 4953.  Compromise is okay if you don’t surrender conviction. Bleeping
Pr. 15:1 Anger 20150214 4960.  There's no room in a lesson for two teachers.  JG Soft & salty
Pr. 15:10 Instruction 20150418 5023. You don’t have to stop following to lead someone else.  Off track
Pr. 15:11 Destruction 20150425 5030.  Surrender a conviction and prove it never was Contraries
Pr. 15:12 Intercession 20150502 5037. A friend tells you what you need to know and not what you want to know. Circle point
Pr. 15:13 Humor 20150509 5044. Your friends may ask, but won’t require an explanation. Oreos
Pr. 15:14 Foolish 20150516 5051. 5051. Heresy is truth out of balance. JG Give me old
Pr. 15:15 Life 20150523 5058.  A little light can make the dark tolerable. See it?
Pr. 15:16 Satisfaction 20150530 5065. Having money is a temporary state of satisfaction. In the bag
Pr. 15:17 Sustain 20150606 5072. Life is like a box of chocolates; there are some flavors I just don’t care for.  Dinner splendor
Pr. 15:19 Exhaustion 20150620 5086. If you're going to compete, you've got to show up. Do you feel it?
Pr. 15:2 Curiosity 20150221 4967. A good teacher makes curious students. Open book
Pr. 15:20 Wisdom 20150627 5093. Leadership is more about accountability than authority.  Supreme shame
Pr. 15:21 Discernment 20150704 5100. Only God can show you what you can't see. Deep pooh
Pr. 15:22 Advice 20150711 5107. The best choice is seldom listed as an option. Plan it
Pr. 15:23 Preach 20150718 5114. Too many people tell more than they know.  On your mark . . .
Pr. 15:26 Word 20150808 5135. The delivery of a message is not as important as the reception. Hard is hard
Pr. 15:27 Invest 20150815 5142. God is deadly serious when he says we can't serve Him and money. Second place winner
Pr. 15:28 Speech 20150822 5149. I’d watch my mouth but I can’t see it moving. Quick-draw
Pr. 15:29 Prayer 20150829 5156. . Someone who won’t listen is wasting their time praying. Hear ye, hear ye.
Pr. 15:3 Sin 20150228 4974. If I knew then what I know now, I’d probably messed up some other way. Always pray
Pr. 15:30 Joy 20150905 5163. Joy is hope that exceeds expectation. Eyes have it
Pr. 15:31 Learning 20150912 5170. Calling some people a bird-brain demeans the bird. Selective jeering
Pr. 15:32 Attention 20150919 5177. There is no shame in asking for clarification. Apple for the teacher
Pr. 15:33 Humility 20150926 5184. Humility is having standards higher than humanly achievable. God only
Pr. 15:4 Encouragement 20150307 4981. Encouragement is the application of love.  Black and white
Pr. 15:5 Correction 20150314 4988. Teachable: the insatiable desire to learn. I know that
Pr. 15:6 Worth 20150321 4995. The difference in hoarding and asset management is putting what you've saved back in play.  Waste not, have
Pr. 15:7 Experience 20150328 5002. Diligence is not giving up when everyone else thinks you should. What I remember
Pr. 15:8 Atheist 20150404 5009. Say something wrong enough times and it still won’t be right. Foxhole central
Pr. 15:9 Strategy 20150411 5016. Don’t play at work or you might lose the game. Advantage
Pr. 16:1 Pride 20151003 5191. Self-esteem is good—if you can stick a cork in it. I swear
Pr. 16:10 Control 20151205 5254. Control is surrendered rather than high jacked. Control tower
Pr. 16:12 Manage 20151219 5268. Big shots call the shots, while the rest of us try not to get shot as a result. Unmanageable Manager
Pr. 16:13 Testimony 20151226 5275. Integrity impresses but is not easily impressed. Quacking and walking
Pr. 16:2 Ways 20151010 5198. People tend to act invincible until everyone sees they’re not. Caring sharing
Pr. 16:3 Adjustment 20151017 5205. I can't do everything if I plan to accomplish anything. Shovel-ready job
Pr. 16:4 Lord 20151024 5212. Only a fool worships creation when he could worship the Creator. I exam
Pr. 16:5 Denial 20151031 5219. Everyone is responsible for hearing truth and exposing lies. Transparent cover
Pr. 16:6 Motivation 20151107 5226. Two cooks can use the same kitchen—just not at the same time. Preventive incentive
Pr. 16:7 Peace 20151114 5233. Peace without Christ is terrorism on a timeout. Know-it-alls
Pr. 16:8 Peace 20151121 5240. I wish I could put something off until yesterday. My only plea
Pr. 16:9 Plans 20151128 5247. A sprinter should get a trophy for finishing a marathon. Direction reflexion
Ps 28:5 Regard 20150102 4917.  Every day presents the opportunity to start over.  En guard
Ps 28:6 Mercy 20150109 4924.  Noah didn't wait for it to rain before sawing logs and neither should we.  Reason for the squeezin
Ps 28:7a Battles 20150116 4931. A winner gives his best, a loser something less. Try it
Ps 28:7b Help 20150123 4938.A winner helps someone else win. In many forms
Ps 28:7c Life 20150130 4945. I was feeling down until I read the obits and my name wasn’t listed. Cause for pause
Ps 28:7d Music 20150206 4952. Music is the language of the heart. Song starter
Ps 28:8 Dependence 20150213 4959. Working to beat the clock doesn't mean we will have accomplished anything. Back up, look up
Ps 28:9a Family 20150220 4966. It's highly unlikely you'll find what you're not looking for.  Ain't gonna happen
Ps 28:9b Carry 20150227 4973. Helping someone is the gift that keeps on giving.  Pastoral privilege
Ps 29:1 Enable 20150306 4980. The key to getting help is being grateful, not asking and expecting it. Power behind the power
Ps 29:10 Consistency 20150508 5043. Time moves on; one can only hope we keep pace. Continuum
Ps 29:11 Lawlessness 20150515 5050. Peace comes with power and persuasion. Packing
Ps 29:2 Holiness 20150313 4987. Someone who thinks they know it all hasn’t met the One who does.  Squeaky dirt
Ps 29:3 Revelation 20150320 4994. Impression leaves a mark, but influence changes lives. Wow!
Ps 29:4 Speech 20150327 5001. Audible conversation might be in danger of extinction. Say Ahhh
Ps 29:5 Prune 20150403 5008. A loss is not reason to quit, but time to retool and try again. Moved
Ps 29:6 Energy 20150410 5015.  Like men, everything needs a working power source to function. Energize me
Ps 29:7 Trouble 20150417 5022. Every valley has a hill. Intervals
Ps 29:8 Value 20150424 5029. "Old" only applies to something not working.  Dead stop
Ps 29:9 Creation 20150501 5036. Get up early on your day off so you can enjoy more of it. God Day
Ps 30:1 Condemnation 20150522 5057.  Keeping score serves to remind us there is room for improvement.  Eyes on the ball
Ps 30:10 Help 20150807 5134. The right advice can help anyone willing to listen. Upward pull
Ps 30:11 Joy 20150814 5141. Being defeated doesn't make you a loser, but having a bad attitude does. Roundabout
Ps 30:12 Praise 20150821 5148. If you want respect, walk what you talk. Have breath, will praise
Ps 30:2 Heal 20150529 5064. Expecting something for nothing gets you nothing for something. Wave-a-prayer
Ps 30:3 Death 20150605 5071. Wasted time is not just unused, it’s lost—forever. Same book, new chapter
Ps 30:5a Sin 20150619 5085. All generalizations would be bad if some weren’t true. Fruit loops
Ps 30:5b Weep 20150626 5092. Real men cry—through their joy. Rejoice
Ps 30:6 Content 20150703 5099. Action is an attitude as much as physical movement. Relaxed fit
Ps 30:7 Trouble 20150710 5106. It's impossible to see the big picture when we're fixated on the small one. Mountain mover
Ps 30:8 Desperate 20150717 5113. Prayer that's not desperate is religious Zumba. Groovin' losing
Ps 30:9a Goals 20150724 5120. Goals possible in my own strength are plans, in God's are faith. Count on it
Ps 30:9b Intercession 20150731 5127. Some things, like love, are better when given away. Livin' large & long
Ps 31:1 Prayer 20150828 5155. Prayer is not a responsibility but a privilege. Tight lie
Ps 31:10a Aged 20151106 5225. Birthdays are funny; first you like them, then you don’t, then you do. Going , going . . .
Ps 31:10b Death 20151113 5232. Sin is like sugar; it tastes good and kills you slowly. Pretty nasty
Ps 31:11 Confidence 20151120 5239. Confidence comes more from God than preparation. Are you ever wrong?
Ps 31:12 Old 20151127 5246. Forgive us leaders Jesus, for acting like we're deaf and dead when it comes to making disciples. Going, going . . .
Ps 31:13a Slander 20151204 5253. To get ahead, doubt the doubters. The Other Team
Ps 31:13b Offend 20151211 5260. It's impossible to please God and not offend someone. Offend me plz
Ps 31:14 Trust 20151218 5267. Universal law: We may planet [sic], but God directs it. Living proof
Ps 31:15 Family 20151225 5274. Time doesn't slip away, it runs away and hides. Live it.
Ps 31:2a Listen 20150904 5162. Hearing something doesn't mean I’m listening. As a door nail
Ps 31:2b Strength 20150911 5169. You can’t win without risking loss. Fallout
Ps 31:3 Family 20150918 5176. You can’t get ahead by looking where you’ve been. Associate me
Ps 31:4 Trap 20150925 5183. I may not prevent problems, but I can be prepared for them. Road circus
Ps 31:5 Redeemed 20151002 5190. Initiative: the prerequisite of accomplishment. Mr. Fix it.
Ps 31:6 Hatred 20151009 5197. A truce is an opportunity to reload for some. Same God, different Lord
Ps 31:7 Help 20151016 5204. Managing chaos is not a solution. Should have
Ps 31:8 Recovery 20151023 5211. Throw caution to the wind, and it will blow back in your face. Soft landing
Ps 31:9 Despair 20151030 5218. The right advice can help anyone willing to listen. Bottoms up

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